Chapter 4 - 7

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Chapter 4 - 7

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Chapter 4

Unaware of the guards on the exits, Jason proceeded to attempt to leave. Not knowing that the standing orders to all the guards were that he not to be permitted to leave.

“Mr. Morgan, I can’t allow you to leave”, the guard at the front entrance informed him.

“Can’t allow me to leave”? “Who gave you that order”, Jason asked angrily.

“I am leaving, whether I am permitted or not”, Jason informed the guard with his usual: “Don’t mess with me” look.

Well, needless to say, the guard tried to keep him there as ordered. But Jason clobbered the guard with a right hook that dropped him instantly. And in the next instant Jason was gone.

Sonny hearing Jason’s motorcycle leaving the parking lot, he went to check on his guard. When he arrived the guard was just coming to.

“I’m sorry boss, he has one heckle of a right hook”; the guard said to Sonny.

“That’s fine, Tony. I didn’t think you’d be able to hold him for long, he is just so stubborn”; Sonny said to Tony.


Meanwhile Across Town:

“Hello Mrs. Jax, how lovely it is to make your acquaintance”; Mr. Putin stated to Carly.

“I know that you’re wondering how I got your name and contact info Mr. Putin”, Carly said to him.

“Yes, I was wondering just that Mrs. Jax”. “I am also wondering just why you would want to contact me”, he said looking quizzically at Carly.

“I contacted you because I have a problem that I need eliminated Mr. Putin, and I was told by Lorenzo Alcazar that you were a person who could help eliminate problems”, Carly said matter of factly.


Back @ Luke’s:

Elizabeth was trying to come to terms with what had just happened. She wasn’t angry at Cam for his plan; his heart was in the right place. She knew that Cam had done this for her, his brothers; not just for himself. He was not a selfish child, unlike his biological father. Now, she had to figure out what was the best course of action for herself and her boys and do it. It was her responsibility to protect the boys.


“Oh, Nick”. “I wish I could go down there and kick Jason’s stubborn butt”. “He broke Cam’s heart, and I don’t know if Cam will be able to forgive him”. “And he made mom cry, for that alone he needs a real good butt kicking”. “No-one makes my mom cry”, Kenzie said with pain and anger flaring in her eyes.

“Kenzie, your mom will get through this”. “She now has a very large support system to help her”. “But I don’t think that Cam is going to give up and neither is your mom”. “As for Cam being able to forgive Jason, it may take time but he will; because he has your mother’s heart”. “And, I agree about Jason’s butt kicking. I wonder who will take it upon themselves to do just that”? “Because I don’t think the group down there is going to just let this whole thing go”, Nick told Kenzie sympathetically.



In a Back Corner @ Luke’s:
{These conversations will be in whispers}

“Everyone”, Jeff started out. “I will not let this end here”. “I am going to do everything in my power to help my daughter and grandsons; even if it means taking on Carly, Lulu, my daughter Sarah and anyone else in this world, then I’ll do it”; Jeff stated emphatically.

“Dr. Webber, I want in”. “Liz is my friend, and I love those boys as well”. “I think of Liz as a surrogate sister, so I’ll do what I can to help”, Georgie said with a small smile.

“I’ll help as well”, John said. “Someone needs to help Jason see that this life is not everything”. “I have seen others in this life have family and make it work; Jason is good at making things work”; John stated calmly.

“Dr. World Traveler, I would be most honored to help reunite Stone-cold with his Fair Elizabeth and progeny”, Spinelli stated happily. “I fear that Stone-cold might be truly unaware of the damage that he is inflicting on his family”.

“Jeff, I may not have approved of your abandoning Liz years ago, but I am willing to let it die here and now; in favor of helping Liz and those boys”, Luke told Jeff.

“Dad, I’m in”. “I just can’t sit and watch Liz and my nephews be sad and hurt, especially when I can do something to help”; Steven stated to his father.

“I am willing to help Liz and those boys in any way I can Dr. Webber”, Shawn said.

“Jeff, count me in; my grandson won’t know what hit him”, Edward told Jeff.

“Jeff, I’ll help in any legal way I can”. “Liz needs to know that she has people she can turn to”, Alexis stated.

“Jeff, we’ll help however we can”, Nik and Emily both said.

“My brother needs to have his head examined if he walks away from them”, Emily stated grimly.

“Jeff, unfortunately, my daughter is right; the life has given Jason a jaded and warped version of how things should be”. “We need to show him that there are other ways”, Monica said to Jeff.

“I’m in”, Alan said.

“I know that in a lot of ways I am partly responsible for this mess”. “I want to try and help fix it”, Sonny said politely.

“Jeff, I will help facilitate whatever I can”, Diane said.

“Jeff, you know that I will help”. “I have been against Jason and Liz, and I have been a part of the problem as well”. “Now it is time to fix it; anyway we can”, Audrey stated.


Meanwhile @ Lulu and Sarah’s Apartments respectively:

“I need to come up with a plan of my own, so that if Carly’s plan didn’t work; Lucky will still get back what is rightfully his, Jake”; Lulu stated with an evil grin on her face.

“Once Carly puts her plan into action, Liz and the boys will no longer be in my way of having Jason”: Sarah said to herself laughing. Knowing that Carly and Lulu would do all her dirty work for her, Sarah sat down and relaxed with her favorite movie: Single White Female.


Jax Residence:

“What is the problem”, Mr. Putin asked.

“My problem is Jake Spencer” (Jason would not have allowed a name change for safety reasons), Carly stated hatefully. “I don’t care how the problem is taken care of, as long as it is taken care of soon”. “I don’t want to know any details, just let me know when it is done”; Carly said coldly.

A/N: There will be a reference to offer of a job, out of state from an old friend of Liz’s.

Chapter 5

Morgan Penthouse 1 hour later:

Jason storms in after coming back from a ride still peeved at what took place at Luke’s.

“Does no one understand the lengths I have had to endure to stay away from Liz and the boys, so that they can keep living and have a normal life”, he asked the empty living room. “I want to be in their lives but if I am they won’t have that normal life, so I can’t be in their lives”; Jason said with pain and tears in his eyes.


Unbeknownst to Nick and Kenzie, there was someone else with a very large stake in Jason and Liz being together. This person wanted Jason happy as well, and she knew that even though it was against Heaven’s rules; she was going to have to intervene on her grandson’s behalf.

Even in death, when Lila set her mind to do something; that something got done come heckle or high-water. Even if she had to do it herself, it would happen. She knew she was going to have to scare some sense into her grandson, but she felt it was the only way he was going to see the truth. So she floated away to put her plan into motion. She would make penance for her infractions at a later date. And she would be guilty of quite a few infractions before all was said and done.


Back @ Luke’s:

“Mom, I am sorry”. “I didn’t do any of this to hurt you, but I felt it was the only way”; Cam said through his tears.

“Cam honey, I know”. “Let’s go home”. “We’ve had enough drama for the day”. “We’ll go home and the four of us will have a movie night”, Liz said quietly.

“Okay mom”, Cam said and let it go for the time being. But thinking to himself he said, “dad; you think that I am going to just give up”? “Well you’re wrong”!

So Liz and Cam went home, and although the boys watched Toy Story and Monsters Inc; Liz was busy in thought about what to do now.


Elizabeth’s House:

She was beginning to realize that her boys were hurting. That being in Port Charles, and having to see their dad from afar wasn’t good for them. Maybe it was time to make a fresh start somewhere else. And that fresh start just might be taking the job offer. Her old friend, Kyle Shepherd, offered her a position at Seattle Grace Hospital. It would mean moving her and the boys out of state, but that might be for the best for all concerned, she thought to herself. Yes, granted, they wouldn’t see those they loved as often; but in their favor, they wouldn’t have to see Jason daily.

So Liz decided to call Kyle, and see if she and the boys could fly out for a visit. So she goes to the kitchen to make the call.

Via phone call to Doctor Kyle Shepherd:

“Kyle, it’s Liz”.

“Liz, it’s so good to hear from you”; Kyle stated.

“Kyle, I’d like to fly out with the boys”, Elizabeth said quickly.

“Sure, we would love to see you and the boys, but are you coming just to visit”? “Or is there another reason”, Kyle asked her worry for his friend.

“Yes, there is another reason, I would like to come and discuss that job offer, if it’s still on the table”? Liz stated hopefully.

“Yes, Liz”. “It’s still on the table”. “When would you like to come? Kyle asked her.

“I would like to fly out let’s see, today is Monday so I would like to fly out Wednesday morning, and I would like to hypothetically find out about schools, and doctors for the boys”. “I would like to also maybe look at property and such”, Liz told him.

“That’ll be fine, Liz”. “Call me with the flight details and I’ll meet your flight”, Kyle told her.

“Okay Kyle, we’ll see you on Wednesday”; Liz said to Kyle then hung up.

Seattle Washington:
Dr. Kyle Shepherd Home:

“Well, how bout that”; Kyle said to his wife Teri?

“How bout what”? She asked her husband

“Liz and the boys are coming on Wednesday”, Kyle told her.

“She wants to talk about the job”.

“I thought that she’d decided not to take it, citing not wanting to be away from her family or leave Audrey”, Teri stated to Kyle.

“I think that something has happened”. “She sounded defeated”. “Sounded like she’s changed her mind, she wants to talk about things such as: where they might live, what school Cam would go to and the like”; Kyle told his wife.

Elizabeth’s House:

After finishing the call to Kyle, she returned to the living room.

“Okay Cam, Jake time for baths and bedtime”, she said as she picked up Aiden and then turning off the TV. “We need to go upstairs and do some things before bedtime”, she said as they climbed the stairs.

“What things mom”, Cam asked as they continued to climb the stairs?

“Well Cam, we are going on a trip”. “So we need to get you, Jake and Aiden packed as we are leaving on Wednesday morning”; she explained to the boys.

“Where are we goin mama”, Jake asked curiously?

“We are going to visit an old friend of mommy’s Jake”, Liz said.

“Who mom”, Cam asked her?

“Do you remember Doctor Kyle”, Cam?

“Yes, I remember him”. “He is so cool”, Cam stated with a grin. He liked mommy’s friend doctor Kyle.

“Well, that is who we are going to go visit; so let’s get you boys packed”, she stated relieved that Cam didn’t put up a fuss. So she helped Cam and Jake pack, then went to pack for Aiden. After that, they had their baths, a story and were ready for bed.

Liz closed the boys’ door took Aiden and laid him down for the night, he was already fast asleep. Then she went to pack. After she was finished packing; returning to the kitchen to call everyone to let them know about the trip. They’d be gone for about a week.

First, she called Audrey, letting her know that she and the boys would be out of town. That they would be careful while traveling, and lastly, that she loved her. Then she called her dad. She needed to make arrangements for him to feed Cam’s fish, and to ask for a ride to the airport. He agreed and told her to stay safe. For all his mistakes, she still loved her dad.

She had the week off, but she still let Alan and Monica know that they would be gone. She told them that she would bring the boys by when they got back. Lastly, she called Emily. Telling her that she would be gone for a week, and she would see her upon returning to town.

“Liz, you just enjoy your visit”. “Nik and I will come by after you get back”. “Tell the boys that we love them”, Emily stated.

So, after finishing her calls, Liz went up to bed.


Tuesday went by in a blur, as Elizabeth prepped the house for their departure. She and the boys spent the remainder of the day doing family things.

Wednesday Morning @ Elizabeth’s:

Liz got the boys up and dressed for the day, then took the downstairs for breakfast. While the boys were eating she went and got herself and Aiden ready. Next, she placed the luggage by the door. Her dad was driving them to the airport in 20 minutes and he would be here soon.

15 minutes later, she had the boys cleaned up, and in their coats. Her dad had just pulled up outside, so it was time to go.


Port Charles Airport:

“Flight 221 to Seattle is ready for boarding”. “All passengers can now board, please have your ticket ready”.

“Well Cam, Jake; let’s go”. “Tell grandpa “see you later”, Liz told the boys.

“See you later grandpa Jeff”. “Ya, see later grandpaw eff”; both Can and Jake said in unison.

Liz was thinking that this was going to be a very big first for the boys. They hadn’t ever flown before, at least not that they remembered; boy oh boy, would this be interesting.

Chapter end note: flight would be uneventful, and take about 5 hours. We will next join story when they land.

Chapter 6

Seattle International Airport:

Kyle was waiting at the gate as the plane landed. Now he just had to wait as they disembarked. 10 minutes later, Liz was hugging Kyle and introducing him to the boys. “Cam, Jake; this is mommy’s old friend doctor Kyle”. “Can you say hi”? Liz asked of the boys.

“Hi”, they both said together.

“Nice to meet you again, Doctor Kyle”, Cam said politely.

“Do you have somewhere to stay Liz”, Kyle asked as they went to gather their luggage?

“We are staying at the Seattle B & B; do you know where it is,” Liz asked him?

“Yes, I’ll take you to drop off your stuff; then you are having dinner with my family”, he told her. “And Jenny will babysit so that we can talk”.

“How is your sister, Liz asked Kyle”? “Last time I saw her; she was just starting college”, Liz stated.

“She is doing great, she is taking a year off, and then it will back to the grindstone”. “She is going for her teaching degree”, Kyle stated.

So they dropped off their things, then returned to the Shepherd home for dinner and chatting.


Later that evening:

“So what is exactly is this job offer, and what would the responsibilities be”, Liz asked?

“Well, you would be working in the Pediatric wing with me”. “I would be your boss, and your responsibilities would basically be the same one that you have now, the only difference being you would be working the children instead of adults for patients”; Kyle told her.

“Can I have some time to think about it”? “I would like to get some property listings, so that if I say yes; I can look for a place for us to live”. “I also need info for Cam’s schooling, a pediatrician for the boys, as well as daycare”, Liz said calmly.

“I can answer the daycare question right now”. “The hospital has a daycare on campus for employees”, Kyle told her with a smile.

“I would be the boys’ pediatrician, so you won’t have to worry about finding a new one”. “My practice is on the hospital campus”, Kyle told her; his grin getting bigger.

He really wanted her to say yes, he missed his old friend. He used to see her every day, while growing up in Colorado. They lived next door to each other. Now he hardly ever saw her, and he wanted that to change.

And just at that moment, Kyle’s twin boys walked into the room. And that’s when Liz had an idea. “Kyle, let’s introduce Dylan and Christopher to Cam”; Liz suggested. She hoped that the three of them became fast friends, Cam needed that.

Since hearing the pertaining info from Kyle, she was really leaning towards taking the offer. It would be a step-up job-wise for her career, but good for the boys as well. And she would bet that Kyle would know of some boys, Jake’s age that he could make friends with as well.

“Cam, sweetie”. “Can you come here for a minute”, Liz asked her son. He was watching the Cat in the Hat cartoon with Jake in Kyle’s living room. A minute later, Cam arrived and was introduced to Dylan and Christopher. After the intro, the three then took off to go play.


Thursday- Sunday, Seattle Washington:

Liz and the boys met Kyle and his family for breakfast, then left the kids with his sister, who would be babysitting the boys @ Kyle’s house.

“Let’s go get that info you wanted on the local schools”, Kyle suggested.

So Liz and Kyle left Jenny in charge of the boys, and went to look at schools. After that, Kyle played tour guide and showed Liz and the boys around Seattle, them taking in the various attractions that Seattle had to offer.

Kyle took them to the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium, The Giant Shoe Museum, Seattle Children’s Museum, and Wild Waves Theme Park. He took Liz to some evening shows and a couple of movies. He also took Liz to the Seattle Art Museum.

Monday Night @ B & B:

The boys had an eventful few days, so Liz gave them their baths and put them to bed. They were so tired, they were asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillow.

Kyle’s daughter, Taylor, who was Aiden’s age; had become fast friends with Aiden. Jake had even made a new friend. Kyle’s neighbor’s son; Whit was Jake’s age and they too became fast friends.

Liz was happy that her boys had made some new friends, which had been especially good for Cam, who was just starting to get over what had happened @ Luke’s before they had come on this trip.

She had made some new friends as well, after meeting some of the fellow nurses that she might be working with if she took the job. As she was lying there in bed thinking about all of it, she realized what she wanted to do for herself; as well as for her boys. Now it was time to tell Kyle what she had decided.

Calling Kyle, she hoped that he was not already in bed.

“Hello”, Kyle said.

“Kyle”, it’s Liz. “I‘ve made my decision and I wanted to tell you now”.

“What did you decide”, he asked her?

“I’ve decided to take the job”, Liz told him.

“Good, I’ll run to the hospital and grab all the paperwork”. “You can fill it all out and sign before I run you guys to the airport in the morning”, Kyle stated.

“See you tomorrow at 8 am”, Liz said then hung up. Then she went and wrote down the realtor’s number so that she could call her in the morning. She wanted to make an offer on the house that she and Kyle had seen on Friday.

Right then she had also made the decision not to tell people in Port Charles of the move until everything was final, that way there would be no going back.


Tuesday Morning @ Realtor’s Office:

“Okay Miss Webber”. “The seller is accepting your offer, and is on his way with the paperwork as well as the keys”. “You can take possession of the house now”, the realtor informed her.

2 hours later, Liz and the boys were on the flight back to PC. With new friends, new job, and the new house; Liz and the boys’ futures were looking bright.

Chapter End Note: Some of the places mentioned are real, I used them for artistic purposes.

Chapter 7
“Nick, I hope that mom knows what she is doing”; Kenzie said to Nick.
“Kenzie, I think your mom is doing what is best for her and your brothers”. “She is not being selfish like a lot of the other people involved in this”, Nick said.
Lila had been watching and listening to Nick and Kenzie from a distance. At first, she had not wanted to reveal herself or her plan; but she now felt that she was going to need some help in making her grandson realize what he possibly had to lose if he continued to stay away from Liz and the boys.
“Kenzie, my dear; I have a proposition for you”; Lila said hoping it would all work out.
“Miss Lila, haven’t seen you around in a while”; Nick said, knowing she was up to something.
“Oh, Nick you know me”. “I live to float in the background”, Lila said knowing now that she would have to involve him in things as well. He now knew she was really up to something. If she didn’t let him help, he might tattle on her.
Lulu’s Apartment:
Lulu had been thinking of a plan to get Lucky what he wanted most, his children. And Lulu finally realized that the only way that was going to happen was if Liz was no longer a problem. Lulu knew that Liz had no plans to ever forgive Lucky for his affairs or ever take him back. Then Lucky had to go and marry Siobhan, which further wrecked his chances. He just didn’t know how to think with his head. So Lulu was going to have to do this for him. So, she finally decided on her plan, she was going to have to take Elizabeth out of the equation. She had loved Liz, but as times changed; her feelings of obligation changes as well. Now, she would need to do two things. She needed to find someone who would be able to get rid of Elizabeth for her, and she needed to get Lucky to come back to PC.
So she went to call the number that she had found years ago while snooping in the desk in Nik’s study. All that was on the piece of paper she had found was, Cassadine facilitator and the international phone number. This person should be able to get her in touch with someone who could help her, of course for a price.
Via phone call to Cassadine go between:
“Yes, I need help with a problem”. “I am willing to pay for services rendered”, Lulu said into the phone.
The person on the other end told her they would be in touch and hung up. So now all Lulu could do was wait for the call that would change all their lives forever.
Later that evening:
Lulu was at home when her phone rang, the display saying unknown caller. So she answers.
“Hello”, Lulu said.
“Is this Lulu Spencer”? The person on the other end asked.
“Yes, this is she”.
“I was contacted by the person that you called earlier today asking for help”, he said.
“Yes, I would like to hire you to do a job for me”, Lulu told him. “When can we meet”?
“A meeting will not be possible”. “But I need you to email me all of the pertaining info, at that time I will email back a reply: stating if I will take the job, my fee and where you can wire the fee”; he told her. “The email address is: ”, he told her and then hung up.
Unbeknownst to Lulu, the email she would send would be bouncing from email account to email account until it reached its true recipient.
So Lulu went home and emailed that man all the info that he would need to get rid of Elizabeth. She decided that once Elizabeth was dead, she would then get Lucky to come home, figuring that if he came home now, some people would become suspicious.
4 Hours Later in Washington DC:
Lt. Joey Grant opened up his Yahoo account, for the undercover assignment that he was currently on. The assignment was to discover who was killing people under the guise of being ordered by someone named Helena Cassadine.
He knew that the Cassadine woman happened to be in a prison in Russia, for crimes against the state, as the called crimes against the government. He also knew that she was not allowed to contact anyone, so she could not be giving any orders to anyone. His bosses knew that as well, so that was the reason that he was posing as a gun for hire, employed by Helena.
He opened up the email from one Lulu Spencer and read the email. He was curious as to why this woman would want Elizabeth Webber dead, and what she hoped to gain from it.
He then emailed her back, letting her know that he was going to take the job, what the fake fee was and where to transfer the funds. Then he called his supervisor and asked that they find out what calls a Lulu Spencer had made from her phone number, then asked that all callers be picked up quietly; of course.
He was going to Port Charles, New York and he was going to get to the bottom of this case.
Meanwhile back in Port Charles:
Carly had no clue about who Mr. Putin really was. And that was in his favor.
When in actuality, Mr. Putin was in fact really FBI Special Agent Sam Cullen. His assignment was to try and get an in with the Corinthos Organization and offer them a deal; help the FBI take down drug smugglers, and they would not be prosecuted for any drugs they were found holding.
As far as Sam was concerned, it was a very good deal. But he was unsure as to if they would take it. He was playing the part of Putin, because his superiors felt that it was the best way to get a meeting with Sonny.
Sam would not be getting rid of anyone, but he may end up arresting Carly for hiring the hit. He would need to talk to his boss about that. They couldn’t believe that she had contacted the number that Lorenzo had given her. Carly was going down!!! She just didn’t know yet.
From their perch just outside the pearly gates, Nick, Lila, and Kenzie couldn’t believe their eyes or their ears. “Carly getting what was coming to her; it’s better late than never”, Lila said with a devilish grin on her face. Which ended with all three laughing. The three then went off to start putting Lila’s plan into motion.


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