Prologue - Chapter 3

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Prologue - Chapter 3

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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters and settings are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. No money is being made from this work. No copyright infringement is intended.

Time: current

Cast Notes:   The time frame for when Liz was raped was in 1998 as on the show; when she was 15; there was a child conceived, but she miscarried at 5 & ½ months (girl’s name was McKenzie); Cam is Ric’s ( he is Cool.    For the purposes of my story they never found out who her attacker was.   Carly and Elizabeth also tolerate each other for Jason’s sake (when they are in public).   Liz and Alexis have become friends.   She also is also friends with Emily & Georgie.  She is closer to Georgie.  

A/N:   First off this fic is AH.   For the purposes of this fic, the following things have been changed: certain characters that are on the show never came to the show in this fic; I killed off certain characters.  For this fic, I changed Josselyn from Jax’s daughter to Sonny’s.   For the purpose of this fic, Cam is Ric’s not Zander’s.  Aiden is Lucky’s but Jason considers him one of his boys.   He also felt that McKenzie was his.   I have changed the dates that things occurred.  And Spencer is Emily’s son.   There is NO Sam.   Jason and Sonny are still in the mob, but things are at peace with all rivals.   Also certain storylines are being told from the view of the daughter that Liz lost who’s a result of her mother’s attack in 1998.   She is watching as her younger brothers try fixing their family and is rooting them on; there will be conversation between Kenzie and an angel named Nick who is with her.   Also at the beginning when Cam is talking to his brother as well as Emily, there is sitter in the house, but the baby-sitter is not in the room with them.   And Emily is always a frequent guest at her house even though Liz is not there.  Also, Alan and Monica consider those three boys as their grandchildren.

I do not own these characters or ABC, or General Hospital.    This fic is for entertainment purposes only.

A/N # 2 Thank you to ROCkER.JACkSON for being my support, helping me tweak this work of fiction,  and help in teaching how to do this.  


"Nick, my mom is so sad. I wish dad would realize what he's doing to our family" Kenzie told Nick, truly worried for her family. "But, I guess all I can do is watch over them in the hopes that someday someone or something brings them back together again. I mean, mom has loved dad for so long and he was always there when she needed him most. If only they could see how much they really need each other".

"I don't think you'll have to worry about your family for much longer, Kenzie." Nick says simply. "It looks like your brothers have a plan to fix the problem themselves."

"Nick, what are you talking about"? Kenzie asked, confused by the look on his face.

"What I'm talking about, Kenzie, is if you had just been watching you would have noticed that they have come up with a plan to bring your family together again," Nick told her. "Now shush, and watch your brothers in action".

"Okay, I know you both want daddy here with us as much as I do," Cameron says seriously. "And I have a plan to make that happen."

Looking at their brother with utter curiosity, Jake and Aiden listen as Cameron explains his plan.

"Mommy has us, yes, but she needs daddy too. Without him she just isn't happy," Cameron explains, making sure he still had their attention. "I just think that he needs to be reminded of how happy he was when we're all together”.  “No matter how much he tries to deny it, he's unhappy without us”. “We just have to find a way to show him that we can be together."

"How?" Jake looks at him questioningly.

"We find some grownups to help us." Cameron shrugs, having thought it out his plan for a while now. "And I think I know who we can ask first."

Getting the phone from the charger, Cameron calls up the one person he knows can help them.

"Aunt Emily?" Cameron replies when she comes on the line.

"Cam is that you?" Emily questions, curious about why he was calling.

"Yes, it's me," he replies quickly. "Jake, Aiden and I need your help with something, but you need to promise not to tell mom."

"What is it Cam, Emily asked??"

"We'll tell you when you get here." he promises.

"Okay I'll be right there," Emily tells her nephew before ending the call.

As Emily drives over to see Cam and his brothers, she wonders what could be wrong, if there was anything wrong. Her mind focusing on why the boys would need her help; with the condition that she doesn't tell Elizabeth.  

“I guess, I am about to find", Emily said out loud as she got out of her car and walks up to Elizabeth's front door.

Knocking on the door, Emily was taken by surprise when Cam yanks it open, ushering her inside.

"Good, you're here," Cameron says, shutting the door after he pulls her inside.

"What is going on Cam?" Emily looks from him to the two boys before focusing her attention on Cam after she's certain they aren't hurt.

"Come and sit down, Aunt Emily," Cam told her, showing her to the couch. "I promise you'll understand once I explain."

"Oh Nick, I hope their plan works," Kenzie says, staring down at them. "My family being together is all I've ever wanted."

"We will just have to wait and see Kenzie," Nick says with a soft smile. "We may not be able to help them, but there's no rule in Heaven about cheering them on."

Chapter One

       “Aunt Emily, we need you to help us put our family back together”.  

“Daddy needs us, and we need him”, Cam told his aunt hoping she would believe him.  “I know that daddy is the one who pulled away because he says it’s not safe for us to be with him”.    “And we’d be happier without him, but we’re not safer without him and not any happier when he’s not with us”, Cam told her with conviction.  

“Mommy puts on a brave but we know that she’s not really happy, you can see it in her eyes how sad she is.”

“You guys really miss your dad, don’t you; Emily said concerned about her nephews?   “Okay, I’ll help you; but I don’t think we’re going to be able to pull this off on our own”, Emily said to them realizing that they were going to need some help.   “Cam, how would you feel if we asked you Grandpa Alan and Nana Monica to help too”?  

“Aunt Emily, I think the more help we have, the better the chance that daddy will see that by staying away he’s not protecting us, hurting us instead”.  “So call nana”, Cam told his aunt; knowing maybe now things would be put right.

     So Emily got her cell and called her parents and asked if she and Cam could come over to talk to them.  They said yes, and she and Cam then went to the Quartermaines’ to talk to Monica and Alan about the plan that Cam had.  When they arrived at the mansion, they went into the Library so that they could talk.  

“Mom, dad; I am going to let Cam tell you the reason why we’re here and then you can decide if you want to be a part of it or not”.   “Cam, go ahead sweetie”, Emily told her nephew.

“Nana, grandpa; we need your help”.  “We need you to help us get daddy back where he belongs”.  

“Cam, honey what are trying to tell us”, Monica asked Cam concerned?  

“Mommy is always sad and needs daddy, and so do we”.  “Mommy cries herself to sleep every night because she misses him so much”.  “She smiles, but we don’t see it in her eyes like we used to when daddy was around”.   “But it is not just mommy that needs daddy; Jakie, Aiden and I need daddy too”.   “Will you help us”, Cam asked his grandparents with hopeful eyes?  

“Alan, I think we need to help our grandsons”.  

“We weren’t a part of the Jason and Liz fan club for while either”, he said feeling guilty about that.   “Monica, I think that there are quite a few people, who need to be brought into this and help”.  “Seeing as they are part of what has kept them apart all these years”.  

“Nana, what do you mean”? “Are there people here who are keeping mommy & daddy apart”, Cam asked quietly?

  “Cam, sweetheart; let me explain”.   “There are some people here in Port Charles, who feel that your mommy and daddy don’t belong together”, Monica explained to Cam, hoping that he understood what she was saying to him.  

“But why, nana”?   “Don’t they see that mommy and daddy love each other”, Cam asked?  

“I am not sure that they do Cam, but we are going to help your mom and dad no matter what okay”?  “Okay”.   “Emily, can you take Cam into cook and let her know that he can have a cookie; while I talk to your father”, Monica asked?

“Okay mom; Cam let’s go see cook about that cookie”, Emily requested.

“So, what do you want to do Monica”; Alan asked her?  

“What we are going to do Alan, is call everyone together”, Monica stated.

“I think that we need to let Cam speak his peace, and then you and I are going to get a hold them”.  “None of them are going to interfere this time”, Monica told him.  

   “Alan, I want you to get on the phone and call: Sonny, Carly, Diane and Spinelli to meet you at Luke’s tonight at 8”.   “Tell them that it is about Jason”, Monica said.  

“And I will call: Nik, Audrey, Alexis & Shawn, Sarah & Steven, Luke & Lulu, Georgie and John; and have them meet me there at 8 as well”.   “Once Em, Cam and everyone else arrives we are going to let Cam tell them, what he told us”.   “Then, I’ll have Em take Cam home and then, you and I are going to have a little talk with these people who feel that it’s their job to make sure that Jason and Elizabeth are never together”, Monica said to Alan.

“I‘ll do it as a conference call, Monica”; Alan said to her.

And so Alan called all the people he needed to call and they agreed to meet him at Luke’s club at 8.   Monica went and did the same, now all they could do was wait.

Chapter Two

So Emily and Cam went to Luke’s to wait on everyone else.   Emily just had to hope that this time all of them would listen to Cam and think with their hearts instead of their heads, Emily thought to herself.

“Nick, if this doesn’t work it’s going to break Cam’s heart into pieces”.   “I hate to see my brothers go through that”, Kenzie said to him, hoping with all her heart that this would work.

As Nick and Kenzie watched the scene below taking place at Luke’s; everyone started to arrive.  “Let the games begin”, Nick said to Kenzie.

“All of you are probably wondering why Alan and I called you here”, Monica stated to the group at large.   “The reason for you all being here is that we have a situation that needs to be rectified”.   “Now, before all you start asking questions all at once; I need for you all to sit quietly and let who is about to speak do so, without any of you interrupting him”, Monica told the group while eying them sternly.  

“Cam, honey; go ahead”; Monica said to her grandson.  

“I asked grandma and grandpa to get all of you here, because I need for you to help me do something for my parents”, Cam said the group.

“I know that all of you know that my mom and dad love each other.  And you also know that they love my brothers and me.  But what you may not know is that mom misses dad all the time”, Cam told everyone in the room.  

“I have asked her why she’s always sad, but she says we won’t understand”.
“That is why I asked grandma and grandpa for help”.  “I need for all of you to help me get my family back together as one family unit; so that we all can be happy again”, Cam told the group firmly.

“I found out from grandma and grandpa earlier today, that a lot of you don’t want for my parents to be together”.  “You want to keep dad away from us, AND I WILL NOT LET YOU!” Cam told them loudly.

“Good for you Cam”, Kenzie cheered.  “You fight for mom and dad”.

“Your brother has your mother’s spunk”, Nick told Kenzie grinning.  “I have that same spunk too Nick”, Kenzie told him laughing

“Cam, darling”?   “All I have ever wanted was for your mom and you boys to be happy, healthy, and safe”.  “Your father just isn’t safe”, Audrey told her great grandson.  

“How would you know Grams”?  “You have always hated dad; you’ve never really gotten to know him, or seen all of us together as a happy family; or you wouldn’t say things like that”, Cam yelled at his grams clearly upset.

“Oh, Cam”!  “They say that your grandchildren teach you things you may not know”.  “Well they are right”.   “I am sorry Cam”.   “I am judging your dad for what he does instead of who he is.”  “I am beginning to see that I was very, very wrong I have never really gotten to know your dad and I think that maybe now is the time to start”, Audrey admitted to Cam as well as the group.  “And I have seen you together as a family Cam, and you all look very happy”.   “I guess that I have been letting my head lead me instead of my heart where your mother and you kids are concerned”.  “And for that I am truly sorry Cam”, Audrey told him.

“Nick, I am glad that Cam called grams on that; he was right.  I wanted to go down there and yell at her myself”, Kenzie admitted to Nick.

“Kenzie, I think that all of this coming out was for the best”, Nick told her.

“Cam, I guess that I just listened to your dad when he told me that it wasn’t safe for him to be with you guys”.  “I never questioned his reasoning, and I should have”.  “I know that there are ways that he could protect his family”.   “I have always thought of your mom as a very dear friend and for a while I lost sight of that over the years”, Sonny told Cam guiltily.  “But, if you’ll let me help; I would like to make that up to your mom and help you get your family back; and maybe get my friend back”, Sonny said sincerely.

“Mom always had good things to say about you Sonny, and I know that she misses your friendship too”, Cam said to Sonny with a smile.   “You can help”.

“Oh, hell no!”   “You are not helping that little brat get his mother and Jason back together”. “No way, No how”, Carly told Sonny yelling at him.

“You are a witch and a very mean lady”.  “You are always yelling at my mom and calling her names”.   “What did she ever do to you”, Cam asked Carly angrily?

“Your mother is always taking Jason away from me and MY Children”, Carly told Cam snidely.  

“Well, you and your kids are not the only important people in dad’s life”.   “He has enough love for all of us”.   “You are a very sad and mean lady who thinks that dad can only spend time with you”, Cam told Carly.  “You are not going to get in mom and dad’s way anymore, I WON’T LET YOU”, Cam told her with authority.   “So bug off!!”

And with that, Carly storms out of Luke’s.  And unbeknownst to all gathered at Luke’s, Carly starts to put a plan into action.


“Go Cam!  Go Cam! Go Cam!” Kenzie shouts to the heavens.

“I told ya, he’s got spunk”, Nick told her laughing.

“Well, I guess I’m next”, Alan stated.  

“When I found out all those years ago that your mom and dad were together Cam, I was scared”.   “Not for your dad, but for your mom”.  “She had been through so much in her young life that I thought that she would be hurt, by Jason or his chosen profession”; Alan told Cam.  “But whenever I saw your parents together, your dad always protected your mom fiercely”.  “And he is happiest with your mom”, Alan said to Cam smiling.

“Cam, I have always felt that your mom was the best person in the world for your dad, but for a while. I felt like your grandpa did”.   “But when she gave your grandpa and me back a relationship with your dad, I knew for sure”.  “And she also gave us you and your younger brothers”, Monica said to her grandson lovingly.

“Cam, I know how much you want your family to be together”.   “I’m sorry that you couldn’t come to me about this sooner”.  “I guess that I have really failed as an Aunt”.  “We all got caught up in our own lives, that we just weren’t paying any attention”, Emily said apologetically.

“Cam, I would like to say that I am truly sorry”.  “I saw what your mom was going through, and I guess I thought she would deal with it and be okay”.   “But now, I know that helping you get your family back is what she needs”; “So I want to help, if you’ll let me”, Nik told  Cam sincerely.

“Oh Cam, sweetie”.  “I have always known the love that your mom and dad have for each other”.   “And I have told your dad over and over, that there are no guarantees in life, but he is always so stubborn that he won’t listen”, Alexis said softly to her friend’s little boy.  “Your mom deserves the happiness that your dad brings her, so I’ll help”, Alexis said to Cam smiling.

“If this plan works, I shall have 3 more grandsons to mold to run ELQ”, Edward said happily.

“No, you won’t you crazy old man”!  “My brothers and I will not do what you want us to grow up to do”!  “We will do whatever we want to do when we grow up, so just go sit down and shut up!;”  Cam told him firmly.  “Mom and Dad were right about you!”  “You have a one track mind”, Cam said looking proud of standing up for himself and his brothers.

“Okay little buddy”, Shawn said.   “It’s my turn”.   “Your mom is a very loving person”.   “She accepted me for who I was”, worts, faults and all”.   “Every person on this earth is sent a soul mate, some we don’t know but are meant to find”.   “Your mom’s soul mate is your dad”.  “And you are very brave to take on this town and the people in it, to save your family”, Shawn told Cam proudly.  “Has your mom told you about your older sister who died before you were born”, Cam?  Shawn asked.  

“She did Uncle Shawn”, Cam told him sadly.

“Well buddy, your sister would be very proud, and is most likely cheering you on”; Shawn said with a grin.  “So you keep on fighting for your family”.

“Cam, Jason is NOT YOUR DAD; Lucky IS”, Sarah said loudly and angrily.

“SHUT UP, Aunt Sarah”, Cam yelled at Sarah.

“Lucky is not our dad”.  “If he was OUR dad, he would have stayed and wanted my brothers and I in his life; BUT No, we’re not important”, Cam said glaring at his aunt.

“Since I know you are not going to help, you might as well leave Aunt Sarah; you have made your position known to all of us”, Cam said.

“And so Sarah storms out”.  “Not believing that her nephew would yell at her”.  


“Oh Nick, he sure told Aunt Sarah where to go”.  

“I have watched over the years, as she has felt that it was her god given right to have all the good things that mom had for herself”.  “She has always gotten away with hurting mom over the years, and I am glad that Cam called her on it”.  

“I can say with absolute certainty that I don’t like her”, Kenzie said with disdain.

“She’s not a very happy person, is she”? Nick said observing the scene below.


“I…..” Steven started to say.  “Uncle Steve, if you’re gonna be a problem like Aunt Sarah; don’t bother even saying anything”, Cam told his uncle sadly.  

“Why is everyone so dead set against my brothers and I; having both of our parents in one house, under one roof with US”, Cam asked starting to cry?

“Cam, I am not against your mom and dad”.  “At first, I couldn’t see past the profession that your dad chose, but I came to see your dad as very loyal; and I know that he is a really good person, who loves your mom”.   “And I’ll help you any way I can”, Steven said comforting his nephew.

“Little cowboy, I am so sorry about Lucky never being there”.  “And I am sorry about what he put you boys and your mom through”, Luke told Cam.   “I’ll help you fix it however I can”, Luke told Cam.

“Cam, that thug is not your dad”!   “You know that Lucky IS your dad”, Lulu said angrily.

“Oh, just shut up, Lulu”.   “You seem to think that I am deaf and dumb, but I know for a fact that Lucky is not Jakie’s dad”, Cam shouted at Lulu.

“Lucky would rather go and fool around with Maxie, Sam, or Siobhan than be with us”.   “The only time he wants to be with my brothers or I is when mom is a part of the package, otherwise we don’t matter”, Cam told Lulu matter-of-factly.

“But with mom, all he knows how to do is call her names, yell at her, and blame her for all of his problems”.   “Mom is not to blame for the way his life has turned out”, Cam told Lulu loudly.

“Cam, little man”, Diane said to cam endearingly.  “I will help you with whatever you need”.   “I have always liked your mom”.   “She is a very brave and strong woman, kind of like me”.   “And she got the worst part of the deal, along with you boys”, Diane told Cam.


“That Lulu sure needs a wake-up call when it comes to her brother”.   “She has rose colored glassed glues to her face, and is blind to anything not for Lucky”, Nick said to Kenzie.

“As I have watched over the years Nick, I have seen her at her worst as well as Lucky”.  

“Neither one of them has ever had to Grow up”.   “They both have this idea that the world revolves around them, and that the world should, bow at their feet”; Kenzie told Nick, disgusted at Lucky and Lulu’s behavior.


“Little Dude, your dad really does love you and your brothers”; Spinelli told Cam in his own weird way.   “I have tried and tried to show your dad that he needs to stop with the white knight way of doing things”.   “I have seen him over the course of the past months and I have seen that he is really scared that his Fair Elizabeth and his little knights will be hurt by the dark evil doers that are his enemies in this life”.

“Cam, your dad and I have gotten to be friends”.  “I have seen him with your mom, and I can tell that he loves her and he loves you and your brothers”.   “I’m not quite sure what has kept your family apart, but I am willing to help you in any way I can”.  “You know that Georgie and I would do anything for you boys and your mom”, John told Cam.  

“Cam, I know how hard this is for you and your brothers”, Georgie said lovingly.   “I know what it’s like growing up without both parents”.   “For so long is was just my sister, me and our mom”.   “But then when mom married Mac, I started to see that it was better to have two parents”.  “You deserve to have your parents with you”, Cam.   “So I am in”, Georgie told him with a grin.

“Cam”, Jeff asked?  

“What are you doing here Grandpa Jeff”?  “You have never been here for us before; so why now”?  Cam demanded to know.

“I have made a lot of mistakes Cam”.   “One was not being there for you, your brothers and your mom”.   “Maybe if I had, I could have convinced your dad to stay”, Jeff told his grandson.   “But, I am here now”.   “I want you, your brothers and your mom to be happy”.   “Will you let me help”?  Jeff asked Cam.

“Okay grandpa”, Cam said.

Seeing and hearing everyone made Edward realize that he needed to make one thing absolutely clear to all those against his grandson and Liz.

“I want all of you to listen and listen well”.  “I will not allow anyone to ruin this for Cam or his family”.   “Anyone doing so will answer to me, is that understood”?  Edward stated sternly.

“YES”, they all agreed.

“Now, that is settled”; “what do we do first Cam”?  Edward asked his great grandson.

Chapter 3

        “Um, guys”?   “I think we may have trouble from more than just Carly”, Shawn stated frowning.    

“What do you mean Shawn”, Alexis asked looking at her husband.

“I mean that Sarah and Lulu just burned rubber out of here and seeing as they don’t like Jason, they could cause trouble too”.  


“Nick, I think Carly is going to try to do something really nasty to mom”, Kenzie said worried about her family.

“I think you’re right Kenzie”, Nick said to her.  “I think that she will do anything to keep your mom and Jason apart”.   “Does she not realize though that if she does something that it will come back to bite her”?


“Everyone I just got off the phone with Johnny”, Sonny sates to the group.   “He says that he will watch Carly, but until she actually does what she is planning, that we won’t know what it is”.

“First we need to get my mom and dad in the same room, and show them that they are stronger together than they are apart and that we are safer as a family, instead of apart”, Cam told the group.

“But that is where I run into a wall, as I can never get them in the same room”, Cam said quietly.

“Cam, I have an idea”, Luke said to Cam.  

“We will have Diane call Jason and have him meet her here, stating that she has some important things to tell him; have him be here in say 4 hours”?   “And I’ll call Liz and tell her that I need to speak to her in regards to Lucky; having her meet me here at the same time”, Luke said to the group seeing his idea come to fruition.

“Once they get here I think that you Cam; should sit them down and tell them exactly how you and your brothers feel about your family not being complete”, Diane said to Cam.

“I am going to have to post guards at all exits or Jason will leave and he may yet, do exactly that”.   “He is so stubborn sometimes”; Sonny stated, “But I will post them”.

“Okay Luke and Miss Diane, let’s do it”; Cam told them.


Meanwhile across town, Carly has started plotting a way to stop what the group at Luke’s is trying to accomplish. She is going to do it so that she has Jason all to herself again.


So, Diane called Jason and told him that she needed to tell him some important info; but that it had to be in person, and he agreed to meet her at Luke’s in 4 hours.  And Luke did the same with Liz and got her to agree to come too.

“Okay little cowboy, now it is up to you and us grown ups to make this work”, Luke told Cam.


“Nick, I really hope that mom and dad listen to Cam”, Kenzie said.



4 hours Later @ Luke’s:

Jason arrived to speak with Diane just as Liz arrived to speak with Luke.

“What are you here for Elizabeth”, Jason asked questionly?

“Luke called me for something and said that it was really important”, Liz told him.

“Luke, Diane; what are we doing here”?   “And why are all you here” Jason and Liz demanded to know?

“You are here Jason; because you seem to be blind to the needs of your children and their mother; and you are blatantly ignoring your family”, Diane stated rather honestly.  “And you are blind to the damage that you are causing to your children, so we are intervening on their behalf”.

“Liz, just so you know this is mainly to confront Jason, so you can just sit and listen, Cam may involve you later”, Diane said to Liz.

“Jason you need to hear some truths, from not only your oldest son; but the others in this room as well”.  “So you will sit down and be quiet and we will start”, Diane ordered Jason.

“Go ahead Cam”, Diane urged him.

“Mom, please know that I am not doing this to be selfish”.  “I am doing this because we need dad and no one else will do this for us”, Cam said to his mom.


“Dad, I know that you are probably really mad at me and the others in this room for bringing you here for the wrong reason, but it was the only way that we could think of to get through to you; as well as the only way that I thought that you would listen to what I have to say”, Cam said to his dad.

“I know that you say that you can’t be with us because it isn’t SAFE, but life isn’t safe”.   “The world isn’t safe”.  “You need to stop with the safe act because I don’t buy it anymore”, Cam shouted at his dad.

“Honey, your dad is just trying to protect us”, Liz said to her son.

“Mom, just stop defending him and what he does”.   “I have had enough of you and everyone else saying that dad is doing it to protect us”.  “I have realized that it is all just a big load of crap”, Cam said glaring at his dad.

“Dad, I love you; but I guess you don’t love us because if you did, your actions would show that but your actions don’t show that”, Cam stated flatly.  “Everyone else is always more important that Aiden, Jake, mom and I”.   “You always go running when it’s Sonny, Carly, Spinelli or anyone else”.  “BUT WE DON”T COUNT”, Cam yelled.

“Cameron Alexander Webber that is enough!”, Liz told her son sternly.

“No mom, I am no longer going to let him, or anyone else stop us from having the family we deserve!”, Cam stated to the room to make his point.  “Dad either is blind or just doesn’t care, because if he had seen or cared; he would have known about the pain that he causes whenever he chooses others over US!”, Cam said before running to his grams with tears in his eyes.

“Jason, it’s time you man up and start putting your family first because Lucky sure as Heckle won’t”; Luke told Jason.


Across town, Lulu calls Carly.

“Carly, I know that you are planning to stop this, and I want in;” Lulu stated with a smirk on her face.

“Okay Lulu, you’re in”, Carly told her.

Lulu hung up with Carly, then said to herself: “Now I can give Jake back to Lucky, where he belongs”.


Back @ Luke’s:

“Jason, I know that I have always been a cheerleader for Lucky; but after hearing your son fight for his family, I realized that I have been hindering my granddaughter’s happiness as well as my great-grandsons happiness”; Audrey admitted to him.  “All I ask is that you think before you set your mind against being with your family”.

“Jason, I know that you have told me that what you’ve done; was done to keep your family safe”.  “But have you not learned anything over these last several years”? “LIFE ISN’T SAFE”, Diane told him! “Your children deserve to have you there for them when they need you, and Elizabeth needs you as well”; “Can’t you see that”, Diane asked Jason?

“Jason, man”.  “You deserve to be happy too”.   “You also have the right to have a family too”.   “And you do have one, a family that is; Elizabeth and the boys”.   “When Cam told us that we were keeping his family apart, I finally had to admit to myself that I have been doing just that all these years”.   “And I am truly sorry for my part in that”, Sonny said to Jason as well as Elizabeth.

“Jason, you and I both know what the worst parts of this life can do to family”; “But you can’t let the life take over your life or you’ll end up like Trevor or my father”.  “Trevor and my father made the life more important than family, and it cost them their families”.   “Don’t let it cost you yours”; John told Jason.

“Jason, I know that you and I are not close; but please just let me say this okay”?  “I love you”, Alan told his son.  “I wish that all of my children could be happy, but that is not a wish that I got”.   “AJ was never happy, and Skye has tried numerous times without success”.  “But Jason, please allow yourself happiness”; Alan pleaded with his son.

“Jason, I know that you and I only know each other through your boys”.  “But I know a little about growing up with only one parent’ actually I know what’s it like to grow up without both parents around”.  “It’s not fun, happy or otherwise”. “Yes, Mac raised Maxie and I very well”.  “But it wasn’t the same”.  “Maxie and I needed our parents more than anything, but they were never there”.   “Because their adventures and the life of a spy were more important than we were”, Georgie told him adamantly.  “So please, for Cam, Jake and Aiden’s sakes please choose them”; Georgie asked Jason.

“Jase, you know that I love you right”; Emily asked her brother?“I know that you feel like this is the only way to protect your family, but you’re wrong”.  “I know that you love your family, but staying away is not the answer to the problem”.    “And I know that you feel responsible for everyone’s safety, but you need to start living life for  yourself, and not others”.  “Live for what you want and need and not what the rest of us want or need to do or be”. “Choose Elizabeth and the boys”, Emily pleaded with Jason.

“Jason, I love you and even though you don’t remember it, you’re still my son”; Monica told him.   “I know that you feel the need to protect all of us from the life you lead, but your family is more important”.  “Elizabeth, Cam, Jake, and Aiden are more important than this life you lead”, Monica told her son.

“Jason, I too know what it is like to grow up without one parent”.  “You may not know or remember this, but my mom was not around when I was Cam’s age”.  “And I grew up feeling like she didn’t want me”; Nik told Jason.

“Jason, you know about my past”.  “You know that my mother was murdered, so I can see this from your point of view, but there are some things that you’re not seeing”.  “I think that you need to start seeing things from your children’s eyes”.  “Growing up without my mother was very hard, especially when I needed her most, at the most important times in my life”, Alexis honestly told Jason.

“Jason, the reason that I am a part of this plan, is that I don’t want you to live with the regret that I live with about not being there for your father and Aunt Tracy”.  “So I guess that it is my way of trying to make penance for that by trying to help you keep your family”, Edward stated to his grandson.

“Jason, for a very long time I never knew who my father was, so please don’t make the same mistake that our parents did”, Steven stated.

“I am not a model parent by any means, but I am trying now with Lulu”.  “Please don’t make the same mistakes that us old people have made over the years”, Luke asked of Jason.

“Stonecold, you are the closest thing to family that I have”.  “And I don’t want to see you lose the other family that you have, and you know that I mean Elizabeth, Cam, Jake, and Aiden”.  “Please choose your family over this life”; Spinelli told his mentor and friend.

“Everyone”, Jason stated.  “I know that you all care, but I just can’t!”

After having his say, Jason walked away leaving the others in shock; Elizabeth in tears and Cam heartbroken, hurt and angry.


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