Bringing Together A Family cast list

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Bringing Together A Family cast list

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Cast List of: Bringing Together a Family

Elizabeth Webber
Cam Webber (fathered by Ric Lansing (Deceased)
Jake Webber (Jason’s son)
Aiden Spencer

Jason Morgan

McKenzie Webber

Angel named Nick

Audrey Hardy

Sonny Corinthos

Carly Corinthos
Michael Corinthos (adopted by Sonny)
Morgan Corinthos
Josselyn Corithos

Alan Quartermaine

Monica Quartermaine

Emily Cassedine

Nik Cassedine
Spencer Cassedine (Emily is his mother)

Alexis Davis- Butler
Kristina Corinthos (reference only)
Molly Lansing-Butler (reference only)

Shawn Butler (married to Alexis)

Edward Quartermaine

Sarah Webber

Steve Webber

Luke Spencer

Lulu Spencer
Jeff Webber
Her mother is unknown (Liason sites states this)

Diane Miller


Georgie Zacchara

John Zacchara

Ric Lansing (only in reference)

Doctor Kyle Shepherd

Teri Shepherd

Mr. Putin/ aka FBI’s Special Agent Sam Cullen

Washington DC: Homicide Lt. Joey Grant

Lila Quartermaine (as an angel)

Epiphany Johnson (in reference only)

Zander Smith (a heavenly maintance man)

Detective Jagger Cates (Heaven PD)

Stavros Cassadine (Inmate in Hell)
Logan Hayes (Inmate in Hell)
Tony Jones (Inmate in Hell)
Lily Corinthos (Heaven Daycare)

Max Gambetti (guard working for Sonny)

Rafe (guard working for Sonny)



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