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Fan Fiction Guidelines

*For House Writers, once you have created a board ( For all of your fan-fiction) please be sure to post all chapters for that fic in the fic's sub board. This was things can be neat and organized

*If your story contains rape, (the actual depiction of a rape) we are sorry but you will not be able to post here. You may refer back to a rape, just not write the actual rape.

*REMEMBER to add the rating to the title of the topic
* REMEMBER: Everytime time you start a fanfic, in the first post, to have the following...

Author Notes: (optional, if you want to add anything else)


Fan Fiction Writer Guide and Rules

No Plagiarism

*This cannot be stressed enough.  If you didn’t write it, don’t post it as your own.  There will be a zero policy for plagiarism.  If a fic is deemed plagiarized, the fic will be deleted and the poster will be banned from the site.  

No use of "Real" People

*No fan fic will contain characters of "real" people be it actors, actresses, authors, or even board posters.  Fictional characters only.

No use of Descriptive Violence

*No fan fic will contain any description of the actual act of Rape, Child Abuse, or incest.  You can say that a character was raped, abused as a child or was a victim of incest, but ABOSULUTELY NO DESCRIPTIVE MATTER.  THIS WILL RESULT IN BEING BANNED FROM THE BOARD.


The initial story is the only time a rating is needed.  Please, if a fic starts out at a K level but you’re going to include MA chapters, just rate it as such at the beginning.  But as a writer I understand how sometimes stories take on a life of their own.  So if a new rating is needed, please mark that chapter as such as the Archives will need to be updated.  If a fic is not rated, you will be contacted by a staff member.  If you fail to respond in 3 days (72 hours), the fic will be assigned a MA rating.

Please rate fics as:

K / G (5+)--Free of any coarse language, violence, or adult themes.

K+ / PG (9+)--May contain minor action violence without serious injury, mild language, NO adult themes.

T / PG13 (13+)--May have some mild violence, minor coarse language, and minor suggestive adult themes.

M / R (16+)--Possible strong but non-explicit adult themes, references to violence, and strong coarse language.

MA / NC17 (18+)--May contain explicit language and adult themes.

Or you may use this new rating system:

FRC — Fan Rated Suitable For Children
FRT — Fan Rated Suitable For Teenagers
FRM — Fan Rated Suitable For Mature Persons
FRAO — Fan Rated Suitable For Adults Only

As always, though, you will need to apply the specific content warnings to your stories. As a guide, we have offered the following:
P — Profanity
SC — Sexual Content
V — Violence
GV — Graphic Violence
More, of course, can be added as you see fit.

Last, but certainly not least, is a generic Legal Disclaimer you should importantly add to your Fan Fictions, or your Fan Fiction Archives.

Without Prejudice. The names of all characters contained here-in are the property of Name_Of_Copyright_Holder. No Infringments of these copyrights are intended, and are used here without permission.

If you have original characters in your Fan Fiction, make sure you add that into your Disclaimer.

Note: The presence of Original Characters (in your Fan Fiction) will dampen any law suit made against you for your use of the show/book/movie characters in your Fan Fiction.

This site will contain fics that some may find have some objectionable material.  Read responsibly and please pay attention to ratings.  


When posting a new fic, please include “New” in the subject line ( only for the 1st chapter).

***If posting more than one chapter or part of the SAME fic on the SAME day, DO NOT make two separate posts.  Please consolidate the posts.  The author of posts that do not follow this rule will be PMed for the first offense.  After that, posts that do not follow this rule will be combined, and if that happens, feedback might be lost.***

If posting the end of your fic, please put “The End” at the close of your post.  In the subject line, please add (c) which will indicate this fic is closed.  Please do this for One Shots also.

Please do not use the search tags or the post icons.  Those are only for staff use and fics WILL BE edited if posts contain them; the author will not be contacted in this case.


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