Chapter 49-

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Chapter 49-

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Chapter 49

“Who is your mother’s partner”, Rachel asked?

“Sarah Webber-McKay”, Nik said.  

“What is your relationship with Sarah Webber-McKay”, Rachel asked?

“We’re lovers”, Nik said eyeing first Elizabeth then his mother.

“When did you last see Sarah”, Rachel asked?

“A week before the shooting at the No Name”, Nik said.

“Did you use Emily Quartermaine to get close to Elizabeth Hardy”, Rachel asked?

“Yes; after the park Elizabeth turned to her grandparents, Emily and Jason instead of turning to where she was supposed to; me”, Nik said.

“Have you spoken to Miss Quartermaine recently”, Rachel asked?

“No”, Nik said.

“Have you spoken to Elizabeth recently”, Rachel asked?

“No I haven’t”, Nik said.  “She refuses to speak with me”.

“Are you afraid of what your family’s reaction will be to now hearing your testimony here today”, Rachel asked?

“No”.  “I do not care what their reaction is”.  “My mother deserved to lose her precious Lucky”.  “She abandoned me; so she could come back to Port Charles and marry Luke Spencer”, Nik said.

“Nothing further your honor”, Rachel said.

“Mr. Holmes”, the judge said.


“What do you want me to do”, Holmes whispered?

“Leave him; I will deal with him later”, Laura whispered back.


“Nothing at this time your honor”, Holmes said.

“Ms. Owens”, the judge said.


“The people call Cara Bradford to the stand”, Rachel said.

Cara walked into the courtroom…

“Please stand. Raise your right hand. Do you promise that the testimony you shall give in the case before this court shall be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God”, the clerk asked?

“I do”, Cara said.

“Please be seated”, the clerk said.

“Miss Bradford did you know Lucky Spencer”, Rachel asked?

“Yes I did”.  “We were starting to date”, Cara said.

“Were you present at Lucky’s funeral”, Rachel asked?

“No; I was too scared to be present”, Cara said.

“Why were you scared”, Rachel asked?

“Because both Lucky’s mother and brother threatened my life”, Cara said.

“What did Laura Spencer say”, Rachel asked?

“Mrs. Spencer told me to stay away from her son; that there was someone he was going to marry and it wasn’t me”.  “She told me if I didn’t stay away; that I would end up like Mikkos Cassadine”, Cara said.

“Do you know who Mikkos Cassadine is”, Rachel asked?

“Everyone knows who that man is; what he tried to do and what happened to him”, Cara said.

“And what did Nikolas Cassadine say”, Rachel asked?

“He came to my house”.  “He was there when I returned from school,” Cara said.

“Take your time”, Rachel said.  “What happened when you arrived home”?

“I found my parents tied to chairs and gagged”.  “Nik was standing behind them”.  “He told me that I needed to see who was in charge”, Cara said.

“What did Mr. Cassadine do”, Rachel asked?

“Two men can up behind me and grabbed my arms and held me”, Cara said.

“What happened next”, Rachel asked?

“I watched as be pulled out two syringes”, Cara said.

“Did he say what was in the two syringes”, Rachel asked?

“Yes; he said that it was a fast acting poison”, Cara said.

“What did he do”, Rachel asked?

“He injected both my parents with a syringe”, Cara said.

“What happened then”, Rachel asked?

“He made me watch as my parents died slowly and painfully, Cara said.


As Mac listened he thought back; and he remembered the case.  It was still unsolved.


“What did he do once it was over”, Rachel asked?

“He told me to leave town and never come back”.  “And he warned me that if I talked; he’d kill me”, Cara said.

“What compelled you to come forward today”, Rachel asked?

“I recently got married”.  “My husband knows the whole story; he told me that he would keep me safe if I chose to come forward”, Cara said.

“Thank you Cara”, Rachel said.  “Mr. Holmes”?


“Did Mr. Cassadine say anything else that day”, Holmes asked?

“Yes; he was bragging about how he was controlling his brother and mother’s life from behind the scenes”, Cara said.

“Do you know if Mrs. Spencer knew what was happening at your home”, Holmes asked?

“She knew”, Cara said.

“Can you explain”, Holmes asked?

“While my parents were dying; while I was forced to watch, Mrs. Spencer waltzed in like she owned the place”, Cara said.

“Nothing further your honor”, Holmes said.


“The people call AJ Quartermaine to the stand”, Rachel said.

“Please stand. Raise your right hand. Do you promise that the testimony you shall give in the case before this court shall be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God”, the clerk asked?

“I do”, AJ said.

“Please be seated”, the clerk said.


“Mr. Quartermaine; why are you here today”, Rachel asked?

“Because today I found something in a safety deposit box in my name”, AJ said.

“Was it originally yours”, Rachel asked?

“No”, AJ said.

“Who really rented the box”, Rachel asked?

“Lucky Spencer”, AJ said.

“When and how”, Rachel said?

“Bank records show that he rented the box in my name 2 days before he was killed”, AJ said.

“Do you know how he rented the box”, Rachel asked?

“The banker’s son was a fellow classmate of Lucky’s”.  “Apparently Lucky asked for a favor”, AJ said.

“What did you find inside the box”, Rachel asked?

“A letter; which explains the other items in the box, which Commissioner Scorpio has”, AJ said.

“Will you please read that letter for us”, Rachel asked?

“Of course”, AJ said.


“Dear AJ,

I know that you’re probably wondering; why the charade?  I didn’t know who I could trust.  Which is sad.  I love my dad; but he has been blind to mom’s faults and behavior for too long.  I love my mom too; but there is something wrong with her right now.

I love my big brother; but in recent weeks he has begun to act more like his father Stavros and his grandmother Helena.  They don’t know that I know; but I’ve found out that they have done some horrible things.  The first thing that I found out was that my mom has been making and receiving calls from Sarah Webber-McKay.  I had no idea why she would be talking to Elizabeth’s sister.

The second thing that I found out was that my brother is involved in a relationship with Sarah; and is hiding it from your sister.  He has been making trips to and from Germany to see her.  The third thing that I found out involves my mom, my dad, and Lulu.  I found documents as well as DNA results that prove that Lulu isn’t my dad’s daughter.  Lulu is in fact Jeff Webber’s daughter.  Mom never intended to tell anyone the truth.

The fourth thing that I found out has to do with Cara Bradford.  I found out that both my mom and my brother threatened her so that she would stay away from me.  It came to light this morning that they killed Cara’s parents.  The fifth thing I found out is that Diana Webber and Nik are planning something.  I am not sure what; but I think that it involves Elizabeth.

The last thing I found out is the hardest for me to take.  I found out that my brother Nikolas wants me dead.  If anything happens to me; I ask that you turn everything enclosed over to Mac.  And that you protect Elizabeth.

Mom and Nik thought that Elizabeth and I belonged together.  Elizabeth was my best friend.  That’s all I wanted her to be.  And she is a good friend.

Lucky Spencer”


“AJ; why is it that you only now found out about the box”, Rachel asked?

“I don’t access my safety deposit box every day.  Sometimes I don’t for months at a time”.  “The only time I did was if I has something important that I felt needed to be stored in the box”, AJ said.

“Nothing further your honor”, Rachel said.

“Mr. Holmes”, the judge asked?

“What items were in the box with the letter”, Holmes asked?

“Phone records documenting the calls between Mrs. Spencer and Sarah.  Pictures of Nik and Sarah together in Germany.  The DNA test results proving that Luke Spencer is not Lulu’s father as well as DNA test results proving that Jeff Webber was Lulu’s real father.  A video of the murder of Cara Bradford’s parents.  Phone records proving that calls were made to and from Nik to Diana Webber and from Diana to Nik.  And documented proof that Nik hired a hitman to kill Lucky”, AJ said.

“Nothing further”, Holmes said.


“Ms. Owens”, the judge said?

“The people rest your honor”, Rachel said.

“Very well”.  “Commissioner; you are free to take Mr. Cassadine into custody”, the judge said.  “We will reconvene tomorrow morning at 8 am”.

“All rise”, the bailiff said.


“Elizabeth; what do you want to do concerning Lulu”, Diane asked?

“Do you think that I could get custody; I think that Jeff would have wanted her with her brother and sisters”, Elizabeth said.

“I will start filing to get you custody”.  “I as well think that Jeff would have wanted you to raise Lulu”, Diane said.

“Jason”, Elizabeth said?

“It’s okay”, Jason said as Luke approached.

“Elizabeth; I won’t interfere”.  “I think in a way I knew”.  “Around the time that Lulu was conceived; Laura and I were sleeping in separate bedrooms”, Luke said.

“Luke; something about this doesn’t fit”.  “Jeff was in love with Sofia”.  She told me that he never strayed”, Elizabeth said.

“This is beginning to reek of Helena”, Luke said.

“With possibly a side of Diana”, Elizabeth said.  “And I will find out”.



“Thanks for this Robert”, Elizabeth said.  “I want you in there with me”.

“That I can do”, Robert said.


“Hello Diana”, Elizabeth said as she and Robert entered.

“What do you want”, Diana said?

“I have a few questions for you”, Elizabeth said.

“Fine”, Diana said.

“Did you help Helena get some of Jeff’s sperm”, Elizabeth asked?

“Yes; why”, Diana said?

“Did you know what she planned to do with it”, Elizabeth asked?

“Yes”, Diana said.

“Why did you help her”, Elizabeth asked?

“Because it would hurt the Spencer family”.  “I knew you were friends with Lucky”.  “It would hurt him and by extension hurt you”, Diana said.

“Do you know what Helena’s reason was”, Elizabeth asked?

“To punish Luke”, Diana said.

“Did Laura know”, Elizabeth said.

“Apparently so”.  “From what I was told Laura made a choice; protect Luke or Nik”.  “She chose her son”, Diana said.

“Did anyone else know”, Elizabeth asked?

“I was told that Nikolas knew”, Diana said.

“Did you know that Sarah and Nik were sleeping together”, Elizabeth said?

“No”, Diana said.


“Robert; I’m done here”, Elizabeth said.



Sonny could believe everything that had come out during the trial.

“What are you thinking”, Kate asked?

“Luke and what came out about Lulu today”, Sonny said.

“Why don’t we check on Luke in the morning”, Kate said?

“Okay”, Sonny said.


Webber home:

“I can’t believe Nik”.  “My god”.  “He wanted to take Elizabeth and make us all believe that she was dead”, Steven said.

“He wanted his own brother dead”, Olivia said.

“Yeah; that says a lot about his frame of mind”, Steven said.


Madison Estate:

“What brings you by Diane”, Jason asked?

“We have an emergency custody hearing in an hour about Lulu.  You two need to get ready”, Diane said.


Family court:

As Elizabeth and Jason walked into the room Elizabeth was shocked to see Nik present.  He was sitting in a chair handcuffed.


“Everyone please sit down”.  “We are here to decide where little Lesley Lu Spencer will be staying”.  “Normally this would be a hearing for temporary custody; but I have been informed that the child’s mother will be incarcerated indefinitely”, the judge said.  Mr. Holmes?

Chapter 50

“My client; Laura Spencer, requests that her son Nik Cassadine be awarded custody”, Holmes said.

“Your honor”, Diane said. “Mr. Cassadine is facing prison time as well”.

“Yes; I was informed of that”, the judge said. “I have read over everything”.

“Miss Hardy; Mr. Morgan, I understand that you are willing to raise her”, the judge said?

“Yes we are”, Jason and Elizabeth said.

“I think that Jeff Webber would have wanted that, Elizabeth said”.


“Mr. Holmes; I am hereby removing Lulu Spencer from your client’s custody and care”. “I recommend that she be retrieved from where she is and returned to Port Charles”, the judge said.

“I’ll arrange it your honor”, Luke said.

“Are you planning to contest Mr. Spencer”, the judge asked?

“No I don’t”, Luke said.


“I want my sister with me”, Nik said.

“Mr. Cassadine; the charges that you are facing make that impossible”, the judge said. “That being said; Miss Hardy, Mr. Morgan, I hereby grant your petition for custody”.

“Thank you Your Honor”, Elizabeth said.

“It’s up to you if she sees her mother or Mr. Cassadine”, the judge said. “Good Luck”.


Holmes knew that his client was going to be pissed. And she would be even more pissed off when she found out that Elizabeth was in control of if she was allowed to see her daughter.


“In the news this evening our main story involves the Spencer family. The trial of Laura Spencer took an interesting turn today as it was announced that Laura Spencer’s daughter is not Luke Spencer’s. Also in the news is that in an emergency court session; Elizabeth Hardy was awarded custody of Lulu Spencer”.


“Wow”, Steven said.

“How do you feel”, Olivia asked?

“My dad would have wanted it that way”, Steven said.

“Yeah”, Olivia said?

“Yeah”, Steven replied.


“I can’t believe Laura”, Alexis said.

“I can”. “Laura has always thought that her past wouldn’t catch up with her”, Mac said.

“It’s still hard to believe”. “And what Elizabeth did”, Alexis said.

“That young lady is stronger than people think”, Mac said.



“How could you let that happen”, Laura yelled?

“The evidence was against you”, Holmes said.

“What about Nik; she should be with Nik”, Laura said.

“The trouble your son is in makes him an unacceptable candidate”. “He’s facing prison time”, Holmes said.

“But why Elizabeth”, Laura demanded?

“Why not Miss Hardy”? “It’s what your daughter’s real father would have wanted”, Homes said.

“Is she going to let Nik and I see Lulu”, Laura asked?

“The judge said that it was up to Miss Hardy to decide that”, Holmes said.

“Hmmm”, Laura sighed.


Scanlon home:

“Did you hear”, Karen said?

“Hear what”, Frank asked?

“Elizabeth and Jason were awarded custody of Lulu Spencer”, Karen said.

“Wow”, Frank commented.

“Jeff Webber was Lulu’s real father”, Karen said.

“Wow”, Frank said. “Who would have thought”?


Collins home:

“I sure didn’t see that revelation coming”, Lucy said.

“I didn’t either”, Kevin said. “But I didn’t see Nik doing what he did either”.

“Why would Laura lie”, Lucy asked?

“I don’t know”. “But it’s all out in the open now”, Kevin said.

“That poor little girl”, Lucy said.



The family was in the library having coffee…

“I can’t believe that woman”, Monica said.

“I can”, Lila said. “Laura has always thought that she could do no wrong because she was Luke’s wife”.

“I happen to agree with my wife”, Edward said.


“The judge gave Lulu to Elizabeth and Jason”. “He said that it would have been what Jeff would have wanted and I think that the judge was right”, Alan said.

“What about Nikolas”, Lila asked?

“Nik is in enough trouble that the judge never would have given her to him”, Monica said.



“I still don’t understand why Lucky picked you”, McKenzie said.

“I think that he picked me because of my relationship to Elizabeth”. “I’ve known her since she came to live here with Steve and Audrey”, AJ said. “He knew that I would take the info; and use it to help Elizabeth”.

“And you did”, McKenzie said.

“Yes; but what about Lulu”, AJ asked?

“Lulu has Elizabeth; and all of us”, McKenzie said.


DiLucca residence:

“What happened”, Roy asked?

“The judge took Lulu”, Bobbie said.

“Did she get placed in the system”, Roy asked?

“No”, Bobbie said. “Elizabeth was given custody”. “And I am glad that is way that it went”.

“How did Luke take it”? “How did Laura take it”, Roy asked?

“Luke took it pretty well”. “Laura was told; and went off on everyone”, Bobbie said.



“How is Elizabeth”, Caitlin asked?

“Dealing”. “She and her mom are getting Lulu settled in at the estate”, Gibbs said.

“Laura really messed up; didn’t she”, DiNozzo said?

“Yeah she did”. “She also didn’t count on her son, Lucky, finding out and documenting it”, Gibbs said.

“And her son was prepared”. “And her found out that Nikolas wanted him dead”, Caitlin said.

“Yup”, Gibbs said. “We need to keep an eye on Laura Spencer”, McGee said. “Where are they holding her son”?


“Grand; why would Mrs. Spencer do that to her daughter”, Jenn asked?

“I don’t know honey”, Maggie said. “Some people just aren’t meant to be parents”.

“She’s definitely one of them”, Jenn replied.


Next day->

“All rise”, the bailiff said.

“Please be seated”, the clerk said.


“Mz. Owens”, the judge said after she was sitting down?

“The people rest your honor”, Rachel said.


“Mr. Holmes”, the judge said?

“Your honor”, Mr. Holmes said reluctantly, “the defense calls Laura Spencer to the stand”.


“Please stand. Raise your right hand. Do you promise that the testimony you shall give in the case before this court shall be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God”, the clerk asked?

“I do”, Laura sneered.


“Mrs. Spencer; how old was your son when he died”, Holmes asked?

“He was 16 years old”, Laura said.

“Did you know that Lucky and Elizabeth Hardy were only friends”, Holmes asked?

“No I did not”. “Nikolas told me that they were a couple”, Laura said lying.

“Did you know about Cara Bradford”, Holmes asked?

“No I did not”, Laura said lying again.

“Do you know Diana Webber”, Holmes asked?

“No I do not”, Laura said lying yet again.

“Do you know Sarah Webber McKay”, Holmes asked?

“Only as knowing her as Elizabeth Hardy’s older sister; although now we know that they two are not related to each other”, Laura said.

“Did you hire men to kill Elizabeth Hardy”, Holmes asked?

“No”, Laura said.

“Did you know that Elizabeth Hardy was the daughter of Sonny Corinthos”, Holmes asked?

“No I did not”, Laura said.

“Did you know that Elizabeth Hardy and Jason Morgan were engaged”, Holmes asked?

“No”, Laura said.

“Have you spoken to Miss Hardy recently”, Holmes asked?

“I tried; but I got her father instead”, Laura said.

“Did you know that your husband wasn’t your daughter, Lulu’s, father”, Holmes asked?

“No”, Laura said.

“Nothing further your honor”, Holmes said.


“Mz. Owens”, the judge said.

“Mrs. Spencer; I am sorry about the loss of your son”, Rachel said.

“Thank you”, Laura said.


“Mrs. Spencer; you claim that you did not know that your son and Elizabeth were just friends; well how do you explain the testimony of your other son, Nikolas, here in court and your husband”, Rachel asked?

“They are lying”, Laura said.

“What about everyone else who has testified to the fact that Lucky and Elizabeth were ever only friends”, Rachel said?

Laura didn’t respond.

“Well Mrs. Spencer; don’t have a lie for that one do you”, Rachel said? “It’s surprising since you have instant answers for every other question you’ve been asked here”.

“Objection your honor”, Holmes said weakly!

“Overruled”, the judge said. “Answer the question Mrs. Spencer”.

“Miss Owens; may we please start over”, Laura asked? She had realized that there was no way out of this.

“Are you all right Mrs. Spencer”, Rachel asked?

“Yes I am fine”, Laura said.

“Alright; let’s start over”, Rachel said. “Did you know that Lucky and Elizabeth were only ever friends”?

“Yes I did”, Laura said.

“Who told you that they were more than just friends”, Rachel asked?

“My son Nikolas did”, Laura said.

“How old was Lucky when he was killed”, Rachel asked?

“He was 16”, Laura said.

“Why would Nikolas lie to you and your husband about Lucky”, Rachel asked?

“I don’t know why”, Laura said

“Did you know about Cara Bradford”, Rachel asked?

“Yes I did”, Laura said.

“Were you there when Mr. and Mrs. Bradford were killed”, Rachel asked?

“Yes”, Laura said. Yet another time her son had lied to her.

“What did Nikolas tell you when you arrived”, Rachel asked?

“That he had to get rid of Cara”, Laura said.

“Did he tell you why he had to get rid of Cara Bradford”, Rachel asked?

“He told me that he wasn’t about to let some little trollop ruin Lucky’s future with Elizabeth”, Laura said.

“In the days after what happened at the Bradford home; did you threaten Cara”, Rachel asked?

“Yes”, Laura said.

“Did you know what Nikolas was really doing”, Rachel asked?

“No”, Laura said.

“Do you know Sarah Webber McKay”, Rachel asked?

“Yes”, Laura said.

“When did she first contact you”, Rachel asked?

“I was contacted 3 months after Lucky’s funeral”, Laura said.

“Were you living here in Port Charles at that time”, Rachel asked?

“No; Luke and I had left Port Charles”, Laura said. “But my oldest son was here”.

“What about your daughter Lulu”, Rachel asked appalled that the woman didn’t even acknowledge her own daughter.

“Why do you need to know that”, Laura demanded?

“Just answer the question Mrs. Spencer”, Rachel said.

“Answer the question Mrs. Spencer”, the judge ordered.

“Luke and I left her with my mother; Lesley Webber”, Laura said.

“And why didn’t you take her with you when you and your husband left town”, Rachel asked?

Laura didn’t answer.

“Is it because you didn’t want Lulu; because she wasn’t Luke’s daughter”, Rachel said. “Why take her when she wasn’t wanted”?

“Moving on”. “Did Sarah tell you what she wanted when she contacted you”, Rachel asked?

“She said that she knew that Elizabeth was at fault for what happened to Lucky; and she wanted to help”, Laura said.

“Did she say how she wanted to help”, Rachel asked?

“She wanted to help me get rid of Elizabeth”, Laura said.

“Did you hire men to Kill Elizabeth Hardy”, Rachel asked?

“Yes I did”, Laura said.

“Did you hire men to kill Jason Morgan”, Rachel asked?

“Yes; he was in the way of my accomplishing my goal of killing Elizabeth”, Laura stated.

“May I ask why you didn’t bring your son Nikolas with you when you fled Greece”, Rachel asked?

“His uncle said that he would protect him from his grandmother and father”. “When I attempted to flee the first time; I took him with me, but Helena and Stavros brought us back”, Laura said.

“Do you no regret not bringing him back to Port Charles with you”, Rachel asked?

“No”, Laura said calmly.

“Did you know what Nikolas was really planning in regards to Elizabeth Hardy”, Rachel asked?

“No I didn’t”, Laura said.

“I don’t believe you; but that is neither here nor there”, Rachel said.


“Do you know Diana Webber”, Rachel asked?

“Yes; she called me to offer her condolences about Lucky”. “She said that it was Elizabeth's fault”, Laura said.

“Did you know from the beginning that Diana wanted Elizabeth dead”, Rachel asked?

“Since Lucky's funeral yes”. “She told me she would end Elizabeth's life during her call”. “Before that no, Laura said.

“Did you know why she wanted Elizabeth dead”, Rachel asked?

“No; she never told me that”, Laura stated. “Although I did ask her several times during that phone call”.

“Did you know why Sarah wanted Elizabeth dead”, Rachel asked?

“Sarah told me that she wanted Elizabeth dead because Elizabeth stood in the way of Sarah getting her inheritance”, Laura said.

“Did Sarah elaborate about what inheritance she meant”, Rachel asked?

“No she did not; and I asked her to clarify that for me but she always refused to do so”, Laura said.

“How do you feel now that you know the truth about Nikolas wanting Lucky dead”, Rachel asked?

“I am very angry at Nikolas right now”. “Lucky was his brother; yet he wanted him dead”. “I didn't realize how much like his father Nikolas really is”. “And I am scared for him as I am seeing that even from the grave; his father has been able to influence him”, Laura said. “I also know that he will have to pay for what he's done concerning Lucky”.

“But he won’t have to pay for what he did to Elizabeth Hardy”, Rachel said?

Laura didn’t explain her comment.

“Again moving on”. “Did you know that Miss Hardy and Mr. Morgan were involved and engaged”, Rachel asked?

“I was told by Sarah that they were just friends”, Laura said.

“Have you spoken to Elizabeth or Jason recently”, Rachel asked?

“I tried”. “Her father; Sonny doesn't trust me”, Laura said.

“Did you know that Lulu wasn't Luke's daughter”, Rachel asked?

“Yes”. “I've known since the beginning”, Laura said.

“Why did you keep it a secret”, Rachel asked?

“Because I know Diana”. “She would have taken Lesley Lu”. “I refused to let her do to Lulu what she did to Steven”, Laura said. “And I figured that he would give me whatever I wanted once he knew”.

“So all your daughter Lulu is to you is a means to an end; is that correct”, Rachel said?

Laura again kept quiet.

“Nothing further your honor”, Rachel said.

“Mr. Holmes”, the judge asked?

“Nothing further”, Holmes said.

Laura returned to her seat next to Mr. Holmes.

“Your honor, the defense rests”, Mr. Holmes said.

“We will adjourn until tomorrow morning at 9 am”, the judge said.

“All rise”, the bailiff said.


Madison Estate:

“Are we in trouble”, Caitlyn asked as they all sat down?

“No you're not in trouble”. “I have something important to tell you”, Elizabeth said.

“What”, Riley asked?

“Well; you all know that Lulu is living here with us now”, Elizabeth said.

“Yeah”, was everyone's reply.

“Well; it came out in court that Lulu is your sister”, Elizabeth said.

“How”, Cassidy asked?

“Your dad; Jeff was her real father”, Elizabeth explained.

“Did he know”, Caitlynn asked?

“No; but we still don't have all of the answers about this”. “We are looking for them”, Elizabeth said.

“Will you tell us when you find them”, Riley asked?

“Yes we will”, Elizabeth said.

“What do you think”, Audrey asked watching her grandchildren with Lulu?

“I hope that they can accept Lulu”, Elizabeth said.

“And if not”, Audrey asked as Jason walked in?

“Then we adopt her and raise her as our own daughter”, Jason said. “I would like for us to adopt them all. I think that Jeff and Sofia would have wanted that”.

“Wow”, Audrey said with a smile. “But I think that Laura may cause problems”.

“I am not going to give her a choice”, Jason said. “After the way that she has treated that little girl, Laura can at least do that much”.


Next morning->

“All rise”, the bailiff said.

“Please be seated”, the judge said. “Mz. Owens you may continue”, the judge said.

“Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen of the jury, again my name is Rachel Owens, and I am the special prosecutor in this case. In my opening statement, I mentioned that I would call witnesses to testify as to the defendant’s guilt. Each witness testified as I explained and we have established the following facts beyond a reasonable doubt: 1) that Laura Spencer did in fact want Elizabeth Hardy dead, 2) the defendant did intentionally hire men to kill Elizabeth Hardy, 3) that the defendant did in fact hold Kelly’s diner hostage so that she could kill Elizabeth Hardy, and 4) that the defendant was in full knowledge that Elizabeth Hardy was not at fault for her son’s death”.

“We would ask you to reject the defense theories of the case. On the stand Laura Spencer admitted to the facts that I just states as well as admitted to knowing that Sarah Webber McKay and Diana Webber wanted Elizabeth Hardy dead”. “But yet; shows no remorse for what she did”.

“In conclusion, we would ask that you find the defendant guilty as charged”. “Thank you”.


“Good afternoon, my name is Mr. Holmes, and again I am the defense lawyer in this case. In the case that the prosecutor has presented to you today there is insufficient proof to convict. We would ask for a verdict of not guilty. Laura Spencer is not responsible for the false information that was given to her under false pretenses. She only acted on what she had been told by her son and others that she had no reason to not believe”.

“In conclusion; I ask that you find my client not guilty. Thank


“Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I am now going to read to you the law that you must follow in deciding this case. To prove the crime charged against the defendant, the prosecution must prove three things to you:
First, that the defendant did in fact hire the men that attempted to kill Elizabeth Hardy; Second, that the defendant was completely knowledgeable about the truth in this case; Third, that the defendant intended to take Elizabeth Hardy’s life in any way possible.

If each of you believes that the prosecution proved all three of these things beyond a reasonable doubt, then you should find the defendant guilty. But if you believe the prosecution did not prove any one of these things beyond a reasonable doubt, then you must find the defendant not guilty, the judge informed the jury”.

“Proof beyond a reasonable doubt does not mean beyond all possible doubt. It means that you must consider all of the evidence and that you are very sure that the charge is true”.

The jury was then led out of the courtroom to deliberate the case before them.


Port Charles Police Dept:

“Commissioner; I would like to talk to Elizabeth and Emily”, Nikolas said.

“That will be entirely up to them Mr. Cassadine”, Mac said.


“Thanks for coming in”, Mac said.

“What's going on Mac”, Elizabeth asked as she, Emily, Jason, Gibbs and Sonny entered the police station?

“Nikolas is asking to speak with you and Emily”, Mac said to both her and Elizabeth.

“No”, Emily said. “Nothing he is going to say is going to be the truth. He can go to hell”!!

“Elizabeth what about you”, Mac asked?

“Right now; the answer is no”. “Jason, my dad and Gibbs can see what he wants”, Elizabeth said.

“What about you three”, Mac asked the 3 men?

“We'll see what his royal highness wants”, Sonny said.

“Why are you three here”? “Where are Elizabeth and Emily”, Nikolas demanded?

“Elizabeth and Emily have refused your request to visit; we came in their places”, Gibbs said.

“What did you want to talk to them about”, Sonny asked?

“I wanted to explain and make them understand”, Nikolas said firmly. Some part of him still didn’t realize that Jason was going to kill him. He wanted to try to get himself out of this mess.

“Explain what; how you planned the night in the park in order to get rid of your brother and make my goddaughter beholden to you”, Gibbs said?

“You wouldn't understand about Lucky; and as for Elizabeth, she was supposed to turn to ME not him”, Nikolas said pointing at Jason. “He’s nothing but a criminal and a brain damaged thug”.

“What else did you want to explain”? “How you conspired with Diana and Sarah Webber McKay to kill Elizabeth”, Jason asked?

“She deserved what happened”, Nikolas said. Looking at Jason he said: “She was supposed to be with me; not you”.

“I bet it being announced that she's my daughter put a damper on all of your plans didn't it”? After that what were you going to do”, Sonny asked?

“I still would have gotten what I wanted; you wouldn't have been able to stop me”, Nikolas sneered.

“How do you think that”, Sonny demanded?

“I would have made both of us disappear; and you never would have found us”, Nikolas stated.

“Were you in on everything with Sarah”, Gibbs asked?

Nikolas didn't answer.

“What about Elizabeth's kidnapping at the Gala”, Sonny asked?

“I was going to take Elizabeth before Sarah arrived to watch those men kill her”, Nikolas said.

“How were you planning on neutralizing me”, Jason asked?

“By killing you”, Nikolas said.

“What about me and her mother”, Sonny asked?

“The same”, Nikolas said.

“What about Steven and Audrey”, Gibbs asked?

“They would have thought that she was dead”, Nikolas said. “I would have had her all to myself for the rest of my life; which was what was meant to be”.

“You know that Mac would have never believed that she was dead”. “He would have hunted you down until he found you”, Sonny said.

“So what; he never would have found us”, Nikolas said matter of fact.

“What about Sarah”, Gibbs asked?

“All Sarah has been to me was a means to an end”, Nick said.

“Does she know that”, Sonny said?

“It doesn't matter”, Nikolas said.

“What about Lulu and your mother”, Gibbs asked?

“They are of no consequence to me”, Nikolas stated.

“Wow”, Sonny said.

“What about my sister”, Jason asked?

“She meant nothing to me then; and that still stands now”, Nikolas said.

“What about my wife”, Mac asked speaking for the first time?

“She's a bastard that my grandfather created by mistake”, Nikolas said. “My grandmother should have killed her when she killed Kristen”.

“What were you planning on doing about me”, Gibbs asked with brows quirked?

“You; I didn't count on”, Nik said. “You came out of nowhere and ruined all of my plans”.

“Good”, Jethro said.


Madison Estate:

“You're really my grandma aren't you”, Lulu asked? “Your son Jeff was my dad wasn't he”?

“If your dad was here; he would have loved you”. “And yes, I am your grandma”, Audrey said.

“Do you want me grandma”, Lulu asked? “Do you love me”?

“Yes I want you and I love you very much”, Audrey said pulling her into a hug.



“I want to see agent Gibbs this instant”, Sarah said.

“I'll see if he is available”, McGee said.

“Thanks”, Sarah said sneering.


“Sarah's asking for you again”, McGee told Jethro.

“Yeah; is she now”, Gibbs said?

“Yeah”, Tim said.


“Hello Sarah”, Gibbs said. “You wanted to see me”?

“Yeah I want to see Deke”, Sarah said.

“And you know what I want in order for me to let you see him”, Gibbs said.

“I don't have to tell you anything”, Sarah said. “And you know that”.

“Then I don't have to let you see Deke”, Gibbs said.

“You can go to hell Gibbs”, Sarah said as she was being led back to her cell.


“He wouldn't let you see Deke would he”, Diana said?

“Go to hell mother”, Sarah said to the woman in the cell next to hers.

“How does it feel not to get what you want Sarah”, Georgia aske?

“Shut up you whore”, Sarah yelled!



“Is everything ready Alice”, Lila asked?

“Yes Miss Lila”, Alice said. “All the kids will be here soon”.

“Good; thank you Alice”, Lila said.

“Hello grandmother”, Michael said as he Morgan and Joss came in.

“Hello dears”, Lila said as Kate came in behind them. Hello Kate.

“Hello Lila”, Kate said with a smile.

“Is everyone else here”, Michael asked?

“Not yet”, Lila said.


“Good morning Lila”, Audrey said walking in with all of her grandchildren.

“Good morning Audrey”, Lila said.

“The kids are looking forward to today”, Audrey informed Lila.


“Hello Miss Lila”, Georgie said walking in with her sisters.

“Good Morning Georgie”, Lila said.

Thank you Mrs. Lila”, Kristina and Molly said.

“How are you doing Maggie”, Audrey asked?

Taking things a day at a time”, Maggie said.


“Thank you for having us”, Hayden said as they came in.

“You’re welcome dear”, Lila said.

“Hello grams”, the kids said.

Audrey hugged them before they moved on to find the other kids.

“Hello Olivia”, Lila said.

“Good morning”, Olivia replied with a smile.


“Hello Mrs. Quartermaine”, Patrick said while carrying Emma.

“Good morning”. “I don’t think you’ll find any closets here that you and Robin can meet in”, Lila said being cheeky.

Audrey and the other adults had to laugh at the look on Patrick’s face.


“Hello Mrs. Lila”, Lindsay said as she and her brothers walked in.

“Hello my dears”, Lila said.

“Good morning Lila”, Karen said.

“Good morning”, Lila replied.


“Hello Lucy”, Audrey said.

“Hello”, Lucy said as Serena went to find the other kids.

“Any more calls from Scott”, Lila asked?

“No; thank god”. “Hopefully Scott has taken the hint”, Lucy said.


Next to arrive was Chloe, Mack and Eli.

“Hello Lila”, Chloe said.

“Hello dear”, Lila said. “Are you designing Elizabeth’s dress”?

“Yes; but don’t tell her”. “I am gifting it to her”, Chloe said. “Hello Audrey”.

“Good morning Chloe”, Audrey said.

“How is Lulu doing”, Chloe asked?

“Confused and angry”, Audrey said. “The kids have accepted her but I think that she still feels that she doesn’t belong”.

“Hopefully things will get better”, Chloe said.

“I would love for us to plan her wedding so that she and Jason could just enjoy their time; but I don’t know if we could do it and not have them mad at us”.

“Let me see if I can get her to agree to let us; as long as we don’t go overboard”.


“What a welcome gift”, Lila said as AJ walked in with her great granddaughters.

“Hello grandmother”, AJ said. “Hello Mrs. Hardy”.

“Hello AJ; Mackenzie must be working”, Audrey said?

“Yeah; paperwork has piled up”, AJ said.

The girls gave Lila a hug and then went to have fun.


“Mrs. Hardy, can I see you for a minute out in the hall”, Alice whispered?

“What’s wrong Alice”, Audrey asked once they were out in the hall?

“Luke is at the front door”. “He asked to speak to you”, Alice said.

“Alright”, Audrey said as she headed to the front door.

“Hello Luke; you wanted to speak to me”, Audrey said?

“Yes”. “Elizabeth gave permission for me to see Lulu”. “I am planning on leaving to for good once Laura’s trial is over”. “I wanted to see Lulu before I left”’, Luke said handing Audrey a piece of paper.

Audrey read the one then said: “Alice can you take him to Lulu”?


“Hello gumdrop”, Luke said.

“Hi”, Lulu said. “Did you know”?

“No I didn’t”, Luke said. “How are you”?

“I’m okay”. “The other kids are good to me”. “Jason and Elizabeth spoil me”, Lulu said. “Why did she lie”?

“I don’t know”, Luke said.


Next day:

The jury was back and everyone was in the courtroom…

“All rise”, the bailiff said as the judge entered the courtroom.

“Please be seated”, the judge said. “Has the jury reached a decision”, the judge asked?

“We have your honor”, the Foreman said.

“Will the defendant please rise”, the judge said?

“How does the jury find”, the judge asked?

“We find the defendant, Laura Spencer, guilty on all counts”, the Foreman said.

“Thank you for your hard work”. “You are now dismissed”, the judge said. “We will adjourn until Monday morning”. “At that time I will hear oral statements before deciding on sentencing”, the judge said.

“All rise”, the bailiff said before the judge left the courtroom.


Monday morning->

“All rise”, the bailiff said.

“Please be seated”, the judge ordered. “Mz. Owens”, the judge said. “You can begin…”

“Good morning your honor; my name is NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs”, Gibbs said.

“And which side are you representing Agent Gibbs”, the judge asked?

“The victim, Elizabeth Hardy”, Gibbs said.

“Continue”, the judge said.

“Your honor; I have known Elizabeth Hardy since she was a baby. I was named as her godfather; by Jeff Webber, who at the time we believed was her father. I take that responsibility very highly. Despite Mrs. Spencer telling the truth here in this courtroom; she has shown no remorse for what she did. She hired me to try and kill my goddaughter. She hired men to try and kill the young man that my goddaughter loves very much. She aligned herself with Sarah Webber who also wants my goddaughter dead. All I ask is that her punishment fit the crime for which she has been found guilty of”, Gibbs said.

“Your honor; my name is Harrison Falconeri”, Harrison said.

“Which table are you giving a statement for”, the judge asked?

“The victim, Elizabeth Hardy”, Harrison said.

“Continue”, the judge said.

“I am Elizabeth Hardy’s great grandfather. Her mother Kate is my granddaughter. Mrs. Spencer has shown absolutely no remorse for trying to kill and innocent woman. It doesn’t matter that she didn’t know that Elizabeth was Sonny’s daughter; you don’t go after innocent people and kill them. Her son was not murdered; he was killed trying to save his friend. Her smearing of it; doesn’t change the truth. I ask that she get the maximum sentence allowed under the law”, Harrison said before sitting down.

“Your honor; my name is Alexandra Falconeri. I am a US senator for the state of New York”, Alex said.

“Continue”, the judge said.

“Thank you your honor, Alex said. The victim Elizabeth Hardy is my granddaughter. Mrs. Spencer has no excuse for claiming that she didn’t know that Elizabeth was Sonny Corinthos’ daughter. All she would have had to do after the first shooting was do some research on the internet. We; Elizabeth’s family, didn’t he the fact that we found out that she was family. That would have ended her vendetta right there. But she chose to continue to believe that she was right and that the rest of the world was wrong. She has known Commissioner Mac Scorpio for years; and yet she believes rumors and innuendos over someone she knew and trusted. I ask that you throw the book at her”.

“Your honor; my name is Alan Quartermaine Jr. I have known the Elizabeth Hardy since she came to live with her grandparents, Dr. Steve and Audrey Hardy when she was 5 years old. Elizabeth is like a part of the Quartermaine family. And yes Laura has known this as well. She has known Elizabeth since she befriended Lucky when the Spencer family moved back to Port Charles. Laura knows that Elizabeth would never have hurt Lucky. She also knows that all Elizabeth ad Lucky were to each other was friends. Yet; despite everyone telling her that they were not dating, she chose to believe that they were and act accordingly. She has wanted Elizabeth dead since Lucky’s death; which means that she had been planning to kill her for that long. I ask that Laura Spencer been given the harshest sentence allowed”, AJ said.

“Good morning your honor; I am Edward Quartermaine. I two have known both parties for many years, but what Laura seems to have forgotten is that I know that she has done a lot of illegal things as well over the years, things that she has gotten away with. She seemed to think that because of the fact that her husband and Robert Scorpio defeated Helena Cassadine, that she and her family should be given a free pass when they commit crimes. I ask that Laura Spencer be given the same punishment that she tried to give to Elizabeth Hardy; a young woman whose only crime was being in the park the same night that Lucky Spencer died, as a result of Lucky trying to get to his friend to help her”, Edward said.

“Your honor; I am Mike Corbin. Elizabeth Hardy is my granddaughter. Laura Spencer chose to act and then ask questions after. Had she bothered to call and talk to her sister in law, Bobbie Jones, she would have known that Elizabeth was Sonny’s daughter. She also would have known that my granddaughter didn’t kill Lucky had she read the police report that Mac offered to let her read before leaving Port Charles. She chose not to do any of those things. She has also no bothered to apologize to either my granddaughter of her parents for what harm she has cause our family”.

“Sir; my name is Sonny Corinthos. Elizabeth is my daughter. I have known the Spencer family for years. And yet after Lucky died no one called once to ask anything. That is all that it would have taken for Laura to find out that Elizabeth was my daughter and that Lucky’s death was an accident. But she never called. I would be willing to show a little compassion to her if she had shown any remorse during this trial, but she never has. We just recently found out that Elizabeth is our daughter, and Laura tried to take that away from us. Your honor, I ask that she be made to serve a very lengthy sentence”.

“Your honor; my name is Emily Quartermaine. Lucky Spence was one of my best friends. Elizabeth Hardy is the other one. I have known Elizabeth since she came to live with Steve and Audrey Hardy. How Laura can say that Elizabeth was the one responsible for Lucky’s death is ludicrous. I was there in the park being held by those college kids while Elizabeth was being beaten and raped. Lucky and Nikolas were at the other end of the park; which make what Laura believes impossible, as Elizabeth couldn’t be at the other end of the park if i saw her being hurt right in front of me. Laura Spencer simply doesn’t want to admit that she is wrong; because like all Spencer's, she thinks that she is right and the rest of the world is wrong. As far as I am concerned you can throw the book at her”, Emily said.

“Your honor; I am Dr. Steven Webber. Yes we have recently found out that Elizabeth is not really related to us Hardy or Webbers; but as far as I am concerned she is still my sister. My father raised her until he brought her here to live with my grandparents. Laura Spencer has shown absolutely no remorse for the fact that she tried several times with Sarah Webber to kill Elizabeth. She chose not to get her facts straight. All she had to do was ask. And as for her believing Nikolas; that is on her, she should have considered the source, especially seeing as when Nikolas first came to Port Charles he tried to date Elizabeth. She should not be shown any leniency”, Steven said.

“My name is Audrey Hardy. I am Elizabeth Hardy’s grandmother; that will never change. All I want to say is that any remorse Laura Spencer would have shown here in court would have been too little too late”.

“Court will recess while I make my decision”, the judge said.



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Re: Chapter 49-

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Chapter 51

  Continued from previous chapter…….

“I want justice for our daughter”, Kate said.  “And I feel that for that to happen, Laura needs a very lengthy sentence”.

“If grandpa had been here; I think that he would have asked you to make her swim with the fish”, Steven said.

“And I might have given into that request”, Sonny said with a smirk.  “Your grandfather was very protective of Elizabeth”.

“Yes he was, Audrey piped in”.  “Steve was very angry when we found Elizabeth on the doorstep”.  “And Steve thought that Jeff’s explanation was not good enough”.

“I think that Laura expects to get away with this”, Mac said.  “But I don’t think that the judge took too kindly to the fact that she has shown no remorse for any of it”.  “She thinks just like Luke, sorry Bobbie”.


“I don’t think that Gibbs will allow them to let her off”.  “Apparently; Gibbs has dug us some things that she and Luke did while on the run that were against the law”, Robert said.


“What do you mean Gibbs found crimes that them committed”, Robin asked?

“Well; it seems that Luke thought that since they were on the run and no one had found them, that he could steal from the people that he was working for”, Robert said.

“Wow”, was all Robin could say.

“And Laura never had Luke charged with rap after he raped her at the campus disco”, Anna said.  “So she has gone on to believe that she can do nothing wrong”.  “Look at what she did to Nikolas; she left him in Greece with the Cassadines rather than bring him home and raise him”.  “Gibbs figures that she never wanted Nikolas”, Anna said.

“Laura is delusional when it comes to the truth”, Patrick said.


“I will never forget that night in the park”, Frank said.

“No one will”, Elizabeth said.  “Least of all me”.

“What do you think Laura is going to do if she is given a long sentence”, Lucy asked?

“She’ll try to appeal and get out of serving any time”.  “She will claim that she wasn’t properly represented”, Kevin said.  “She now knows how to use the system, she learned that from Luke”.

“The big thing is that I have heard from a lot of people about the fact that Lucky was a really good kid”.  “And that he and Nikolas got along really well; was that just bullshxx”, Mac said.

“I think that in the beginning Nikolas really tried to get to know and love his little brother”.  “But when you take into consideration that even after Laura returned to Port Charles and remarried Luke, they had Lucky; but she never made any attempt to go and get Nikolas away from the Cassadines or to prove to him that she really did love him”, Elizabeth said.  “Now understand; I am not making any excuses for Nikolas’ behavior, but when you are taught that you have to compete for your mother’s affections, you learn a skewed set of ideals about the relationships you will have”.

“Then to be brought to Port Charles by Laura only because Lulu was sick and needed a bone marrow transplant further showed Nikolas that Lucky and Lulu were more important to his mother than he was”, Emily said.

“Well from what I hear Luke is cutting his losses and leaving”, Edward said.  

“Yes he is”, Elizabeth said.  “He went to see Lulu while everyone was at your home”.  “He went to say goodbye; he told me that as soon as she is sentenced he is going to tell Laura and leave”.

“Not to be pissy; but I think that Lulu is better off now.  “I know that Luke was led to believe that she was his; and I feel sorry for him”, Alan said.  “But she is better off without Laura in her life”.

“The worst part is that she did damage to Lulu”.  “That little girl was neglected because Laura only wanted Lucky”, Monica said.

“And now she is paying for that”, Jason said.

“Are you guys adopting her”, AJ asked?

“We are going to be adopting all of Jeff’s children”.  I think that is what Jeff and Sofia would have wanted”.  And as for Lulu; that had been the plan anyway”, Elizabeth said.

“You have a very good heart kiddo”, AJ said.

“I know”, Elizabeth replied.

“I am just angry at Laura; she hurt my brother”.  “Yes; my brother is screwed up, but she used that to her advantage”, Bobbie said.  “And now everyone is paying for it”.

“Brennan wanted to come out for the trial”, Elizabeth said.  

“How is she”, Audrey asked?

“They are doing okay”.  “She told me that her dad was let go from the station”.  “He is trying to find a different job”, Elizabeth said.  “Her dad needed her more than I needed her”.


“What do you think”, Laura asked?

“It is all up to the judge how much time you get”, Holmes said.

“Luke what do you think”, Laura asked?

“After you are sentenced; there is something that i need to tell you”, Luke said.

“Tell me now”, Laura said.

“It can wait until after”, Luke said.

“JUST TELL ME LUKE”, Laura yelled.

“Fine”!  “After you’re sentenced, I am leaving”, Luke said.

“What do you mean leaving”, Laura demanded?

“I mean that I have packed up and once I leave, I’m not coming back”, Luke said.  “This was the last straw Laura”.  “Alexis said that she will bring you the divorce papers; please sign them so that we can both move on”.

“How dare you”, Laura said.  “What is wrong with you”?  “I did this for us, for our family”.

“You didn’t do this for our family; you did this for revenge against a sweet innocent young woman that you blamed for what other people did”.  Do you not remember what was happening to Elizabeth that night in the park; she was being raped while Lucky was being killed”, Luke said.  “You know as well as I do that she was not responsible for what happened to our son”.  “You need to grow up and start living in the real world; instead of this fantasy you are choosing to live in”.



“All rise”, the bailiff said.

The judge then entered the courtroom.  “Please be seated”, she said.  “Will the defendant, Laura Spencer please stand”.

Laura and her attorney rose.

“When I was in chamber deliberating the sentence I would be handing down; I went back and reviewed all the evidence, victim impact statements as well as the police reports from when you son died.  Your son’s death was ruled as accidental; as a result of the attack in the park that night.  But you chose to blame one of the other victims of that same attack rather than accepting the police’s findings.  Which makes you partially responsible putting for what your other son and Sarah Webber-McKay did into motion”, the judge said.

“Therefore; I hereby sentence you, Laura Spencer, to 10 years.  You will serve at least nine years of your sentence before you will be allowed to be eligible for parole.  Take the time while you are incarcerated to determine why you would believe other people over a police department’s findings”, the judge said.


“Court is now adjourned”, the judge said after Laura was led from the courtroom.

“All rise”, the bailiff said before the judge left the courtroom.



“What the hell”, everyone said as alarms started going off?

“Gibbs”, Robert yelled!  “Diana and Sarah are fighting in cells”.

“Damn it”, Gibbs yelled running after Robert with his team following.


By the time he and Robert got there the guards were having a hard time stopping the fight.


“Open it”, Gibbs said.  A guard opened the door.


“That is enough”, Gibbs said pulling Sarah off of Diana by Sarah’s hair.  “Now who the hell started it”?

“She did”, both of them yelled pointing at the other person.

“Which clown put these two in the same cell to being with”, Gibbs demanded?

“I did”, a lowly guard said.  “Why”?

“One of Agent Gibbs’ rules is never let suspects stay together”, Caitlin said.  

“Put them in different cells; at different ends of the block”, Gibbs said and watch them closely.

“Yes sir”, the guard said.  He knew that he was going to get it from Agent Scorpio.

“I demand to see Deke”, Sarah said.

“Really”?  “Well you know what my terms are”, Gibbs said.  “What will it be”?

Sarah remained silent.


After 10 minutes Gibbs said: “then good night”.


2 days later->
 Women’s Prison:

Jason was sitting down when a guard brought Laura in and cuffed her to the table.

“Where is Elizabeth”, Laura demanded?  “We need to talk about my daughter”.

“So now she’s your daughter”.  “What about when you left her here when you and Luke left town”.  “Did you even care that she needed you and Luke”.  “What about when you lied to the entire town about who her father was”, Jason said.

“This is none of your business”, Laura said.  “So stay out of it”.

“Elizabeth isn’t coming”.  “I don’t trust you to be in the same room with her; even if you are handcuffed to the table”, Jason said.

“Then why are you here”, Laura said?

“Because you and I need to have a talk”, Jason said.  “And there are some papers that you need to sign”.

“What papers”, Laura demanded?

“You will see”, Jason said.  He was doing this for both Elizabeth and Lulu.  That little girl needed a lot of love.

“So what did you want to talk about”, Laura sneered.  “About how your fiancé’ got my son killed”?

“No; I am here because we need to talk about what is best for Lulu”, Jason said.

“What was best for Lulu was to be with Nikolas”, Laura said.  

“The judge didn’t think so; considering that he is being charged with attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder, conspiracy to commit kidnapping and a whole slew of other charges”, Jason said.  

“So what”, Laura said.  “So what about Lulu”?

“You are going to do what Elizabeth and I think is best for Lulu”, Jason said.

“And what do you and that bixxx think is best for my daughter”, Laura asked?

“You are going to sign these papers that terminate your parental rights; and then Elizabeth and I are going to adopt Lulu and raise her as our own”, Jason said.

“Like hell I will”, Laura said.

“Oh you can choose not to sign them; but that isn’t going to stop me”.  “You have two choices: you can sign them, and do what is best for that little girl, and live out your life in prison or after”.  “Or, I forge your name on the documents; and I make sure that you don’t live to serve all of your sentence and you never leave prison alive”, Jason said.  “Your choice”.


“I want to see Lulu first”, Laura demanded thinking that she could stall.

“No; that is not a part of the deal”.  “You have hurt that little girl enough”.  “Elizabeth and I will not allow you to hurt her more”, Jason said.

“Then how are you going to explain why I did this to her, my mother and Nikolas”.  “My mother and Nikolas will not buy this”, Laura said.

“They will because we have a letter already written to give to them explaining how you feel that it would be better for her this way”, Jason said.

“My mother is going to come and see me; and I can make sure that I get to see Nikolas”.  “I will tell them the truth”, Laura spewed.  

“You won’t be seeing anyone”, Jason said.  “I am going to make sure that you are not allowed to see Nikolas”.  “And as for your mother, she's has stated that she is done with you”.  “She is upset about your lying about who Lulu’s father was”.  “And if you try to contact Nikolas; he won’t live to try to help you”.  “So what is it going to be”?


After 10 minutes of Laura staring at him; she yanked the papers over and signed them then said: “this is not over, not by a long shot”.  “I will get my daughter back”.

“It’s over Laura”.  “If you want to live a long life it had better be over”.  “I have people watching you”, Jason said before standing and walking out of the room.

“Damn it”, Laura yelled.


“Did she do it”, Francis asked?

“Yes; set everything in motion”.  “Make sure that Nikolas is sent a copy”.  “If Laura tries anything I want her ended”, Jason said.  “She will no longer hurt this family”.

“Will do”, Francis said.


One week later:
  Various locations->
          Holmes, attorney at law:

“What’s going on”, Nikolas asked?

“It has to do with your mother”, Homes said.  Mr. Morgan had tried to pay him for doing this; but he had refused…  That little girl deserved better than Laura Spencer and this evil young man for family.

“Then why are they here”, Nikolas asked pointing to Elizabeth and Jason?

“All you need to know is that all are here by request of your mother”, Holmes said.  He wasn’t representing this young man in court.

Nikolas huffed but remained quiet.

“Alright; let’s begin”, Holmes said once everyone was sitting down.


“We are here today because Mrs. Spencer has made some decisions regarding her daughter, Lulu Spencer”, Holmes said.

“What kind of decisions”, Nikolas demanded?  “I have a right to know, she is my sister after all”.

“Nikolas, let the man finish”, Lesley said.

“Fine”, Nikolas said.

“Please continue Mr. Holmes”, Lesley said.


“Laura has decided to do what is right for her daughter”, Holmes said.

“What does that mean”, Nikolas asked?

“It means that for one your mother has signed away her parental rights to Lesley Lu Spencer”, Holmes said.

“Then that means that my grandmother will be raising her”, Nikolas said.

“No it doesn’t”, Homes said.

“Then who will be raising her if it’s not Lesley”, Nikolas demanded?

“Your mother has requested that Miss Hardy adopt Lulu”, Holmes said. Handing Lesley a letter which she quietly read.

“What about me; where’s my letter of explanation”, Nikolas asked?

“There is not a letter for you”, Holmes stated.


Lesley had made a decision a while before this that Lulu needed her siblings; and that didn’t include Nikolas, he had turned out to be just like his grandmother Helena and his father Stavropol.  No, Lulu needed Jeff’s children.  I will honor my daughter’s wishes, Lesley said.

“Like hexx we will”, Nikolas said.  “I will fight this”.

“That is your purgative Mr. Cassadine; but know this: you are currently sitting in jail, charged with various crimes and a judge will not give you young Lulu”, Holmes said.

“Nikolas; you need to let this go”.  “Your mother knows what best for your sister”, Lesley said.

“No; this is not over”, Nikolas said.  “My mother is incapable of knowing what is best for my sister”.


Scorpio residence:

“What are you doing here Felicia”, Mac asked when he opened the front door?

“I’m here to get my daughters”.  “I am taking them back with me”, Felicia said.

“I don’t think so”, Mac said.  “You need to leave Felicia”.  “Now”.

“I’ll leave; but I am coming back, and I am taking my daughter with me when I leave”, Felicia said before she finally left.


“What are you going to do”, Alexis asked?

“First I am going to call Robert and Anna”, Mac said.


“What is wrong Mac”, Robert asked when he and Anna had arrived?

“Felicia is what is wrong”, Mac said.  “She showed up and said that she was taking the girls”.

“She has charges pending against her for child abandonment; her taking the girls is not going to happen”, Anna said.

“They weren’t able to arrest her when those charges were files, because they couldn’t find her”, Mac said.

“They are still active; so she can be arrested”, Robert said.  “They are still active right”?

“Yeah she can, why”, Mac asked?

“Because we are going to give her a choice”, Robert said.  

“What choice”, Mac asked?

“Either she signs away her rights; or she’s going to jail for a long time”.  “And they will still strip her of her rights to the girls”, Robert said.


“Good morning”, Felicia said.  “Is Mz. Miller in”?

“May I ask who would like to see her”, Cassidy asked?

“Felicia Jones”, she said.

“One moment please”, Cass said.


“Diane”, Cass said?

“Yes”, Diane replied?

“There is a Felicia Jones here to see you”, Cass said.

“Thank you Cassidy”, Diane said.  She knew exactly who Felicia Jones was.  She also had a hunch as to why she was here; but Diane wouldn’t be helping her take the girls away from Mac.  “Send her in”.


“What can I do for you Mz. Jones”, Diane asked?

“I would like to hire you to help me get my daughters back”, Felicia said.

“From whom”, Diane asked playing along?

“Commissioner Mac Scorpio”, Felicia said.

“And why does he have your children”, Diane asked?

“I left them in his care when my grandmother got sick”.  “I went to care for her”.  “Then again when I went to find my husband, Frisco Jones”, Felicia said.

“How long have they been in his care”, Diane asked?

“Since Georgie, my youngest, was six months old”, Felicia said.

“And how old is she now”, Diane asked?

“7 years old”, Felicia replied.


“Mz. Jones; I am going to be completely honest with you”.  “No judge is going to take children from the man who adopted them when the two of you got married”.  “He has been their father since that time”.  “He has been both parents since you left”.  “I am suggesting that you leave Maxie and Georgie where they are”, Diane said.

“I’m not willing to do that”, Felicia said as she stood.  “I’m going to leave Port Charles with my children”.


Felicia’s hotel room:

“What do you three want”, Felicia said opening the door?

“We need to have a talk”, Anna said.

“Why should I talk to any of you”?  “Especially you Robert; your brother is keeping me away from my children”, Felicia said.

“Because we could arrest you here and now”, Anna said.

“What for”, Felicia asked?

“There are charges pending against you for child abandonment Felicia”.  “They were filed when you chose to leave instead of raising your children”, Robert said.

“I went to help my very ill grandmother”, Felicia reasoned.  

“For seven years”, Alexis asked?  “What was your grandmother dying”?

“No; once she got better I went looking for Frisco”.  “I was trying to reunite my family”.  “The girls needed their father”, Felicia said.

“Felicia; do you think that I wouldn’t check out your story about going to find Frisco after that’s what you told Mac”, Robert said.  “I talked to your ex-husband; he hasn’t seen you since he left before Georgie was born”.  “So where were you”?

“I don’t have to tell you anything”.  “And I sure as hex don’t have to answer any of your questions”, Felicia said.

“You could very well serve time if your found guilty”, Anna said.

“What your part in this Alexis”, Felicia asked?

“We are here to give you a choice”, Alexis said.  “And you really need to think hard about what is best for your children”.

Felicia kept quiet.


“Choice one: is signing away our parental rights, leaving Port Charles, and leaving your girls alone to grow up in peace”.  “And I will make the charges disappear”, Alexis said.


“Choice two: You stay in Port Charles, I have Robert arrest you now, and then you will serve up to five years in prison for abandoning your two children”.  “But you will still lose the girls”, Alexis said.  “You choose”.


“What do you think”, Alexis whispered?

“She’ll choose self-preservation”.  “She has always loved adventure more than the girls”, Anna said.  “Almost like Luke and Laura being on the run”.


It didn’t take Felicia long to decide that she wanted freedom and adventure more than she's wanted Maxie and Georgie.  “Where are the papers”, Felicia asked?  “Why doesn’t Frisco have to do the same”?

“He already did”.  “He did what was best for his children”, Robert said.  “We didn’t have to give him an ultimatum”.

“Mac and I told him that he could see the girls whenever he wanted to”, Alexis said after she had the signed papers in her hand.

“What about me”, Felicia demanded?

“No; not going to happen”, Alexis said.  

“And why the hell not”, Felicia asked?

“Because; Frisco leaving was not by choice”.  “People had threatened you and the girls”.  “That is why he left”.  “You left because you like the adventure too much”, Robert said.

“Just so you know; if you ever return to Port Charles, I will make those charges reappear”.  “You can leave now”, Alexis stated.


“Now what”, Robert said as they watched Felicia leave?

“Jason has people that will be watching her”.  “If she's returns we will be informed”, Alexis said.


“Where do you think Anthony could be hiding out”, Alex asked?

“He could be anywhere”.  “Especially if he had money stashed before he faked his death; which is more than likely”, Harrison said.

“He’s planning something; wherever he is”.  “We’d best be prepared”, Alex said.

“We will protect our family”, Harrison said.


Washington DC:

“How is my guest”, he inquired?

“The same”.  “Still spouting that we will pay for this”.

“We won’t”, he said.  “I have plans for her”.  “I will call again”.


“Hello”, Alex said answering her phone?

“Have you missed me my dear wife”?

“Tony”, Alex said?

“Yes it’s me”, Anthony said.

“You’re supposed to be dead”, Alex said playing along.  She knew that she couldn’t give away the fact that they had known that he was alive.

“That’s the way I planned it”, he said.

“Why”?  “What do you want”, Alex demanded?

“I want to let you know that I am about to extract revenge against everyone who betrayed me; including you”, Tony said.  Then the line went dead.


1 month later ->

In the last month a lot had happened in Port Charles…

Elizabeth and Jason were allowing Chloe and the others to plan the wedding.  Both Jason and Elizabeth had told them what they wanted and Chloe had taken it from there.  And it was hard to believe that their wedding was only days away.

Sonny and Kate had quietly gotten married.  They figured that they had waited long enough; and with the looming threat that had come from Anthony, they didn’t want to give him a chance to ruin it.  Jason and Elizabeth were their only witnesses.


The Scorpio family had finally settled into a normal life.  Alexis had adopted Maxie and Georgie.  Frisco had sent letters and gifts.  He had also called to talk to the girls.  Jenn was spoiling her siblings.


Patrick, Robin and Emma were doing great.  They family was also spending time with Jenn.  Patrick and Robin were also talking about another child.


Sarah was still sitting at the WSB awaiting her trial.  She knew that with all the evidence that she was in for a long stint.  But she still blamed Elizabeth for everything wrong in her life except for the fact that she wasn’t Jeff Webber’s daughter.  She still had not been allowed to see Deke and that pissed her off.


Life in the Scanlon family was good.  Frank and Karen were spending time with the kids as well as on their own.  they also lent their support Jason and Elizabeth.


After he had spent time with Lulu at the Q mansion that day; Luke had indeed left town.  He just couldn’t stay after what Laura and Nikolas had done.  But he did promise to send things to Lulu and stay in touch for her.  Elizabeth has asked that of Luke.  She told him that as far as she was concerned, Luke was still family to Lulu.


The Collins household was doing okay.  Scott was still bugging them; but they were dealing with it.  Kevin had suggested that Lulu as well as the other children see a counselor.  And Jason and Elizabeth had agreed; so Kevin had found a good therapist for them.


Diane was still sitting in her cell refusing to talk.  But Gibbs was relentless in his drive to make her pay for what she did.  The evidence against her was mounting every day.


The Jacks family was well.  Chloe had managed to get Elizabeth to draw for her and the dresses were being made as the spoke.  Chloe was planning on giving Elizabeth all the credit, Elizabeth just didn’t know it yet.


Nikolas knew that his days were numbered.  He had hurt people connected to the noob and he would pay.  But he didn’t feel guilty about what he had done.  He still believed that Elizabeth was his.  If only he could find a way out of this; he would still take her and disappear.


The Quartermaine family was as normal as they could get.  They supported Elizabeth and Jason to the end.  Edward had offered all of his resources to find out the truth about what had happened with Elizabeth.


Bobbie had stayed away from the family; that is until Elizabeth sat Bobbie down and told her that she did not hold Bobbie responsible for what Laura and Nikolas had done.  The DiLucca family now spent time with Elizabeth and the rest of the bunch.


After Felicia was given her choices; she fled town and has not been heard from since.  But Mac and Alexis are on the lookout for if she returns.  Frisco calls as much as he can.


The Falconeri clan adjusted well to life i Port Charles.  Harrison moved Falconeri Enterprises to an office building that Jax owns in Port Charles.  And Alex travels back and forth from DC to be with her family.


Sully is sweating bullets in his cell.  Deke is as well.  They both think that Gibbs doesn’t have enough on them, that they will walk away completely free and clear.


Gibbs and the rest of the investigator are working hard to nail Diane, Sarah, Georgia, Scully and Deke.  They are also trying to find Sonny’s other sibling.


“We wanted to sit all you kids down and tell you a few things”.  “We want for you to be a part of the decision making process”, Elizabeth said.  “As you all know; mine and Jason’s wedding is in a few days”.

“We’re all excited”, Lulu said.

“Well we wanted to talk to you guys about something before that”, Jason said.

“Okay”, Lulu said.

“Well; we wanted to let you know that I started the process to adopt all of you”, Elizabeth said.

“Cool”, Caitlynn said.

“Yeah”, the rest of the kids said.

“Then as soon as Elizabeth and I get married I will adopting you as well; if that is still okay with all of you”, Jason said.

“It is”, Lulu said for the group.  “It’s what we all want”.

“Okay”, Elizabeth said.  “We just wanted you to know so that you could talk about it with us, or with Miss Thatcher”.

“Thank you”, Caitlynn said.  She knew that they were trying to make sure that they were part of the process and that all of them were given the choice.


Day of Elizabeth and Jason’s wedding:

“When did you have time to do this”, Elizabeth asked when Chloe showed her the dress that she’d made for Elizabeth?

“Don’t worry”, Chloe said.  “Just know that it will be a perfect fit”.

“Once Elizabeth had the dress on”, Chloe said: “I am that good”.  “I rock”.

“Yes you do”, Audrey said.  She saw that Chloe would not need to fix anything.  “You look beautiful Elizabeth”.

“Thank you grams”, Elizabeth said.


“Oh”, Kate said entering the room.  “My baby girl is getting married”.  “You look absolutely stunning”.  “Jason is going to keel over when he sees you”.

“What about dad”, Elizabeth said.  “Is he going to be able to give me away”?

“Knowing who he is giving you away to; your father will not have any problems”, Kate said.


“We are ready”, the wedding planner said.


“Who give this young woman away”, father Coats asked?

“We do”, Sonny said of him and Kate.


“Jason and Elizabeth have chosen to make their wedding original by allowing their guests to give their blessings via video”, Father Coats said before Max started his part of the ceremony...


How Do I Love Thee? (Sonnet 43)

“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight
For the ends of being and ideal grace”, Peyton said with a smile.

“Most quiet need, by sun and candle-light.
I love thee freely, as men strive for right.
I love thee purely, as they turn from praise.
I love thee with the passion put to use
In my old griefs, and with my childhood’s faith”, Rory too said with a smile.

“I love thee with a love I seemed to lose
With my lost saints. I love thee with the breath,
Smiles, tears, of all my life; and, if God choose,
I shall but love thee better after death”, JoDee said smiling.


“Elizabeth and Jason”.  “In the time that I have been in Port Charles; I have gotten to know the both of you”.  “When I was trying to figure out what to say to this was what I came up with, Jennings said…..”

“Valentine sung by Jim Brinkman and Martina McBride

If there were no words
no way to speak
I would still hear you
If there were no tears
no way to feel inside
I'd still feel for you
and even if the sun refused to shine
even if romance ran out of rhyme
you would still have my heart
until the end of time
you're all I need, my love, my valentine
All of my life
I have been waiting for
all you give to me
you've opened my eyes
and showed me how to love unselfishly
I've dreamed of this a thousand times before
but in my dreams I couldn't love you more
I will give you my heart
until the end of time
you're all I need, my love, my valentine
and even if the sun refused to shine
even if romance ran out of rhyme
you would still have my heart
until the end of time
cause all I need is you my valentine
you're all I need, my love, my valentine”


“Hello from San Francisco”, Jack and Brennan said.  “Elizabeth and Jason; Brennan and I would like to wish you both the best in this new journey that you are about to take”.  “We love you”, Jack and Brennan said.


“Jason and Elizabeth”, Gibbs said on screen.  “I wish the both of you all the happiness in the world”.  “Please don’t let the trials that you two have had derail your life”.  “Elizabeth I love you like a daughter and wish both you and Jason the best”.


“Again and again, however we know the landscape of love
and the little churchyard there, with its sorrowing names,
and the frighteningly silent abyss into which the others
fall: again and again the two of us walk out together
under the ancient trees, lie down again and again
among the flowers, face to face with the sky”.

Harrison and Alex shared with the couple.


“And now Jason and Elizabeth will exchange vows”, Father Coates said.  “Jason….”

“Elizabeth, My promise to you is simple,
I'll endure until the end.
I'll be your one and only,
Your lover and your friend,
I'll listen and I'll nurture,
I'll fight and I'll be true.
I'll do my equal share and I will never give up on you.
I'll try to do my very best,
to fulfil your every need.
I'll walk beside you hand in hand,
I'll help you to succeed.
I'll be your constant equal,
I'll give you room to grow,
I'll tend to you when you are sick,
build you up when you are low.
I stand before these witnesses,
And I say unto you,
No matter what hard times we face,
Our love will make it through.

“Elizabeth”, Father Coates said….

“Jason, My promise to you is simple,
I'll endure until the end.
I'll be your one and only,
Your lover and your friend,
I'll listen and I'll nurture,
I'll fight and I'll be true.
I'll do my equal share and I will never give up on you.
I'll try to do my very best,
to fulfil your every need.
I'll walk beside you hand in hand,
I'll help you to succeed.
I'll be your constant equal,
I'll give you room to grow,
I'll tend to you when you are sick,
build you up when you are low.
I stand before these witnesses,
And I say unto you,
No matter what hard times we face,
Our love will make it through.

“And now for the rings”, Father Coates said….

“Elizabeth, come health, happiness, and prosperity, I will stand with you; come illness, trouble, or poverty, I will stand with you. Take this ring as a sign of my love and commitment”, Jason said.

“Jason, come health, happiness, and prosperity, I will stand with you; come illness, trouble, or poverty, I will stand with you. Take this ring as a sign of my love and commitment”, Elizabeth said.

“And now by the power vested in me by the state of New York, I now pronounce you husband and wife”, Father Coates said.  “Please meet Mr. and Mrs. Jason Morgan”.


Vows and exchange of rings readings are from:


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