Chapter 42 - 45

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Chapter 42 - 45

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Chapter 42

“Was Lucky Spencer dying a part of your plan”, Gibbs asked?

“No”, Diana said.  “But his dying served a purpose when those idiots failed”.

“What purpose was that Diana”, Gibbs asked?

“It hurt Elizabeth”, Diana said with a smile.


Jason and Elizabeth’s home:

“We have some new info”, Gibbs told Jason and Elizabeth.

“What”, Elizabeth asked?

“First; Laura was working with Sarah”.  “They both wanted you dead”, Gibbs said.

“My god”, Liz commented.

“Yeah”, Jethro said.   “But there’s more”.

“Shoot”, Elizabeth said.

“Those students weren’t supposed to kill Lucky that night”, Gibbs said.

“So Lucky wasn’t supposed to die”, Elizabeth asked?

“No; but his death had a purpose where Diana was concerned”, Leroy said.

“What”, Jason asked?

“It hurt you Elizabeth”, Gibbs said.

“My god; that woman is insane”, Liz said.


“I want to see her”, Elizabeth said.

“Who”, both Jason and Gibbs asked?

“Diana”, Elizabeth answered.

“No”, Gibbs said.

“Uncle Leroy; it will be okay”.  “Nothing she says can hurt me anymore”, Liz said.

“Jason”, Jethro said?

“I have to be in there with you”, Jason told Elizabeth.

“Okay”, Elizabeth replied.


“Alright, but you are not to be alone in the room with her”, Gibbs said.

“Fine”.  “When”, Elizabeth asked?

“Tomorrow”, Gibbs said.



Diana had to wonder what that idiot wanted now.


“Hello Diana”, Elizabeth said walking in with Gibbs and Jason.

“What do you want”, Diana demanded?

“You planned and hired the men who attacked me and my friends that night in the park”.  “How did you know that’s where we’d be”, Elizabeth asked?

“Why do you want to know; it won’t change what happened”, Diana spat?

“Just tell me”, Elizabeth said.

“You want to know how I knew where you’d be that night”, Diana asked?  “Well I knew because Nik Cassadine told me”.


“Why would Nik tell you anything”, Elizabeth asked confused?  “Why would he help you”?

“You are such a clueless nothing”.  “He helped me because he wanted you”.  “He felt that you wouldn’t come to him unless you’d been hurt”.  “And he knew Lucky wouldn’t step up”, Diana said.

“My god”, Elizabeth said.


“Get her out of here Jason”, Gibbs said.

“DiNozzo; go pick up Cassadine”, Gibbs ordered!

“Yeah boss”, Tony said.




“Emily and Nik were enjoying a quiet afternoon when Alfred announced:  Master Nikolas; Special Agent DiNozzo is here to see you”.

“Send him in”, Nik said.


“What can I do for you Agent DiNozzo”, Nik asked?

“Agent Gibbs needs to ask you some questions”, Tony said.

“Okay; when”, Nik asked?

“Now; I need you to come with me”, Tony said.

“I’m coming with you”, Emily said.



Alexis walked into the building and was taken to Agent Gibbs.


“Alexis what are you doing here”, Nik asked when he and Emily arrived?

“I called her”, Robert said.  “I thought you might want her here”.

“Oh”, Nik said.


“Let’s get started”, Gibbs said.

“What did you want to know”, Nik asked?


Emily was watching and listening from the next room…


“I want to know why you’ve been lying to Elizabeth for the last 4 years”, Gibbs said.

“What are you talking about”, Nik asked?

“You heard me”, Gibbs said.

“What going on Agent Gibbs”, Alexis asked?

“This is about the fact that your nephew has known about the threat to Elizabeth”, Gibbs said.

“That’s not true”, Alexis said looking at Nik.  “Tell Him Nik”.

Nik didn’t answer.


“Oh god”, Emily whispered.


“Maybe you’ll be willing to answer this one”.  “How long have you known Diana Webber”, Gibbs asked?

“He doesn’t know her”, Alexis said again looking at her nephew.  “Tell him”.

Again Nik didn’t answer.


“Oh boy”, Emily said.  “Nik what did you do”?


“I already have proof; but I’ll ask anyway”…

“Why did you want Elizabeth raped that night in the park”?  “Why did you want her damaged like that”, Gibbs asked?

“Oh, god Nikolas”.  “Why would you want to hurt your friend”, Alexis asked?

Nik again didn’t answer.

“How much would you want to bet that I find out that you’re working with your mother and Sarah Webber”?  “Figured that if you couldn’t drive her into your arms; you’d kill her”, Gibbs said?

“Oh Nikolas”, Emily whispered.


“Mr. Cassadine; you’d best talk”.  “I’m prepared to charge you as an accessory”, Gibbs said.  “Talking now would go a long way towards possibly reducing your sentence”.


Huffing, Nik said: “fine I’ll answer your questions”.

“How long have you known Diana Webber”, Gibbs asked?

“Since a year before the park”, Nik said.

“Why did she contact you”, Gibbs asked?

“She wanted me to help her”, Nik said.  “She wanted Elizabeth dead; but I didn’t”.

“You just wanted her hurt and scared enough that she’d turn to you”.  “What then”, Gibbs asked?

“I would have taken her and disappeared”, Nik said.

“Oh boy”, Alexis muttered.

“That son of a bitch”, Emily whispered.


“So what was Lucky”, Gibbs asked?

“A means to an end”, Nik said.  “It had to be that way”.

“Your mother didn’t know”, Gibbs asked?

“She couldn’t know”.  “It would have ruined my plan”, Nik said.


“Let’s move on”.  “Were you a part of your mother’s plan”, Gibbs asked?

“No”, Nik said.  “I didn’t know she was involved”.

“And Sarah; you were her partner”, Gibbs asked?

“Yes; I was”, Nik said.

“So you wanted your friend dead”, Gibbs said?

“I knew that she would never leave Jason; so yes she had to die”, Nik said.

“Why”, Jethro demanded?

“She needed to be punished for not turning to me after the park”, Nik answered.


“Thanks for coming down”, Jethro said.

“You said it was important”, Elizabeth said.  “What is it about”?

“Nik knew”, Jethro said.

“Knew what”, Elizabeth asked?

“About the attack in the park”, Gibbs said.

“What”, Elizabeth said?

“Yeah”.  “Also; he’s been working with Sarah”, Gibbs said.

“I want to see him”, Elizabeth said.

“Okay”, Gibbs said.


“You’re sister’s here Jason”, Gibbs said.

“Where”, Jason asked?

“Observation room”, Gibbs answered.  “You can go in”.


“Alexis”, Nik started…

“Don’t Alexis me”, she replied.  “I can’t represent you”.  “And I won’t”.  “What you did was unacceptable”.

“Why; it what we Cassadines do”, Nik reasoned.

“WOW; well Helena will be proud of you”.  “I’d watch out for Luke though”, Alexis said.


After Elizabeth walked in she walked up to Nik and punched him in the face.

“I think you broke my nose”, Nik muttered.

“Good”.  “It’s no more that you deserve”, Elizabeth said.  “You’re a monster; just like your father Stavros”.

“I’m not a monster”, Nik declared.

“Why”, Elizabeth demanded.

“Because you’re mine”, Nik said.

“And what about Lucky”, Elizabeth demanded?

“He was a game piece that was in my way”, Nik admitted.

“What about Emily”, Liz asked?

“Same thing”.  “She was a puzzle piece that completed the puzzle”, Nik answered.

“What puzzle”, Elizabeth wanted to know?

“You and me; married”, Nik said.

“I never would have married you”, Elizabeth stated.

“You wouldn’t have been given a choice”, Nik stated.

“Like your mother”, Elizabeth replied.

“Yes, just”, Nik answered.

“You bastard”, Elizabeth spat!

“Name calling is so beneath you Elizabeth”, Nik scolded.

“So what would you have done after you’d forced me to marry you”, Elizabeth demanded?

“I would have taken you and vanished”, Nik said.


With that statement Elizabeth backed up a few steps.

“And now”, Elizabeth asked shaking?

“I will have you in the end”, Nik declared.

“What about my grandmother, my mom and dad, Steven, all my friends, Jason and Agent Gibbs”, Elizabeth asked?


Jason walked in with Gibbs behind him.  Emily was headed back to Spoon Island with guards to pack up her belongings.

“You okay”, Jason whispered in her ear?

“Yeah”, Elizabeth said shaking a little.


“Answer the lady”, Gibbs said once he sat down?

“They’ll be eliminated”, Nik stated coldly, as they will not stop looking for you; and I won’t have that”.

“You really are a monster”.  “And you can go to hell”, Elizabeth said.

“Mr. Morgan; will you and Elizabeth join me in the hall for a moment”, Gibbs asked?

Both Jason and Elizabeth followed him out…

“Normally I would not suggest this; but after what I was told about that family, I’m going too”…

“Elizabeth will never be safe as long as that young man s alive.  Jason let me know when your men will be here; I’ll look the other way”, Gibbs said.


“They’ll be here after midnight”, Jason said moments after ending a phone call.

“Good”, Gibbs said.  “Nothing to worry about Lizzie bug”.

“I know”, Elizabeth said.  “We’re going to have to tell Luke as well as Laura about Nik”.

“We’ll all do that”, Gibbs said.

“Thanks Uncle Leroy”, Elizabeth said.


->  midnight:

“Hello Cassadine”, Jason said as Francis gagged Nik.  “You’re going to be my guest for a while”…

Nik tried to fight but failed.  He vowed revenge.  Liz would be punished as well for her insolence and betrayal.



“Where is he”, Luke asked walking in?  Gibbs had played the video for him and Laura.  Laura couldn’t accept that Nik killed Lucky because he was in the way.  She again believed that Elizabeth was responsible; and now she felt that she was responsible for her other son’s downward spiral.

“He’s at a safe house until Jason decides what to do with him”, Sonny said.

“I want to see him”, Luke said.

“Of course”, Jason said.  How’d Laura take the news?

“Not well; she’s blaming Elizabeth again”.  “And as she sees it now; Liz is to blame for what’s happening to her other son”, Luke said.


Safe house:

“I will kill you Morgan”, Nik said when he saw Jason.

“No you won’t”, Jason stated.  “I brought you a visitor”.

“Who”, Nik demanded?

“Me”, Luke said before he punched him.  “So you wanted my son dead”?

“He was in the way of me getting what was mine”, Nik reasoned.

“He was your brother”, Luke yelled!

“So”, Nik replied?

“I hope Morgan kills you slowly and painfully”, Luke said.


2 days later:

“How are you holding up”, Sonny asked his daughter?

“I don’t know how to feel”, Liz said.  “Welcome Mr. Bennett”.

“Thank you”.   “This is Peyton, Rory, and JoDee”, Lane said.

“Nice to meet you”, Elizabeth said.  “Welcome to our home”.


Elizabeth heard the kids and wanted to get them settled…

“If you’ll excuse me for a moment”, Liz said before leaving the room.

“She’s beautiful”, Rory told her brother.

“Yes she is”, Sonny said.  “She is my smart, beautiful, sunny and strong daughter”.

“Have they found those responsible for what happened”, Lane asked?

“All but two”, Sonny said.  “When they do it will all finally be over”.


Sonny and Lane left to allow the girls time to bond.


“So you recently found out that Sonny is your dad”, JoDee asked?

“Yeah; but I already knew him, and we were really close”, Elizabeth said.

“And to have Kate Howard for a mom has to have its perks”, Peyton said.

“I love my mom”, Liz said.

“And a hunky fiancée to boot”, Rory said with a giggle.

“Oh boy”, Elizabeth said with a smile.



“Boss; Abby’s on screen”, Tim said.

“What do you have Abby”, Jethro asked?

“Sarah Webber is not Jeff Webber’s daughter”, Abby said.

“We know Abby”, Tony said.

“But I know who is”, Abby said.

“Who is”, Caitlin asked?


Just then alarms went off…………

“What’s wrong”, Gibbs asked when they got upstairs?

“Sarah Webber escaped”, Robert said.

“How damn it”, Gibbs yelled?  “Find Elizabeth now”!


hours later ->
      unknown location:

“They will pay for this”, Sarah vowed.

“Laura Webber’s in jail; and she failed”.  “Elizabeth will die”.  “And those brats will be too…”


Safe house:

Jason had just spent the better part of the day torturing Nik.  He was still alive; but just barely.


“Wakey Wakey Nik,” Jason said dumping ice water on the other man.

Chapter 43

“That’s what happens to those who hurt Elizabeth”, he told Nik.  “Understand”?

Nik didn’t answer.


“Where could Nik be”, Sarah wondered?  She missed him…

Yes; she was married.  Yes she loved Dylan; but she wasn’t in love with him.  He was her way to rise in social standing.  But Nikolas was better in bed.  Yummy she thought…


It had gotten around town about what Diana had done.  And they were talking amongst themselves …

“Sonny”, Kate said?

“Yeah”, Sonny replied?

“Diana’s a monster”.  “I can’t believe that she planned that”, Kate said.

“I can”, Sonny said.  “That woman is as sane as they come”.  “She wanted to make sure that Sarah got what she wanted and to hell with anyone that got in their way”.


“My god that woman”, Steven said.  “She’s a real piece of work”.

“And that she thought she’d get away with it”, Olivia said.

“Oh yeah”.  “I think she figured that there’d be no one around who could talk”.  “But she didn’t count on Gibbs”, Steven said.

Audrey was furious.  And all she could think was:  thank god they’d left Elizabeth with her and Steve.  If they hadn’t; Elizabeth wouldn’t be here.


Mike wanted Diana dead.  But he knew that if he did; his granddaughter wouldn’t get justice for what was done to her and her parents.

He’d let Sonny and Jason handle it.


“So”, Alexis said.  “How are you handling everything honey”?

“I’m overjoyed at finding my daughter”.  “But I’m shocked to find out that she’s related to Elizabeth”, Mac said.

“Yeah I’m shocked about that as well”, Alexis said.

“And about Diana and Sarah; I can’t believe that Diana’s never been caught”.  “As for Sarah; she’s her mother’s daughter”, Mac said.


“I can’t believe Sarah”, Robin said.  “That she would first go after Liz; then kill Jeff and Sofia”.

“She’s capable”.  “Her mother obviously taught her well”, Patrick said.

“Did you hear about that fact that she wanted the kids dead too”, Robin said?

“Yeah; Sarah is evil”, Patrick commented.


“Robert; where could Sarah be hiding”, Anna asked?

“Anywhere”, Robert said.

“She’ll try to go after Elizabeth again; won’t she”, Anna said?

“I think she will”, Robert replied.


He had heard on the international wire that his wife had been arrested for murder.  He had also heard that she was wanted for several counts of attempted murder.  She was in a lot of trouble.  He would not be able to get her out it.

He knew that she was having an affair.  She’d had several over the years.  Once he found her; he was giving her the divorce papers he’d had drawn up.  He was done.


“Mommy”, Lindsay asked?

“Yes honey”, Karen answered?

“Is Miss Elizabeth safe now”, Lindsay asked her mommy?

“I don’t know honey”, Karen said.  Then she looked at her husband with a look that said: “what do we tell her”?


“What will they do with Diana”, Lucy asked Kevin?

“She’ll be spending a lot of time in prison”.  “Same with Sarah”, Kevin said.

“Hopefully after that Elizabeth will have peace”, Lucy said.


“Jax; how bad is it”, Chloe asked?

“Its bad honey”, Jax said.  “Both Diana and Sarah want Elizabeth dead”.  “And now Laura wants her dead as well”.

“Laura too”, Chloe asked?

“Yeah”, Jax said.


“We need to help Jason protect Elizabeth”, Edward said.

“Yes we do”, Lila replied.

“We’ll make sure Jason knows we’re here”, Monica said.

“I think he knows”, Alan replied.


Next day ->

       General Hospital:

Elizabeth was at GH for a checkup after all that had happened.  Everyone was worried about her; they all loved her very much.

“Piph”, Elizabeth said?

“He Elizabeth”, Piph said.  “Are you here to see Monica”?

“Yeah; she wants to check me out”, Elizabeth said.


Francis spotted Sarah across the room aiming a gun at Elizabeth.  And lucky for him, Marco had texted him that Mac was in the building.  So Francis sent out a 911 to Mac.


Mac quietly sidled up behind Sarah and then nodding at Francis; he knocked the gun out of Sarah’s hand.

“Sarah Webber-McKay, you are under arrest”, Mac said.

“NO”, Sarah shouted as she struggled with Mac.  Then she looked at Elizabeth and said: “why won’t you die”!

“Why do you want me dead so bad”, Elizabeth asked?

“Because you’re in the way of me getting what’s legally mine”, Sarah spat.

“And what’s yours”, Elizabeth asked?

“The Hardy, March and Webber money”, Sarah stated.

“Wow Sarah”.  “You really are a selfish person; and you are in for a very big surprise”.   “As you know from Jeff’s will reading; you don’t get anything”, Elizabeth said.

“And as for the rest; I’ll let grandpa Steve’s and Helene’s lawyers tell you about that”.


“Where are the kids”, AJ asked coming in?

“Asleep”, McKenzie replied?

“Okay”, AJ said.  “Everyone’s worried”.

“Yeah I know”. “This isn’t over”, McKenzie said.

“No it isn’t”, AJ said.

“What happens if they’re not convicted”, McKenzie asked?

“You don’t want to know”, AJ said knowing that if that happened; Jason and Sonny would end them.

“Oh”, McKenzie said getting what he wasn’t saying.


“Roy”, Bobbie said?

“Yeah”, Roy replied?

“I’ve known Laura since before she and Luke married”.  “But I don’t know what’s gotten into her”.  “She knows that Elizabeth isn’t to blame for what happened to Lucky”, Bobbie said.  “Neither is she to blame for what Nik did”.  “Both Laura and Nik were the only ones to blame for their behavior”.

“You know that; and I know that”, Roy said.

“And unfortunately Luke is enabling them both”, Bobbie said.


Laura was furious.  Diana would pay for what she’d done.  And her daughter would pay as well.


And two minutes later Laura saw Agents leading Sarah in.

“Get in there”, Ziva said shoving Sarah into the cell next to Laura’s.  “Have a nice night”, Ziva said before walking away.


“Hello Sarah”, Laura said.  “You can’t do anything right can you”?

“Oh shut up”, Sarah said before Laura grabbed her by the hair.

Laura started pulling he head back against the bars as she said:  “you and your mother will pay for what you did”.

“What did my mother and I do”?  “All I did was try to get rid of that brat”, Sarah said.

“You and your mother killed my son”, Laura scratching Sarah’s face.

“I didn’t do anything to Lucky”, Sarah said.  “Now as for Lucky; that’s another story”.

“What about Nikolas”, Laura said?

“Wouldn’t you like to know”, Sarah said.

“You bitch”, Laura said as she pulled Sarah face first into the bars; breaking her nose.


One of the WBS guards mistakenly moved Laura into a cell with Diana.  And that was what Laura wanted.


And unfortunately for Diana; Laura was a mother who’d lost her child.  And Laura beat the crap out of Diana.  And Georgia was enjoying the show.


“What do you want”, Gibbs asked?

“I want to talk to Elizabeth and Jason”, Laura said.

“That’s up to them”, Gibbs said.


Sonny was on the elevator at the WBS.  Laura had asked to see Jason and Elizabeth.  Sonny was going in their place.


Interrogation Room:

“You have a visitor”, Tony told Laura.

Laura hoped that it was Elizabeth.


“Hello Laura”, Sonny said.

Laura gave him an irritated look.

“Not who you were expecting Laura”, Sonny said.  “After what you’ve done; I don’t want my daughter in the same room with you”.

“Oh Sonny; you’re being over dramatic”, Laura said.

“No Laura, just cautious”.  “You tried to kill my daughter”, Sonny said.

“What about Jason”?  “Is he too much of a coward to face the mother of the son whose girlfriend he stole”, Laura accused?

“No; it’s just that he knew that if he came to see you, he would kill you”, Sonny said.

“I wanted to talk to her and Jason”, Laura said.

“Why; you wanted her dead; and I have a feeling that you tried to have Jason killed as well”.  “You are blaming them for something that they had no control over”, Sonny said.

“Being dramatic again”, Laura said.

“And then after finding out what your Nikolas did; you blame her again”.  “Elizabeth didn’t make Nik do what he did.  Nik chose to do what he did all on his own”, Sonny said.

“Well she did refuse his advances”, Laura said with a smile.

“She didn’t have feelings like that for Nik and you know that Laura”, Sonny said.  “Talk to me; and I’ll take the message to Jason and Elizabeth”.

“Well Sonny; your whore of a daughter could have given him a chance”, Laura sneered.

Sonny grabbed Laura by the throat as Luke walked in and said: “you call my daughter a whore again and I’ll snap your neck”!

“Sonny”, Luke shouted!

“No Luke”.  “You need to get her in line; or I will”, Sonny said.

Laura looked at Sonny; and was about to say something when Sonny said: “I mean it Laura”.  “I won’t hesitate”.



Diana and Georgia were throwing barbs at each other.

“Well Sarah isn’t Jeff’s daughter; and he’s fallen for it all these years”.  She didn’t realize what she’d said until it was too late…

“Sarah”, Diana said.  “Let me explain”.

But Sarah ignored her.


“What do you want”, Gibbs demanded?

“I would like to see Steven”, Sarah said.

“We’ll see if he wants to see you”, Gibbs said.


“What do you want Sarah”?  “I don’t have anything to say to you”.  “I want to see you fry”, Steven said entering the room.

“Yeah”, Sarah said.  “Is it true”?

“Is what true”, Steven said?

“That I’m not our father’s daughter”, Sarah asked?

“I wouldn’t know and I don’t care”, Steven said.

“Oh you just have a huge heart”, Sarah sneered.

“Kiss my ass”, Steven said.  “Goodbye Sarah”.


Unknown location:

“Damn it”, Darnell said.  “Are they all idiots”?  “They must be”.

“We’re all going to end up dead or in prison”, he said out loud.

“Ramirez is going to have to die; he knows too much”.

“And now NCIS is involved; it just doesn’t end”.


Damn it, Scully said.  No one knows how to do anything.  We’re going to have to silence a few people.



TX rangers had gotten a tip that Joe Scully Jr. was inside that motel room.

Let’s go get him, a ranger said.


10 minutes later rangers exited with Scully Jr. in handcuffs.


next day:

“What do you want now Laura”, Gibbs demanded?

“I want to see Elizabeth and Jason damn it”, Laura said.

“Well we don’t always get what we want”, Gibbs said.

“What does that mean”, Laura asked?

“Elizabeth has declined to see you”, Gibbs said.

“Then I want to see my son Nik”, Laura demanded.

“Not possible”, Gibbs said.

“Why not”, Laura questioned?


Gibbs then walked around the table and whispered in her ear:  “Jason is dealing with Nik”.  “Maybe you’ll be next”.


Interrogation room 2:

“Hello Sarah”, Sonny said as he and Kate entered the room.


“What; nothing to say”, Kate asked?


“Well; then you can listen”, Sonny said.

“I’m going to make sure that you pay for trying to kill my daughter”, Kate said.

Sonny leaned down and whispered in her ear:  “You will pay for every attempt on my daughter’s life”.  “I am going to make sure that you go to prison; then once there, I am going to make your life a living hell”.



Fairbanks, Alaska:

Darnell thought that he was safe; but he was wrong.


“Mr. Darnell Watson aka Deke Mattinson; you are under arrest”, a Federal agent said.

He hadn’t been Deke in years.  After Adela he’d disappeared and started over.

“Where are we going”, Deke asked as he was led back into the terminal?

“We are on the next flight out”, the agent said.

“Flight to where”, Deke asked?

Chapter 44

“Port Charles, New York”; the agent said.

“What’s in New York”, he asked playing dumb?

“You facing your victims”, the agent said.

“Who would that be”, Deke asked again playing dumb?

“Michael Corbin Jr., Connie Falconeri, and their daughter Elizabeth Webber”, the agent said.

“Oh hell”, Deke thought.



“Boss”, Tony said?

“What”, Gibbs said?

“Agents just picked up Deke”, Tony said.

“I’ll be damned”, Gibbs said.  “Where was he”?

“Fairbanks, Alaska”, Tony said.  “They’re bringing him back”.



“Sonny”, Gibbs said as Max let them in?

“Gibbs; Robert”, Sonny said as Kate walked into the room.

“We have news”, Gibbs said as he and Robert sat down.

“Okay, shoot”, Sonny said.

“We have Deke”, Jethro said.

“And with those words”, Kate cried.

“Thanks”, Sonny said.



Taggart walked in and sat down.  “Hello Joey”, Marcus said.

“Who are you”, Joe Jr. asked?

“I’m here to ask you some questions”, Taggart said.

“Like what”, Joe asked?

“Where is your father”, Taggart asked?

“Why do you want to know”, Joe asked?

“Just answer the question Joey”, Taggart said.

“I don’t know”, Joey said.

“Why don’t I believe you”, Taggart asked?

“I don’t know where he is”, Joey said again.

“If you don’t co-operate then I guess you’ll be charged as an accomplice”, Taggart said.

“I already told you that I don’t know where my father is”, Joey said.

“Too bad”, Taggart said before getting to his feet and walking out.


“What do you think”, Taggart asked?

“That he knows where his father is; but has no plans to rat him out”, Gibbs said.



Joe Scully was on the run.  He had no intention of being caught.  He’d heard about Joe Jr. and Deke being arrested.


As he was about to walk out into the hot Miami sun…

“Jose Ramirez aka Joe Scully; you are under arrest”, Agents said.

“Damn it”, Joe said as he was being placed in handcuffs.




“Gibbs”, Ziva said?

“Yeah”, Jethro asked?

“Scully’s been arrested in Miami”.  “He’s on his way here”, Ziva said.

“I’ll be damned”, Gibbs said.


“Agent Gibbs”, Jason said from the doorway?

“Jason”, Gibbs said.  “Is something wrong with Elizabeth”?

“No”.  “I’d like to talk to Sarah”, Jason said.

“Okay”, Gibbs said.  “McGee please go and get Sarah”.

“Right away boss”, McGee said.


“Hello Sarah”, Jason said.

“What do you want”, Sarah demanded?

“Answers”, Jason said.

“To what”, Sarah asked?

“Some questions that I have”, Jason said.

“Why should I”, Sarah asked?

“That’s entirely up to you”, Jason answered.


“Fine”, Sarah said.


“When did you start planning to kill Elizabeth”, Jason asked?

“Since my grandfather Everett Holden died”, Sarah answered.


“Holy shit”, Gibbs said from observation.


“Why”, Jason asked?

“Because my grandfather Everett Holden; left Elizabeth, Steven and I money”, Sarah said.

“But why only Elizabeth; why not Steven as well”, Jason asked?

“Because my grandfather left Elizabeth all but 20 million dollars of his estate; 10 million each went to Steven and I”, Sarah stated.

“That still doesn’t answer my question”, Jason said.

“I wanted what he left to Lizzie; I deserve it”.  “Steven can keep his 10 million”.  “I want what Elizabeth gets next year”, Sarah said.

“Why doesn’t anyone else know about this”, Jason demanded?

“My mother’s parents are divorced”.  “When my grandfather died; I made sure that no one else knew about the will”, Sarah said.   “And no one will stop me from getting that money”.

“I’m afraid not Sarah”, Jason said.  “I’m only one of many who are going to make sure you never hurt Elizabeth again”.

“How are you going to accomplish that Jason”, Sarah demanded?

“He walked around the table and whispered: because; I’ve emptied out all your accounts”.  “And I’ve hacked into you cell phone records”.  “All the men you’ve hired are dead”.  “As you will be soon”, Jason said.

When he finished; Sarah started to shake.

“Goodbye Sarah”, Jason said then walked out the door.


“What do you think he said”, Ziva asked?

“I don’t want to know”, Gibbs answered.  “None of us will”.

“Oh”, Ziva replied understanding.


“I need you to find me everything you can on an Everett Holden”, Jason told Spinelli.  “Also find his attorney and bring him here”.


“I found the attorney Jason”, Spinelli said.  “Men are bringing him here”.  “Also Sarah was having him watched; the man has been taken care of”.

“Good”, Jason replied.


“Deke’s here”, Tony told Gibbs.

“Good; call Corinthos”.  “He has a right to watch”, Gibbs said.


“Hello Mr. Mattinson”, Gibbs said.

“Who the hell are you”, Deke demanded?

“I’m your worst nightmare”, Gibbs said.

“What do you want”, Deke demanded?

“To ask you a few questions”, Gibbs said.

“About what”, Deke questioned?

“Michael Corbin Jr”, Gibbs said.

“What about that little bastard”, Deke asked?

“I want to know why you helped take his daughter from him”, Gibbs asked?

“Because Michael isn’t and wasn’t worth it”.  “And I wanted to punish him for his mouth”, Deke said.

“What did his daughter ever do to you”, Gibbs demanded?

“Nothing, all she was; was a means to an end”, Deke said.

“So; Diana was supposed to take her, and that was that”, Gibbs questioned?

Deke knew that he would not be getting out of this.  But he had decided on the flight here that he was going to take Joe, Joe Jr., Diana, Georgia and one other person with him.


“No; that wasn’t what we planned”, Deke said.

“We”, Gibbs asked?

“I wasn’t in this alone”, Deke said.

“Tell me”, Gibbs demanded.


“Who could he be talking about other than Joe and Diana”, Kate asked?

“I don’t know”.  “But it looks like we’re about to find out”, Sonny said.


“My partners were: Joe Scully, Diana Webber, Joe Scully Jr, Georgia Hansen, and Anthony Falconeri”, Deke said.

“Oh my god”, Kate cried.  “Why”?

“I’m not sure”, Sonny said holding her.


“What were Mr. Falconeri’s motives”, Gibbs asked?

“He despised his daughter”, Deke said.

“Why”, Gibbs asked?

“Because she was a girl”.  “He only wanted a son”, Deke said.

“What about Georgia”, Gibbs asked?

“She hated Adela and the fact that Sonny was Adela’s; and not hers”, Deke said.

“What about Joe”, Gibbs asked?

“Joe wanted Sonny under his thumb and Connie in his bed”, Deke said.


This guy was a real piece of work, Gibbs thought.


“And what about Diana”, Gibbs asked?

“I knew all of her dirty deeds”.  “I had enough on her to force her to help me”, Deke said.

“Like what”, Gibbs asked?

“Murders”.  “And that her daughter Sarah isn’t Jeff Webber’s”, Deke said.

“Whose is she”, Gibbs asked?

“She’s my daughter”, Deke said.

“What was she supposed to do with Elizabeth”, Gibbs asked?

“Kill her; we didn’t care how, but she was supposed to be dead”, Deke said.


“Oh my god”, Kate whispered.

“We’ll nail him”, Sonny said softly.


“Did you murder Adela Corbin”, Gibbs asked?

“What if I did”?  “It’s not more than she deserved”, Deke said.  “The woman was a whore”.


“I’ll kill him”, Sonny whispered.

“Not right now you won’t”, Kate said.


“Why do you say that”, Gibbs asked?

“Because the whore couldn’t keep her legs closed”.  “She had someone else’s bastard”, Deke said.

“How do you know”, Gibbs inquired?

“Because I was having her watched”, Deke said.

“Why not just divorce her”, Gibbs asked?

“I would not have allowed her to leave”, Deke said.  “But Adela never learned”.

“What do you mean”, Gibbs asked?

“I wanted her long before she married Mike”.  “She always had a wandering eye”, Deke said.


Just then Ziva enters with a printout.


“Where are Adela Corinthos’ remains”, Gibbs asked knowing that Sonny was listening?


“What the hell”, Sonny muttered?

“I don’t know Sonny”, Kate said.


“Where no one will find her”, Deke said.

“She’s not dead is she”, Gibbs asked?

“No”, Deke said.  “She’s mine”!


Gibbs stood up and walked out.  “Wait”, he told Sonny and Kate as they followed.


“Todd; dig up everything you can on Deke”.  “Including everywhere he has been since he was born”, Gibbs ordered.


“What the hell was that”, Sonny demanded?

“Your father gave us his permission to exhume your mother’s grave”.  “He came to me with some suspicions”.  “The body in your mother’s grave is not her”, Gibbs said.

“Oh god”, Sonny said.  “What about all the blood they found”?

“It wasn’t hers”, Gibbs said.

“You think she’s alive”, Kate asked?

“I do; now to find her”, Gibbs said.  “I want to talk to Taggart”.

“Okay”, Sonny said.

“Sonny; there’s more”, Gibbs said.

“What”, Sonny asked?

“We found hospital records stating that your mother had a child before you were born”, Gibbs said.

“What”, Sonny said.

“The records state that your mom was single at the time”, Gibbs said.

“Where is he or she”, Sonny asked?

“We’re not sure where he is”.  “I’m going to try and get that out of Deke next”, Gibbs said.


“Deke did you know about Adela’s fist child”, Gibbs asked?

“Yes I did”.  “I got rid of him”, Deke said.

“What do you mean”, Gibbs asked?

“I sold him”, Deke said.

“To whom”, Gibbs demanded?

“To a couple who wanted him”, Deke said.

“Why”, Gibbs asked?

“Because Adela wasn’t supposed to have anyone’s children but mine”, Deke stated.

“What about Sonny and the triplets”, Gibbs asked?

“I tried to get rid of Sonny; but he just wouldn’t die”, Deke said.  “As for the other 3; I couldn’t deal with them”.

“Why not”, Gibbs asked?

“Because of whom their great great grandfather was”, Deke said.

“And who would that be”, Gibbs asked?

“Admiral John S. McCain Sr.”, Deke said.


Gibbs thought: “holy shit”!  Everyone in the military knew who Admiral McCain was.


“Where is Adela’s first born”, Gibbs asked?

“Fine”.  “He’s in London”, Deke said.

“What’s his name”, Gibbs asked?

“Dylan Wakefield”, Deke said.


“Is Anthony Falconeri alive”, Gibbs asked?

“Yes”, Deke said.

“Where is he”, Gibbs asked?

“Right this minute I don’t know”.  “But for the last 20 years; he’s been living in Australia”, Deke said.

“Take him to his cell”, Gibbs told the guard.


“Who is Admiral John McCain”, Kate asked?

“A very important man in our US Naval history”, Gibbs said.

“I can’t believe my father has been alive this whole time; and was involved in all of this”, Kate said.

“We’ll find him Mz. Howard”, Gibbs said.


“Now; do you want to see Joe”, Gibbs asked?

“Yes”, Sonny and Kate said.


Sonny and Kate waited in the room while Gibbs brought Joe in.


“What is this about”, Joe demanded as he was brought in?

“I have someone who wants to see you”, Gibbs said.

“Who would that be”, Joe asked?

“That would be me”, Sonny said as he and Kate came into view.


“What Joe”?  “Got nothing to say”, Kate asked?

“What do you want”, Joe spat?

“Answers”.  “And to see you in prison for life”, Sonny said.

“Ain’t going to happen Corinthos”, Joe sneered.

“Yes it will”.  “And if it doesn’t; well then I’ll make it happen”, Sonny said.

“Why”, Kate demanded?

“Because you’re mine”.  “And you needed to be punished for having a kid with him”, Joe stated.

“I was never yours”, Kate said then walked out.



“Mac”, Gibbs said?

“Hey Gunny; what do you need”, Mac asked?

“I need to put out an APB on Anthony Falconeri”, Gibbs said.

“I thought he was dead”, Mac said.

“Nope”.  “He faked his death and is in this up to his neck”, Gibbs said.

“Oh brother”, Mac said as they walked to issue the APB.



“Mr. Holmes; how does the defendant plead”, the judge asked?

“Not guilt your honor”, Laura stated.

“Very well”, the judge said.  “We will start tomorrow at 9 am”.


The prosecution witness would be: Sonny C, Kate H, Jason Morgan, Mac, Gibbs, Bobbie and Elizabeth.

Witnesses for the Defense would be: Laura and Luke.


Chapter 45

the next morning:

The courtroom started to fill up as people wanted to see what would happen to Laura.


Courtroom four:

“All Rise!! The Court of Port Charles; Seventeenth Judicial Circuit is now in session”.  “The Honorable Judge Wilkinson is presiding.”

“Please be seated”, the clerk said.

“Good morning, ladies and gentlemen”. “We are hearing the case of the People of the State of New York versus Laura Spencer”. “Are both sides ready”, Judge Wilkinson asked?

“Will the jury please stand and raise your right hand? Do each of you swear that you will fairly try the case before this court, and that you will return a true verdict according to the evidence and the instructions of the court, so help you, God? Please say “I do””.


(the jury replied; “I do”)

“You may be seated”, the clerk said.


“Your Honor and ladies and gentlemen of the jury:  We are here today because Laura Spencer shoes revenge and killing people after her son’s death instead of moving on with life.  The defendant; Laura Spencer plotted, planned and executed her plans along with Sarah Webber to Kill Elizabeth Hardy.  And the defendant’s reason for killing Miss Hardy was that she blames Elizabeth for her son’s death.  This is not true.  While Lucky Spencer was being attacked; Elizabeth Hardy was being sexually assaulted and beaten at the other end of the park”.

“The evidence that the people will be presenting here will prove that Laura Spencer planned and bided her time until she could get revenge on Miss Hardy”, US Special Prosecutor Rachel Owens said.


“The evidence that the prosecution has is all speculation.  They don’t know what was going through Mrs. Spencer’s mind at the time.  And furthermore; half of the prosecution’s witnesses work for the mob”, Mr. Holmes said.

“Objection your honor”, Owens said.

“Mr. Holmes; watch what you say or I will throw you in jail for contempt of court”, the judge said.


“I apologize your honor”, Holmes said… He should have known better than to listen to his loon of a client and her loonier husband.

“Proceed”, the judge said.

“That’s all”, Mr. Holmes said.


“Mz. Owens; please call your first witness”, the judge said.

“The state calls Sonny Corinthos to the stand”, Rachel said.

“Please stand. Raise your right hand. Do you promise that the testimony you shall give in the case before this court shall be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God”, the clerk asked?

“I do”, Sonny said.

“Please spell your last name for the record”, the clerk asked?

“C-o-r-i-n-t-h-o-s”, Sonny spelled.

“Please be seated”, the clerk said.

“Mr. Corinthos, how do you know the defendant”, Rachel asked?

“Her husband and I were business partners and friends”, Sonny said.

“Were”, Rachel asked?

“We had a falling out a few years ago”.  “And then they left town”, Sonny said.

“What was the falling out about”, Rachel asked?

“About Laura blaming Elizabeth Hardy for her son Lucky’s death”, Sonny said.

“Why did she blame Miss Hardy for the death”, Rachel asked?

“Because Elizabeth; was friends with Lucky”.  “They were together the night Lucky died”, Sonny stated.

“I’ve read the file; Lucky was at the other end of the park, so why would Miss Hardy be responsible”, Rachel asked?

“You’d have to ask Mrs. Spencer that”.  “When Lucky was killed; Elizabeth was being attacked at the other end of the park”, Sonny said.

“And how do you know Elizabeth Hardy”, Rachel asked?

“I met her when her grandfather Steve Hardy; brought her with him to the coffee shop I own”.  “Then we became friends after she befriended one of my employees, Jason Morgan”, Sonny explained.  “She is also my daughter”.

“Do you know where Laura and her family went after they left town”, Rachel asked?

“No; but I do know that Luke came back to Port Charles looking for Laura”, Sonny said.

“He came looking for his wife; a wife whose whereabouts he didn’t know”, Rachel asked?

“Yes; that’s right”, Sonny said.  He didn’t care that he had thrown Luke under the bus.  He should have gotten control of his crazy wife.


“What was the reason that Laura would hate Elizabeth enough to blame her for her son’s death”, Rachel asked?

“I can’t tell you that”, Sonny said.  “I have the same question”.

“Mr. Corinthos; I have some phone conversations that I would like you to listen to and tell me if you recognize the voices”, Rachel said.  “Your honor; we would like to submit these conversations into the record as evidence”.

“Granted”, the judge said.  “Proceed”


“Here is the first conversation”, Rachel said pressing play…

“Is she dead”?

“She will be”.  “The men I hired messed up, but that will be rectified soon”.

“Good, Elizabeth Webber is the reason that my family is in shambles”!

“We’ll both get what we want out of this arrangement”.

“You get to see Elizabeth Webber dead, and I get what is mine”.

“Did you know that she is involved with Jason Morgan”?

“No, but she is nothing but a slut and a whore”.

“Just make sure that you do what you promised and make sure she’s dead”, and the line went dead.

“Do you recognize the speakers”, Rachel asked?

“I recognize one of the voices”, Sonny said.

“Who is it”, Rachel asked?

“Laura Spencer”, Sonny answered.


“Here is the second conversation”, Rachel said again pressing play…

“Is Elizabeth Webber dead yet”?

“No, security has been too tight”.  “They’re waiting for a break in security”.

“She’d better be dead soon, OR YOU’RE NEXT”!!!

“Do you recognize anyone”, Rachel asked again?

“Yes; the one voice is Laura Spencer”, Sonny answered.  What he was hearing was making him livid that Luke had come to him asking for his help after what Laura had tried to do.


“Here is the third conversation”, Rachel said pressing play…


“Is she dead”?


“You’re getting very close to the end of my patience”.

“She’s too heavily guarded”.  “And law enforcement knows that someone wants her dead”.  “But we have one last option to play”.

“It had better work, or your life ends”!

Again Rachel asked: “Do you recognize the voices”?

“Yes; but only Laura Spencer’s”, Sonny said.


“Here is conversation four”, Rachel said pressing play…


“Is she dead”?

“No, but by tomorrow she will be”.

“You’d best not mess this up”.  “I will no longer have patience for your failures”.

“It will be done by tomorrow”.

“Is that Laura Spencer”, Rachel asked?

“Yes it is”, Sonny said.


Here is conversation five, Rachel said pressing play…

“What may I do for you”, he asked?

“I have a job for you”.

“What do you need”, he asked?

“I want this man dead”, the person said handing him a photo.

“When”, he asked?


“May I ask why”, he questioned?

“Because he’s as responsible as Ms. Webber for my son being dead”.

“It’ll be done”, he responded.

“Again Rachel asked: is that Laura Spencer?

“Yes it was”, Sonny said getting sick to his stomach at what Laura had tried to do.


Here is conversation six, Rachel said before pressing play…

“Hello”, she said answering the cell phone?

“You imbecile”!  “Why is she still alive; and why do you continue to fail”?  “Your time is up”!

“But”.... she tried?

“No buts”.  “You failed; and that was your last chance”!

“That was Laura Spencer”, Sonny stated.


“Nothing further”, Rachel said.


“Mr. Corinthos; you say that Mr. Spencer was your partner and friend”.  “Then why are you here today testifying against his wife”, Holmes asked?

“That is because I do not condone what she tried”.  “But also because her victim; Elizabeth Hardy is my daughter”, Sonny said.

“When did you find out that Miss Hardy was your daughter”?  “Was it before or after Mrs. Spencers’ young son’s death”, Holmes asked?

“We; her mother and I, found out a few months ago”, Sonny answered.

“How happy for you”, Holmes said.

“Objection your honor”, Rachel yelled.

“Sustained”, the judge said.  “Mr. Holmes watch your attitude, or will hold you in contempt”.

“Nothing further your honor”, Holmes said.

“We will break for lunch; we will reconvene in one hour”, the judge said before rising.

“All rise”, the bailiff said.


“You didn’t tell me that it was known that Ms. Hardy was Mr. Corinthos’ daughter”, Holmes said to his client in the room they were in at the courthouse.

“It was not important; and it still isn’t”, Laura said.  “What is important is that you get me found not guilty”!

“It was important”.  “You wanted Mob boss Sonny Corinthos’ daughter dead”, Holmes said as Luke entered the room.  “You are not supposed to be in here”.  “You haven’t testified yet; get out”!

“No; I need to talk to my wife”, Luke said smugly.

“If you don’t leave this instance I will go and get an officer; and you will be arrested for tampering with a witness”, Holmes stated.

“Go ahead”, Luke spouted.  “I’m not afraid”.

“So be it”, Homes said leaving the room…

“Officer; we have a problem”, Holmes said to the man.

“What kind of problem”, the officer said?

“My client’s husband; who is set to testify and is not supposed to see his wife until after that time, just entered the room that my client and I are meeting in”.  “And he will not leave”, Holmes stated.

“I will take care of it”, the officer said following Holmes…

“Mr. Spencer; you are under arrest for tampering with a witness”.  “The judge will not be pleased”, the officer said leading him out the door in cuffs.

“Thank you officer”, Holmes said following them out while closing the door.  “Can you wait one minute officer”?

“Yes”, the officer said.

“Mr. Spencer; did you know that your wife knew about Miss Hardy being Mr. Corinthos’ daughter long before returning to Port Charles”, Holmes asked? As Holmes was about to answer that remark; his assistant walked up to him …“Yes”, Holmes said?

“This just came for you sir”, Wendy said.

“Thank you”, Holmes said as she left.

“What is it”, Luke demanded?

“You say that your wife didn’t know about Ms. Webber and Mr. Corinthos”.  “Well; I have information here that says she did”, Holmes said.  “This information say that she did and that she has known since before your son was killed”.

“Mz. Owens; there is a delivery here for you”, a runner from the Special Prosecutor’s office said.

“Thank you”, she said taking the envelope.  Closing the door to the office she opened it… “I’ll be damned”.



“All rise; court is now in session”, the bailiff said.

“Before we resume Mz. Owens; there are some things that need to be taken care of”, the judge said.  “It was brought to my attention during the lunch hour Mr. Holmes that Mr. Spencer was in to see his wife”.  

“Yes your honor; and I notified the officer out in the hall”, Homes stated.  He would not be going down with the Spencers.

“Yes; I was notified that Mr. Spencer has been arrested for tampering with a witness and is being held”.  “Now Mrs. Spencer; this is to inform you that your husband will still be testifying, but after that he will be remanded to the Port Charles Police force and will be facing charges”, the judge said.  “Mz. Owens you may continue”.


“The prosecution calls Kate Howard to the stand”, Rachel said.

Kate is escorted to the stand by the bailiff…

“Please stand”. “Raise your right hand. Do you promise that the testimony you shall give in the case before this court shall be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God”, the clerk asked?

“I do”, Kate responded.

“Please state your first and last name”, the clerk asked?

“Kate Howard”, she said.

“Please be seated”, the clerk said.


“Mz Howard; now I know that it is public knowledge that you were born Connie Falconeri”, Rachel said.


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