Chapter 38- 41

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Chapter 38- 41

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Chapter 38

“That is where myself and these other fine agencies come in”, Fornell said.

“How”, Kate asked?

“We had names; but no one could ID them on sight or by photo”, Fornell said.

“But they’re supposed to be dead”. “I was the one who killed Joe when he came after me”, Sonny said.

“We know”. “That was part of Scully’s plan we think”. “He knew that he was wanted”. “Death was his way out”, Tobias said.


“Det. Taggart told Sonny that Deke was killed in the line of duty”, Kate said.

“Deke planned that too”, Tobias said. “He had help”. “So did Scully; we just don’t know who”.

“Where are they”, Sonny asked concerned for his family?

“We don’t know”, Fornell answered finally.


“But why do this”, Kate asked? “For what reason”?

“Was there any reason for Scully to hate the two of you”, Fornell asked?

“Me yes”, Sonny said. “I refused to work for him… that was until I lost our daughter and Kate”.

“And after those two events you went to work for him”, Fornell stated?

“Yes; I felt like I didn’t have anything left”, Sonny said sadly. “It was a very big mistake on my part”.

“What about you Kate”, Tobias asked?

“I wouldn’t return his affections”. “He wanted me for his girlfriend; I refused”, Kate explained.

“That’s motive right there”, McGee said.

“That bastard”, Sonny said!

“We’ll get him”, Gibbs said.


“Now onto Deke”, Fornell said. “Kate had you ever met the man”?

“No”, Kate answered.

“Sonny; he was married to your mother correct”, Fornell asked?

“He was abusive and cruel”, Sonny said. “Why though”?

“That only he can answer”, Fornell said.


“What does CID have Rabb”, Gibbs asked?

“30 years ago two men; men fitting Scully and Deke’s descriptions, walked out of the US Embassy at 2 Avenue Gabriel (fr), on the northwest corner of the Place de la Concorde, in the 8th arrondissement; in Paris,” Mackenzie said.

“With what”, Ziva asked?

“The wife of then US Ambassador Rory McMillan”, Rabb said.

“So kidnapping”, Tony asked?

“Yes”, Mackenzie replied.

“Did they ever find McMillan’s wife”, Cait asked?

“No”, Rabb answered. “Our only clue led to men selling girls”.

“What else”, Gibbs asked?

“Terrorism on a grand scale”. “Several bases were targeted”, Mackenzie answered.

“There is also an incident in Israel we think points to them”, Rabb said.

“Ben Zonah”; “Harah”, Ziva muttered loudly.


“Next”, Gibbs said.

“We’re up”, McCallister said.

“Deke was a young military officer who was dishonorably discharged”, Donovan said.

“Holy horse”, Ziva said.

“Ziva; it’s holy cow”, Tony stated blandly while rolling his eyes.


“Go on”, Gibbs said while slapping Tony on the back of the head.

“Well; while serving, Deke had access to the Pentagon”, McCallister said. “He had access to military secrets”.

“He didn’t”, Cait replied?

“We think he did”, Donovan said. “And we want him”.


Everyone let’s call it a night and start again in the morning, Gibbs said.

Everyone agreed.


home of Jeff and Sofia Webber ->
2 am:

As she watched them sleep she vowed that she would make them pay. Tonight was a trial run to see if she could get in undetected; and she had. She didn’t care about the brats other than to make sure they wouldn’t get in her way.



“Good morning everyone”. “Let’s get back at it”, Gibbs said.

“We’re next”, Agent Aeryn Hilton said.

“Go ahead”, Jethro said.

“Joe Scully is wanted by the DEA for drugs”. “We have proof that he’s been moving drugs into the country for decades”, Agent Cade said.

“As for Deke; since his dishonorable discharge, he’s made quite the name for himself”. “He’s one of the biggest dealers in the country”, Hilton said.


“Who’s next”, Gibbs asked?

“We are”, Monroe said as Robert and Anna entered.

“What do you have”, Jethro asked?

“Well; we don’t have anything on Joe Scully”. “But we do on Deke”, Monroe said.

“Okay”, Gibbs answered.

“This is where we come in Gibbs”, Anna said as she and Robert took over.

“How”, Gibbs asked?

“We had several run-ins with Deke”, Anna said.

“So you knew what he looked like”, Tony asked getting pissed?

“No”. “All we ever had was a name”, Robert said.

“What was your connection”, Gibbs asked?

“Antonio Falconeri and Helena Cassadine”, Anna said.


“Ah holy Hannah”, Ziva said. Even the Israelis knew about Helena.

Tony let Ziva’s saying slide. He felt the same way.


“Gibbs”, Robert said?

“Yeah”, Jethro said?

“If Helena’s involved; we’re really in for it”, Robert said.

“Don’t we know it”, Gibbs said.


And Robert would have been right. Helena being involved would have meant massive trouble. And in a way she had been involved. But what no one, including Nik knew was that his grandmother had vanished.


Unknown location via phone call ->

“How is our guest”, the man asked?

“Complaining; throwing threats, like usual”.

“Good”. “Make sure it stays that way”, he said. “I will not have my plan ruined”.


“He will pay for keeping me here”. “My grandson will find me”. “He’s responsible for this”. “He set this all in motion; I just don’t know why”. “I will kill him”.


WSB Interrogation Room:

“I was told that you wanted to see me”, Gibbs said entering the room.

“Yes; I want out of here”, Diana said.

“The only way that’s going to happen is when you tell me where your daughter is”, Gibbs said; “or when you are tried for your crimes”.

“You can’t try me for what happened to that brat; the statute of Limitations is long past”, Diana spat.

“Wrong Diana; or should I say Amanda”, Gibbs said seeing her flinch at the name….. “You’re going away for a long time; you’ll leave here in irons”.

“Prove it you axxxxxx”, Diana yelled!

“I plan to”. “And just so you know; there are a lot of other law enforcement agencies that want a piece of you as well”, Gibbs said before exiting the room.



Mr. McKay was calling anyone and everyone he could think of to try and locate his wife. She had told him that all of her family was dead. He didn’t know who else to call; or where she had gone. None of this made any sense; why would she just disappear?

She’d been gone for a week; now it was time to call the authorities and start really looking into this.



“Daddy where’s mom”, Lulu asked her father? “Why did she leave”?

“I don’t know darling; I just don’t know”, Luke said.


All Luke could do now was hope that Laura came home; without having done something wrong that he or anyone else in the family couldn’t fix.


Madison Estate:

“How are you”, Ned asked?

“I’m okay”. “How’s LA”, Elizabeth asked Ned?

“It’s good”. “Brooklynn is growing so fast”, Ned said with a smile.

“She’ll be a teen before you know it”, Liz said.

“Don’t remind me”, Ned said. “The trouble that you and Emily used to get into was horrible”. “How’s Jason”?

“He’s Healing”. “He’s still scared that he’s going to lose me”, Elizabeth admitted.

“Well you just take care of him; and be careful and listen to the guards assigned to you”. “I‘ve got to go; love you”, Ned said.

“Love you too; bye”, Elizabeth said before closing her phone.


Warehouse ->

“Roy”, Sonny said as Roy entered the office.

“I have some info that you need to know”, Roy said.

“What”, Sonny said eyeing Jason?

“Laura’s AWOL”, Roy stated.

“What do you mean”, Jason asked?

“Luke called me four days ago; asking if I had heard from or had seen Laura”, Roy said.

“Shxx”, Sonny said! “Thanks man”.

“No problem”. “Thought you should know about that; considering how she feels about Elizabeth right now”, Roy said before leaving.


“Do you think”, Sonny asked Jason hoping that they were both wrong?

“Laura blames Elizabeth for what happened to Lucky”. “She could have had a break with reality; and that being the case she could see going after Elizabeth as the only way to get revenge for what happened to him”, Jason said. “I want to be wrong, but I don’t think I am”.

“I don’t think you’re wrong either”. “But we also need to take into account that Sarah wants Elizabeth dead; could they be working together on this”, Sonny questioned?

“Anything is possible”. “We need to find Laura and Sarah before they are able to finish this and Elizabeth ends up dead”, Jason said flinching.



“When was the body found”, Nik asked the police?

“Last night, the officer in charge told the Cassadine prince”. “Do you know who she is”?

“Her name is Felicia Jones”. “She used to live in Port Charles, New York until she left town”. “That was almost 5 years ago”, Nik stated.

“We’ll know more after the autopsy”, the Officer said. “I will need to notify her family”.

“I can do that; I am returning to Port Charles”, Nik said. “Can you get me the report as soon as possible”? “Her ex-husband is the Police Commissioner there”.

“Of course”, the officer said.

The coroner had worked through the night to finish the autopsy. His findings were that she had been held for quite some time; and that she had been tortured, killed and left to be found.


“Here you are Mr. Cassadine”, the officer said handing him the file.

“Thank you”, Nik said before leaving for the airport. This would not be easy for him to do.


Port Charles:
Commissioner’s office ->

“Mac”, Nik said standing at the door?

“Come in Nik”. “What can I do for you”, Mac asked?

“I have bad news”, Nik said before handing him the file the Greek authorities had given him.


“How”, Mac asked after reading the file?

“I don’t know; but what happened has the signs of my grandmother”. “I just don’t know why”, Nik stated. “I’m sorry”.

“You are not to blame for what your grandmother does”, Mac said. “Thanks for bringing this and telling me”.

“You’re welcome”. “Also I have something else I need to tell you”, Nik said.

“Go ahead”, Mac said.

“My mother is missing”. “Luke can’t locate her”. “I don’t want to go down this road of thinking but; she is angry and blames Liz for what happened to Lucky”, Nik said. “We need to be watchful”.

“Okay”, Mac said.



“Who’s next”, Gibbs asked?

“We are”, Stabler said.

“Go”, Jethro stated.

“We want Joe Scully for murder and prostitution”, Benson said.

“How many”, Tony asked?

“Murders”, Stabler questioned? “About 10”.


“Deke”, Gibbs asked?

“That’s a whole new ballgame”. “One that I think Detective Taggart needs to be here for”, Benson said.


“Why am I here”, Marcus Taggart demanded?

“You’re here because we think that there are some truths you need to learn about your mentor”, Fornell said.

“What truths”? “Fake truths that you concocted to smear Deke’s name”, Taggart sneered?

“No; proven evidence”, Fornell said. “So sit down and shut up”!

“Fine”, Taggart shouted before sitting down!


“Boy, is he in for a rude awakening about Deke”, Cait whispered to Tony.

“Definitely”, Tony whispered in reply.


And with that; everyone who had already shown their evidence, proceeded to show it all to Taggart. Once Taggart had seen it all; all he could do was sit there speechless. How could he disprove evidence that was iron-clad? And these satellite photos didn’t lie. Deke had fooled everyone, including him.


“Go ahead Stabler”, Gibbs said.

“Okay; well as we said earlier, what we have on Deke is a whole new ballgame”, Benson said.

“How so”, Cait asked eyeing Taggart?

“Well; before leaving New York we had a very interesting conversation with Internal Affairs”, Stabler said.

“He was being investigated”, McGee asked eyeing Taggart himself?

“Yes; but it was being kept quiet as he wasn’t the only one being investigated”, Benson said.

“What were they being investigated for”, Gibbs asked?

“It’s a long list”, Stabler said.

“Tell”, Gibbs said.

“Abuse of power, taking bribes, planting of false evidence just to name a few”, Benson said.

“What else”, Gibbs asked?

“IA has proof that he was on the take”, Stabler stated looking at Taggart.

“Anything else”, Gibbs asked?

“Yes”, Benson began…..

“Agent Gibbs; we have recently found forensic proof that Deke killed……”


Chapter 39

“We have proof that Deke killed Adele Corinthos, Benson stated…

“Oh god”, Taggart said.

“How”, Gibbs asked?

“Deke beat her to death”, Stabler said.

“Sonny had been right”, Cait stated.

“Yes”, Benson said. “But there’s more”.

“Go”, Jethro said.

“When the autopsy was performed on Adele; the Medical Examiner found evidence that she had recently given birth”, Stabler said.

“The hospital confirmed that 5 days prior she had given birth to triplets”, Benson said.


And with that Taggart rushed to the bathroom.


“Where are those triplets now”? “And where is their father”? “Was it Deke”, Gibbs asked?

“Deke wasn’t their father”, Stabler said. “He was sterile”.

“WOW”, Ziva said.

“Their father’s name is Lane Bennett; and the triplets are with him”, Benson said.

“He will be testifying once we bring Deke in”. “He has proof of the abuse”. “He has proof that Deke was beating Sonny as well”. “He also has proof that Deke was sleeping with anything in a skirt”, Stabler said.


“Sonny has a right to know his siblings”, Taggart said. “And I owe him an apology”.

“Yes he does; and yes you do”, Gibbs said.

“Mr. Bennett said he’ll bring the girls to see their brother”, Stabler said. “Gibbs can arrange it”.

“Will do”, Gibbs said.


“I have three younger sisters”, Sonny asked? “Where are they”?

“They’re on their way here with their father”, Gibbs said.

“Sonny”, Taggart said?

“I was wrong about Deke; and I’m sorry”. “He was good at lying and hiding what he did and who he really was”, Taggart said.

“I accept”, Sonny said.

“Thank you”, Taggart returned.


En-route to Port Charles:

“Dad”, Peyton asked?

“Yeah sweetie”, Lane answered?

“What if Sonny doesn’t want us in his life”, Peyton asked for herself as well as her sisters?

“I think he’ll want you; all three of you”, Lane told his daughters.


“Who’s next”, Gibbs asked when he’d returned?

“We are”, Frasier said.

“Go”, Jethro said.

“The 8 French Canadian girls we talked about before”, Trenton said.

“What”? “How”, Tony asked?

“We have leads to him as being the one that Georgia and Diana handed the girls off to”, Frasier said.

“We don’t have anything on Scully”, Trenton stated.


“Next”, Gibbs said.

“We think Deke co-owned the whorehouse with Georgia”, Brady said.

“He’s also wanted for killing a Texas Ranger”, Abbott said.

McGee whistled!


“You’re up Jethro”, Fornell said.

“I want both Scully and Deke for their connection to the kidnapping of Elizabeth Webber”, Gibbs said. “I want answers for her”.


“Where are they”, Sonny asked? They were on a commercial flight.

“Grounded in Hawaii; bad weather”, Jason said. “Stan’s tracking the plane”.

“Okay”, Sonny said anxious.

“You nervous”, Jason asked?

“Hell yes”, Sonny replied.



“Let’s move on to Sarah Webber”, Jethro said. “Benson what do you have”?

“First thing is that she didn’t finish medical school”, Stabler said.

“How is that possible”? Her father said that she was a doctor, Caitlin replied.

“She lied”, Benson said.

“What else”, Gibbs asked?

“She’s wanted for the murder of a fellow medical student”, Stabler said.


Let’s call it a night. See you all tomorrow, Gibbs said.

Everyone headed to their hotel room……


Home of Jeff and Sofia Webber:
2 am ->

Caitlynn had been up getting a drink of water when she head beeping; beeping that sounded like buttons being pushed on the security system.

“That’s strange”, she whispered….. It was then that she hid under the massive kitchen counter.

In the reflection of the refrigerator, she saw the reflection. It was her older sister Sarah; and Sarah was holding a gun. Caitlynn knew this wasn’t good.


Caitlynn knew that she needed to get her parents and her siblings out of the house. So she headed silently up the back stairs…….

“Riley”, Caitlynn whispered….

“What”? “What’s wrong Caitee”, Riley whispered?

“Sarah’s here; and she has a gun”, Caitlynn whispered. “We have to get out”.

“Okay; I’ll get the others downstairs”. “You get mom and dad”, Riley said.

“Be careful”, Caitlynn whispered then headed to their parents’ room.


Riley did manage to get his younger siblings downstairs; he also managed to get their shoes and jackets on as well as grabbing a couple of blankets without making any noise. Now, to wait for Caitee.


Upstairs ->

Caitlynn was outside her parents’ room and what she was hearing had her scared…..

“Sarah”! “What are you doing here”, Jeff demanded?

“Making you pay for hurting my mother”, Sarah spat.

“Your mother and I are no longer married”, Jeff stated.

“YOU’RE LYING”! “You’re cheating on my mother with that”, Sarah said pointing the gun at Sofia!

“Sarah; I divorced your mother 4 months ago”. “Your mother is facing prison time”, Jeff said.

“YOU’RE LYING AGAIN”, Sarah shouted right before she shot Sofia right in the heart.


Caitlynn then ran downstairs grabbing her mother’s phone along the way. She and Riley opened the front door and ushered the younger kids out as fast as they could; running for safety. They headed for Elizabeth’s calling 9-1-1 as they went.


“Now it’s your turn daddy”, Sarah said. “And once you’re gone; I’ll get everything”. “As it should be”.

“You’re wrong Sarah”. “What about Steven”? “I have some bad news for you; you will not be getting a dime”, Jeff said. “You’re not named in my will”.


Right before Mac and Jason walked in; Sarah screamed, then shot her father between the eyes.


“Sarah; you’re under arrest for murder”, Mac said cuffing her then reading her rights to her.


“How are they”, Audrey asked at breakfast?

“Not good”; “especially Caitee”. “She saw Sarah kill her mother”, Elizabeth said.

“We’ll be there for them”, Audrey said.

“We will”, Elizabeth replied.



“Gibbs”, Robert said entering?

“Yeah”, Gibbs said?

“We have Sarah Webber down in cells”, Robert said.

“How”, Jethro asked?

“Gibbs; she murdered Jeff and Sofia Webber last night”, Robert told the Agent.



Madison Estate:

Jason and Elizabeth were in their bedroom. Jason was holding Elizabeth while she cried for Jeff, Sofia and the children.

“He wasn’t my dad but that didn’t mean we weren’t close”, Liz awhile later. “I forgave him”. “And I worry about the kids; they’ve lost both parents”.

“We’ll figure it out”, Jason said.



“I can’t believe Sarah killed Jeff and Sofia”, Kate said.

“I know; I can’t either”, Sonny replied.

“Poor Audrey, Steven and Elizabeth”, Kate said. “And those kids; they’ve lost both Jeff and Sofia”.

“We’ll help”, Sonny answered.


Steven Webber home:

“I can’t believe he’s gone”. “And that Sarah’s responsible”, Steven said.

“I know”. “I’m shocked about Sarah”, Olivia said.

“I’m worried about Elizabeth and my grandmother”. “We’ll need to figure out where the kids are going to live and such”, Steven said.

“We’ll figure it out; all of us”, Olivia said.


Scorpio / Davis home:

“How bad was it”, Alexis asked?

“Bad”. “Little Caitlynn saw Sarah shoot Sofia”, Mac said.

“How is she”, Alexis asked?

“Not good”. “She hasn’t spoken since calling 9-1-1”, Mac said.

“That poor girl”, Alexis said. “What happens now”?

“We took her to the WSB”. “Gunny wants her”, Mac said.

“Oh”, Alexis said.


Drake home:

“I can’t believe Sarah killer her father”. “Why”, Robin asked?

“No one knows”, Patrick said.

“What happens now”, Robin asked?

“Well; they’ll plan Jeff and Sofia funeral”, Patrick said.

“And the kids”, Robin asked?

“I don’t know”, Patrick answered.


Robert and Anna’s home:

“So, Sarah broke into her father’s home; then killed Jeff and Sofia”, Anna queried.

“Yeah”, Robert answered.

“Was that her only plan”, Anna asked?

“No”, Robert said.

“What Robert”, Anna asked?

“Her plan included the kids; but she didn’t get the chance”, Robert said.

“Oh boy”, Anna declared.


Scanlon home:

“She what”, Karen demanded?

“Sarah Webber killed Jeff and Sofia”, Frank said.

“My god; she is crazy”, Karen replied.

“Her plan was to kill the kids as well”, Frank told his wife.

“WOW”, was all Karen could say.


Collins home:

“Oh my god Kevin, you were right”, Lucy said.

“Not entirely”. “I didn’t see her doing this”, Kevin stated.

“No; you didn’t”, Lucy said.


Jacks home:

“What happened Jasper”, Chloe asked?

“Sarah Webber happened”, Jax said.

“What”, Chloe questioned?

“Sarah broke into Jeff’s house; killed him and Sofia”, Jax said.

“Oh my god”, Chloe said.

“Yeah”, Jax replied.



“Nik”, Emily said entering the study?

“What Emily”, Nik asked?

“Jeff and Sofia were murdered last night”, Emily said.

“Do they know by whom”, Nik asked all the while thinking good? Two less people to stop his plan, he thought.

“Sarah Webber”, Emily stated.

“You’re joking right”, Nik replied?

“No; she was arrested in their bedroom with the gun in her hand”, Em said.

“WOW”, Nik said stunned.


Q Mansion:

“My god Edward, Monica said”. “Sarah is crazy”.

“Yes I think she is”, Edward said as the rest of the family entered.

“How’s Audrey”, Lila asked?

“Holding together for the children”, Alan said.


“Those poor children”, McKenzie said after AJ told her.

“Caitee’s in shock”, AJ said. “Right now they’re all at Elizabeth and Jason’s”.

“What can we do”, McKenzie asked?

“Help in any way we can”, AJ replied.


DiLucca home:

“This town has gone crazy”, Bobbie said.

“I wonder”, Roy replied.



“What”, Gibbs asked as everyone froze?

“Sarah killed her father and Sofia”, Robert said. He had returned so that he could help Gibbs and his team nail Diana, Scully, Deke, Georgia and now Sarah.


cells ->

“Hello Sarah”, Gibbs said.

“What are you doing here”, Sarah demanded?

“Oh that’s right”. “You don’t know about what all’s been happening; or do you”, Gibbs asked?

“Get to the point”, Sarah sneered!

“Why”? “It’s more fun to keep you guessing”, Gibbs said.

“I hate you”, Sarah yelled.

“Get comfortable Sarah; you’re not going anywhere”, Gibbs said.


“How did she get in the house”, Gibbs asked Robert?

“Mac’s working on it”, Robert said.


“Nana; why would that woman killer her father”, Jenn asked?

“I don’t know Jenn”, Maggie said.



“Gunny”, Mac said walking in 2 days later?

“Mac”, Gibbs answers.

“We now know how she got in”, Mac said.

“How”, Gunny asked?

“Paid off someone at the security firm; he gave her the codes”, Mac said.

“How long ago”, Gibbs asked?

“About a week ago”, Mac said.

“Son of a bxxxx”, Gibbs spat!

“Yeah”, Mac said. “We also found her hidey hole”.

“Good”, Gibbs said.


“Who’s next”, Gibbs said re-entering the room?

“We are”, DS Matthew De Grace said.

“Interpol”, Ziva said?

“Yeah”, DS Abigail Borin answered.

“What do you have”, Gibbs asked?

“Here’s where things get really interesting”, De Grace said.

“How so”, Cait asked?

“Dr. Sarah Webber is working for the Russian Mafia”, Abigail said.

“Where”, Gibbs asked?

“Berlin”, Matthew said. “And she has eliminated some important people for them”.

“So; she would have the connections to put out a hit on Elizabeth”, Gibbs said.

“Yes”, Abigail responded.

“We want her Gibbs”, De Grace stated.

“Yeah”; Gibbs said. “As long as she can’t hurt Elizabeth; I’m fine with that”.

“The soup thickens”, Ziva said.

“My dear Ziva”, Fornell said. “That saying goes “the plot thickens”.


“Who’s next”, Jethro asked?

“Gibbs; I’m next”, Fornell said.

“Go ahead”, Gibbs said.


“You’re not going to like this Gibbs”, Tobias said. “She’s connected to the same terror groups that her mother is connected to”. “But it’s worse; she’s literally in bed with them”.

“Bloody hell”, Gibbs yelled!


“Who’s next”, Gibbs asked ready to kill Sarah right then and there?

“We are”, McGarritt stated.

“Go”, Jethro said.


“We want to talk to her about Dustin Sandoval Sanchez”, Washington said.

“You’re serious”, McGee asked?

“Yes”, McGarritt said. “She was seen with him at his estate in Columbia; and they seemed extremely close if you get my meaning”.


“Gibbs”, Rabb said?

“Yeah”, Gibbs answered?

“Sarah is wanted for the murder of a CID agent 5 years ago”, Rabb said.

“How”, Gibbs asked?

“He went after her”, Mackenzie said. “He recognized her; and when he got close, she killed him”.

“Wow”, Tony said.


Chapter 40

“You’re up Jethro”, Tobias said.


“In our case; we want to know if she’s responsible for all the attacks on Elizabeth”, Gibbs said.


“But why would she want Ms. Webber dead”, Agent Sutter asked?

“Because Steve Hardy and Helene Webber left Elizabeth very sizable inheritances; ones that Sarah feels are rightfully hers”, Gibbs said.


“Mac you’re up”, Jethro said.

“Yeah”, Mac said.


“All we have is that she murdered Jeff and Sofia Webber”. “That she planned on eliminating her younger siblings; and intended to kill Elizabeth Webber”, Mac said.

“Was she behind Mr. Morgan’s shooting”, Agent Monroe asked?

“We believe so; but proving it may be another matter”, Mac said. “We are also now thinking that she has an accomplice; someone with as much knowledge of Port Charles as she does”.

“But who would that be”, Caitlin asked? “As far as what we have heard; everyone here loves Elizabeth Webber”.

“That’s the 1,000 dollar question”, Mac said.


Unknown location:

“So she killed Jeff”. “You’re a naughty, naughty girl Sarah”. “I have to make sure that you don’t talk”. “I will not allow you to ruin my plan”. “Elizabeth Webber will die; and now so will Jason Morgan”.


NCIS Headquarters, Maryland:

“Holy cow”, Abby said as she looked at her computer screen. “No way”! “That woman is one sick twisted individual”.

Abby then picks up the phone and dials Gibbs.


“Come on Gibbs”, answer your phone, Abby said out loud. She then tried three more times before deciding to call Tony instead.


4 days later ->

Jeff and Sofia’s funeral:

Elizabeth, Steven and Audrey were at the front of the church greeting those attending when the doors in back opened to a site the 3 couldn’t believe…

“What are they doing here”, Audrey whispered as Gibbs and Mac approached?

“I’m sorry Steven”, Jethro said.

“How”, Steven asked?

“Sarah’s attorney pulled strings; allowing her and Diana to attend”, Gibbs said.


“Steven Lars”… Sarah said trying to make him fall in line and let her and Diana sit in front!

“No Sarah; that’s not going to work anymore”. “That’s as close as you and Diana are getting”, Steven stated.

“Bastard”, Sarah said under her breath as she and her mother sat down under the watchful eyes of law enforcement officials.


“My father made a lot of mistakes in his life; some huge ones among them”. “These past months he was trying to rectify some of those huge mistakes”. “He was loved and will be greatly missed”, Steven said.


“You were one of those mistakes”, Diana spewed from her seat.


As Elizabeth hugged him; Elizabeth said: “don’t let her win Steven”.

“I know”, Steven whispered. “They’re not worth it”.

“No they’re not”, Audrey said before approaching the podium.


“Jeff was far from perfect”. “He had flaws; just like his father did”. “And I may not have understood why he did what he did sometimes; especially where Elizabeth was concerned, but I still loved him”. And with that Audrey returned to her seat.


“Audrey I am truly sorry”. “I failed”. “I never thought I would be the one up here”. “I always thought that Jeff would be burying me; given my profession, but I was wrong”, Gibbs said.

“Oh get real”, Diana spewed.

“I promise you Jeff; I will get justice for you and Sofia”, Gibbs said looking right at Diana and Sarah.


Port Charles Airport:

“How are they”, Sonny asked?

“Dealing; Audrey was livid about them getting to attend”, Jason said as he watched Elizabeth sleep.

“Take care of them; I’ll call you later”, Sonny said before hanging up.


“Dad”, Jo Dee said touching his arm; she’d stopped when she saw Sonny?

“It’s okay”, Lane said. “He’s not going to bite”.


“Mr. Bennett”, Sonny said breaking the silence.

“It’s okay to call me Lane Sonny”, Lane replied.

“Okay”, Sonny said. “Lane I never knew”.

“Let’s talk somewhere more private”, Lane said.


Port Charles Hotel ->
Room 712:

“Your mother and I falling in love with each other was purely accidental”, Lane said.

“You know about the abuse”, Sonny asked?

“Yeah”. “I had convinced her to leave with you and the girls”, Lane admitted.

“She returned to the apartment to get me”, Sonny said sadly?

“Yes; Deke must have been waiting for her”. “She never showed”. “Two days later I heard about what had happened”. “He’d left a message on my answering machine”, Lane explained.

“He threatened the girls”, Sonny asked?

“Yes, so I took them and left”. “I tried looking for you; but didn’t have any luck”, Lane said.


“I was hiding from Deke”, Sonny said. “If mom wasn’t home, I didn’t spend time there”. The last time I had been at home, Deke beat the crap out of me.

“Sonny you should know; your mom loved you”, Lane said.

“I know”, Sonny replied.


Office of Jordan Castle, Attorney at Law:
Conference room; 1 day after funeral ->

As everyone who’s presence had been requested arrived the whispers began; all from the corner where Diana and Sarah sat.

“What is she doing here”, Sarah demanded as Elizabeth and Jason entered? “She’s not related”!

“Miss Webber is here because her presence was requested; just as you and your mother’s were”, Jordan stated.


“Everyone, if you would take a seat we can get started”, Jordan said.


Jordan then read them all the legal stuff……

“Jeff Webber was not a conventional man, but he and his wife Sofia were my clients”. “And as such this was how they wanted their wills done”, Jordan stated.


Everyone was wondering why they were in front of a huge TV……

(Appearing on the screen before them is Jeff and Sofia) (All of this will be in present tense)

Jordan pauses and states: “Just so that everyone here understands; the wills of both Jeff and Sofia are iron-clad and cannot be disputed”.


Jeff looked around as if he and Sofia were really in the room then started with ->

“My darling little Elizabeth I am so very proud of you”. “I know that I didn’t say that often enough or make sure that you knew that”. “I am also sorry for what we put you through”.

“Steven I am proud of you as well”. “You’ve accomplished what you chose to”. “You gave me the most beautiful grand-children”.


“Mom I love you”. “I know that some of the things I did had you disappointed in me”. “I’m trying to make up for them now”.


“Robin; I would like to thank you for being there for Elizabeth”. “You are a good friend”. “I know your history and you should be proud of what you have accomplished”.


“AJ; I know that you had your own troubles”. “But I would like to thank you for being for Elizabeth”. “You’ve had her back”.


“Jethro old friend; keep your promise”. “Take care of yourself and our girl”.


“And now the fun begins”, Jeff says……

“To our children;

Riley, Caitlynn, Cassidy, Aliya and Taylee

We leave you each a million dollars in trust until your 19th birthdays, Sofia states. We both love you all”.


“To my son Steven; I leave dad’s General Hospital seat on the board”. “Use it wisely”. “I also leave you the remainder of the funds my father left me”. “I love you”.


“Elizabeth; I don’t have much to give you”. “But I will give you this; your Grandpa Steve’s pocket watch”. “He once told me that you were always fascinated with it; so now it’s yours”.


“Now on to the remainder of our estates”……

“Our home here in Port Charles, we leave in trust to our younger children”, Jeff says.

“What about me”, Sarah yelled? “What about what Grandpa Steve set aside for me”? “What about Grandma Helene”?

“Sit down and shut up Sarah”, Jeff says from the screen!


“Diana”. “Seeing as our marriage wasn’t legal; I leave you nothing but what you came into our farce of a marriage with, which was nothing”.


“You bastard”, Diana spewed.

“People who live in glass houses Diana”, Jeff says from the screen.


“As for you Sarah; you have gotten all you’re going to get”. “You just assumed that you’d get it all”. “Well you found out different didn’t you”? “I wish you well; I hear though that you are in quite a bit of trouble”. “Good luck with that”, Jeff says.


Elizabeth smirked; Steven and Audrey joined her.


Both Diana and Sarah sat there fuming as everyone signed all the paperwork so far.


“Mother, do something”, Sarah whispered to her mother.

“Like what Sarah”, Diana asked? “I am in handcuffs”.

“Contest it”. “It all rightfully belongs to me”, Sarah said.

“I can’t Sarah; I don’t have anything I can use”. “It’s too late”, Diana said.

“Argh”, Sarah said. “You will all pay”!


“Shut up Sarah”, Steven said. “Before I help you shut up”!

“Well I never”, Diana said shocked.

“And you never will you witch”, Elizabeth said.

“Just try it Elizabeth”, Sarah warned.


“Now we need to talk about our children; Riley, Cassidy, Caitlynn, Aliya and Taylee”, Jeff said.


Everyone looked around the room; wondering just what would happen next….


“We both have thought long and hard about who we would want raising our kids if something happened; and here is what we came up with”, Jeff says.


“I don’t have any family; we have always hoped that if something happened that we would be survived by the other”, Sofia said.

“Mom, we know that you would gladly take the children”. “But these are your golden years and I will not repeat what we did with Elizabeth”. “You deserve to have your freedom”, Jeff says.

“Oh please”, Diana said rolling her eyes. “How gallant of you Jeff”!


All Jason had to do was look Diana in the eye and she shut up.


Jordan Castle knew that this was about to get ugly. Jeff and Sofia had created this video along with two others. If something had happened to Jeff, he’d been instructed to play the one leaving everything to Sofia. Same went for Sofia.


“My son; I know that you would willingly take the kids and for that I am grateful to you and Olivia”. “But we can’t ask that of you; you have your own family, and it would make it harder for you and Olivia”, Jeff says.

“Steven’s not fit to parent a goldfish let alone kids”, Sarah sneered.

“Go to hell Sarah”, Steven said coldly.


Everyone present began to speculate. If, they weren’t asking Audrey or Steven; to be the ones to take the kids then who were they asking?

“I think its funny”, Sarah told her mother. “Those brats are going into foster care, which is what they deserve”. “He He He”!


“Bobbie; I know that we could have asked you and Roy to raise the kids”. “But you have your own lives as well”. “But thanks for being a good friend”, Jeff says.


“Gunny; I know you”. “Right this minute; despite everything you’ve got going, you’re figuring out in your head how to take the kids”. “We know that you’d take them in a heartbeat”. “Don’t worry; the kids will be well cared for”, Jeff says.


“How do you know that; you’re dead”, Sarah said smiling very proud of herself?

Mac turned and said: “Either both of you shut up, or I will remove you”.


“When we asked our children the question of who they’d want to live with; their answers surprised us”. “But we told them that we would honor their requests”, Jeff says.

“Oh for pity’s sake; just spit it out already you idiot”, Diana said.


“Elizabeth”, Sofia says. “You can refuse if you wish”. “But the person the kids asked to live with was you”.

Chapter 41

“Me”, Liz mumbled?


“Oh that’s hilarious”, Diana said. “That was a good joke”. “Now who gets those brats”?


“Diana; I suggest you shut your trap”, Jeff said from the screen. “You assumed that Sofia and I were joking; well we weren’t”. “Elizabeth; we couldn’t have picked a better person to raise our children”. “But if you feel that you can’t then Gunny will be asked to take them”.


Gibbs looked at Elizabeth then said: “It’s up to you”. “But I’ll support you either way”.


“Oh how touching; makes me want to gag”, Sarah spewed.

“Shut up Sarah”, Steven said from his seat.


Elizabeth looked at Jason. She didn’t want to say yes if she thought that he wouldn’t agree; because they would be sharing a life soon and he had a say. The look in his eyes told her that he’d be okay with what she decided.


“Jason and I will take the kids”, Elizabeth said.

“Oh brother; she really is dumber than we thought”, Sarah spat.

“No Sarah; that would be you”, Elizabeth said. “You’ve always thought that you were better than Steven and I; but you know what, you are exactly like your mother”. “And neither of you has any power over me anymore”.

“You’re nothing”, Diana said. “Both you and Steven are nothing”.

“And all you’ll be very soon is a number in an orange jumpsuit”, Steven said.


After signing the last of the paperwork; Jason and Elizabeth went to get the kids. It would be a lot of work but they both knew that this was what was best for the kids.


A week later:

She was pissed; as she looked on from her hiding place inside Kelly’s, she vowed to end it today.


“Hey Elizabeth”, Tammy said as Elizabeth walked in.

“Hey Tammy”, Liz said.


Elizabeth sat down and started to enjoy her lunch…

“No one move”, Laura said as she walked in and grabbed Elizabeth by the hair.

“Now you die for what happened to my son”, Laura stated.

“What happened to Lucky wasn’t my fault Laura; you know that”, Liz said.

“Yes it was your fault; and now you’ll be dead”, Laura said.



“Mac”, Taggart said.

“What”, Mac asked?

“Hostage situation at Kelly’s; Laura Spencer is responsible”, Taggart said.

“Oh boy”, Mac said.

“It gets worse”, Taggart said as they were en-route.

“Tell me”, Mac said.

“She’s stated that she’s going to kill Elizabeth; who’s inside Kelly’s”, Taggart said.

“Shxx”, Mac said.

“Yeah”, Taggart said.



“Laura you need to come out now”, Mac said. “Let everyone go”.

“No; they are going to witness Elizabeth paying for her part in Lucky’s death”, Laura said.

“I can’t let you do that Laura”, Mac said. “Elizabeth was not responsible for Lucky’s death”.

“What are you going to do to stop me”, Laura yelled?

“Whatever I have to”, Mac said. “Come out Laura”.


Jason saw that Mac was distracting Laura. So he would be able to make his move…

Mac saw that Jason had come and was inside. Mac realized that if they waited much longer, Elizabeth would end up dead; so he decided Jason was their best bet.


Jason waited until Mac could get Laura talking again.

“Laura, explain to me why you believe Elizabeth is responsible for Lucky’s death”, Mac said.

“Because she was the reason they were walking through the park”, Laura said.

“How do you know that”, Mac asked as Jason made his approach?


As Jason came up behind Laura, Laura answered Mac…

“Elizabeth refused to go home with Lucky”. “She thought she was too good to spend the night with my son”, Laura said right before Jason subdued her.


“Are you okay”, Jason asked Elizabeth?

“Yeah”. “What will happen to her Mac”, Liz asked?

“She’ll be charged”, Mac said. “She took things too far”.

“Laura Spencer, you are under arrest”, Mac said.

“I will finish what I started”. “You will die”. “Even though your sister failed, I won’t”, Laura vowed.

“You knew”, Jason demanded?

“Hell yes I knew”. “And I want her dead as much as Sarah does”, Laura said. “Enjoy your days while you can Elizabeth because I will see you dead”.


“Wow”, Liz said.

“Yeah wow”, Jason replied.



Everyone was so focused on what they were doing that they didn’t see a very angry Abby on the screen.


“Uh boss”, McGee said pointing at the muted screen.

“Oh boy”, Tony said before the screen was un-muted.

“Damn you Gibbs”. “Don’t you check your phone…”, Abby started with.

“Abby”, Gibbs tried…?

“You piece of road-kill”! “You ugly aardvark”! “You piece of slime”, Abby said.

“WOW”, Caitlin whispered. “She’s really pissed”.

“Abby”, Gibbs tried again?

“Lousy troll”, Abby finished!

“Are you finished”, Jethro asked Abby?

“Men”! “Yes I’m finished”, Abby said.


After checking his phone and seeing all the missed calls and text messages from Abby he said… “I’m sorry Abby”. “What do you have”?


“You’re not going to like it”, Abby said.

“It’s okay; I just need to know”, Gibbs said.

“Okay; and I forgive you for not answering your phone”, Abby said.

“Thanks”, Gibbs said.

“What did you find Abby”, Caitlin asked?

“I found one piece of the mother-load”, Abby said.

“Go ahead Abby”, Gibbs said.


“Okay here’s what I found”, Abby said…

“There was a connection between Elizabeth’s attack almost three years ago and Diana”, Abby said.

“How”, Gibbs asked?

“Money from Diana’s account to the college students involved”, Abby said.

“Wow”, Ziva said. “At the time she wanted her own daughter attacked”.

“And that attack resulted in the death of Lucky Spencer”, Tony said.

“In that moment”, Gibbs’ phone rang…

“Hang on Abby”, he said.



“Gunny”, Mac said.

“Mac what’s wrong”, Jethro asked?

“Laura Spencer took Kelly’s hostage; with Elizabeth inside”, Mac said.

“WHAT”, Gibbs yelled!

“Yeah; Jason and I got to her before she could do what she’d planned”. “But I think you need to be there when she’s questioned”, Mac said.

“I will; and I have some info for you as well”, Gibbs said.


“Abby finish”, Gibbs said.

“Okay”. “From the connection I found, as well as proof you should be getting now; Diana hired those students from the park”. “Only it wasn’t Lucky that was supposed to die”, Abby said. “It was supposed to be Elizabeth”.


“What do you have”, Mac asked when Gibbs and Ziva arrived at the police station?

“This”, Jethro said handing Mac the file.

“My god Gunny”, Mac said. “You want to observe”?

“Yeah”, Gibbs said.


“Mac”, Luke said. “I want to see my wife”.

“You can but Luke; she won’t be leaving with you”, Mac said.

“Why”, Luke asked?

“Because she held Kelly’s hostage and tried to kill Elizabeth Webber”, Mac said.

“Mac she’s sick”. “She doesn’t know what she’s doing”, Luke claimed.

“That is up for a court to decide”, Mac said.

“Mr. Spencer”, Gibbs said. “You should know that my team has found evidence that points to Diane Webber being responsible for the events leading to your son’s murder”.

“How”, Luke demanded?

“I can’t tell you more than I have”, Gibbs stated.


“Why Laura”, Luke asked entering?

“Because Luke; Elizabeth is the reason our son is dead”, Laura said.

“No she’s not”, Luke said. “Diana Webber is”.

“She’s Elizabeth’s mother; so Elizabeth is still responsible”, Laura said.

“She’s not Elizabeth’s mother”, Luke said.

“What”, Laura said?

“Her mother is Kate Howard”. “And her father is Sonny”, Luke said.

“Oh no”, Laura said.

“Oh yes darling; you tried to kill my old friend’s daughter”, Luke said shaking his head. “I’m beginning to think that you are ill”.

“I am not ill Luke”. “I know what I am doing”, Laura said.


“Hello Mrs. Spencer”, Thomas Calhoon said entering.

“Who are you”, Laura demanded?

“I am from the Public Defender’s office”, Calhoon explained. “I’m here to represent you”.

“You are not representing me”, Laura said.

“Laura you don’t have a choice; I couldn’t find anyone”, Luke said.

“Find Scott Luke”, Laura demanded!

“I’ve tried”, Luke said. “I can’t find him”.

“Try harder Luke”, Laura yelled!


“Luke you need to leave”, Mac said entering.

“I’ll be back”, Luke said leaving.


“What do you have on my client Commissioner”, Calhoon asked?

“15 witnesses to what she did at Kelly’s”, Mac said.

“Did Diana Webber really have something to do with Lucky’s death”, Laura asked?

“Yes she did”, Mac said.

“Why”, Laura asked?

“Hang on Laura”, Mac said walking out.


“Oh god Gunny”, Mac said.

“I’ll tell her Mac”, Gibbs said.

“Okay”, Mac replied.


(door opens; Mac and Gibbs enter)

“Mrs. Spencer”, Gibbs said.

“Who are you”, Laura asked?

“This is NCIS Special Agent Gibbs”, Mac said.

“What does the military have to do with me”, Laura asked?

“Mrs. Spencer; I’m investigating who took Elizabeth from her birth parents”. “But I am also helping Mac find out who wants Elizabeth dead”, Gibbs said.

“Oh”, Laura replied with a straight face.

“Why did you try to kill Elizabeth Webber”? “And was what happened at Kelly’s you only attempt”, Gibbs asked?

“Because I believed that Liz was the reason my son was killed”, Laura said.

“And now you don’t”, Gibbs asked?

“Is it true what Luke told me about Diana being involved”, Laura asked?


“Mrs. Spencer; I advise you not to say anymore”, Calhoon said.

“Mr. Calhoon; Laura Spencer will not be facing a local court”. “The Naval Service will be trying her case”, Gibbs said.

“Why”, Calhoon asked?

“Because, Mr. Calhoon; Elizabeth Webber is a military dependant”. “And we protect our own”, Gibbs said.

“Explain”, Calhoon demanded!

“Elizabeth Webber is the granddaughter of a retired Navy Admiral; and the daughter of a Marine Colonel”, Gibbs said.

“Sonny didn’t serve”, Laura said.

“No; but Jeff Webber did”. “And he named Elizabeth as a dependant”, Gibbs said.

“Mr. Gibbs; need I remind you, that Jeff Webber is not biologically related to Ms. Webber”, Calhoon stated.

“No you don’t; and it’s Special Agent Gibbs”. “Jeff Webber’s name is on Elizabeth’s birth certificate though”.


“So Mrs. Spencer; what will it be”, Gibbs asked?

“I’ll…………”, Laura started as Jethro’s phone buzzed.

“Hang on”, Gibbs said before leaving the room.


“Yeah Abby”, Gibbs said.

“Gibbs; I just found a file on what Diana was planning”, Abby said.

“Where”, Gibbs asked?

“On the computer that you brought back from Russia”, Abby said.

“Diana’s plan was that she wanted Elizabeth raped in front of Nik, Lucky and Emily; then she ordered that Elizabeth be killed in front of them”, Abby said.

“Son of a xxxxx”, Gibbs said!

“Lucky Spencer was just collateral damage”, Abby said.

“Good work Abby”. “Keep at it”, Gibbs said before ending the call.


After Gibbs returned, Laura said:

“I’ll tell you everything”.


No Name:

“Sonny”, Luke said walking in?

“Save it Luke”. “Your wife tried to kill my daughter”, Sonny said.

“Sonny she’s sick”, Luke claimed.

“Yeah, and I’m a monkey”, Sonny said. “Your wife’s as sane as Elizabeth is”. “Don’t try anything Luke”.



“I can’t believe Diana would do that”, Ziva said.

“She wanted her gone”, Caitlin said.



Laura had indeed told Gibbs everything. She and Sarah had plotted and planned to kill Elizabeth together. Laura had wanted revenge; and Sarah had fed that need.


Now he would make sure that Sarah paid for what she did.


sometime later-

“So Diana”, Gibbs asked?

“What”, Diana demanded?

“What was your plan”, Gibbs questioned?

“Gibbs; stop talking in riddles”, Diana demanded.

“How long have you been planning to kill Elizabeth”, Gibbs asked?

Diana knew by now that she didn’t have a way out; so…

“Since we left her with Steve and Audrey”, Diana admitted.

“Why”, Gibbs asked?

“The money, of course”. “It all belonged to Sarah; not that brat”, Diana said.

“Wow”! “You are delusional Diana”. “Your daughter is not entitled to everything in the world”, Gibbs said.

“Go to hxxx”, Diana said.



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