chapter 18 - 21

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chapter 18 - 21

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Chapter 18

Gibbs and company had worked through the night to put the Georgia/Antonio F/Diana Webber puzzle together. The puzzle was far from complete but Gibbs was determined to figure it out.


Madison Estate:

It was 5 am and Jason was holding his beautiful fiancée in his arms. He looked at her with affection and worry. Yes, the dark circles were starting to fade but the nightmares hadn’t. He was pissed that they still didn’t know who was responsible for the shooting, but he wasn’t angry at Mac or Taggart, they were doing the best they could.

He and Sonny had been looking into the shooting as well, but had run into a brick wall. Whoever was responsible had hidden their tracks well.

Mac still had the man who’d tried to kill Liz at the hospital in custody, but he wasn’t talking.

Then there was all the info about Jeff Webber. Jason was starting to believe more and more that Jeff hadn’t known about Elizabeth before Diana brought her home. And that by allowing Diana to convince him to leave Liz with Audrey and Steve, that he was in a way able to protect Elizabeth from Diana.

“Morning”, Liz said awhile later.

“Good morning baby”, Jason said.

“So what’s on your agenda for today”, he asked her?

“I need to go and see Jeff, will you go with me”, Liz asked?

“Yes, I’ll go with you”, Jason told her.

So Jason and Elizabeth readied for their day ahead. They had breakfast, and then headed to see Jeff.



“Uncle Leroy”, Liz said as they walked in?

“Hey kiddo, how are you doing”, Gibbs asked?

“I’m okay”. “I need to talk to Jeff”, Liz told him.

“Okay”, Gibbs told her.

“Tony, go get Jeff”, Gibbs ordered.

So while Tony went to fetch Jeff, Gibbs led Liz and Jason into Interrogation Room 1.

As Jeff was brought into the room he saw Elizabeth. He realized that he could have tried to prevent all this.

“Elizabeth”, Jeff said.

“Jeff”, Elizabeth answered.

“I need answers”, Liz said.

“Okay”, Jeff said in reply.

“Did you know”, Elizabeth asked?

“No, I knew some of it, but not all”. “I didn’t know that you weren’t Diana’s”, Jeff said.

“What did she tell you”, Liz asked?

“When she brought you home, she told me that you had been the child of a friend; who had asked her to raise you for her, and because I was stupid; I didn’t question her”, Jeff stated. “And in essence she lied to me about it twice”. “Once when I asked her about you, and when I asked again when getting a birth certificate for you”, Jeff stated.

“I believe you”, Liz said.

“What happened to make you leave me on Grams porch that night”, Liz asked?

“Diana had given you something”. “You were admitted to the ER, and things started to come out”, Jeff answered.

“What was she given”, Jason asked?

“It was anti-freeze, deluded of course but still anti-freeze”, Jeff said quietly. “She was trying to kill you”.

“Why not notify the police”, Liz questioned?

“Because when I confronted her with it, she threatened Steven and Sarah”. “So, I came up with a plan”, Jeff said.

“What plan”, Gibbs asked? He hadn’t left Liz to face Jeff alone.

“The ER doc was a friend; so we came up with this: I knew all 3 kids were at risk, so I agreed to Diana’s terms, but threw in some of my own”, Jeff said.

“What terms”, Elizabeth asked?

“Well, I knew that she wanted Steven sent away to boarding school”. “He’d be safe there, so I agreed”. “She wanted to take you with us Elizabeth”. “But that was not what I planned”. “I told her that I wouldn’t go unless we left you with my parents”, Jeff said. “It was the only way I could think of to keep you safe”, Jeff said.

“It wasn’t until very much later that I found out she’d lied about hurting Sarah”. “But she kept threatening you and Steven”, Jeff explained defeated. “I had fallen out of love with Diana”. “But she said if I left, she would make sure that I lost you, Steven and Sarah, so I stayed”, Jeff explained. “But I continued to see Sofia”. “Diana’s schedule was different from mine, so it made it possible for me to be with Sofia”.

“Steven said that she found out about Sofia and the kids”, Liz said.

“Yes, she found out about 6 months ago”. “And then she tried to hurt Sofia and the kids”. “That’s when I sent them to Helene’s family”, Jeff stated. “But I also knew they wouldn’t be safe there for long, so I call in a favor, and a friend took them into hiding”. “I hope that one day you’ll be able to forgive me Elizabeth”, Jeff said.

“I just don’t know”, Liz said honestly.


Scorpio Residence:

“Thank you for allowing us into your home”, Maggie said to Alexis.

“Jennings is Mac’s daughter”, Alexis said.

“Good morning Maggie”, Mac said as he walked in.

“Good morning Mac”, Maggie said.

“Morning mom”, Georgie and Maxie said as they walked into the kitchen.

“Maxie, Georgie; I would like you to meet Maggie Gallagher”, Mac said.

“Nice to meet you”, both girls said.

“Remember when I explained to you about my having a daughter who is older than you, and that I was trying to find her”, Mac asked the girls?

“Yes”, the girls answered.

“Well I found her, and Maggie is her grandmother”, Mac explained.

“Where is she”, Maxie asked?

“She’s still asleep”, Mac answered.


A short time later, Jennings entered the kitchen.

“Morning”, Jennings said.

“Morning dear”, Maggie said as she kissed her grand-daughter.

“Morning dad”, Jennings said.

“Morning Jenn”, Mac answered.

“Maxie, Georgie, Kristina, Molly; I would like you to meet your eldest sister, Jennings”, Mac said.

“Hi”, all four spoke.

After all the introductions were over, Jennings spent the day getting to know her family.


Charlotte, NC:

Georgia had no idea that her “son” was alive; nor did she know that he was helping Maggie and Jenn. As it was, Georgia had been looking around for someone to help her eliminate Maggie and Jenn; and she’d found someone.

**Phone Conversation**


“Yes, I was told you could help me get rid of a problem”, Georgia said into the phone.

“Yes, I can”

“What’s your fee”, Georgia asked?

“$ 20,000 each”

“Okay, my problems are Maggie Gallagher and Jennings Gallagher”. “I want it to look like an accident”, Georgia said.

Georgia was then given instructions as well as the location of the pay-off.

Unknown location ---

**Phone convo # 1**

“Is it done”?

“No, we failed”. “And Curly is in police custody”.

“You idiots”! “Can’t you do anything right”?

“At the next opportunity we’ll get it done”.

“You make sure that Curly is eliminated so he can’t talk”!!

“Dammit, I want Elizabeth dead already”!!

**Phone convo # 2**

“Is Elizabeth Webber dead yet”?

“No, security has been too tight”. “They’re waiting for a break in security”.

“She’d better be dead soon, OR YOU’RE NEXT”!!!

Scorpio Residence:

“Hello”, Mac said as he answered his cell phone.

“Mac, gunny here”. “Can you, Maggie and Jenn come to the WBS”, Jethro asked?

“Yes, why”? “What’s up”, Mac asked?

“We’ll explain when you get here”, Gunny said.

So Mac, Maggie and Jenn headed back to the WSB. Each contemplating what was going on.


“What is going on Gunny”, Mac asked once they’d arrived?

“Let’s go into the conference room”, Jethro said.

“Maggie, Mason has some things that he needs to tell you”, Leroy said.

“Maggie, I know that you may not believe what I am about to tell you, but I have proof”, Mason said.

“What”, Maggie asked?

“I’m your son”, Mason said.

“No, that’s not possible”. “My son died at birth”, Maggie said not quite sure of what was going on.

“Georgia wanted you to believe that”. “She wanted dad, so she made you believe that I’d died”. “Then she forced dad to marry her and keep quiet about me”, Mason said as he handed Maggie the file on Georgia and what she’d done.

As Maggie read the file she said, you are telling the truth. “You are my little boy”, Maggie cried.

“Yes I am”, Mason said as he hugged Maggie. “I hope that we can get past this and be a family”?

“Yes, we can be a family”, Maggie answered.

“What do you think Jenn”, Mason asked Jenn?

“I’m with grandma”, Jenn said.

And so Mason, Maggie and Jenn got to know each other as family. And as Maggie got to know Mason, she thought:

Georgia, you’d better be grateful that I’m not a vindictive person; or you’d be given some revenge for taking my son.

Mason was also thinking to himself: I know mom is not the kind of person for revenge; but Georgia will get hers.

Chapter 19

Madison Estate:

Steven was at Elizabeth and Jason’s. He and Audrey had come after Steven had received word that Sofia and the kids were an hour away.

“So how did things go with Jeff dear”, Audrey asked Liz?

“It’s going to take some time for me to forgive him but, I am willing, for Steven’s sake”, Elizabeth said.

“Thank you Lizzie”, Steven said.

“I don’t believe that he knew all of it when Diana brought me home”, Liz said.

“I don’t either dear”. “I think she kept the truth from him figuring that if caught, he’d take the fall”, Audrey said.

“But Diana didn’t count on Agent Gibbs, Jason or Sonny”, Steven stated.

“Uncle Jethro will nail her”, Liz said.

“And then I have a feeling that your father will have her taken care of once she’s behind bars”, Audrey stated calmly.

“GRAMS”!!, Steven said shocked.

“WHAT”, Audrey asked? “I’m embracing what Liz has embraced”. “Sonny and Jason will protect Liz and that is okay with me”. “No matter what the cost”, Audrey said.

Just then Liz’s housekeeper, Rachel, announced Sofia and the children.

“Thank you Rachel”, Liz said.

“Welcome to Madison Estate”. “I’m Elizabeth”.

“Thank you”, Sofia said.

“I’m Steven, and this is Audrey Hardy, my father’s step-mother”.

“Hello Mrs. Hardy”, Sofia said.

“Are we really safe here”, Sofia asked?

“Yes, NCIS has men posted outside”. “And my fiancée has men posted as well”, Liz said.

“Let’s get my younger siblings settled and then we have a lot to talk about”, Steven said.

“Okay”, Sofia said tiredly.

And so after Steven and Rachel got the kids settled in the family room; Steven, Liz and Audrey filled Sofia in on everything. And needless to say, she was shocked.

“Steven, I never meant to ruin your father and Diana’s marriage”, Sofia said.

“You didn’t, Diana did”. “My dad loves you”, Steven said.

“Elizabeth, even though you’re not really related to Steven of Jeff; I still want you to be an older sibling to my children”, Sofia said. “And even though Jeff hasn’t shown it in the best way, he did /does love you”, Sofia added.

“I would like that”, Liz said. “And I know that once he found out the truth, he tried to protect me”.

“Steven, I would like to go and see Jeff, if possible”, Sofia said.

“I’ll take you now”, Steven answered.

While Steven took Sofia to see Jeff, Elizabeth and Audrey got to her younger siblings; and Audrey got to know her grandchildren.



Gibbs was beginning to see that this Ramirez, Darnell as well as Diana were using Jeff as a scapegoat.

“Gibbs, what is it”, Cait asked?

“I’m being played, and whoever it is, is going down”, Jethro stated coldly.

“What do you mean”, Ziva asked puzzled?

“It means that Jeff is no longer a suspect in Elizabeth’s kidnapping, and I’ll vouch for him on the rest”, Gibbs said.

“But………..”, McGee said started to say.

“Yes, I know that he obtained a fake birth certificate, but he was conned by Diana”. “I think she set the whole thing up”, Gibbs said.

“Uncle Jethro”, Steven said as he came to stand in the doorway?

“Steven”, Leroy said.

“This is Sofia Curtis, and she would like to see my dad”, Steven said.

“Ziva, take Steven and Sofia to Interrogation Room 1, while I go and get Jeff”, Gibbs ordered.

“If you’ll follow me”, Ziva said.


Holding Cells:

Gibbs stopped inside the doors and listened as Diana yell and ranted that this was all entirely that brat Elizabeth’s fault. As Gibbs walked by Diana’s cell, Diana tried to goad him, but it didn’t work.

“Jeff, you have a visitor, I need you to come with me”, Gibbs said. And so Gibbs took Jeff up to I Room 1. He knew that even though Jeff was a scapegoat; Jeff would need protection as well once Diana realized that her plan had failed.

Once back upstairs, the four of them talked.

Madison Estate:

Elizabeth and the kids were enjoying a movie when the phone rang:

“Hello”, Liz answered.

“Lizzie”, Brennan said.

“Hi Bren”, Elizabeth said in reply.

“How are you”, Bren asked?

“I’m better, I’m at home”, Liz said.

“Have they found out who did it”, Bren asked?

“No, but we have another mystery on our hands; involving the woman I thought was my mother”, Liz stated.

“What”, Bren asked?

And so Liz explained to Brennan what she could about what was going on with Jeff and Diana.

“So, Diana isn’t your real mother”, Brennan quizzed?

“Correct”, Liz said.

“And Jeff isn’t your dad”, Bren questioned again?

“Correct again”, Liz said with a little giggle.

“WOW”, Brennan said. “I thought my life was a soap opera”.


Over the course of the next week a lot happened for the citizens of Port Charles:

Maggie and Mason had bonded as mother and son. They were making up for lost time. And through Maggie, he got to know his late sister Frankie.

Jenn and Mason also bonded as Uncle and niece. Mason was proud of Jenn. He got to know her more every day.

Maggie had been able to find a nice sized house for her and Jenn. She, Mac and Jenn had discussed it, and it was decided that Jenn would live with Maggie; but she would see Mac whenever she wanted. Neither was going to cut anyone out of Jenn’s life.


Steven and Elizabeth had bonded with Sofia and the children. Steven loved all of his younger siblings, Liz included.

He, Liz and Audrey spent time with Sofia and the children. Audrey liked Sofia and loved her new grandchildren.


All the kids had their first bake sale, which was a huge success. They made $ 1,000. They were very proud of themselves. They started planning on what to do next, and more people volunteered to help.


The police were still no closer to finding out who had hired the men to go after Elizabeth then they were at the beginning of the investigation.


Mac and his family were bonding with Maggie, Mason and Jenn. Kristina, Molly, Georgie and Maxie were thrilled to have an older sister.

Maggie and Alexis had become fast friends. And Jenn and Alexis were getting to know each other as well.


Mason had the same idea, but for different reasons. He knew that Georgia was still a threat; and until he could get proof to have her arrested, his mother and niece would not be safe in NC. He wanted time to get to know his mom and Jenn.


Robert and Anna also got a chance to get to know Jenn. And Robert could see that Jenn had inherited her father’s determination.

Jenn and Robin had hit it off instantly. And they were finding ways to pull pranks on everyone.



Jeff had been sitting in the Interrogation room for about 10 minutes; he was wondering what was up.

He wasn’t expecting any visitors. And he knew that Sofia and the kids were safe at Jason and Elizabeth’s.

“Jeff”, Gibbs said as he entered.

“Heather was still alive when you left her”, Gibbs informed him.

“So what now”, Jeff asked?

“Well, we’ll need you to testify against Diana; and possibly others”, Gibbs said.

“But for now you’re free to go; but don’t go far”, Gibbs stated.

“I’m not planning on leaving Port Charles”. “I need to get to know my son again; and I’d really like to meet Liz’s real family”, Jeff said.

“That’ll be up to them”, Gibbs said in reply.

Chapter 20

Unknown location:

“Dammit Diana, can’t you do anything without screwing it up”, Ramirez asked the empty room? He knew from experience that Diana would end up giving up everyone to save herself. He would just have to make sure that they would take the fall, he’d be safe. He still couldn’t understand what Darnell’s real connection to Michael Corbin was; or why he wanted him punished.

“Father, Darnell’s on the phone”, his son said.

“What”, Jose’ spoke into the phone?

“I just got word, Diana is being held by NCIS in Port Charles, NY; she’s at WSB headquarters there”, Darnell said.

“Damn”, Jose said. “Why is NCIS involved”?

“I am unsure”, Darnell lied. He knew, but Jose didn’t need to know that.

Darnell knew who Diana was married to, as well as Jeff’s connection to NCIS. He’d made sure to always know everything about the people he associated with or had deals with. And he also knew that Diana’s daughter Sarah had secrets that she wanted kept buried. As for Michael; or Sonny as he called himself now; Darnell had gotten his revenge.



“Gibbs”, Abby said via video link?

“What do you have Abby”, Jethro asked?

“Nothing yet”, Abby said. “I’m still working on it”.

“Okay”, Gibbs said.


“Agent Gibbs”, Mason said as he entered?

“I have some information that needs to be told to Mac and his daughter, Maggie, the Falconeri family and Elizabeth Webber”, Mason informed the agent.

Gibbs trusted Mason’s judgment. He now knew all things Mason. Mason had served in the military; and had recommendations in his jacket. So he called all involved and requested their presence.

When Mason showed Gibbs what he had, Gibbs said:

“Holy Hannah”!!

“WOW”!! “I didn’t see that coming”, Gibbs exclaimed.

2 hours later:

WSB Conference Room 1--

As Liz and Jason were sitting, they were wondering why they were all there:

“Jason, why would Uncle Jethro want all of us here”? “I mean Grams, my mom, Grandma Alex, Gr. Grandpa Harry, Mac, his daughter Jenn and Mrs. Gallagher; what is going on”, Liz asked?

“Looks like we are about to find out”, Jason said as Gibbs and another man entered the room.

“This is Mason Gallagher”, he’s Maggie’s son. “Now, you’re all probably wondering why I’ve called you all here”, Gibbs stated. “We found out some information that concerns everyone in this room”, Jethro said.

“During the course of my investigation into Georgia Hanson, I found out some things; and as a result dug deeper”, Mason explained. “What I found out disgusted me and I almost went vigilante, but stopped and knew that those involved needed to know”. “I didn’t come to Port Charles just to bring you to your father Jenn”, Mason said.

“Mom, I know that you have been through so much in your life, but I have to bring this up”, Mason said softly to Maggie. “Mom was raped while attending college, she was never able to identify her attacker”, Mason said.

“But I have since found out who was responsible from info I found in Georgia Hansen’s home”. “His name was Anthony Falconeri”, Mason explained.

“Oh God”, Alexandra said. “When was this”, Alexandra asked softly?

Mason answered for his mother, and gave Alex the dates.

“That was the infamous 2 weeks that he claimed he was in LA on business”, Alex said. “THAT MONSTER, HE LIED TO US”, Alex yelled.

“Mrs. Gallagher, I apologize for what my son did”, Harrison said.

“It was not your fault Mr. Falconeri”, Maggie said. “Your son was the only one responsible”.

“Was mom his daughter nana”, Jennings asked?

“Yes”, Maggie said in tears.

As everyone sat processing that information, Kate realized:

“That means that your daughter was my younger sister”?

“Yes, you are correct Ms. Howard”, Maggie said.

“And that means that Jenn and I are cousins”, Liz stated?

“WOW”, Jenn exclaimed. “Not only do I get my father and my younger siblings; an aunt, uncle and cousin; but now another aunt, a grandfather and another cousin that my mom had”. Jen looked at the Falconeri family and wondered if they would accept her?

And Maggie looked at Alexandra Falconeri and was afraid that she would scream, rage and ultimately refuse to accept Jenn and make life in Port Charles miserable for her and Jenn?

As everyone in the room was waiting for someone to explode, Kate ended the suspense: “Maggie, you are not to blame for what my father did”. “He attacked you; and that was his fault not yours”, Kate said. “Your daughter was my sister, I wish I had known her; but I can get to know her through you and Jenn”, Kate said with a slight smile.

“Mrs. Gallagher, I would personally like to apologize for my late husband’s behavior”, Alex said. “And I would like the chance to get to know you and Jenn”.

“Maggie”, Harrison said. “I know that you might be afraid that the Falconeri family will make your life miserable; but we have no intentions of doing that”. “My son was not perfect, and I am coming to realize that he had some very dark secrets”, Harrison said. “I would like to get to know my granddaughter if that is alright with you”?

“I didn’t know that he was in NC”. “He and I had an argument; I’m not sure about what now, but he walked out and I didn’t see him for 2 weeks”, Alex explained.

“No”, Maggie said. “I will not let you blame yourself for what happened; or take the blame for what that man did”. “He did it, and he is the only one responsible for his actions”. “Harrison, I would like for you to meet your granddaughter Jennings”, Maggie said making the introductions. “Jenn, I would like you to meet your grandfather Harrison”, Maggie said to Jenn.

Jenn gave Harrison a big hug; then Harrison introduced them to the rest of the family.


As everyone was getting to know each other, Gibbs and his team were watching from across the room.

“WOW”, Cait said. “You’re god-daughter is related to your other friend’s daughter”.

Gibbs turned to his team: “Let’s let them be, and get back to work”. “McGee”, Jethro said quietly?

“Yeah boss”, Tim said?

Gibbs then handed McGee a piece of paper and waited…..

“Are you sure boss”, Tim asked?

“Yes, when you have it, bring all of it directly to me”, Gibbs said.


Some Time Later---

WSB Conference Room 1:

Mason’s phone starts singing: “(I love this crazy, tragic
Sometimes almost magic, awful, beautiful
Life: By Daryl Worley)”

“Hello”, Mason spoke.

“We have a problem”.

“What kind of problem”, Mason asked?

“A Georgia Hansen kind of problem”.

“What is she up to now”, Mason demanded?

“She’s put out a hit on Maggie and Jennings”.

“SHE WHAT”, Mason yelled; getting everyone’s attention including Gibbs and his team?

“Do whatever you have to do to intercept and stop it; I’ll handle things on this end”; Mason said then slammed his phone shut!!! Mason then motioned Mac and Gibbs over to a far corner of the room and started to explain:

“That was my contact in Charlotte; he’s been watching Georgia for me”. “He just informed me that she put out a hit on Maggie and Jenn”, Mason said.

“He’s going to try and stop it but, I’m going to make sure that my mom and Jenn are protected”, Mason declared.

“I can put agents on them, but I don’t want to tip her off to the fact that we are investigating her”, Gibbs said.

“I know”, Mason said in reply.

“I’m for asking Jason and Sonny”, Mac Said.

“That could work”, Gibbs said …

And so Gibbs, Mac and Mason told the group what was going on.

“Jason”, Mac asked?

“Would you and Sonny have some men that you could give as round the clock guards for Maggie and Jenn”, Mac asked?

“Yes, we do, and I can have them here in 10 minutes”, Jason answered. He then called the men and told them to come.

As everyone was preparing to leave Mac said: “Jason, I think it might be safer for Maggie and Jenn to stay with you and Liz until this is over, if that’s alright”?

“Its fine Mac”, both Liz and Jason said.

So Mac headed back to the station; Jason and Liz’s family headed back to the estate, and Gibbs and his team went back to work.

Chapter 21

Later that evening:

“Gibbs”, Abby’s on screen, McGee said.

“What have you got Abby”, Leroy asked?

“Well let me say this, Heather Webber was insane”!

“I still have to wait on the files from the lab, but the fingerprints found that match Jeff were smudged”.

“And adhesive was found around the prints; and that tells me they were lifted from somewhere else and placed in Heather’s room”, Abby said.

“But I found more; I found prints that match Diana Webber”, Abby stated.

“And everything points to Diana killing Heather”, Abby said to Gibbs.

“Tell me everything”, Gibbs ordered.

“Well, Diana Webber was not her legal name before entering medical school”. “It was Amanda Holden; and she has a record for prostitution; but we knew that from you guy Mason”, Abby said.

“After she changed her name to Diana Baxter, she started Medical School”. “She apparently wasn’t making enough waiting tables; so she became a high priced call girl; that’s how she paid for school”. “I’m sending McGee all of what I’ve found on her clients”, Abby said.

“I’m still working on Ramirez and Darnell”, Abby told Gibbs.

“Boss, it’s coming through”, McGee said as all the info was opening via email.

2 days later:

“Gibbs”, he barked into his phone.

“I know who killed Heather Webber”, Abby said.

“Tell me”, Gibbs ordered!

“Diana ordered it done”, Abby told him.

“Do you know who she hired and why she wanted her dead”, Gibbs asked?

“I haven’t been able to find out the who; Gibbs it was almost 20 years ago”. “And as to the why, you’d have to ask Diana to get the answer to that one”, Abby told Gibbs.

Madison Estate:

“Morning”, Jeff said as he entered Elizabeth’s kitchen.

“Good morning”, Jason said.

“Jason, I want to thank you for letting Sofia, I and the kids stay”, Jeff said. “I know I have a lot to make up for”.

“Good morning honey”, Jason said a Liz entered the kitchen.

“Morning”, Liz said.

“Elizabeth, I know that I have a lot to make amends for; and I will do that”, Jeff said.

“I’m willing to try”, Liz said.


Unknown Phone conversation # 1:

“Is she dead”?


“Why not”?

“Law enforcement is heavy”.

“What about Curly”? “Has he been eliminated”?

“We can’t get to him”.


“We will, as soon as we can get in”.


“We Will”.



Unknown phone conversation # 2:

“Why isn’t she dead”?

“She’s too heavily guarded; my men need to wait for an opening”.

“All you’re giving me is excuse after excuse; you’re trying my patience”!!!

“You’re also running out of time, GET IT DONE NOW”!!!!



“Gibbs”, Cait said?

“What”, Gibbs questioned?

“I’ve found an email account for Georgia; and there are emails here to and from both Ramirez and Darnell”, Cait said.

“And from the content of these emails, I’d say that they know each other”, Cait stated.


Liz and her family were sitting at a table waiting for their food when the bell over the door rang.

Force of habit had Jason and Sonny looking towards the door.

Luke walked into Kelly’s.

Sonny and Jason didn’t know how to react to seeing Luke. He and Laura had blamed Elizabeth for Lucky’s death.

“I come in peace”, Luke said. “I know now that Liz wasn’t to blame”. “I was grieving and I put my foot in my mouth”.

“It's okay Luke”, Liz said.

“Why are you here”? “Are you and Laura moving back”, Sonny asked?

“No, I’m here because my dear wife is missing”, Luke informed them. “I’m looking for her”. “We aren’t moving back”.

“Elizabeth, I wish you and Jason all the best”, Luke said then left.


“There you are”, Lucy said as she rushed in. “I need you, we have planning to do”.

And with that, Lucy drug Liz out of Kelly’s with Francis following.


“Gibbs”, McGee said. “I think you need to see this”.

“See what”, Gibbs said as he walked over to McGee?

As Gibbs read what Tim was showing him, Jethro was floored.

Kate Howard knew Diana; but she knew her as Amanda, Gibbs said.

“We need to talk to Ms. Howard”, Gibbs said.


Sometime later:

“Thank you for seeing us Ms. Howard”, Jethro said.

“Anything to get justice for my daughter”, Kate said.

“Did you know a young woman by the name of Amanda Holden”, Gibbs asked?


“Yes, I did”, Kate said.

“What can you tell us about her”, Gibbs asked?

“She was…… impulsive, conniving, smart, and obsessed with being rich. She was always telling people that she was going to be a doctor; marry a prominent man and have the perfect life”.

“After high school graduation she just vanished”. “No one ever saw her again”, Kate answered.

“Did she have a grudge against you”, Gibbs asked?

“Yes, she disliked me because I was popular and didn’t have to work for my looks”, Kate replied.

“Thanks, we won’t keep you”, Gibbs said then he and Tony left.


The Recovery Room:
Parking lot    

Lucy and Elizabeth were chatting near Lucy’s car when shots rang out.

Francis grabbed Lucy and Liz and pulled them behind another car.

Francis had barely gotten them down behind the car when a bullet whizzed above Elizabeth’s head.


Soon sirens could be heard approaching.

“Francis, what happened”, Taggart asked?

“Lucy and Elizabeth were talking by her car; then bullets started flying”, Francis said.

“I grabbed them, pulling them behind this truck”. “Just as I got them behind it and down, a bullet flew over Elizabeth’s head”, Francis explained.

“Taggart”, an officer yelled?

“I’m coming”, Taggart said as he walked across the lot.

“What do you have”, Taggart asked?

“Your shooter was here and here’s the target”, the officer said handing Taggart a photo.

“Shxx”!, Taggart spat. “Boss”, Taggart said once Mac was on the phone?

“What”, Mac asked?

“They tried again”. “Elizabeth was the target”, Taggart said.

“Is she okay”, Mac asked?

“Yes; she and Lucy are fine”, Taggart said.

“Crap”, Mac said.

“I agree”, Taggart said hanging up.

Taggart saw that Jason was here; he must have arrived while he was talking to Mac.


Later that day:


“Uncle Jethro”, Liz said as she and Jason walked in?

“What ladybug”, Gibbs asked? “I heard; are you okay”?

“Yes, I’m okay”. “I need to see Diana”, Elizabeth said.

“Okay, but I’ll be in the observation room”, Jethro told her.

“That’s fine”, Liz said.

“Ziva, go and get Diana”, Gibbs ordered.


Interrogation room 2:

Diana didn’t know what was going on as she was directed into the room; then handcuffed to the table.

“Why am I in here”, Diana demanded to know?

Ziva didn’t answer her; she just leaned against the wall.

“Hello Diana”, Liz said as she walked into the room.

“THAT’S NO WAY TO TALK TO YOUR MOTHER”, Diana said sternly.

Liz slaps her hands down on the table, scaring Diana. “YOU’RE NOT MY MOTHER”! “My mom is Kate Howard and she loves ME”, Liz said.

“If you know, then WHY are you here”, Diana sneered?

“I have some questions”. “And if you answer them, maybe just maybe I’ll talk to Agent Gibbs on your behalf”, Liz stated. “Why did you take me from my mother”?

“Because I wanted you”, Diana lied.

“That’s not the truth, and you know it”, Liz yelled. “You can rot, I won’t help you”, she yelled and walked out.

Hallway   

“Let’s go home”, Jason said.

“Liz, get your family together”. “I have some things to tell you”, Gibbs said.

“Is 7 pm okay”, Liz asked?

“Yeah, that’s fine”, Gibbs said.


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