chapter 14 -17

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chapter 14 -17

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Chapter 14

Later that Evening----
Collins Home:

Lucy had been working since she’d returned from the hospital. She had come up with several ideas for raising money for the foundation. One of which was a 3 day event:

1st night would be a benefit dinner and show, 2nd night would be a benefit auction and the last night would be a concert.

Lucy knew that with the Nurse’s Ball 3 months away that Liz’s event would need to be before that. She’d run it by Liz tomorrow.

WSB Holding:

Diana was starting to wonder what Gibbs was doing, and what pray tell were they doing in Port Charles? She now realized that she should have just killed the little brat. To this day Diana couldn’t figure out what Darnell’s story had been. What had that brat’s father done to him?

But as far as Diana was concerned, her main priority was Sarah. And Diana would make sure that her daughter got what was meant for her to have. At any cost, even that brat or Jeff.

No, she hadn’t met Jeff Webber by chance. She’d heard about him, and after hearing about him, she’d done massive research on the entire Webber family. And when she’d found out that Jeff’s father was the Steve Hardy, she knew she’d be set for life.

Jeff didn’t need to think about what Gunny was doing, or why they were in Port Charles. Gibbs was here to make sure that Elizabeth was alright. Jeff also knew that Gibbs was gathering evidence to charge him and Diana.

He had decided on the flight over that he would tell them whatever Gunny wanted to know. He also knew that he was facing a prison sentence, and he would serve it without question.

He hoped to have a chance to talk to Elizabeth and Steven. He hoped that one day they’d forgive him for his part in all of this. He also knew that he owed Audrey an explanation, but he had a feeling that she would never let him explain.

And he knew that Diana didn’t think he knew what she’d been up to. She was about to find out that her house of cards was falling. After he had called Gunny, Jeff had called one other person; his attorney, one of which Diana knew nothing about.

Jeff had hired Jordan Castle 2 years ago when he’d learned that money was disappearing from Elizabeth trust account that had been set up by his mother’s family.

After finding the money missing, Jeff had asked Jordan for help in finding out where it had gone and doing what needed to be done to stop it and get back for Elizabeth.

His attorney had advised him, that he’d have his pi on the case, and once they had any information he’d let Jeff know. It had taken Castle and associates a year, but they’d found out what was going on.

Castle had found evidence that Elizabeth’s trust wasn’t the only one tampered with; Steven’s had been messed with as well. And Jordan had traced where the money had gone.

Jordan had shown Jeff everything. Diana was the one responsible for the missing money. And she’d hidden it away in an account for Sarah. But she’d slipped, and left a trail.

Diana didn’t know it, but when he’d called Jordan, he’d told him to make sure the account was closed and the money returned to Elizabeth and Steven. And asked him to send out the divorce papers to Diana’s attorney.

Diana was in for one last rude awakening, thanks to Jeff. She assumed that she and Sarah would reap the Webber Family money; no Jeff had arranged for it all to go to Steven, Elizabeth and few other key people. Liz may not be his daughter, but that didn’t matter, she would receive it.

Unknown Location-----
Phone conversation:

“Is she dead”?

“She will be”. “The men I hired messed up, but that will be rectified soon”.

“Good, Elizabeth Webber is the reason that my family is in shambles”!

“We’ll both get what we want out of this arrangement”.

“You get to see Elizabeth Webber dead, and I get what is mine”.

“Did you know that she is involved with Jason Morgan”?

“No, but she is nothing but a slut and a whore”.

“Just make sure that you do what you promised and make sure she’s dead”, and the line went dead.

It was quite clear why the other person wanted Elizabeth Webber dead, she ruined that family. “Of course I’ve done my research”.

“Elizabeth Webber, 19 years old and an artist, or so she claims”. “Not the real daughter of Jeff and Diana Webber”. “I know who she really is: Kidnapped daughter of Michael Corbin and Connie Falconeri”.

“I just want her dead because she stands in the way of me getting what rightfully belongs to me”.


Madison Estate
1 month after the shooting:

Elizabeth and Jason were waiting on the board of directors (For the Sake of a Child) as well as Lucy.

“Hello dears, don’t get up, I can seat myself”, Audrey stated. “Hello Jason”.

“Hello Grams”, Jason said smiling. He and Audrey had gotten into it about him calling her Mrs. Hardy or Audrey. She had told him flat out to call her grams.

“I love the house”, Audrey said.

“We love it too”, Elizabeth said.

Jason, Audrey and Liz were conversing when their housekeeper Mrs. Wyatt showed the others in. “Thank you Rachel”, Jason told her as Alexandra and Steven walked in and sat down. Jason had just sat down next to Liz when Lucy breezed into the room.

“Hello everyone”, Liz said. “As you all know, Lucy and I have been working on ways to raise funds for the foundation”. “We have come up with a few ideas”. “Diane has gotten all of the legal paperwork done and it will be filed as soon as we have a location”. “We still need to look at locations”, Liz said as she sat down.

“That’s where I come in”, Edward said as he walked in.

“I have a building that I am giving to the foundation”, Edward said. “It’s a few blocks from ELQ”. “It has four floors and should suit the foundation nicely”.

“Thank you Edward”, Elizabeth said.

“Anything for my future granddaughter in law”, Edward beamed.

When Diane arrived, Edward gave her all of the paperwork; she then left to file it at the courthouse.

After Diane left, Liz told the group about who she wanted as trustees. The group agreed with her choices.

“Okay, now that all that is settled we have to talk about your fundraisers”, Lucy said.

“As I mentioned to Liz two weeks ago, we need to have the first fundraiser before the Nurse’s Ball”. “So here are my thoughts………..”

When the group had finished listening to Lucy’s idea of a 3 day fundraising event, they all said: “do it”.

So Lucy was off and running to help Liz start planning and everyone volunteered to help.

Over the next few days, Liz and Jason finally got completely settled into their home. And the next day Elizabeth would get to see Jeff Webber.

Chapter 15

PC Hotel:

Gibbs was contemplating the last few weeks:

Liz was finally able to go home, and she was trying to move on. But Jethro knew that she needed answers.

That’s why even though Abby was still gathering info; he was going to question Jeff. He didn’t think that Jeff knew more than what he’d told Jethro in Russia, but Gibbs was going to let the facts and evidence speak for itself.


As Gibbs watched from the observation room while David and McGee brought Jeff in and sat him down, he pondered what Jeff’s real reason for letting Diana do what she did was; and if there was no real reason for Jeff letting her do it, then maybe he hadn’t really known Jeff at all.

Just then Agent Todd led Liz and Jason into the room. Jethro gave Liz a hug and asked: “how are you feeling”?

“I’m not at a 100 percent yet but I’m okay”, Liz said as she finally saw Jeff through the one way glass. “Does he or Diana know that I’m here”?

“No, Jeff’s been asking to see you but, I told him that was up to you”. “Diana hasn’t said a word”, Jethro told them.

“Okay”, Jethro said as he got Liz and Jason settled. “Agent Todd will remain here in the room with you”.

Just after leaving the room Jethro’s phone rang:

“Gibbs”, he answered.

“Jethro, did you get it”, Abby asked?

“Get what Abby”, Gibbs questioned?

“The file I sent on Jeff Webber”, Abby said.

“Hold on Abby”, Leroy said as Tony walked up and handed him a file.

“It just got here; thanks Abby”, Gibbs said then he closed his phone.

As he read the first page he couldn’t believe what he was reading; Jeff had killed someone. The first couple of pages related how Jeff had accidentally killed Heather Webber after she tried to disappear with their son. And Diana’s adoption of Steven wasn’t legal.

Could Diana have been holding that over Jeff to get him to do what she wanted?

The only thing that Gibbs knew without a shadow of a doubt about Jeff Webber was that he was incapable of killing anyone. Was it possible that Jeff was framed for Heather’s murder?

As Jethro and Ziva walked into Interrogation Room 1, he was beginning to wonder if he ever really knew Jeff Webber.

“I have some questions Mr. Webber”, Gibbs said being completely professional.

“Why the formalities Gunny”, Jeff asked?

Ziva was just listening and watching as her boss questioned a neglectful parent.

Gibbs ignored the question and proceeded to read Jeff his rights. “Do you understand these rights as I have read them”, Gibbs asked Jeff?

“Yes, and I waive the right to an attorney”, Jeff stated.

“Did you know who Elizabeth’s real parents were when Diana brought her into your home”?

“No, I didn’t know who they were, and I still don’t know”, Jeff answered.

“Did you know that Diana had gone to that hospital, and taken someone else’s child”?

“No, if I had I would have done everything to return the child to her parents”, Jeff answered.

“Really”? “Because I have information here that tells me you would have done anything to keep a certain secret from coming to light”, Gibbs said.

“If I had known about Lizzie at the beginning, I would have given her back”. “You know that Gunny”, Jeff said.

“I don’t know that”, Gibbs said.

“Can you arrange for me to see Elizabeth”, Jeff asked?

“No, not at this time”. “And it is entirely up to her if she WANTS to see YOU”. “And besides, she been reunited with her real family”, Gibbs said.

“Oh……… that’s great”, Jeff answered.

“Not very good for you or your wife though huh”, Gibbs said? “Did you know a young man by the name of Michael Corbin”, Mr. Webber?

“No”, Jeff answered.

“Did you know a Connie Falconeri”, Mr. Webber?

“No, but the name Falconeri sounds familiar”, Jeff answered.

“Do you recognize the names: Sonny Corinthos and Kate Howard”, Mr. Webber?

“Sonny Corinthos is friends with Elizabeth”, Jeff said.

“And how would you know that Mr. Webber”?

“I’ve had someone keeping an eye on her and Steven”; Jeff answered knowing that despite that, he had still neglected them.

“He’s also her father Mr. Webber”, Gibbs said waiting to see if Jeff knew or not. Seeing a shocked look on Jeff’s face told Gibbs that Jeff hadn’t know about Sonny being Elizabeth’s real father.

Observation Room:

“I don’t think that Jeff knew who I really was when Diana brought me home”, Liz said to Jason.

“It doesn’t sound like it”, Jason said.


Interrogation Room 1:

“How did she find out”, Jeff asked?

“Did you worry about Elizabeth’s safety when you left her on your parents’ front porch in the middle of the night Mr. Webber”?

“Diana didn’t give me time to worry”. “After Diana made me leave Liz, we were on a plane out of the country”, Jeff said.

“Did she hold a gun to your head Mr. Webber, or did you just not care”? “I’ve been doing some digging Mr. Webber, and what I have found so far, I don’t like”; Gibbs stated. “Did you contact Elizabeth at any time after you left her Mr. Webber”?

“No”, Jeff answered.

“What about your son Steven, did you contact him after he was sent off to boarding school Mr. Webber”?

“No, I didn’t”, Jeff answered.

Just as Jeff finished answering, Cate walked in and handed Gibbs a piece of paper, then walked back out.

Gibbs opened the paper, and saw that Elizabeth had some questions for Mr. Webber.

“Why, if you claimed to love Elizabeth, did you not come back to fight for her when your parents went for custody Mr. Webber”?

“Because; Diana threatened to take Sarah and disappear”. “And she said she would make sure that I would never get Steven or Elizabeth”, Jeff explained.

“What about when your “daughter” was beaten and raped in the park at age 16; why did you not come back then Mr. Webber”?

“I didn’t come back because Diana told me that Elizabeth had brought what happened on herself, for the attention”, Jeff stated.

“What about when your son was injured while at boarding school Mr. Webber”?

“We called him”, Jeff said.

“Try again Mr. Webber”. “I have Steven’s records and they kept meticulous records of who called and when”. “And these records show that there was no contact from you at all starting from the time that he was picked up at the airport by school staff until he left at age 18”. “It shows that they called, and made note of the fact that you claimed it was too far to come”, Gibbs said. “Too far to travel Mr. Webber”? “Was your son not as important as your wife, daughter Sarah or your job Mr. Webber”?

“What I was doing, was trying to protect him from Diana”, Jeff said. “And my children ARE more important than my job or my wife”.

“So you say Mr. Webber, so you say”. “But you sure a have a very funny way of showing it”.

“What about when your son got married Mr. Webber”? “Why weren’t you there”?

“I didn’t know that he was getting married”, Jeff stated.

“I know you’re lying Mr. Webber”. “You say that you had someone keeping an eye on them for you, but yet you say you didn’t know”. “I also know that you didn’t bother to even return home for your father’s funeral, and what that says to me is that you put your daughter Sarah and your wife above anyone and everyone else; including your father”.


Observation Room:

“He had people keeping him informed about us but he never bothered to come”, Elizabeth said questioningly?

“I’m sorry that you and Steven went through that”, Jason said.


Interrogation Room 1:

“And you didn’t bother to even come when your grandchildren were born, one of which nearly died during delivery”? “Mr. Webber, are you that thoughtless”? “Well Mr. Webber, I have two bits of information that you don’t know: Elizabeth is getting married, to a good man who will put her first”.

“Is it Jason Morgan”, Jeff asked hoping that it wasn’t?

“You don’t have a right to ask”, Gibbs said.

“And someone tried to kill Elizabeth just mere minutes before you called me Mr. Webber”.

“WHAT”, Jeff yelled?

“How is she”, Jeff asked?

“Concerned are we; well it is just too little too late isn’t it Mr. Webber”? “Showing concern now; when you couldn’t show it years ago”. “But did you know that your wife knew about Liz getting married, as well as someone trying to kill her Mr. Webber”, Jethro said?

“NO, I DIDN’T KNOW”, Jeff shouted.

“Cate, take him back to his cell”, Gibbs said walking out the door and going in to talk to Liz and Jason.


Observation Room:

“I know that was hard”, Jethro said to Liz as he walked in.

“It must have been hard for you too Uncle Jethro, he is your friend”, Liz said.

“I think that friendship has sailed”, Gibbs said. “I never really knew Jeff, I see that now”. “Why don’t you two head home, it’s been a long day”. Gibbs said. “I’ll go at him again when I have more info”; Gibbs said then walked the couple out.

Next Day:

“Agent Gibbs”, Steven said after Robert’s secretary brought him to where Gibbs and his team were?

“Yes, Dr. Webber”, Leroy asked?

“I would like to see my father”, Steven said.

“Okay, but I’ll be observing”, Jethro told him.

“That’s fine”, Steven stated.

“DiNozzo, David; go and get Mr. Webber”, Gibbs directed.

“You can talk to him in here, Dr. Webber”, Gibbs said leading him into Interrogation Room 1.

As Steven waited he tried to come to terms with the fact that his father was a man he no longer liked. He knew now that Sarah and Diana had been the most important to Jeff Webber.

“Steven”, Jeff said as he was brought into the room.

“Mr. Webber”, Steven said.

“That’s cold Steven”, Jeff said.

“I have some questions I would like to have answered please”, Steven said. “Why didn’t you take Elizabeth back to Law Enforcement when Diana brought her home”?

“I didn’t know the truth about Elizabeth”, Jeff said.

“Don’t lie to me, you knew”! “You’re the one who got her birth certificate made”. “I saw you get it from a man I later found out was a forger”, Steven stated flatly. “So answer my question”, Steven said again.

“I didn’t take Lizzie back because I saw that Diana was finally happy and I wasn’t about to ruin that”, Jeff admitted knowing that his deeply buried secret would now have to come out.

“Why didn’t you want to ruin Diana’s happiness”? “You sure as hell ruined mine and Lizzie’s”, Steven demanded?

“Because I came to realize that when Diana was unhappy she made people suffer”, Jeff said. “And because I had found someone else”. “Someone who was the total opposite of Diana”, Jeff said.

“You were having an affair”? “How long”, Steven demanded to know?

“Yes, I was having an affair”. “And since before Diana came home with Lizzie”, Jeff said. “I will tell you everything, but I need you to go and get Agent Gibbs”. “He needs to be here”, Jeff said.

So Steven stepped out of the room just as Gibbs stepped out of Observation.

Then both he and Gibbs returned to the interrogation room.


“Why were you having an affair”, Steven asked?

“I fell out of love with Diana”, Jeff said.

“Why didn’t you just leave”, Steven asked angry?

“Because; she threatened you and Sarah”. “She told me if I left her, she would use what evidence she was holding to frame me for your mother’s murder; and make sure that Social Services came and took you”. “She also threatened to make sure that if that happened, that I would never get you back”, Jeff said.

“What’s her name”, Steven asked?

“Before I tell you her name, I need Jethro to have some people go and get her and your sisters and brother”, Jeff said knowing Steven would blow up at that news.

“You had children with her”, Steven yelled?

“Yes, and Diana found out”, Jeff said.

“Tell me where and I’ll have some of my people bring them to Port Charles”, Gibbs said.

Jeff then told them where his other family was, and Gibbs let him call them so they would be ready to come.

“Take them to Elizabeth and Jason’s”, Steven said. “I’ll call Jason and explain”.

“Thank you Steven”, Jeff said.

“I’m not doing this for you, I am doing this for my younger siblings”, Steven stated.

After Gibbs called his people to arrange for pickup, Steven then stepped out to call and explain to Jason.

“Thanks Jason, I’ll explain all of it when I come by later, just protect them for me”, Steven said and then ended the call. He then stepped back into the room.

“Back to answering my questions DAD”, Steven just as Gibbs stepped back into the room as well.

“Why are they in hiding”, both Steven and Gibbs asked?

“Because 3 years ago Diana found out about Sofia and the kids”. “She threatened their lives”. “2 weeks later, Sofia’s brakes were cut on her car”, Jeff explained.

“So, I contacted my attorney and he got them into hiding”. “And we started investigating Diana”. “My attorney is on his way here to give you all of what he and his Private investigator have”, Jeff told them.

“We also found out that Diana has been taking money from the trust accounts that my grandmother on my mother’s side set up for Steven and Elizabeth”.

“What was she doing with the money”, Steven asked?

“Jordan’s PI found out that Diana has been depositing it into an account that she set up, using Sarah’s first and last name; spelled backwards”, Jeff said.

“Right after I called you Gunny, I called Jordan, and told him to have the account closed and to return the money to Elizabeth’s and Steven’s accounts”. “Which is where it belongs”. “Diana is in for a very large surprise, Jeff said.

“Jeff, you need to be completely truthful with me”. “How much did you really know about Elizabeth and her kidnapping”, Gibbs asked?

“I didn’t know who her real parents were”. “The names that Diana gave me were: Andrew Clarke and Wendy Faulk”, Jeff said.

“Did you know that she was taken from Bensonhurst”?

“No, Diana told me that she’d been born on the streets”, Jeff stated.

“Steven, I hope that one day you’ll be able to forgive me”, Jeff said to his son.

“Did you really kill mom”, Steven asked needing to know?

“No, I think that Diana did, and framed me for it”, Jeff stated. “She needed something big enough that I would fold whenever she threatened me with it”.

“Steven, I need to talk to Elizabeth and your grandmother”, Jeff said.

Steven believed his father, but that didn’t mean he’d forgiven him for what he’d done.

Chapter 16

“I’ll try, but I can’t guarantee that either Lizzie or Grams will come”, Steven said.


Hardy Residence:

“Steven how are you dear”, Audrey asked as Steven came into the kitchen?

“I need to talk to you grams”, Steven said. “It’s about dad”.

“I don’t want to talk about it”, Audrey stated.

“You have 5 more grandchildren”, Steven stated.

“What did you say”, Audrey asked?

And so Steven sat his grandmother down and told her all of it, every last word that Jeff had told him.

After hearing what Steven had just told her, Audrey knew that she would need to go and see Alexis and have her amend what she was doing for Audrey.

“My god that woman is a MONSTER”, Audrey said. “Where are my grandchildren”?

“Gibbs has agents going to get them and their mother”, Steven stated.

“Where will they be staying”, Audrey asked?

“Jason and Lizzie have agreed to let them stay with them”, Steven said.

“Grams, I am not ready to forgive him yet, but what he wasn’t saying; makes me think that Diana picked him out like a stud horse, got him to marry her, got him to help her make Sarah; by blackmailing him”, Steven said. “She killed mom so that she would have something to control dad with”, Steven said to Audrey.

“And she continued to keep control by threatening you, Lizzie and my other grandchildren”, Audrey said. “Not all of this is your father’s fault”.

“No, it looks like dad was doing what he had to in order to protect his children”, Steven said.

“Grams, I need to go and talk to Lizzie, but dad wanted to see you”, Steven said and then went to see Elizabeth.

Madison Estate:

Elizabeth was furious, Jason wouldn’t tell her what the call from Steven had been about.

“Liz, you can stop glaring at me, I’m not going to tell you”. “Steven said he would explain when he got her”, Jason said.

“I’m mad at you”, Liz said as Steven walked into the room.

“Lizzie, stop that, blame me not Jason”, Steven told his sister. And she was his sister, in all the ways that counted. “Liz you’re going to want to sit down for what I’m about to tell you”, Steven said. After Elizabeth had sat down, Steven told both her and Jason what he’d learned from Jeff, as well as what he and Audrey suspected.

“THAT EVIL WITCH”, Liz spat.

“So all this time he was really in love with this Sofia Curtis”, Liz asked?

“Yeah, and when Diana found out; she tried to kill Sofia and threatened my younger siblings”, Steven said.

“Our younger siblings Steven”. “We’re still family, even if it’s not by blood”. “And even though I hate him right now, I still love Jeff”. “He may not be my real father, but for my first 5 years of life he was”. “And in his own way, I think he was trying to protect me from Diana as well”, Liz said.

“So it’s okay if Sofia and the kids stay with you”, Steven asked?

“Yes, they can stay”, Liz said.

“And I’ll have guards on them”, Jason told Steven.

“Thanks Jason”, Steven said.

“He would like to see you”, Steven told Elizabeth.

“I’ll go tomorrow”, Liz said.

Steven then said his goodbyes and went to start his shift at the hospital.


En-route to Davis-Scorpio Law Firm:

Armed with the names of her 5 other grandchildren; Audrey was on her way to see Alexis. She needed to amend the documents that Alexis was working on for her; to reflect her newest grandchildren.

She’d called Alexis and told her that she needed to see her, so there she was. “Hello Alexis, I am sorry about this”, Audrey said as she sat down.

“It’s no trouble Audrey”, Alexis said.

“Here is what I need added and revised”, Audrey said handing Alexis a stack of papers.

“I should have everything typed and ready for you to sign tomorrow”, Alexis told Audrey and then walked her out.



“McGee, find me everything you can on Heather Webber and her murder”. “Also; have any remaining evidence on that case sent to Abby”, Gibbs barked.

After what Jethro heard Jeff tell Steven as well as what Jeff had told him, Gibbs didn’t think that Jeff was completely at fault. If Diana was really the one who killed Heather Webber; then by doing so, she was able to control Jeff. And she controlled him again by threatening his children.

Lobby of WSB:

“Audrey”, Robert said as he was leaving?

“I need to see my son Robert”, Audrey said.

“I’ll take you to Agent Gibbs”; Robert said leading het to the elevator. “Gibbs”, Robert said seeing Robert as he and Audrey got off the elevator. “Audrey would like to see her son”, Robert told Gibbs. And Robert took his leave.

“McGee, Todd; go get Mr. Webber for Mrs. Hardy”, Gibbs said.

“Mrs. Hardy, I want you to know that we are making head-way in finding out how Elizabeth was taken”, Gibbs said.

“Thank you Agent Gibbs”, Audrey said as she sat. “Your son will be in shortly”, Gibbs said leaving.

Interrogation Room 1:

Audrey knew that Gibbs was watching and listening, and she didn’t care. He loved her granddaughter like his own. If it helped solve the mystery of how all this happened, then he could listen all he wanted.

Audrey was still angry with Jeff, but knowing that he’d been forced into it; made things a little easier.


“Mom”, Jeff said as he was brought in.

McGee and Todd then left the two alone.

“Jeff how did this happen”, Audrey asked?

“Diana is how this happened”, Jeff said. “I’ve had a lot of time to think while sitting here”. “I think I was a sort of mark for Diana”. “And I fell for it hook, line and sinker”, Jeff stated.

“Can you tell me”, Audrey asked?

And so Jeff told her everything, including about Sofia and the kids. “I really messed up mom”, Jeff said.

“Make amends Jeff”, Audrey said. “Help Agent Gibbs nail Diana, and whoever she was helping”.

“I’m trying”, Jeff said. “Mom, remember what you told me about the March family”, Jeff asked hoping she’d understand what he wanted to say without really saying it?

“Yes, I do”, Audrey answered understanding.

“Diana was planning something mom”, Jeff said hoping she would get the hidden message.

“I am trying to forgive you Jeff, but it’s going to take time”, Audrey said.

“I know mom”, Jeff said.

“I would like to get to know my other grandchildren, if you will allow me to”, Audrey said.

“Of course you can get to know them and Sofia”, Jeff said to his mom.

“Steven said that they’ll be staying with Elizabeth”, Audrey said.

“That’s good. I know she’s not mine but she’s still family to me”, Jeff said.

“Who’s the man lucky enough to marry her”, Jeff asked?

“If I tell you, you’re not allowed to get mad; it’s her life”, Audrey said.

“Okay, I know I don’t have a right to get mad”, Jeff conceded.

“It’s Jason Morgan”, Audrey said.

Jeff knew about Jason’s accident, he just didn’t like the profession he’d chosen after. “Mom, I would like to talk to Liz”, Jeff said.

“I don’t know if she’ll come”, Audrey said. “Steven was going to talk to her”.


Charlotte, NC:

“Jennings, you have a package here”, Maggie said as her grandmother entered the kitchen.

As she took the package, Jennings wondered who it was from and what it could be. She then sat at the table and opened it.

“Oh my GOD”, Jennings said.

“What dear”, Maggie asked?

“Grandma you need to see this”, Jenn said motioning Maggie to the table.

As Maggie and Jenn looked through the contents of the package, they realized that they needed help.

“Grandma, there’s a note”:

“Dear Jennings and Maggie,

My name is Mick St. John. I am a friend. Jenn, I know that you have been looking for your father. Your father has also been looking for you as well.

All the info about him is in this package.

I know that you want to know who I am and what I want in return. My only motive is to right some wrongs.

Please be careful, there is someone who does not want you to find your father.

You will get to meet me; enclosed are two plane tickets. They are to Philly, I will pick you up at the airport; I’ll be holding a sign with your name Jennings. I will see you soon.

Mick St. John”

“Can we trust him grandma”, Jenn asked?

“I think we can”, Maggie said.

“Let’s get packed and go, and be extra vigilant”. “We don’t tell anyone we’re leaving town or where we’re headed”, Maggie told her granddaughter. So, the two went to pack.


“Hello, PC Branch of the WSB, Amy speaking; how may I direct your call”?

“I need to speak to Special Agent Gibbs, it’s very important”.

“What is it pertaining to”, asked Amy?

“Tell him I have info about the kidnapping of Melanie/Elizabeth Webber; as well as info about where to find Malcolm Scorpio’s daughter”.

“I’ll put you on hold”, Amy said.

Amy then called up to the conference room:

“DiNozzo answer that buzzing”, Gibbs ordered.

“What do you need Miss Roarke”, Tony asked?

“I need Agent Gibbs”, Amy replied.

“It’s for you boss”, Tony said handing Gibbs the phone.

“Gibbs here”, he said.

“I’m sorry to bother you Agent Gibbs”, Amy said.

“It’s okay, what do you need”, Gibbs asked?

“I need you to come down here”, Amy said.

“I’ll be right there”, Leroy said.

“I’ll be back, keep working”, Gibbs said as he walked out.


A Few minutes later……………..

“Thank you for coming down Agent Gibbs”.

“I have a man on the phone who would only talk to you”. “He says he has information about the Webber case as well as info about Commissioner Scorpio”, Amy told Gibbs.

“Agent Gibbs here”, he said into the phone.

“Agent Gibbs, I have info to give you”. “I’ll be in Port Charles tomorrow evening”.

“Can I get a name”, Gibbs asked?

“Just call me Mick”.

“Did the receptionist tell you what I have info about”?

“Yes, but how do I know you’re telling the truth”, Gibbs asked?

“Malcolm Scorpio’s daughter’s name is Jennings”. “Her mother’s name was Frankie Gallagher”.

“Where do you want to meet”, Gibbs asked?

“How bout we meet at the WSB”? “And you’ll want Mr. Scorpio there”.

“We’ll be waiting”, Gibbs said.

“I’ll see you there”, and the line went dead.


“Commissioner Scorpio”, Mac answered.

“Mac”, Gibbs said.

“You’re going to want to meet me at the WSB tomorrow night at 9pm”, Gibbs told Mac.

“Why”, Mac asked?

“Because someone with info about your daughter will be coming”, Leroy said.

“Okay, I’ll be there”, Mac said before ending the call.

Chapter 17

Next evening----------

En-route: Port Charles from Philly & WSB HQ:

“What did he say Gunny”, Mac asked?

“He knew who Frankie was & knew Jennings’s name”. “Just be patient Mac”, Gibbs said.


When she and her grandmother had arrived in Philly, the man was waiting for them.

He’d told them it would take a few hours to get to Port Charles, but he wanted to be sure no one tried to stop them. He’d also said that he would explain everything once they were at the WSB in Port Charles.

That had been several hours ago, now as they were 20 minutes from Port Charles, Jenn wondered:

Will dad want me in his life? What if he’s married and his family won’t accept me? What does this Mick St. John have to do with my mom and my dad? And why are we going to Port Charles, NY?


“Mac, will you stop fidgeting”? “You’re wearing a hole in the floor”.

“Next thing you know, you’ll fall in; and find yourself in Timbuktu!”, Gibbs said.

“Ha Ha; you always were a riot Gibbs”, Mac said.


A Few Minutes Later:

Gibbs and Mac heard them before they saw them. “Let me take the lead”, Leroy told Mac.

“Agent Gibbs, you have visitors”, the security guard said as the group walked in.

“Thanks Bill”, Gibbs said.

“Mr. St. John, I presume”, Gibbs queried?

“That’s the name I’ve been using for the last 25 years”. “My real name is Mason Hansen”. “Everyone please let me finish”, Mason asked? “Yes, Jenn; I am Georgia Hansen’s son”. “My mother is not a nice woman”. “She controlled her children like she controlled her husband”. “We had to live our lives the way she wanted us to”. “She controlled who we dated, everything”.

“And if anyone got in her way, she got rid of them”, Mason said. “The final straw for me was when I turned 18”. “I was dating a nice girl named Grace”. “My mother didn’t like her”. “She snapped when she found out that Grace was pregnant”. “Two weeks later, Grace was dead”. “The official reports said that she was killed by an accidental house fire”. “I didn’t buy it”. “So I faked my death and started over”, Mason said.

“I had been friends with Frankie, and I was happy when I found out about her daughter”. “Then I heard that she’d been killed”. “At that point I had returned to Charlotte when my brother called me”. “Cole and I met, and what he told me had rocked me to my core”. “Cole had found out that my mother was hiding some dark secrets, but she was also blackmailing people”, Mason stated.

“So, I left to start dismantling her info”. “While I was gone, Cole had been killed by a drunk driver”. “He’d left me a letter stating that he’d found out that mother knew about Jennings; who her father was, where he lived and so on”. “Cole also stated that she’d known since before Frankie had died”. “Frankie had tried to find Mr. Scorpio, using her connections but failed”. “Cole found out that Georgia had had a part in that”, Mason admitted.

Needless to say that what Gibbs, Maggie, Mac and Jennings had heard so far was shocking.

“Cole also realized before he died that mother was punishing Jennings for the fact that Frankie had fallen out of love with Cole”. “Yes, Frankie had loved Cole, but it wasn’t as deeply as she loved Mr. Scorpio”, Mason said. “After I came back I started to finish what Cole and I had started”, Mason said.


Mac knew that the young woman in front of him, was his daughter Jennings, but he would let things play out as they would.


Maggie was appalled to hear what Georgia had done. To punish Jennings for the fact that her mother had fallen out of love with Cole, that SHE-DEVIL. I hope she gets hers, Maggie thought to herself.

“Jennings”, Mason said. “Cole loved your mother very much”. “He wasn’t mad about what happened”. “He was going to bring you everything”, Mason told her. Knowing it was time to introduce Jenn to her father said: “Mr. Scorpio, I would like you to meet your daughter Jennings”, Mason said.

Both Jenn and Mac hesitated for a minute before Jenn moved forward.

“Dad”, Jennings asked?

“Yeah”, Mac answered. “I looked for you, but it was like you’d vanished”.

“That was Georgia’s doing”. “She had connections and used them to get custody of Jenn, claiming that Jenn was Cole’s”, Mason said.

“I remember that”, Maggie said. “It took Charlie and me, 3 years to get our granddaughter back”.

“Mrs. Gallagher, I had hand in your getting her back”. “I took DNA from both Cole and Jenn; and had a friend run the tests”. “After I got the results, I sent them to the judge anonymously”, Mason explained.

“It was you that played with me that day in the park cross from the courthouse the day that grandma and grandpa brought me home”, Jenn said smiling. “You told me that I would be going home, where I belonged”.

“Yes, that was me”, Mason said.

“Thank you Mason”, Maggie said.

“I’d like to get to know both you better”, Mason said to Jenn and Maggie.

“We’d like that”, Maggie answered.

“Agent Gibbs, why don’t we let these people get to know each other; and I’ll tell you what I know”, Mason asked?

“We can go upstairs”, Gibbs answered.

“Mrs. Gallagher, one thing”, Mason said. Mason knew that what he was about to say would blow Maggie’s, Jenn’s and his own life sky high; but he had to tell her.

“Can I come and talk with you tomorrow sometime”? “I have a few things to tell you, and they’re better said in private”, Mason asked?

“Yes, I’ll see you tomorrow Mason”, Maggie said and then Mason and Gibbs headed upstairs.

Maggie looked at Mac and said: “you really loved my daughter, didn’t you”?

“Yes, I did”. “I was planning on coming home after my tour and asking Frankie to marry me”. “I wanted us to be a family”, Mac said. “I was devastated when I heard that she’d been killed in the bombing in Saudi Arabia”. “I tried to find out more but wasn’t able to”, Mac said. “I was wounded at the tail end of Desert Storm; I spent several months in the hospital”. “When I got out, I wasn’t any good to anyone, so I went home to Sidney for a while”, Mac said. “And after that, I followed my brother here to Port Charles”.

“Do you have a family of your own”, Maggie asked?

“Yes, I do”. “And they know about Jennings; and want her in their lives”, Mac stated.

“When you say they, who do you mean daddy”, Jenn asked?

“You have an Aunt Anna, Uncle Robert, a cousin named Robin; for starters”. “You also have four younger sisters: Maxie, Kristina, Georgie and Molly”, Mac said with a grin.

“I would like to meet them”, Jenn said.

“It’ll have to wait until tomorrow morning”. “Robin is on rounds at the hospital, your aunt and uncle are in bed asleep; and your sisters are fast asleep by now”, Mac said.

“Okay”, Jennings said.

“I’ll always love you Jennings”, Mac told his daughter. “Let’s get you settled for the night”. “You can either stay with us or I can take you to the Port Charles Hotel”, Mac stated.

“We’ll stay with you Mac”, Maggie said.

And so the trio left for Mac’s home. On the way, Mac called and let Alexis know that he was bringing home Jenn and her grandmother.


WSB Conference Room;

“McGee, pull up Mason Hansen’s information”.

After McGee had pulled it all up, Gibbs saw that all the info that Mick/Mason had told him was the same as on the screen. Gibbs still had McGee run the fingerprints.

And the fingerprints matched as well. Gibbs wasn’t surprised by that, and knew that whatever information Mason had would be good.

“So what do you have”, Gibbs asked Mason?

“I know that Georgia knew the woman that you call Diana Webber”. “That’s not her real name”, Mason said.

“What is her real name”, Gibbs asked?

“Her real name is Amanda Holden”, Mason stated.

“How did /does your mother know/knew her”, Gibbs asked?

“Georgia was a Madam, she ran/runs a high priced call girl service”. “She’s managed to keep it hidden from everyone including my father”, Mason told them.

“Does she still run it”, Kate Todd asked, knowing that if she was that the feds could get her, and she would face jail time?

“Yes, over the last 11 months I’ve gathered everything I found”. “She has very meticulous records”. “Here is all of what I have found”, Mason said handing Gibbs the files he’d brought with him.

Gibbs then dialed Abby. “Abby”?

“What do you need Gibbs”, Abby asked?

“I need you to run two names for me”, Gibbs said.

“Give”, Abby stated.

“Georgia Hansen and Amanda Holden”. “Also reference Ramirez and Darnell against those names”, Gibbs said then hung up.

“Do you have anymore”, Gibbs asked Mason?

“After some digging, I found out that Maggie and my father had been dating”. “Georgia was jealous, Mason stated. “Georgia wanted my dad, and apparently saw Maggie as an obstacle”. “The push and pull between my dad and them went on for about a year and a half”, Mason said. “Before I say more, I need to explain my existence”, Mason said.

Gibbs, as well as his team wondered what Mason meant by that statement.

“I didn’t find this part out until Georgia took Jennings from Maggie and Charlie Gallagher”. “Maggie and my father had child; a son, me”; Mason explained. “Georgia made Maggie believe that her child had died at birth, she had help”, Mason spat. “Georgia asked a nurse who worked for her to help her”. “And she controlled my father by threatening Maggie’s life and mine”. “She made my dad let her raise me as her own”, Mason said.

“What else did she do”, Gibbs asked?

“Well to her, Maggie was still a problem”. “So she asked a client of hers; an Anthony Falconeri, to take care of the problem”, Mason stated.

“How”, Ziva asked?

“By ending her life”, Mason said flatly. “But Mr. Falconeri didn’t do what Georgia wanted him to do”.

“What did he do instead”, Agent Todd asked?

“He raped her, and beat her up pretty badly; Frankie was a result of that”. “Mom and Charlie protected her from both Georgia and Mr. Falconeri”.

“So, Maggie is your real mother”, Gibbs asked?

“Yes, I had a DNA test done”. “I didn’t tell anyone”. “I was trying to protect mom”. “Frankie was my sister”, Mason said sadly.

“I still need to tell Maggie and Jennings about this”, Mason said.


“Boss”, DiNozzo stated.

“What”, Gibbs asked?

“This little black book only has first names”, Tony said.

“I may know some of those names”, Mason said.

And so Gibbs, his team and Mason went to work on Georgia’s little black book.


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