Chapter 10 - 13

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Chapter 10 - 13

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Chapter 10

Charlotte, NC:

“I have a right to know him”, Jennings said to her grandmother.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea”, Maggie Gallagher said. “He may not be willing to have you in his life”. “We don’t know more about him, other than his first name”.

“That doesn’t matter Nana”, Jennings said. “I am going to find him and meet him”. “He is my father”. “I just don’t understand why mom wouldn’t have made sure that she had contact info for him”.

“There could be lots of reasons that she didn’t know”, Maggie said. “It’s possible that he didn’t want her to know, or that he might have been in trouble, who knows”. “Your mom was the only one with all those answers, and she took those answers to her grave”. Then Maggie walked into the kitchen to finish cleaning up. “But, I won’t stop you from looking for him”, Maggie told her granddaughter.

“Oh mom, did dad know about me”? “If so, why did he not come looking for me”? “Oh, how I wish you were here”, Jennings said as silent tears fell down her face.

“Dad, I will find you, I promise you that”, she said and headed to work.


Port Charles, NY------

Elizabeth’s Room @ GH:

“So what does this mean”, Kate asked not understanding NCIS’s involvement?

“What it means is that my father and Diana could be in a lot of trouble”. “Trouble they never saw coming”, Steven said. “What I remember of Uncle Leroy is that when it came to Lizzie; he was a fierce protector”. “He always said that, if anyone hurt his “Lizzie Ladybug”, they would answer to him”. “The only reason he’s not here now, and I’m just guessing, is that Diana made sure he never found out”, Steven stated.

“I’d forgotten that he used to call me that”, Elizabeth said with a huge grin.

By this time, Alexandra and Harrison were back and taking all the new info in.

“He used to call Kelly, Brennan and myself, the “Brat Patrol””, Liz said laughing. “I miss Kelly”.


NCIS Plane-En-route to Quantico:

Gibbs was sitting in his seat contemplating why Jeff had lied and why Diana would do what she did, when McGee let him know that he had a live feed to answer.

“Who is it”, Gibbs asked?

“It’s a Robert Scorpio with the WSB”. “He says that it has to do with the Webbers”, McGee said.

“Let’s go”, Gibbs said to Kate, leaving Jeff and Diana with McGee, Tony and Ziva. Gibbs enters the other room, putting on the mic. MTAC appears on the screen, and he gives them the okay to put Robert through.

“What can I do for you Agent Scorpio”, Gibbs asks?

“I think it’s more of what I can do for you Agent Gibbs”, Robert said.

“And what would that be”, Gibbs asked?

“I can get you in touch with the children of the Webbers”, Robert said.

“Do you have a secure location to hold the Drs. Webber”, Gibbs asked?

“Yes, here at the WSB in Port Charles”, Robert said.

“We’re on our way”, Gibbs said. “By the way, are you by chance related to a Malcolm Scorpio”?

“Yes, I am”, Robert said. “I’m his older brother”.

“We’ll talk when we get there”, Gibbs said and then ended the call. Gibbs then contacted MTAC and got his boss on the feed. “Tom, there’s been a change of plans”, Gibbs said.

“I know, you’re headed to Port Charles, NY”. “I heard what the agent from the WSB said, and Abby is working on getting your information”, Tom said. “Be careful Jethro”, Morrow said and then ended the feed.

“Gibbs, who is Malcolm Scorpio”, Kate asked?

“He was someone that I served with”, Gibbs said. “He and I were friends”. “He and I were very close, then I lost touch with him”.


Kennebunkport, Maine:

“If I go down, they go with me”, Watson said. “I haven’t worked and covered all my tracks, to go down alone”. He’d gotten word that Ramirez had fled. And he’d gotten word that someone was investigating the infant’s kidnapping that happened in Bensonhurst. But it wasn’t Dante Falconeri or Sonny Corinthos.

He knew that if cornered, Diana would talk, and he’d planned for that contingency; she was weak. He’d made sure that even if Diana confessed all; only she, her husband and Ramirez would go down. No one knew what his connection to Michael ‘Sonny” Corinthos really was, or why he’d used their child to punish him. And he’d made damn sure Sonny would never find out, even if by some chance he and Connie got their brat back.

The Cayman Islands:

Ramirez had heard about the investigation, which was why he and his son had fled. And he knew that Mr. Darnell thought and still thinks he’s safe, but if one goes down we all go down, Jose decided. Jose had found all the tracks Darnell had made to lead to everyone but him; but what Darnell didn’t know was that he’d removed said trail, and made sure that Mr. Darnell would be implicated as well.

Jose knew who Watson Darnell really was. Darnell had thought he’d covered up and buried his past really deep, but Jose had still found out. After hearing about the fact that people were digging into what had happened in Bensonhurst, he and his son had fled to the Cayman Islands. Not even Darnell knew about his holdings there.


Port Charles Hotel—
Port Charles, NY:

“Daniel, I want you to gather all the files pertaining to Melanie’s kidnapping, and get them to me ASAP”, Harrison Falconeri said to his investigator. Harrison had just left the hotel and he was now on his way to see Robert Scorpio @ the WSB.

Harrison had every intention of giving all of what he had to NCIS. Once he’d heard that they were involved, he knew they would be the best ones to finally find out all of it and give his granddaughter and Melly closure. It was still hard for him not to call her Melly.

But there was also another matter that he wanted to talk to Robert about, and it involved finding out what secrets his son had been hiding. He hadn’t told Alexandra or his granddaughter; but he’d had a very ill feeling, and that feeling had been nagging at him for 26 years. And now that feeling led to a fear that his son had been involved in what had happened to Elizabeth.

But Harrison also needed to know about a crime that he’d heard about happening 26 years ago in Charlotte, NC. A young woman had been raped, but could not identify her attacker, but there was DNA left behind. The case hadn’t been brought to his attention until he was in NC four years ago, and had been reading through old newspapers. He had then read about the case, and asked his private investigator to look into the case, and what had been found had scared Harrison to his core.

There was a very likely possibility that his son, Antonio was the young woman’s attacker. As Harrison arrived at the Port Charles offices of the WSB, he hoped that he was doing the right thing.

“I would like a moment of Robert Scorpio’s time please”, Harrison asked the security guard at the front desk.

The guard told him to wait while he got a hold of Agent Scorpio’s assistant. “Terri, I have a Harrison Falconeri here asking for a moment of Agent Scorpio’s time, if he is willing to see Mr. Falconeri”, the guard asked her?

After hearing the name Falconeri, Terri went into her boss’s office and immediately asked him: “Robert, there is a Harrison Falconeri at the front desk, and he is asked to speak to you”. “Should I go get him and bring him back”, Terri asked Robert?

“Yes, go and bring him back”, Robert said. He wondered what was bringing Mr. Falconeri to him. “What can I do for you Mr. Falconeri”, Robert asked as Harrison sat down?

“First of all, can you update me on what’s being done”, Harrison asked?

Robert told him all that he knew; from the serial number being filed off to NCIS bringing the Webbers to PC.

“I have some files from when we were trying to find Elizabeth on our own”. “I’m willing to turn them over”, Harrison stated. “I just want justice for my family”.

“Hold onto the files”, Robert told the other man. “When Agent Gibbs arrives, I’ll send him to you; he’s the best one to give the files to”.

“Thank you”, Harrison said.

“How are you and your family holding up”, Robert asked Harrison?

“We’re still processing the fact that Melly or should I say Elizabeth’s been found and has both of her parents here to help her deal with it all”. “Alexandra is still dealing, all these years later with how her granddaughter was taken”, Harrison stated.

“Well, it’s going to take time, as you really didn’t get any answers”. “From what I’ve read, you all were ignored or placated while the case sat gathering dust”, Robert said.

“Well, I am going to head to the hospital, so thank you for your time Mr. Scorpio”, Harrison said and let himself out.


Commissioner Scorpio’s Office @ PCPD:

As Mac sat at his desk he couldn’t help but think:

Almost 16 years later and he still wasn’t any closer to finding his daughter than he was when he’d first been told about her. He’d tried to find her, but it was as if she’d vanished. All he could hope for was, that she would come looking for him. But that was only possible if her mom had told people who he was and that he was her daughter’s father.


Elizabeth’s hospital Room:

“Liz, I need to talk to you about something I did that you might be mad about”, Jason said.

“Jason, what did you do that I might be mad about”, Liz asked her fiancé’?

“I bought us a house, actually more of an estate”, Jason said.

“Where”, Elizabeth asked?

“It’s called Madison estate, and it’s located next to the estate that Sonny bought called Greystone”, Jason said.

“I’m not mad Jason; we’ll need a place to live once we’re married”. “I don’t want to live in the penthouse”, Liz said. “I love you”.

“I’ll let you be the decorator”, Jason told her. “And I love you too”.

“I want to see this house, can you send someone over with a camera, and have them take pictures for me”, Elizabeth asked him?

“Yes, I can send Max back over to get pictures for you”, Jason said. “I’ll have him do it right away”.

“Thank you honey”, Liz said.

Scorpio Home:

“Thank you for making time for me big brother”, Mac told Robert. “You too Anna”.

“I’d best start at the beginning”, Mac said.

“When I was serving in the Marines, I met a nurse”. “We got involved and started dating”. “Then I was called to active duty, Operation Desert Shield and then Operation Desert Storm to be exact”. “I got ready to leave, and then minutes before I got on the transport; she dropped a bombshell”.

“What was her name”, Anna asked?

“Her name was Frankie Gallagher”, Mac told them.

“What do you mean was”, Robert asked his brother?

“I’d already been gone for 10 months when I got word that she was overseas as well, she sent me a letter”. “Then about a week after that letter arrived a list of casualties was listed on post, her name was on the list”. “She was killed”.

“I’m sorry Mac”, Robert said to his younger brother. “Can you tell me what the bombshell was”, Robert asked?

It was hard for Mac, but he loved his brother. “The bombshell was that I have daughter”, Mac explained.

“Where is she, your daughter”, Anna asked?

“I’m not sure”, Mac said. “Frankie was writing me, telling me how she and baby were doing”. “But then after finding out that she’d been killed, I lost all communication”.

“I’ve never seen her or met her”, Mac said. “I don’t even know where she is”. “I’ve been looking for her for the last 15 years”.

“We’ll help you all we can to find her”, Anna said.

“You might want to talk to Agent Gibbs, he might be able to help”, Robert said. “I’ll get you in touch with him”.

“Wait, Gibbs is coming here”, Mac asked?

“Yes, I contacted him when I found out that they were bringing the Webbers back”, Robert told Mac.

“Can you call me when they get here”, Mac asked?

“I‘ll do you one better than that, I send him to you”, Robert said to his brother.

“I’m going head home, the girls are waiting”, Mac said.

“Does Alexis know”, Anna asked hoping that her sister in law knew about Mac’s daughter?

“Yes, I told her all of it before we got married, She’s been supportive through it all”, Mac said then said goodbyes and left.


Elizabeth’s Room @GH The next day:

“Honey, I wanted to know if we could start planning our wedding”, Jason asked?

“I would like to wait until this whole mess with the Webbers is over and done with”, Liz said. “I don’t want it hanging over our heads,” she said hoping that Jason wouldn’t be mad.

“I’m not mad baby”, Jason said. “I completely understand, you were shot, and then you find out that Sonny and Kate are your real parents”. “We’ll wait until this is all over okay”, Jason said hugging the love of his life.


Chapter 11

When Sean Cavanaugh saw the news about the shooting and heard the name Elizabeth Hardy, he knew that he had work to do.

When hired by his client 5 years ago, he’d been asked to arrange for certain items; and was told never to show his client’s file to anyone. Or to tell anyone the particulars of what his client had wanted done.

When asked what he should do in the event that something should happen to his client, Mr. Cavanaugh was told that the file he was being given had all the instructions he would need: all of the principles involved, when to do what he’d asked for, as well as a sizable payment for all future work.

So now Sean needed to implement what Mr. Jesse Stone had hired him for. He needed to make sure that the policies were taken care of as well as deposited into the accounts. Oh yes, he knew who his client really was. He’d known from the beginning. So when Mr. Stone explained on his second visit to Sean’s office, the real name on the checks; he’d known that his client had been protecting himself as well as this Elizabeth Hardy.

Mr. Stone had said that Miss Hardy was to be contacted by Sean 6 months before her 19th birthday, and given the very large package that Mr. Stone had left with Sean for her. And Sean was determined to carry out Mr. Stone’s wishes to the letter.

Hardy Home:

“Hello, Alexis Davis-Scorpio’s office; Deb speaking, how may I help you”?

“This is Audrey Hardy; I need to speak to Mrs. Scorpio, its important”.

“Please hold while I see if she’s available”, Deb said and walked to her boss’s door.

“Alexis, there is an Audrey Hardy on line 2; she would like to speak to you, she says it’s important”, Deb said to her boss.

“I’ll take the call”, Alexis told her secretary.

“Audrey, what can I do for you”, Alexis asked?

“I need your help with a few things”, Audrey said.

“I can see you tomorrow @10 am, will that be a good time”, Alexis asked Audrey?

“Yes, that will be fine, I will see you tomorrow at 10”, Audrey stated and ended the call. Some people would be in for a rude awakening after tomorrow, and it couldn’t happen to nicer people, Audrey thought with a chuckle as she got ready to head to the hospital.


“I am looking for Robert Scorpio”, Gibbs said as he and his team arrived with the Drs. Webber.

“You’ve found him, Robert said as he arrived”. “Glad to see that you all made it here in one piece Agent Gibbs”.

“Let’s get these two down to holding”, Robert said motioning to the doctors.

“McGee, David stay here”, Gibbs said.

Then Robert led everyone else to the elevator. “We have to go down two floors”, Robert said as they stepped on the elevator. Once the elevator doors opened, Robert led the group down the hall, arriving at the holding rooms. The doctors were each placed in separate cells, at different ends of the room.

Once back on the elevator and headed back upstairs, Robert finally spoke: “What do you want to do first”?

“I want to go and see Elizabeth”, Gibbs said.

“There’s something you need to know first”, Robert said.

“What”, Jethro asked?

“11 days ago, there was a shooting at a local eatery here; Elizabeth was one of the victims”, Robert told the agents.

“Where is she”, Jethro asked?

“She’s in the hospital, recovering from her injures”, Robert said. “I can take you to see her”.

“Let’s go”, Gibbs said to Robert as well as his team.


Elizabeth’s Room @GH:

“You’re healing very well”, Alan said to Liz.

“When will I be able to go home”, Elizabeth asked Alan as the door opened?

“Elizabeth, I need a moment”, Robert said. “Alan go ahead and finish, I’ll wait”, Robert said.

“We might be able to let you go home in a couple of days”, Alan said.

“Okay, I can handle that; thanks Alan”, Liz said. “You can send Robert back in”, Elizabeth told Alan before he walked out.

“Elizabeth, I apologize for my interruption”, Robert said. “NCIS needs to speak to you”.

“Okay”, Liz said with a grin.

“I’ll go get them, they’re in the waiting room”; Robert said and then went to retrieve Gibbs and his team.

Five minutes later room’s door opened and there stood Agent Gibbs.

“Lizzie Ladybug”, Leroy said letting out the breath that he’d been holding in since finding out about the shooting.

“Uncle Jethro”, Liz said smiling. “It’s been too long”. “Where are Aunt Shannon and Kelly”?

“Ah hell, this wasn’t going to be easy, neither for him nor for Elizabeth”; Gibbs thought to himself. “I have some bad news Liz”, Jethro said. “Shannon and Kelly were killed 8 years ago”.

And with those words spoken, Elizabeth fell apart. While Jason held Liz and let her cry it out, Gibbs and his team just sat quietly watching. The trio all knew about Jason Morgan, The Corinthos/Morgan enforcer. But to compare that man with the one before them, well all the stories and rumors were wrong. And Jethro could see that the man before him truly loved his god-daughter.

“I’m okay”, Liz told Jason about ½ hour later. “How’d it happen”, Elizabeth asked Leroy?

“They were killed by a Mexican drug Lord”. “It was a random shooting”. “They were trying to get the US government’s attention”. “It happened at the tail end of Desert Storm”. “I was overseas when it happened”, Jethro told his god daughter.

“Oh that’s horrible”, Elizabeth said to her uncle. “I didn’t know, I was never told”. “Diana and Jeff would have known”.

“Lizzie, the reason that I’m here is that I received a call from Jeff, he asked me if I would go and see him; he said it was important”, Gibbs explained. “When I arrived, he told me everything that Diana had confessed to him”, Jethro said. And then he told the group what Jeff had said.

By this time Sonny and Kate were present in the room, hearing all that Diana had done and why was enough to make everyone in the room ill.

“Thank you Uncle Jethro, for telling me”. “I know you didn’t have to, but you did”, Elizabeth said.

“This is your life that they messed with, you have a right to know”, Gibbs told his god daughter as he hugged her.

“I’m sorry, I should introduce you to the others in the room”, Liz said kicking herself for her bad manners.

“This is my fiancé’ Jason Morgan”, Liz said as Leroy and Jason shook hands. “This is Sonny Corinthos, he’s my real father”, Elizabeth aid as she introduced Sonny. “And this is Kate Howard, she’s my dad’s fiancée’ and my biological mother”, Lizzie said. “And I love them all”.

“I’m sorry this may sound rude, but are you sure about them being your parents”, Gibbs asked Lizzie out of concern for his goddaughter?

“We’re waiting on the DNA results, but prelim findings are saying that they are”, Liz said.

“Okay”, Gibbs said.

“I’ll get out of here in a couple of days possibly”, Liz said to all in the room. “I want to see Jeff and Diana”.

Just as Gibbs was about to answer, his cell rang.

“Gibbs”, he said as he answered.

“Gibbs”, Abby said. “You’re going to want MTAC to feed me to you via video, I have a lot to tell you and show you”.

“Okay, I’ll call you back when I’m set up Abby”, Gibbs said then closed his phone. “Lizzie, you won’t be able to talk to them”. “But I’ll see what I can do about you observing while we question them”, Gibbs said.

“Okay”, Liz said hoping they would finally get answers.



When Gibbs and his team walked back into the WSB after seeing Elizabeth and arranging for a place to crash, they were ready to get answers from Abby.

Robert’s Office:

“Just so you know, this isn’t about the Webbers”, Robert said.

“You know my brother Malcolm”, Robert stated. “He needs your help”.

“Okay, I’ll go see him”, Gibbs said. “Also, do you have a room where my team and I can set up and use, and it needs to have video conferencing”.

“Yes, I’ll get it set up”. “I’ll let you know when it’s ready”, Robert said. “Here are the two locations of where to find Mac”, Robert said before Gibbs walked out the door. After Gibbs left, Robert went about getting what Gibbs needed set up, and quickly.


Scorpio/Davis Residence:

Gibbs walked up and knocked on Mac’s door. While he waited for his knock to be answered, he reminisced about the last time he’d seen Mac. It was right after Mac had been shot; Mac had taken a bullet meant for him.

“Hello, May I help you”; Alexis asked when she opened the door?

“I’m here to see Mac Scorpio”, Gibbs said.

“May I ask your name”, Alexis asked?

“Sorry”, Gibbs said as he showed her his ID.

“Come in, I’ll go get my husband”, Alexis told Agent Gibbs.

A few moments later, Mac walked into the room and had to smile. Gibbs looked the same, other than that he was older; he was wearing a suit and a NCIS ID.

“Gunny”, Mac said greeting his friend.

“Malcolm”, Gibbs said.

“Everyone calls me Mac these days”, Mac told Gibbs.

“Your brother Robert told me that you needed my help”, Leroy said.

“Yes, but first of all; just so you know, this entire town loves and cares about Elizabeth”, Mac stated.

“Fair enough”, Gibbs said.

“Gunny, I have a daughter”, Mac started with. “I have never met her, all I know is that she exists, and I have been trying to find her for the last 16 years”.

“I’m asking for your help Gunny”, Mac said.

“Tell me everything”, Gibbs stated.

And with that, Mac told him everything he knew. All Mac wanted was to get to know his daughter and be in his life, and he was not going to play favorites. Yes, he had a daughter with Frankie, but Maxie, Georgie, Kristina and Molly were his children too and he loved them all very much.

After Mac told him everything, Gibbs headed to the Port Charles Hotel to get some sleep before starting his investigation, as well as having Abby looking into finding Mac’s daughter.


Chapter 12

Charlotte, NC:

Georgia Hansen had heard the rumors, the girl that she knew was not her granddaughter; was looking for her real father. And Georgia was not going to make it easy for Jennings.

Georgia knew the truth, she’d found out after her son had died. Her son had raised Jennings as his own, out of the goodness of his heart. Cole had loved Frankie, despite the fact that Frankie hadn’t loved him.

And when Georgia found letters for Jennings from Frankie, explaining who her father really was; Georgia took them and hid them. In doing so and continuing to keep that information from Jennings, Georgia was punishing Frankie and by extension Jennings for hurting her son.

But unbeknownst to Georgia, someone close to her was about to take that knowledge away from her and give it back to Jennings and her father. This person had recently found out that Georgia had these secrets, and in essence had been punishing Frankie posthumously. And that she’s also been punishing Jennings as well by keeping the info from her.

That would stop now, this person had only one interest, doing what he felt was right. And tonight while Georgia was attending a meeting, he was going to go in and get what he needed to get. It would knock Georgia Hansen off her pedestal. He’d warned him that she would possibly do what she was currently doing.


Port Charles, NY:

Office of Sean Cavanaugh:

Sean was in his office working on the things that Mr. Stone wanted. The current balance of the account set up for Elizabeth Hardy was now at over 2 million dollars.

He still needed to speak to the board of the hospital about the stock that Mr. Stone left to Elizabeth Hardy as well as the stock for ELQ.

This young woman named Elizabeth Hardy would indeed be a very wealthy woman in about 6 months. She would hold a spot on the board of GH. She would also own stock in ELQ. That would set this town on its ear, and Sean would enjoy the show.


Scorpio/Davis Residence:

“Abby, I’m not ready for the other info yet, do you have anything on Frankie Gallagher for me”, Gibbs asked. He was standing outside Mac’s door and he hoped to have some good news for the man.

“All I have found so far Gibbs is her military records, that state that she died 16 years ago, and it also states that she has a daughter”, Jennings, Abby told Leroy.

“Well that’s a start, I can at least tell Mac what Frankie named their daughter, but keep at it”, Gibbs said and hung up.

As he was about to knock on the door a little brown eyed girl answered the door and asked: “are you looking for my daddy”? “Yes, I am”, Gibbs said. “And you must be Molly, aren’t you a gorgeous little girl”.

“Daddy, there’s a man here to see you”, Molly said and then she took off at high speed. “Do you have any news gunny”, Mac asked as he walked into the room, Alexis not far behind him?

“Your daughter’s name is Jennings”, Gibbs told his old friend. “As soon as I get more I’ll let you know”.

As that news set in, Mac just had to hope that when they found his daughter that she would be accepting of him.


Later that day-----

Law Offices of Alexis Davis Scorpio:

“Thank you Alexis for seeing me”, Audrey said as she sat down in Alexis’s inner office.

“Not a problem Audrey”, Alexis said sitting down.

“So what can I do for you”, the attorney asked?

As Audrey handed Alexis her instructions as well as some fat folders Audrey said: “This is what I need done, and I need it done quietly”.

As Alexis opened the folder on top she commented: “WOW, are you sure about this Audrey”?

“Yes, I am very sure; and I talked to Lee and was told that once this is done it will be completely legal, and cannot be contested”, Audrey told Alexis.

“I will get started on all of this ASAP and let you know when I need your signature”, Alexis said to Audrey.

“Thank you, now I need to head to the hospital”, Audrey said then she let herself out.


Charlotte, NC:

Georgia Hansen had just left for another meeting, which gave the man watching her from across the street another chance to get in and try to locate the information he was looking for. The last time he had been in the house, she had returned early and he had to get out without what he’d gone in for.

He had been watching her and following her over the course of the last few days and she had inadvertently let slip about where her hiding place was. She had not recognized him, and she had seen him years before, in fact they had known each other well.

Finally, she was gone and now he could go in. He now knew where to look. He let himself into Georgia’s home and head straight for her bedroom. And as he looked inside the huge armoire, there sat a very large box. And inside that box was all the info he needed to set things right.

Enjoy your view while you can Georgia, because very soon you will be down amongst the little people you like to scrape off your shoes, he said to the empty room; and then he was gone.

Once back at his apartment, he started compiling the file to send to Jennings Gallagher. But there was some info that he still needed and for that he called his pi:

“I need you to get me everything you can on the following people: Anthony Falconeri, Connie Falconeri, Jose Ramirez, Watson Darnell, and a Malcolm Scorpio”; he told the person on the other end of the line and then hung up.


Port Charles:

Over the past few days Gibbs and his team had been gathering info to use when Gibbs went into question Jeff and Diana, but Gibbs was also waiting for Abby to get him all that she could on this Ramirez and Darnell. His gut was telling him that this was big.

After Robert had gotten them a room to set up it, the team had gotten to work. Abby had gotten them every piece of info on Jeff Webber, but she was still working on the rest.


“Good Day Mates”, Robert said as Gibbs and his team walked in.

Gibbs had included Robert and Anna in his briefings and they were helping with some of the Intel.

“Boss, Abby is on”; McGee yelled to Gibbs from the doorway of the conference room.


Port Charles Hotel
Room 412:

Harrison was on the phone with his attorney, he was making arrangements so that the trust fund that he’d set up for Elizabeth 19 years ago could be transferred to her. And that trust was something that only he knew of, because even back then Tony had felt entitled to everything Harrison had.

He wanted Elizabeth to have the ability to do whatever she wanted in life, when she wanted. He’d seen some of her paintings, and she was really good; if she wanted he would get her in contact with a good gallery to show them.

Elizabeth’s Room:

Jason was sitting in bed with Liz, Sonny and Kate were sitting in chairs quietly chatting when Elizabeth said:

“I want to start a foundation, for the families of child abduction”. “I want to make sure that the families have help to deal with a child being taken, but also to help the families understand the legal aspects and dealing with law enforcement; would you guys be willing to help me”, she asked?

“Yes, we’ll help”, Kate told her daughter; “and I know that your grandmother and Great Grandpa will help as well”.

“I’m going to ask Lucy to help come up with some ways to raise money”, Liz said.

“And I’ll bet the kids will help by holding bake sales too”, Kate mentioned to the group.


Chapter 13
(14 days after the shooting)

MTAC & WSB Conference Room:

“Abby, what have you got”, Gibbs asked?

“Not much”. “I am still working on Diana Webber”. “I am at a standstill with Ramirez and Darnell”, Abby stated.

“Give me what you’ve got”, Leroy said as Robert walked in with Anna.

“Jose’ Ramirez; 56 years old”. “He owns a company called High Tail It enterprises”, Abby said. “But he doesn’t exist before 20 years ago”.

“What about Darnell”, Jethro asked getting pissed?

“Watson Darnell, age 60, stockbroker”. “He owns property on both west and east coasts”. “He’s into shipping”. “Has his own company called Darnell Shipping”. “But I run into the same problem as with Ramirez, he only exists after 20 years ago”, Abby stated.

“Do you have photos of these two “ghosts””, Gibbs asked?

“Yeah, what do you want me to do Gibbs”, Abby asked?

“I want you to get an email with their photos ready to email to Fornell, I’ll call him; and I also want you to run those photos”. “Do you understand what I am asking Abby”?

“Yes, Gibbs I understand”. “I will do that”. “Let me know when to send the email to Fornell”, Abby said.

Abby was the only one who knew about a program that another hacker had gotten for Gibbs. Gibbs and Abby were the only ones who knew of its existence.

“Oh boy, Gibbs is pissed”, Abby said to herself.


FBI HQ and WSB: ( phone conversation)

Dragnet theme plays as a phone rings…………

“Fornell!” He answered.

“Fornell, I need to call in a favor”, Gibbs said when his friend answered.

“What do you need Jethro”, Tobias asked?

“If Abby sends you a couple of photos can you run them for me”? “I have a hunch but I need proof”, Gibbs said.

“Have Abby send them and I’ll run them”, Tobias said.

“What’s going on Jethro”, Tobias asked his long time friend?

“I landed myself into a major cluster*******”!, Gibbs said.


Charlotte, NC—Next Day:

“Jennings, I need to tell you some things”, Maggie said as she and her granddaughter sat down.

“What is it grandma”, Jennings asked?

And so Maggie proceeded to tell her grandbaby some truths, which included how she’d been raped while at college. And how her mother was the result of that rape.

“I loved your mother Jennings, I never had any intention of giving her up, it didn’t matter to me how she had been conceived”. “I loved her all the same”, Maggie told her granddaughter.

“Who was her father”, Jenn asked Maggie?

“I never knew”, Maggie said.

“So grandpa Charlie….” Jennings started to ask?

“Wasn’t your mother’s real father, but he loved her like his own, and he adopted her”, Maggie said.

“Did mom know”, Jenn asked?

“Yes, I told her when she was old enough”, Maggie stated.


Elizabeth’s Room:

Elizabeth had gathered Jason, Sonny, Kate, Steven, Audrey, Diane, Alexandra, Harrison and Lucy together in her room.

“The reason I asked that all of you be here is that I need your help with something that I would like to do”. “I would like to start a foundation that would work with the families of abducted children: helping them deal with what has happened as well as helping them when and if their child is found and returned to them”, Liz explained even though a few had already heard about her idea.

“We could hold fundraisers; such as an eligible bachelor auction”, Lucy said. “We could ask for donations for an auction as well”.

And so the group got started on making Elizabeth’s suggestion into a reality. They came up with a name and then went to work on making a list of possible board of directors and trustees. And Diane handled the legal aspects of it all.

By the time they all had left Liz’s hospital room they’d accomplished the following:

Foundation Name: For the Sake of a Child

Board of Directors: Elizabeth Hardy, Harrison Falconeri, Alexandra Falconeri, Steven Webber, and Audrey Hardy

Trustees: Edward Q, Epiphany Johnson, Lila Q ,Ned Ashton, Kevin Collins, Emily Q and Jasper Jacks

It wasn’t long after everyone left that Liz said:

“Maybe by running and creating For the Sake of a Child, my experience can help others, I think it can”.

“I’m proud of you”, Jason told her. “And I’ll help you as much as I can”. “I love you”.

Kelly’s Diner----
1 hour later:

When Kate had shown up talking about their favorite sitter trying to raise money to help others, all the kids wanted to help.

And Maxie had been chosen as spokesman. She was the only one old enough to use the kitchen. But she knew that she couldn’t do the baking all by herself. So here they all were, at Kelly’s to recruit her Aunt Bobbie and Alice.

Alice was intimidating to most people, but Maxie wasn’t one of those people. She and Alice had gotten along well since Maxie had been 1 years old.

“What do you need Maxie”, Bobbie asked as she and Alice looked at all the kids and sat down?

“Have you heard about Liz”, Maxie asked?

“No”, both women answered.

“She is starting a foundation to help the families of abducted children”, Maxie said.

All of the older children had been sat down and told about Liz, her being kidnapped as an infant. This was their way of helping.

“Good for her”, Bobbie said.

“We want to have some bake sales to help Liz with the foundation”, Maxie explained.

“But I’m the only one old enough to bake”, Maxie said. “And I can’t do it all by myself”.

“I’ll help”, Alice said. She had always liked Elizabeth. “When do you want to have the first bake sale and where”?

“You could have your sale here, sell them here and I will chip in sales from Ruby’s cookies”, Bobbie said.

With that settled the group started to think about what to have made to sell as well as prices.


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