Chapter 5 - 9

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Chapter 5 - 9

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Chapter 5

Outside Elizabeth’s Room:

“Diane, Sonny here, I need to meet with you”.  “Can you come to the hospital”?

“I’ll be there in an hour”, Diane said then ended the call.

“Max, I have a job for you and Spinelli”, Sonny said.  “Both of you need to get down here now”, Sonny said into the phone.

“I’ll get Spinelli, and we’ll be there in 20”, Max said.


Corinthos/Morgan Coffee Warehouse and Spinelli’s Apartment:

So Max called their young hacker, and told him that he’d pick him up in 10.  Max had a feeling of what his boss wanted of them.  Max arrived at Spinelli’s in record time and went up to wait for him.  

“Max, what does Mr. Sir need with us”, Spinelli asked?

“I think that he wants us to find out where the Webbers are and if there was anyone else involved in Elizabeth’s kidnapping and the conspiracy to keep her hidden from him and Kate”, Max stated.

Outside Elizabeth’s Room:

“What was that about Sonny”, Jason and Kate asked as they came out of Liz’s room?

“Audrey’s right”.  “The only way for you and I, as well as Elizabeth; to get answers from the Webbers, is to file a civil suit”, Sonny said.

“We’re here boss”, Max said as he and Spinelli approached.

“Max, find Jeff and Diana Webber”.  “I also want to know if anyone else was involved”.  “I don’t think that they could have kept her hidden all this time without help”.  “Here is all the info that Audrey had”, Sonny ordered.  “Once the Webbers are located, give the info to Diane”.

“What do you need Sonny”, Diane asked as she arrived?

“I want you to file a civil suit against the Webbers on our behalf”, Sonny said.

“I’ll get right on that, get their location as soon as you can Max, Diane said as she left to go back to her office to start on the paperwork”.  She was planning on having; fun kicking the Webbers collective asses.  As she stepped on the elevation she stated to no one in particular:  “This is going to be SO MUCH FUN!”

Jacks Residence:

“Jax, who would want to hurt Liz”, Chloe asked?

“I’m not sure honey”, Jax said.

“Do you know how she’s doing with the news about Sonny and Kate”, Chloe asked?

“When I stopped by last night, Jason said that she took it really well”, Jax said.  “I think that Jason wants to kill the Webbers”.

“Well, I may not condone killing or the like, but after what the Webbers did; they kind of deserve it”, Chloe said.

Spoon Island:

“Nik, why do you think that Jeff Webber really covered for his wife”, Emily asked?  “Could Jeff have known who Liz was when Diana brought her home”?

“Even if he had Em, what did he have to gain by it”?  “As far as I know, he has never met either Sonny or Kate”, Nik said.  “But yet again I could be wrong”.

Em didn’t say more but she would bring it up to Jason when she went to see Liz while Nik was in his meetings.  Because, if the was a remote chance that Jeff knew about who Elizabeth was when Diana brought her into their home, then Jason needed to know and find out the truth.  Not just for Sonny and Kate, but Liz had a right to know why.


“Reginald, will you bring the car around; I want to go and check on Elizabeth”, Lila asked as her husband walked into the room?

“I’ll be accompanying her Reginald”, Edward said as he sat down to have his morning coffee.

“Edward dear, before we go see Liz, let’s stop by and peek in on Alan and Monica”, Lila said.

Elizabeth’s Room @GH:

“Jason”, Liz asked?

“Honey, what is it”, Jason asked lovingly?

“Is mom still here”, Liz asked not seeing Kate in the room?

“Yes, she’s outside with your dad”, he said.  He was still getting used to the fact that his girl was Sonny’s daughter.

“I need to speak to them Jason”, Elizabeth said.

“I’ll tell them”, Jason said; then he opened the door and asked Paulie to get Sonny and Kate.

“What do you need honey”, Kate said as she and Sonny came back into the room?

“I need to know why”, Liz said.  “I need answers as to why she picked me, and why Jeff covered for her”.

“Elizabeth honey”, Sonny said; “I am already having it looked into.  I knew that you deserved answers and so do your mother and I, and we will find out”.

“I want to tell you something that I have asked Diane to start; I am going to have Diane file a civil suit on our behalf”, Sony said, hoping that his daughter wouldn’t be upset.

“Good”, Liz said.  “It’s probably the only way they’ll admit it”.  

Chief of Staff’s Office:

“Monica, I don’t understand”.  “Why would Jeff Webber, a world renowned doctor, cover up what his wife did”?  “He’d have known that if he was caught, that he’d lose his right to practice”.  “Even if it only came out at a civil suit hearing, he’d still lose his license”, Alan said.

“I’ve been wondering about that as well”, Monica said.   “I hope that Elizabeth gets an answer to that”.  “I heard that Sonny is having Diane file a suit on their behalf, as soon as they can find Jeff, that is”.

Q Gatehouse:

“I feel for Liz”, McKenzie said.  “I was adopted, but mine was legal”.  “I hope they’re able to get through this”.

“We’ll all be there to help honey”, AJ told his wife.  “She has all of us for support”.

Robert Scorpio Residence:

“Luv, I’m going to look into how Diana got Elizabeth out of that hospital, as well as how they got a birth certificate for her”, Robert told Anna.

“That alone should have sent up a red flag Robert”, Anna said.

“I’m willing to say; that London to a brick, that they had help, which means; that would make Jeff complicit in the crime”, Robert stated.

“Robert, I just don’t know who would help them do this, and what would that person gain by doing it”, Anna asked?

“It could be someone who knew that Elizabeth was Sonny’s daughter, and wanted to hurt him”, Robert said.

“But Robert, back then Sonny wasn’t even in the business, whoever it was wouldn’t have had an in”, Anna stated.

“Well, we’ll still look into it”, Robert stated as he walked down the hall to his home office to call his contacts at the WSB.  

As Anna walked out the door to head off to the hospital Robert said, “Hooroo Luv” (goodbye in Australian slang).

DiLucca Residence:

“Bobbie, how is Elizabeth”, Roy asked his wife?

“She’s doing okay”.  “She’s dealing with all of the info that she’s been told”, Bobbie said.

“Mom, why would someone do that to a child”, Lucas asked?

“I’m not sure Lucas”, Bobbie said.  “Now off to school with you”, she said to her teen-aged son, as he headed out the door.

“Roy, I’ve been thinking”.  “Is it possible that this could be connected to Sonny’s past”, Bobbie asked?

“I’m not sure honey, but it might be something to ask Sonny about”, Roy said.

“How about you and I track him down and ask”, Roy said as he and Bobbie headed out the door?

Chechnya, Russia:

“Diana had just returned from the clinic when she saw her husband deep in thought”.  He had been very quiet since the call from the states he’d told her about.

“Jeff; is something wrong”, she asked?

“Diana, I want you to tell me everything that you know and did before and up to when you brought Elizabeth home, NOW”!

“Why”, Diana asked?

Because I am in this up to my neck because I helped you, so I have a right to know, Jeff stated flatly.

“JUST TELL ME!”, he demanded.

Chapter 6

       (6 days after the shooting)

Elizabeth’s Room @ GH:

“Oh, I have to call your grandmother and great-grandfather”, Kate said.  “They’ll be ecstatic and come right away”.  “They never gave up hope that we’d find you Elizabeth”.

“Call them and let them know that I’ll send the jet”, Sonny said.


“Senator Falconeri’s office”; Mona speaking.

“Mona”, its Kate.  “Is my mom available”, Kate asked?

“Kate, I’ll put you right through”, Mona said.

“Hello Katie, how are you”, Alexandra asked her daughter?

“Mom, I have some news, but I need you to conference grandpa in please”, Kate said.

“Hang on sweetheart, your grandfather just walked in, I’ll put you on speaker”, Alex said.

“Grandpa”, Kate said.

“Granddaughter”, Harrison said.

“We found Melanie”, Kate said.  “But now her name is Elizabeth”.  “You need to come”, she told her mom and grandfather.

“You found our Melly”, Harrison asked?

“Yes, and we have more to tell you but, it would be better to say it in person”.  “Sonny is sending the jet for you”, Kate said.

“Sonny said that it will be there in DC in an hour”, Kate told them.

“We’ll be at the airport waiting”, Harrison said then hung up.

“It’s still hard for me to believe mom and grandpa live in DC most of the time”, Kate said to all of them.  “But since dad died, mom got tired of that big house”.

Corinthos/Morgan Jet- 1 ½ hours later:

As the plane traversed from DC to PC; each of its two passengers were lost in thought; each thinking about the ramifications of Melanie being found.

This had to be somewhat unusual for Kate, her daughter was 19 now.  Kate had missed out on all of the little milestones of Melanie’s life.  Would her daughter even want her mother in her life, Alexandra thought to herself?

Who could have had my great grandbaby?  And why did it take this long to find Melly?  And will those responsible pay for what they did, Harrison thought as those questions continued to replay in his mind?

“Harrison, what if Elizabeth chooses not to let Kate and Sonny into her life”, Alexandra asked worried about her daughter losing Elizabeth all over again?

“Alex, I would think that Kate as well as Sonny would take whatever Elizabeth was willing to give”, Harrison told his daughter in law.

“Antonio was wrong to do what he did all those years ago”.  “I still would like to know where he got the idea that Kate having Melly was disgracing the family name”, Alexandra stated.

“Alex, I don’t know either”, Harrison said.

Elizabeth’s Hospital Room:

“Elizabeth, your grandmother and great grandfather will be here in about 45 minutes”, Kate told her daughter.

“What if they don’t accept me momma”, Elizabeth asked worriedly?  “The Webbers never accepted me for me”.  “I don’t know if I could take anymore rejection”.

“Liz, maybe I should tell you about your grandma Alex and gr. Grandfather Harrison”, Kate said.

“Your nana is so accepting”.  “She has loved me despite my faults, and I do have faults”, Kate said laughing a little.

“She put up with my father’s crap for years”.  “She will accept you for you, if you’re willing to give her a chance”.  “My mother is anything but perfect”.  “She has flaws and faults too”.  

“I’m willing”, Elizabeth said.

“And as for your great grand-dad, he is as stubborn as you are”.  “He had to fight to get everything he has”.  “He started his business from the ground up, and has fought hostile takeovers with grace”.  “You’ll love him, and he’ll love you”, Kate said with a grin.

“Sonny, Kate; I feel that I should explain my family”.  “Jeff is my stepson”.  “When his mother, Helene, died; Steve brought Jeff to live with us”.  “Steve was not perfect by a long shot, but he is in part partly responsible for Jeff’s behavior”.  “Steve spoiled him, by giving whatever he wanted”.   “I did my best to rein Jeff in but, I guess I failed”.   “As for Diana, I have realized that Steve and I never really knew much about her”.  “When Jeff brought her to meet us, they were already married, and they didn’t give much information away”.   “I wish now that I would have taken the initiative, and had her investigated”, Audrey admitted sadly.

“Jeff and Diana always treated Elizabeth as an afterthought”.  “Even when she was attacked a few years ago, they never came”.  “Sarah has always been queen bee to them”.  “Steve always hoped that they would come to their senses”, Audrey said.  “I guess that is part of the reason that when they abandoned her on our doorstep, Steve and I had finally had enough”.  “That is why, we fought to get custody”.

“Grams, their treatment of me started at the beginning”.  “Sarah was always the bee’s knees; while Steven and I didn’t rate or matter to them”, Liz said.  “I mean, they abandoned me on your doorstep when I was 5 years old for Pete’s sake”.  “I will never make excuses for them again”.

“Neither will I dear”, Audrey said.  “I am glad that Steve isn’t here to see this”.  “He would do more than just chew them out”.

45 minutes later:

Sonny had sent Milo to pick up the Falconeri’s at the airport, and they would be arriving shortly.  Sonny watched as Kate paced the floor in the hallway outside their daughter’s room.

Kate had been waiting for her mom and grandfather in the hall; when she saw them get off the elevator she called out:

“Mom”, Kate said.

“We’re here Kate, where is my granddaughter”, Alexandra asked?

“She’s right inside but, she’s scared that you won’t accept her for her; warts and all”, Kate said.

“Katie, Harrison said to his grandchild”.  “None of us are perfect, we just are”.  “She’ll always be accepted”.

“How did this happen”, Alexandra asked her daughter?

“Sonny, I, and few others will explain later”.  “We are going to wait until Elizabeth is healed enough to go home”.  “She’s had so much drama in the last couple of days, I just want her better, and don’t want to stress her out more by everyone expecting a explanation right now”.

“Elizabeth”, Kate asked as she opened the door?  “Is it okay for your grandmother Alexandra and great grandfather Harrison to come in”?

“It’s okay mom”, Liz said.

“Elizabeth, I am going to go and check in with Alan and Monica about a few things”, Audrey said after meeting Alexandra and Harrison.  “I’ll be by later”.

“Jason, take good care of our girl”; she said as she left.  She knew that even with Kate and Sonny in the room with Liz, Jason wouldn’t leave.

“Elizabeth, I would like you to meet your grandmother Alexandra”, Kate said.

“Hi grandma”, Elizabeth said.

“Elizabeth, I am so happy”.  “I have waited 19 years for this day”.  “And I know that you’re worried that I won’t accept you, but you have nothing to worry about”, Alexandra told her granddaughter.

“Elizabeth, I would like you to meet your great grandfather Harrison”, Kate stated.  “Grand-dad, this is your great grandchild Elizabeth”.

“Elizabeth, I am old and set in my ways; but I would never turn you away for who you are”, Harrison said.

“I love you both”, Elizabeth told them.

Kate blew out the breath she didn’t know she’d been holding.  All would be all right.  Then she introduced Sonny and Jason to her family.  Then Alexandra and Harrison got to know Elizabeth as well as Jason.

Unknown phone conversation-----
        Unknown Location in Port Charles:

“We have a problem”.

“The only problem you will have is if Elizabeth Webber is still alive”!

“We have been unable to get near her”.


“Because, she’s being heavily guarded”.

“By whom”?

“Sonny Corinthos, Jason Morgan and the PCPD”.

“And she’s got some visitors that are high profile”.


“A Senator Alexandra Falconeri and a Harrison Falconeri”.

“Dammit, what did I do to deserve this”?

“What do you want us to do”?

“I want you to do what I hired you to do”.  “Wait for an opening and end her life”, the caller said and then ends the call as someone else enters the room.


“What is wrong honey”?

“Just some trouble at work, don’t worry about it”.

“Okay let’s go to dinner”.


Port Charles Police Department:

“Mac, we’ve got absolutely nothing”.  “Whoever hired them had vanished along with the rest of the crew”.  “And we aren’t any closer to finding out who’s responsible”, Taggart said pissed off.

“Elizabeth deserves answers, and she may never get them”, Taggart said.

“I know Marcus”.  “I have no intention of letting this end up as a cold case”, Mac said.


Chechnya, Russia:

“NOW, Diana”; Jeff yelled again.

“What do you want to know”, Diana asked; knowing that once she told him, he’d be complicit too.  And Jose’ had told her that if the authorities ever found out, he’d make Jeff the scapegoat.  She wasn’t about to lose her husband. She’d worked too hard to make him fall for her.

“How’d you find out that Elizabeth was at that hospital”, Jeff demanded?

“There is a gentleman that I have known for years, his name is Jose Ramirez”.  “He contacted me 4 months after we were arguing about adopting”, Diana said flatly.  “He demanded that I help him and an associate of his, a man by the name of Watson Darnell; and he told me that if I didn’t help him, that he would ruin me”.

“What did he have on you”, Jeff demanded to know?  “WHAT DID HE HAVE ON YOU”, Jeff yelled again?

“That I had worked my way through med school as a high priced call girl”, Diana said not one bit ashamed of herself.

“What the hell”, Jeff questioned?  “Why”?

“Because I made way more that way instead of waiting tables”, she said.

“What did this Ramirez person want”?  “WHAT DID HE WANT”?

“There was a young man that he wanted to come to work for him, and he was interested in the young man’s girlfriend”.  “But he kept refusing the offers and the girlfriend despised him”.  “So, Jose said he’d found a way to make it impossible for him to say no”, Diana said.

“And how was he going to do that”, and what did this Darnell man have to do with it, Jeff asked not liking the direction that this was going?  “HOW”?

“By making sure their infant child disappeared”, Diana said.

“What did they want with this child”?  “WHAT DID THEY WANT WITH THE BABY DIANA”?

“I was told that the baby was supposed to disappear to punish the young man for his insolence towards Mr. Darnell”, Diana said.

“And what were you supposed to do”?  “DAMMIT DIANA, WHAT WERE YOU SUPPOSED TO DO”, Jeff yelled?

“I was told by Jose and Watson that I was to take the child, and do with it as I wanted”, she said.  “But I was to make sure that no one found out who she was”.

“But why not place her with a loving family”, Diana?  “ANSWER ME DIANA”, Jeff yelled starting to lose his patience with her?

“Because, I wanted another child”.  “I wanted to love her, but she just kept fighting me, making it impossible to mold her to be like me, and started to look nothing like us”, Diana said flatly.

“So you just neglected her, and got me doing it as well, and treated her like nothing”.  “What about Steven, unfortunately with him you can’t use that excuse”.  “You treated him just as badly”, Jeff said?

“With Steven, he was at least your child biologically Jeff”.  “Elizabeth wasn’t and I just couldn’t get past the fact that she didn’t look like Sarah or me”, Diana said.

“What did you expect, you took her from people who looked nothing like you or Sarah”, Jeff stated rather smugly.  “Well my dear wife, I hope that you realize that your life is in real danger now”.

“Why”, Diana questioned?

“Because, that child that you so conveniently took and brought home; then abused and neglected, and then always claimed was your daughter; is dating the enforcer of one of the biggest men in the mob on the US Eastern Seaboard”.  “And his boss is friends with her”.  “She is under their protection”.  “You can no longer run from this, and I will not let you”, Jeff said.

“You can’t stop me, and you’re just as complicit in this as I am”, Diana stated.  “I go down, you go down too”.

“I’m going to take that chance”, Jeff said as he stopped her from leaving.  He knew that to keep her there, he would have to sedate her.  And he was going to do what he needed to do, and he would face the consequences later.  He then sedated his wife and locked her in their room.  He then called a friend of his that would be able to help.  He had to hope that once his friend heard everything that he would help.

Quantico, Virginia------

NCIS Headquarters:

“Gibbs, what”, Jethro stated gruffly?

“Rude as always Leroy”, Jeff said.

“Jeff, good to hear from you”, Gibbs said.

“Jethro, I need to see you; but you’re going to have to come to me”.  “I need your help”, Jeff stated.

Port Charles:

Elizabeth had been getting to know Alexandra, who told Liz that she could call her nana.  Alexandra had fallen in love with her grandbaby.

Harrison had also gotten to know Elizabeth.  He was very proud of his great granddaughter.  Harrison and Alexandra had asked if they had any leads on who would want to hurt Liz.  Sonny and Jason had told them that local law enforcement was working on it.

Elizabeth’s Room @ GH------

“Can I come in”, Dante asked?

“Sure”, Liz said.

“Elizabeth, you have to know; had I known, I would have told you”, Dante said.

“All that matters big brother is that we know now”, Liz said with a smile.

“I never stopped looking, I couldn’t”.  “I know that we aren’t twins but I always felt there was a part of me missing”, Dante said.

“You do know that now that I have you back, I’m going to be a very over-protective big brother”, Dante stated.

“That’s okay, I won’t complain”, Liz said before giving him a hug.

“Well, I need to head to the station”.  “I’ll come by later”, Dante said and then he left for work.

Sweetheart, I’m going to take your grandma and great grandpa to the PC Hotel so that they can get some rest, Kate told her daughter.  I love you and we’ll be back later.

After Kate, Alexandra and Harrison left; Jason and Elizabeth were just talking about setting a date for their wedding when the guard popped his head in and asked is Miss Webber was up for visitors?

Kennebunkport, Maine:

“Boss, are you sure that Ramirez and the Webber woman will keep their mouths shut about what happened”?

“They’d better, if they want to live”, Darnell stated sinisterly.

“You would think that Ramirez would not want his part in what happened publicized”.

“He wouldn’t, but people change as the years go by”.  “I will have to contact him, and remind him of the penalty for crossing me”, Darnell said.

Elizabeth’s Room @ GH:

Unfortunately the press had gotten wind of the shooting and had been hounding her and Kate for interviews.  So the guards had been extra vigilant in keeping them away.

“Who is it Milo”, Liz asked?

“And please call me Elizabeth”, Liz said rolling her eyes.

“Yes, Miss Elizabeth”, Milo said.

“Its Bobbie Spencer with Michael, Morgan, Lucas and Jocelyn”, Milo informed them.

“Let them in Milo, I’m up to visitors”, Elizabeth said.

“How are you doing sweetie”, Bobbie asked?

“I’m doing okay”, Liz answered.

“These are for you”, Michael said as he gave his sister the flowers they’d bought at the gift shop.  “They’re from all of us”, he said.

“Thank you guys, they’re beautiful”, Liz said.

They stayed for about 10 minutes chatting and then they left to go to the movies.  And as they were leaving, Olivia and her nieces and nephew walked in.

“Hi Auntie Elizabeth”, Hayden said.

“Hi squirt”, Liz said to her niece.

“Come here guys and get your hugs and kisses”, Liz said with a smile.

Jason and Olivia helped the kids get their hugs and kisses.  Then the kids gave Liz the flowers, card and stuffed monkey that they had gotten her.

“Steven said to tell you that he’ll drop by later on his break”, Olivia told her sister in law.

“Liz, we’re going to go”.  “Bobbie called and invited us to go with her and the kids to the film in the park”, Olivia said.

“Okay”, Liz said.  “Have fun you guys and be good for your mom”.

“Bye Mr. Jason”, they all said as the scurried out the door.

As soon as Olivia and the kids had gone, Jason climbed up on the bed with Elizabeth, being careful not to jostle her injuries, to snuggle.  He had really been afraid he was going to lose her.

“How are you feeling really”, Jason asked her?

“Really sore, but I’ll live”, Liz said holding his hand.  “I know that what happened really scared you Jason, but I’m going to be okay”.

Soon there was another knock at the door.  Jason knew that it has to be someone on the approved list, or Milo would have asked about the visitor.

“May we come in”, Alexis asked as she peeked in?

“Yeah, it’s okay”, Elizabeth said.

“How are you doing”, Alexis asked worried about her young friend?

“I’m doing okay, I am going to be sore for a while, but I’ll be okay”, Liz states.  “I’m still dealing with everything that I’ve found out about the Webbers, and about Sonny and Kate being my parents”.

“It’s a lot to process”, Alexis said.  “We’re all here if you need us”, Alexis said.

“The flowers are from Mac and I”, Alexis told her.

“The chocolate is from Georgie and I”, Maxie said.

“Here Miss Elizabeth”, Kristina said as she handed Elizabeth a stuffed alligator that was so cute.  “This is from me and Molly”.

“From Molly and I”, Alexis corrected.

Mac said that he would stop by later, in an unofficial capacity of course, Alexis said

“We are going to go, we are meeting everyone at the park to watch the movie”, Georgie said with a big grin.

“Okay”, Liz said laughing.  “I’ll see you later”.

“Bye”, the five of them said as they walked out the door.

“At this rate, I’m going to end up with my own Stuffed Animal Zoo”, Elizabeth said giggling.  “But I’ll love it and enjoy the chocolate”.

“Would you like to say hi to your Aunt Liz Emma”, Robin asked as she walked in with the 1 yr old?

“I thought I’d bring her by before I started my shift”, Robin said as she handed Emma to Jason.  “Patrick said to send his love; he’s in surgery right now”.  “Emma, give Aunt Liz a kiss”, Robin said.

Liz gave Emma a hug and kiss, and then Robin left to take Emma to daycare.

Silence passed in quiet companionship between the two, the Liz asked:  “Do you think dad has found Jeff and Diana”?

“I’m not sure but when he comes back we can ask”, Jason said all the while not letting Elizabeth go.

Twenty minutes after Liz had been brought lunch by the guards, which was from Kelly’s, Karen and the kids asked to come in.

“How are you Miss Elizabeth”, Lindsay asked her favorite sitter?

“I’m okay sweetie”, Liz said giving all three kids hugs.

David then handed Liz a card and a stuffed hippo, and said: “these are from us”.

“Frank said to tell you that he’d stop by later”, Karen said.

“We need to go kids, I need to drop you at Grandma Mary’s”, Karen said; then they were off.

As they were leaving, Kevin Lucy and Serena arrived, giving hugs, candy and a stuffed duck.

“How are you really”, Kevin asked knowing that Elizabeth had been through hell the last few years and tended to take it all into herself and hold it in saying that she was fine?

“I really don’t know how to feel”.  “I am pissed at Diana, she took me out of the hospital”.  “And as for Jeff, he covered for her, I just can’t understand that; I need answers but I’m not sure that I’ll ever get them”, Liz said.

“I hope that you’ll be up to helping with the Nurse’s Ball, when the time comes”, Lucy asked?

“I think I’ll be okay but we’ll have to see”, Liz told Lucy.  

“Well we’re going to go and let you get some rest”, Kevin said and they left.

“Hi Miss Liz, Mr. Jason”: Mackenzie and Eli said as they and Chloe walked into the room.

“Hi”, both Jason and Liz said to the trio.

“The flowers are from Jax and I”, Chloe said.

“They’re beautiful and thank you”, Liz said.

“And these are from Eli and I”, Mackenzie said as she and Eli handed Liz a rhino and a manatee.

“I love them”, Liz said with a little giggle.

“We’re going to head out, Bobbie invited the kids to go to the movies”, Chloe said and Jax will be by later.  “He was on a conference call with Ned”.

Then Chloe and the kids zipped out the door.

Then AJ and family arrived.  As McKenzie and the kids gave Liz the flowers, card and stuffed giraffe, whale and pink flamingo; AJ visited with Jason.

“How are you holding up Jason”, AJ asked?

“I was so scared I was going to lose her AJ, and it had nothing to do with Sonny or myself”.  “This was someone who wanted to hurt Liz”, Jason said.

“How’s she doing with the news about Sonny and Kate”, AJ asked?

“She’s handling it”.  “I know that she’s angry with the Webbers”, Jason said.

“Well, we just came by to say hi, and so that the kids could see that Liz was really okay; we might come by again later”, AJ said as they headed out.

As Jason and Liz were lying in her hospital bed, Elizabeth’s cell phone rang.

“Hello”, Liz said as she answered.

“Liz, it’s me Brennan”, her friend said.

“Brennan, I haven’t heard from you in quite a while, what’s wrong”, Elizabeth asked her childhood friend?

Elizabeth had met Brennan in Colorado when she was a baby.  Her babysitter was Brennan’s mom, who was now divorced from her dad.  And Liz and Brennan had been friends ever since.  They had lost touch for a while, but always called one another when possible.

“Nothing, I heard about you, and mom said to call and see how you were”, Brennan told her.  “Mom and dad said to see if you would mind if I came out to visit within the next month or so”?

“No, I would love for you to come”, Liz said.  “Brennan, I‘m okay”.  “Yes, I was shot, but I healing and I will be completely fine”.  

“Okay”, Brennan said.  “I will let you go, and I’ll let you know when I’m coming out”; Brennan said and ended the call.

A/N: time may pass quickly during chapters.

Chapter 7

Elizabeth’s Hospital Room

Jason and Liz had slept as well as could be expected considering Elizabeth’s injuries and the hospital noise.  As expected Liz had woken a few times during the night from nightmares.  He had held her throughout the night.  During those times in between the nightmares, Liz would tell Jason about Brennan and their friendship.

“Good morning”, Liz said as she slowly woke.

“Morning to you too”, Jason said kissing her forehead.

“Jason, Mike is here; is it okay to let him in”, Francis asked?

“It’s okay Francis, you can let him in”, Jason said as he helped Elizabeth get comfortable.

“I come bearing hot chocolate and coffee”, Mike said as he entered the hospital room.

“Morning grandpa”, Liz said with a smile.

“Good morning to you too sweetheart”, Mike said.

At that moment, Francis stepped into the room announcing:

“We have a problem; you’d better turn the TV on to the local news”:

“Tally Atwater, here live outside the PCPD”.

“We have received info from an unknown source, stating that days ago there was a shooting at the Famous No Name restaurant owned by Sonny Corinthos”.

“My source stated that 2 people were injured and 4 are dead”.

“Who are the victims Tally”, asked the anchor in the studio?

“The names of the four killed are being withheld until the families can be notified”, Tally stated.

“And the other two”, the anchor asked?

“One of the victims is reportedly fashion magazine editor Kate Howard”, Tally informed the anchor.

“Who is the other victim”, the anchor asked?

“The second victim injured is the great granddaughter of Steve and Audrey Hardy; the name we were given is Elizabeth Hardy”, Tally said.

“As you may all know, Kate Howard is engaged to Sonny Corinthos”, the anchorman said.

“Have you been informed Tally as to Miss Hardy’s reasons for being present at the restaurant”?

“I was told by my source that she was at the restaurant with her fiancé’, Jason Morgan”.  “They were celebrating Miss Hardy’s 19th birthday”, Tally stated.

“Do the police know who the intended target was”, the anchorman asked?

“If they do they’re not saying”, Tally informed him.

“We’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available”, Tally said and faded out.


All three in the hospital room were in shock as the rest of the news continued.  Jason wasn’t sure who Tally’s source was, but knew that it wasn’t Mac or Taggart.  They wouldn’t do that to Elizabeth.  Just as Jason turned off the TV, Mac and Taggart came in.

“It wasn’t us Morgan”, Taggart said walking in.

“I know that Taggart”, Jason said.  “You and Mac wouldn’t do that to Elizabeth”.

“How’d they find out Elizabeth’s name”, Mike asked?

“We’re not sure, but I will get to the bottom of the leak”, Mac said.

“How are you feeling Elizabeth”, Mac asked?

“I’ll be okay”, Liz said.  “Do you have any leads”?

Mac and Taggart informed the trio about what they knew, which wasn’t much.

“I’m sorry that we don’t have more to go on”, Taggart said pissed that he couldn’t give Elizabeth even that peace of mind.

It’s not your fault, Liz said.

Mac and Taggart left shortly after that, saying they would keep them informed.


Quantico, Virginia & Chechnya, Russia:


“I’ll be there as quick as my team and I can get there”, Gibbs said.

“Thanks Jethro, I’ll waiting”, Jeff said ending the call.

Chechnya, Russia:

Jeff knew that once Gunny found out everything, he’d lose one of his oldest friends.  He’d have no one else to blame but himself.

Jethro was Elizabeth’s godfather.  And his daughter and Lizzie used to play together.  That was another secret on his conscience.  He’d never informed Elizabeth about Kelly or Shannon’s deaths.  But despite all that, Jeff knew that Gunny would protect Elizabeth, from everyone including him.

He then went to make sure that his wife was still sedated, and then went and packed for both of them.  He knew very well that Gunny would take him and Diana into custody return them to the states.  Once done packing he sat down to wait for Gibbs and his team.


Gibbs knew that he needed to get the go ahead from Tom to take his team into Russia.  It would be treading on very shaky ground.  After hanging up with Jeff, he had a feeling that he’d need his team for this trip.


Director Tom Morrow’s Office:

“Boss, can I speak to you”, Gibb requested?

“Of course Jethro”, Director Morrow said.

“I need to go to Chechnya, Russia for personal reasons; and I am requesting permission to take my team; even thought this a personal trip”, Gibb said knowing that Tom would ask why.

“May I ask why”, Tom said?

“I have an old friend who’s in some trouble and needs my help.  And I may need my team”, Gibbs said.

“Go”, Morrow said.  “And be careful”.  Tom knew that Gibbs wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t important.

“I’ll call if I need more than my team”, Gibbs said leaving the office.

NCIS Bullpen:

“Kate, Tony, David, McGee with me”, Gibbs said as he grabbed his gear and headed for the elevator.

“Where to Gibbs”, Kate Todd asked?

“Chechnya, Russia”; Gibbs stated.


Port Charles, NY:

Elizabeth was trying to sleep, but thoughts of the day kept replaying in her head.  All of her favorite charges had come to see her, bearing gifts.  She truly adored those kids.  She simply had been overwhelmed by all of it.  Not only had she had visits from the kids; but she had other visitors as well.

Of course Jason was a constant presence, as well as that of her parents, Grams, Grandma Alex, Steven, Gr. Grandpa Harrison and Grandpa Mike.  Diane and Max had dropped by bringing flowers and chocolate.  Max and Diane stayed for a while and chatted with everyone.  Steven, Patrick, Frank and Jax had stopped by bringing their laughter and good company.

Steven told her just to stay stress free so that she could heal.  The 4 men told her they loved her and that they would see her later.  Ned had sent flowers as well as calling to talk to both her and Jason.  Nik and Emily had come by, bearing chocolate and flowers.  They stayed for a while and then headed home.

Right after Nik and Em left, Edward and Lila had arrived.  Lila brought roses from her garden.  While she and Lila talked; Edward had pulled Jason aside.

“Jason, I wanted to let you know that no information about this will be leaked to the press from us”, he told his grandson.

“I know grandfather”, Jason had told him.

After Edward and Lila left, Alan and Monica popped in.  They didn’t stay very long, but told Jason that if he or Liz needed anything; to page them.

Next to visit had been Robert and Anna.  Liz would never forget that conversation:

“How ya doing Ace”, Robert asked Liz?

“I’ll be okay”, Liz said.

“We have some news”, Anna said.

“First of all”, Robert said; “Jeff Webber is very up oneself”!

“I did some checking, I know where the Webbers were up until six years ago”, Robert said.  “After that it’s like they’re  Walkabout, it’s gone”.

“And I found out that the birth certificate the Webbers were issued for you was a fake”, Anna said.

“We’re looking into finding some loophole in the kidnapping statute, so it’s possible that Diane; as well as Jeff could face kidnapping charges”, Robert told Liz and Jason.

“Thank you”, Elizabeth told Robert and Anna.

After Robert and Anna left, Jason had told Liz that Spinelli was really close to finding an exact location for the Webbers, so that Diane could file the suit.

Roy had called and talked to Liz, letting her know that he was thinking of her.

Something was bothering her.  “Jason”, she said?

“Yeah”, Jason replied?

“Did you notice that something was off with Nik when he and Emily were here”, Elizabeth asked?

“No”, Jason answered.  “Why”?

“I don’t know; it’s just a sense I’m getting”, Elizabeth explained.



“Mac”, Taggart said as he walked into the room?

“We found out part of where the leak came from”, Taggart told Mac.

“Where”, Mac asked?

“It wasn’t from us”.  “The station told us, after they saw the warrant; that it was an anonymous call”.  “All the caller told them was: where it happened, when it happened and the victims names”, Taggart said.

“Whoever that caller was, I have a feeling that he or she was either there; or quite possibly a part of those hired to do it”, Mac said.

“And if the latter is the case, they would know by now that they’d failed”.  “Which leads me to think, that they might try again”, Taggart stated.

“I’ll let Jason know so that they can be on the alert”, Mac said.


Chapter 8

En-route to Chechnya, Russia:

“Where are we headed Gibbs”, Cate asked?

“We are going to Chechnya”, Gibbs told his team; even though he’d told them that before they’d left.

“Why”, DiNozzo asked?

“To help out an old friend”, Gibbs said.

“So basically we are going on one of Gibbs’ personal crusades”, Tony said.

That comment got Tony a slap on the back of the head from Gibbs.

“This is not one of my crusades”, Gibbs said with a lethal glare at Tony.  “An old friend called asking for my help”.  “And he quite possibly could use the help of NCIS”, Jethro stated.

“So what’s your friend’s name”, Ziva asked?

“His name is Dr. Jeff Webber”, Gibbs said.

“How’d you meet”, McGee asked?

“He was a medic while I was in the corps”, Gibbs said.  “We became friends”.

“So basically he called in a favor”, Kate said.

“No, and yes”, Gibbs said.  “I am still unsure what is up, but my gut says that something is wrong”.  “Okay, here’s what you need to know”, Leroy said.

“Jeff Webber is a doctor with a group called “Doctors without Borders””.  “He is married to Doctor Diana Webber, also a doctor with Doctors Without Borders”.  “They have 3 children: Steven, Sarah and Elizabeth”.

“Gibbs, is it possible that Jeff calling; could have something to do with one of their children”, Kate asked?

“All 3 of the children would be out of high school by now”, Gibbs stated.

“Let’s see”, Gibbs said.  “Steven would be a doctor by now; Sarah too, quite possibly, Elizabeth would be 18 or 19 now”, he said.

“Elizabeth and Kelly were inseparable”, Gibbs said remembering Kelly and Liz.


Port Charles:


While Jason and Liz were trying to sleep, the couple and the guards were unaware of the man lurking in the shadows waiting to make his move.  An hour later, the unknown man saw his chance.

Meanwhile, Jason had woken up with a sense of dread, and with that he’d gone into the bathroom to make a call.  As Jason was silently returning from making his call, he saw a dark figure standing over Elizabeth, holding a gun to her head.

He then heard the figure say to Liz that “she had to die”.

The second he heard Liz whimper, Jason instantly sprung into action.

Before the man could finish what he’d come to do, Jason had subdued him, as hospital security and Francis arrived.

Mac and Taggart arrived within minutes, neither believing that they would try again while Liz was still in the hospital.

“How is she”, Mac asked as the assailant was arrested and Alan rushed into the room?

“He was alone with her for about a minute, he was bragging about the fact that she had to die”, Jason said.

“He probably won’t talk but we’ll see what we can get out of him”, Taggart told Jason and Liz.

Jason then returned to Liz.  “Are you okay Elizabeth”, Jason asked as he held her?

“I’m okay, I just can’t understand why this is happening”, Liz answered.

“Don’t be scared, we’ll find out everything and it’ll be over”, Jason said.


“Boss”, Taggart said as he walked into Mac’s office?

“The serial number was filed off the gun”.  “We didn’t get anything from that”.

“Terry in ballistics is working on it but he said not to get our hopes up”, Taggart said.

“What about fingerprints”?  “Anything on that end”, Mac asked anxious for answers?


Somewhere in Port Charles:

“We failed again boys”.  “The boss isn’t going to be happy”.  

“And the stupid lug-head got caught”.

“Why does the boss want the girl dead”?

“I wasn’t told”.  “We don’t get paid to ask questions”.

“We are being paid to do a job, and that job isn’t finished yet, so we need to take care of the girl and get out of here”.

“How do we take care of the girl when we can’t get to her”?

“We’ll wait for the best moment, and then we kill her”.

“What about the guards and the PCPD”?

“We take them out if we have to, they’re collateral damage”.

     (8 days after shooting)


Gibbs and Co had just arrived.  And now were headed to the Webber home.

“What about local law enforcement boss”, Tony asked?

“We’ll worry about it once I talk to Jeff”, Gibbs said.

They soon arrived at Jeff’s home and knocked.  A lot of questions were running through Leroy’s mind:

One- Why would Jeff and Diana always change the subject when asked where Lizzie was?

Two- Why wasn’t Lizzie at Kelly and Shannon’s funeral?

Three- Why did any and all photos over the last 14 years not include Steven or Lizzie?

Four- What wasn’t Jeff telling him?

Leroy had a sinking feeling that something had happened during the last 14 years and that Jeff and Diana had been lying to him.

“Gunny”, Jeff said as he opened the door.  “Come in”.

“What going on Jeff”, Leroy asked wanting answers?

“Sit down and I’ll tell you everything”, Jeff said.  So Jeff proceeded to tell Gibbs everything: from what had happened after Diana’s miscarriage to what Diana had told him hours ago.  Jeff could see that his friend was pissed.

“Let me see if I have this right; Diana took Elizabeth out of a hospital in Bensonhurst, NY and brought her home”, Gibbs asked?

“Yes”, Jeff said.

“And you helped her cover it all up”, Gibbs asked as the rest of his team were awaiting the inevitable explosion that was coming?

“Yes, I did”.  “But Diana didn’t tell me all of it back then”.  “I didn’t find out about Ramirez or Darnell until a few hours ago”, Jeff said.

“Where is Steven”? “And why hasn’t he been in any of the photos I’ve gotten in the last 14 years Jeff”, Jethro asked?

“Steven was away at boarding school, then medical school”, Jeff explained.

“Why”, Leroy asked?

“Diana told me a few hours ago, that the reason that she demanded back then that he go was; because he was getting suspicious, and she couldn’t have him finding out what she’d done”, Jeff explained.

“How do you know that, since you claim that you haven’t seen him”, Gibbs asked getting more pissed off with every answer?  “Where is he now”, Gibbs asked?

“He’s practicing medicine in Port Charles, New York”, Jeff told him.

By this point, Special Agent in Charge Leroy Jethro Gibbs was pissed.  Jeff had a convenient explanation for every question so far and he was MAD.


“Elizabeth is in Port Charles with my step-mother and Steven”.  “She hasn’t been in any of the photos for the last 14 years because; Diana no longer wanted her; so she left her on my parents’ front porch”.  “She wasn’t at Kelly and Shannon’s funeral because in part we left her, but more because Diana wouldn’t let me contact her to tell her about Kelly’s funeral”, Jeff said.

“Where’s Diana”, Gibbs demanded?

“In our room; sedated”.  “I’m not going to let her run”.  “And I’m going to face up to my part in all of this”, Jeff said.

“Jeff, you’d have faced up to your part once you told me all of this, and you knew that didn’t you”?

“Stay with him McGee”.  “Kate and Ziva, go watch Diana”, Gibbs said.  Once he and Tony were out of earshot, Gibbs called his boss.  “Boss, I’m going to need your help”, Gibbs said.

“What do you need Jethro”, Tom asked?

“I need you to contact the Russian government; and clear us to bring back 2 US citizens”, Gibbs answered.

“Who are they and why are you bringing them in”, Tom asked?

“They are Doctors Jeff and Diana Webber, and I’m bringing them in because they’ve both admitted to kidnapping an infant 19 years ago”, Gibbs said flatly.  

“Get them ready and I’ll get you cleared”, Tom said.

“Boss, can you patch me through to Abby”, Gibbs requested of his boss?

“Hang on”, Bill said then he sent the call down to Abby’s lab.

“Abby”, Gibbs stated.

“What do you need me to do”, Abby asked?

“I need you to find me everything on a Jose’ Ramirez and a Watson Darnell”, Gibbs said.  “Also, find me everything you can on Doctor Diana Webber and any connection to Ramirez or Darnell”, Gibbs told his comp geek.

“I’ll get it to you as quick as I can, do you want me to also look into any connection between Ramirez and Darnell to Doctor Jeff Webber as well”, Abby said?

Gibbs then ended the call.  All they could do now; was await Tom’s call letting them know that they could bring the Webbers back without interference or backlash from the Russian government.  

When Gibbs ended the call without answering, Abby took that as a yes to her question about looking into Jeff Webber’s connection if any to Ramirez and Darnell.

“What’s next boss”, Tony asked?

“Once we get these two back, I need to make a trip to Port Charles, NY”; Gibbs said.

“Do you think Elizabeth knows about what the Webbers did, Tony asked”?

“No, I don’t”, Gibbs answered.


Chapter 9

Port Charles NY—
     Next Day:

Sonny and Kate were on their way to GH when they received a call from Max saying that he, Spinelli and Diane needed to meet with him, as well as Elizabeth, Jason, Audrey, Steven and Mac.

“They are all on their way to GH boss”, Max said; then hung up.

As Sonny and Kate arrived they were directed to Liz’s room, where the rest were waiting.

“What do you have”, Sonny asked?

“Well Mr. Sir, we have found the location of the Dastardly Drs.”, Spinelli said.

“Where”, Sonny demanded?

“Russia, Chechnya to be exact”, Spinelli stated.

“Now you can file the suit Diane”, Sonny said.

“That is where the dynamics have changed”, Max stated.

“What do you mean Max”, Elizabeth spoke up?

“We found out that NCIS is involved, and are awaiting approval to bring the Webbers back to NCIS headquarters”, Max said.

“Who’s the lead agent”, Mac asked wondering if some of his past would come back to bite him in the arse?

“A Special Agent Leroy Jeth…” ; Max started to say but Elizabeth interrupted him.

“Leroy Jethro Gibbs”, Elizabeth said laughing.

“What”, they all asked her?

“He’s my godfather”, Elizabeth said.

“I think that I know how he got involved in this, or more importantly who got him involved in this; and he’s in for a very rude awakening”, Elizabeth said.  “Jeff claims that they are friends but when it comes to me, Uncle Gibbs will protect me from everyone including Jeff and Diana”.  “I can now expect a visit from him”, Elizabeth told the group.  “And if he’s involved, it could mean that the Webbers just might be facing charges”.

“You are very right Fair one, NCIS is investigating the doctors Webber, as well as a Jose Ramirez and a Watson Darnell”.  “And also their connections to the Webbers if any”, Spinelli answered.

“How good is this Agent Gibbs”, Audrey asked?

“Very good at what he does”, Max said.

“No, he’s better than very good”, Mac said.  

“How do you know that”, Steven asked?

“Because I served with Agent Gibbs in the Marine Corps”, Mac said.

“How come no one knows about this”, Audrey asked?

“Because, I was injured while serving, but it’s more than that”.  “I have kept what happened to me over there private.”   “It’s really complicated, but I will tell you some of it”.  “I got involved with a military nurse, and she was killed while serving overseas”.  “We have a daughter, but I have no idea where she is, I am looking for her”.  “And I may never find her”.

“I can’t wait to see Uncle Leroy”, Liz said.  “I’ve missed him”.


“Gibbs”, Tom said when Jethro answered the phone.  “You have a go, bring them back”, Tom said and ended the call.

“Jeff, go pack”.  “You and Diana are coming back to the states with us”, Gibbs stated.

“I was prepared for that”, Jeff said.  “We’re already packed and ready”.

Kate and Ziva helped get a very groggy Diana to the car.  Both she and Jeff were placed in handcuffs once on the plane.

Diana in her Own Thoughts:

As Diana became more coherent, she realized that she was in more trouble than she knew.  Gibbs was like a pit-bull when it came to Lizzie, which was never good for her.  And now that he was involved, she was as good as dead.  But she wouldn’t go down alone.   That had been the entire reason that she hadn’t let Jeff invite him to come and visit.  She had known that he would figure out the truth.  And Diana could not have allowed that to happen.  It had been bad enough when Steven started getting suspicious and started asking questions.  That’s why she had demanded that Steven be sent to boarding school in Cheshire, CT.

As the plane headed for VA, Diana thought to herself that since she would be facing jail time, she would take Ramirez, Darnell, as well as her husband down with her.  One thing Diana knew for sure, this was a sure fire way to further the gap in Jeff’s relationship with Steven and his best buddy Gibbs.

She knew Gibbs would end his friendship with her husband.  And she knew that once Steven found out his father’s involvement in all of what happened, he would never forgive his father.

As for Elizabeth, she’d gotten exactly what she deserved.  Diana had known who her mother was and by extension; her grandmother and great grandfather.  They all thought they were better than everyone else, well Diana had shown them.

And Audrey, with her holier than thou attitude towards Diana, well Diana thought, Audrey had been knocked off of her so-called pedestal.  She’d always turned her nose up at Diana, because of her relationship with Jeff.

The only person she was concerned with keeping safe was Sarah.  And Sarah would be safe, as Sarah knew nothing about what her mother had done.  As far as Diana was concerned, everything she’d done had been done to ensure Sarah’s future.  And Diana had ensured Sarah’s future, as when Steve had died, had left Sarah a sizable inheritance.  But none had been left to Steven or Elizabeth.  And that was how Diana had wanted it to be.

“Boss, what are these two facing once back home”, McGee asked?

“Well, Diana is facing kidnapping, conspiracy to commit, child endangerment and possibly more”.  “Jeff will face charges for being an accomplice, as well as obtaining forged documents”, Gibbs said.

“We’ll have to see what else Abby comes up with”, Jethro stated.


Port Charles:  WSB Offices------

Robert Scorpio’s Office:

“Robert, your brother is on line one”, Robert’s secretary said.

“Thanks Terri”, Robert said.

“Mac, what do you need”, Robert asked his brother?

“Robert, I know that you’re looking into Elizabeth’s kidnapping”.  “You’re going to want to contact a Special Agent Gibbs with NCIS”.  “It appears that he and his team, are bringing the Webbers to Quantico for questioning”, Mac said.

“When you and Anna have time, I need to speak to both of you”.  “I have some things that I need to tell you”, Mac said.

“Does it have to do with the case”, Robert asked?

“No, it’s personal”, Mac said.



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