Disclaimer - Chapter 4

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Disclaimer - Chapter 4

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This is an AH story. And is rated T.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters and settings are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. No money is being made from this work. No copyright infringement is intended.

This is going to be my version of an ensemble story.  You can forget everything you know about General Hospital.  I am taking my own creative licenses here.  Also for the purposes of this piece of fiction, DNA tests only take a couple of weeks.  And they can tell if there is a familial match in the lab.   Any and all criminal investigations will take place "real time", so it will take weeks to find out something.

All of the young children in this story were born around the time that Liz turned 15 or after.  In the present she has babysat all the children but Dante, Michael, Morgan and Joss.

I know nothing about the mob, so any hypothetical mob stuff will not be accurate.  Also, I am not a doctor, so if I am wrong about anything medical please forgive me. Also, some characters that were thought dead might not be dead for this piece of fiction.  

Also any characters that I have added that may have starred on other shows are only here to help my story along.   This is always and foremost a Liason story.

Australia slang used and definitions:

London to a Brick: absolute certainty (“it’s London to a brick that taxes won’t go down”)

Up Oneself: have a high opinion of oneself- “he’s really up oneself”

Walkabout, it’s gone: it’s lost, can’t be found

Timeline: 1999



Nineteen years ago in Bensonhurst NY and Port Charles, NY:

Michael Corbin Jr. was 19 years old. He was dating Connie Falconeri.  He loved her more than life itself.  He’d been going through a lot when he met Connie.  His mother had died, quite possibly at the hands of her husband and Michael’s stepfather Deke.  His real father was not around.

Connie Falconeri knew that Michael was it for her.  Connie knew that she kept him grounded.  Connie also knew that his step-father was a real SOB.  And he was able to get away with what he did to Adele and Michael because he was a cop.  As she was sitting in the office waiting for the results, Connie knew that the results would change lives.  She just hoped that Michael wouldn’t run.

“Ms Falconeri, I have your results”, Dr. Jacobson said.  “You are pregnant”.  “Here is a prescription for prenatal vitamins as well as all the info we hand out to expectant mothers”.  “I want to see you back here in one month”.

“Okay”, Connie said.  She then left to go and tell Michael.

She’d already decided that even if Michael ran, she wanted her baby.

Later that day:

“Michael, I have something important that I need to tell you”, Connie said.

“Connie, what is it”, Sonny asked?

“I’m pregnant”, Connie blurted out.  “I know that you might not want this baby, but I do”.

“Connie, I love you”.  “And this baby is a part of you”.  “And I know that this baby wasn’t planned, but I want this too”, Michael said.

Over the next 9 months:

Michael had been somewhat accepted by most of the Falconeri clan.  Connie and Michael also knew that her father was whole heartedly against it.

Michael had been having problems with Deke as well as a man by the name of Joe Scully.  Scully wanted Michael to come and work for him, but Michael didn’t want to. Scully had a very bad rep.  Besides that, Michael didn’t like the way that Scully looked at Connie.

Connie and Michael’s major supporters were Connie’s mother Alexandra and her grandfather Harrison.

November 3, 1982

Connie’s water broke, which sent them to the ER.  12 hours later they’re daughter Melanie Adele Corbin was born.  She had all of her fingers and toes.  Little Melanie captured the hearts of all who saw her.  They all fell head over heels in love with the little bundle.

But unknown forces were at work, plotting to bring harm to the new little family.  For 2 days later, Melanie Corbin was taken from the hospital nursery, and vanished without a trace.

Michael and Connie were devastated. Alexandra was at a loss at how to help her daughter, Michael as well as her granddaughter.  Harrison vowed; that his great granddaughter would be found.

Two months later:  

Antonio Falconeri chose to use his missing granddaughter as the reason to punish his daughter for what he felt had disgraced the family name.  He packed Connie up, and shipped her off to live with family in Italy.  He didn’t give her a choice, and he made sure that there was no contact with Michael.

And then Scully took that opportunity, to reel Michael into his fold.  It was a few weeks later that Deke was killed, and Scully held that over Michael’s head.  

Alexandra, Harrison, Connie and Michael never gave up their respective searches for Melanie, but every trail went cold. Over the next decade and a half, Michael changed his name to Michael “Sonny” Corinthos, ended up killing Joe Scully and later moved to Port Charles, NY.

Connie Falconeri, left Italy after her father died; and she changed her name to Kate Howard.  She then worked her way up in the fashion world.

But for Sonny and Kate, they’re daughter was never far from their thoughts.


Port Charles New York; 1987

It was 4 in the morning when Steve Hardy was awoken by a strange noise downstairs at the front door.  He went down to investigate the noise and found his 5 year old grand-daughter Elizabeth asleep on the front porch.  Steve couldn’t see anyone else outside, so it seemed strange for his little Lizzie to be there without any adult supervise.  

“Audrey”, Steve shouted to his wife; who was still asleep upstairs!

“Steve, where are you”, Audrey said from upstairs?

“I’m downstairs and you need to come now”, he said.

“I’m coming”, Audrey said as she descended the stairs.

“Elizabeth, honey what are you doing here; and where are your parents”, Audrey asked worriedly once she was downstairs and saw her granddaughter?

“Steve, what is going on”, Audrey asked her husband?

“I heard a noise and came down to see what it was, and found her asleep on the front porch; there was no one else out there”, Steve said quietly as not to scare his granddaughter.

“Let’s get her upstairs and let her sleep”, Steve said.  So they took Lizzie upstairs and put her in the spare bedroom.  When they were back in their bedroom Steve said:  “In the morning I am going to raise he** with my son”.  “Leaving their daughter without telling us”, what has gotten into Jeff and Diana.

“Steve you know as well as I do, what they were thinking”.  “Sarah is more important to them than Steven or Elizabeth”. “They have always treated Sarah like a princess, and Steven and Lizzie like trash”, Audrey said to her husband.


Later that morning:

Steve had been trying all morning to get a hold of his son and daughter-in-law.  They were nowhere to be found.  Their neighbor in Colorado had informed him that they had told everyone that they were taking the family to Africa so that they could work with Doctors without Borders.  The neighbor hadn’t had any idea that they were going to abandon their youngest daughter.

While at the hospital making his rounds, he came to the decision that he and Audrey needed to find a lawyer and go for custody of their granddaughter.  So, on his break he contacted their attorney and asked him to start the paperwork.

“Lee, I need your help”, Steve said to his friend.

“What do you need Steve”, Lee asked?

“Can you come and see Audrey and I this evening, we need your legal advice concerning our granddaughter Elizabeth”, Steve said.

“I’ll be over around 7pm”, Steve, Lee said.  

“Thanks Lee”, Steve said and then hung up.

Steve knew that everyone that he and his wife knew would support them in this.  They all had fallen in love with his little Lizzie when Jeff and Diana had brought her to visit when she was a baby.  Despite what her parents had just done, Steve was going to make sure that she knew that she was loved.

Steve went to finish his rounds, and then he went home to prepare for Lee’s visit.

At 7pm right on the dot, Lee arrived and Steve let him in.

“What is going on Steve, and why do you need my advice”; Lee asked him?

“Sit down Lee, and I’ll explain”; Steve said as Audrey came into the room.  “She’s down for the night”, Audrey said as she sat down next to her husband.

“At 4 am this morning I had heard a strange noise down here, so I came down to check it out”.  “When I opened the front door, I found Lizzie asleep on the bench out there”.  “She was alone”.  “There was a large suitcase but nothing else”.  “We asked her where her parents were, but she couldn’t tell us very much”, Steve said.

“What did she tell you”, Lee asked?

“She said that when she went to bed, she was at home in her bed”.  “That she woke when they got here, but her parents didn’t say anything”.  “She went back to sleep, and didn’t wake up until I woke her when I found her”.  “There was no note or explanation”, Steve said.

“Have you tried to contact Jeff and Diana”, Lee asked?

“The number for their house in Colorado has been disconnected”.  “Their neighbor told me that they packed up everything and left for Africa”.  “He said that Jeff had not stated that they were going to leave Lizzie anywhere”.  “He had assumed that she was going with them, as they took Sarah”, Steve explained what he’d been told.

“Lee; I am at a point of being done”.  “They have always shown more love and attention to Sarah then they have to Steven or Lizzie”.  “We want to go for custody”.  “Obviously they don’t care”, Steve said.

“Have you talked to Steven”, Lee asked?

“I talked to him earlier, he told me that his parents called and told him that they were going to Africa, but they never mentioned Lizzie”.  “Him being away at boarding school, there’s not much he can do”.  “He told me he asked his dad about her; but they wouldn’t tell him anything”.  “I reassured him that Lizzie was safe with us”, Audrey said.

“I will file the papers in the morning”, Steve; we’ll get this settled as soon as possible”.  

Lee left them to figure out how to tell Lizzie what was going on.  How did you explain to a little girl that her parents had left her, never to return for her?

In the months that followed, the entire town came out to support Steve, Audrey and little Lizzie.  They all showed her how loved she was.

Jeff and Diana never bothered to show up, no one could find them.  They had private investigators who couldn’t even find them.  Steve had told Audrey that if they ever showed, he would ruin them for what they’d done to their daughter.

The judge made his decision; he awarded full and sole custody of Elizabeth Imogene Webber to Steve and Audrey Hardy.  


When Elizabeth was 10 years old, Steven moved back to Port Charles with his wife Olivia and his step-son Dante.  Steven had wanted to be there to help his grandparents with Liz, but he also felt that he needed to be there for his sister, she was important to him.


6 Years Later:

Elizabeth had asked her grandparents if she could change her last name to Hardy; they said yes, and 3 months later she became Elizabeth Hardy.  She said she wanted nothing to do with her parents or their name.

The four musketeers had just left the theater, where they had seen the latest flick.  They were headed home and decided to cut through the park.

Four young men appeared out of nowhere and grabbed Liz and Emily, and headed to the other end of the park.  Lucky and Nik tried to help but things quickly turned deadly.  

As Lucky and Nik were trying to get to Liz and Emily, Lucky was shot several times.  Nik was badly beaten.   At the other end of the park, the two men who had taken Liz and Emily were having their own fun.

Elizabeth was thrown to the ground, and before she could get away, the man was on top of her.  He raped her and the beat her up pretty badly, all while Emily was forced to watch.  The one holding Emily told her that she would be next just as some of Sonny’s men found them.

Sonny’s men had heard the gunfire, as well as the girls’ screams for help; and had come to investigate.  The 3 guards who found Nik and Lucky called 911 and an ambulance had arrived.  Lucky and Nik were rushed to GH.

The other 3 guards, who rushed to where they’d heard the screams come from, arrived to find the bosses sister and his “more than friend”.

They too, called 911 and got an ambulance on its way.  They also called Sonny and Jason.  The 2 girls were taken to the ER.  By the time the four victims reached GH, all of their families were there.  They all wanted to know what happened and who was responsible.

While Liz was being treated, Lucky was in surgery, but it wasn’t looking good.

Mac and Taggart arrived to question them.  

Nik was able to give some details but not all.  He told Mac that he’d smelled beer on the one holding him.  He also told them that they’d been acting like they were high.

Emily told them that they were a little older than they were, possibly college students.  Liz was unable to give a statement.  Alan and Monica told them that Elizabeth was in shock.  Her injures included: broken fingers, bruised ribs, cuts as well as the fact that she’d been raped.  

Jason was in with her.  Steve and Audrey thanked the guards who had found Liz.  Yes, they would never approve of what Sonny and Jason did for a living, but they’d always protected their granddaughter.

While Jason and Elizabeth’s family were in with Liz, a doctor had come out and informed the Spencer family that Lucky had died on the table.  The damage had just been too great.

After they laid Lucky to rest, the Spencer family left town, and they have not returned.

Everyone had agreed to wait to tell Elizabeth that one of her friends was dead.  3 Months after Liz was attacked, Steve Hardy died after having a massive heart attack.  Everyone mourned the loss of Steve, especially his wife and grandchildren.  

Over the course of the next four years, and with the help of their family and friends, the remaining musketeers healed.  Nik and Emily were now dating and really close.  

Mac and Taggart had found the college student who had killed Lucky, but not the other 3.   During the last three years, Jason had found the other 3 students involved in the attack.  He made sure they were punished and never found.

And Jason and Liz were finally dating.  Jason really loved her.  Liz loved him too.  He’d even proposed, with her family’s blessing; and she’d said yes.


Chapter 1

Today was Elizabeth’s 19th birthday, and Jason had a lot planned for the day and evening.  He, Sonny and Kate had planned a party that was being held tonight at Couture.  And he, Sonny, Kate and Liz were having lunch at the No Name.

He was on his way to pick up Liz.  He still couldn’t get over the fact that her family had been so accepting of him and Sonny, as well as the guards.  But he wasn’t about to do anything to rock the boat.  He couldn’t lose her.

Elizabeth had spent the morning with her Grams, Steven, Olivia and her son Dante. She was too surprised at her family’s willingness not only to accept Jason and Sonny, but they had accepted when she had moved in with Jason a month before.

Hardy Residence:

“Grams, are you okay”, Liz asked concerned that her grandmother was ill?

“Yes dear, I’m fine”.  “You’re all grown up”.  “Your grandfather would be proud”, Audrey said.

Grams, I know that what you and grandpa and Steven did for my sake wasn’t easy.  And I’ll always love you, Liz told her grandmother.

Just then there was a knock at the door.  

“Grams can you get that, I need to run up to the bathroom real quick”, Liz asked then went upstairs?

“Come in Jason”, Audrey said.

“Thanks Mrs. Hardy”, Jason told her.

“Liz will be right down”, Audrey said.

“Does she have a clue about the party”, Jason asked hoping that Liz had found out about it yet?

“No, she is still out of the loop, and I will see you all at Couture at 7pm”.  “I can’t wait to see her surprised”; Audrey said just before Liz came down.

When Liz came back down, she grabbed her coat and told Jason she was ready to leave.  The she kissed her grams and told her she would she her later.

After leaving her grandmothers, Jason and Liz headed to the No Name.  They were meeting Sonny and Kate.  Sonny was treating her to a birthday lunch.

The No Name:

Jason and Liz arrived and went in and sat down with Sonny and Kate.  They ordered and enjoyed light conversation. Making sure not to let any clues about that night’s party slip to Liz.

Unbeknownst to the party of four that was enjoying lunch inside, there were people outside awaiting a phone call on how to proceed.  The group had just gotten a call from the person who’d hired them.  They were told to wait until the right time and then do what they were supposed to do.

Inside the No Name:

The two couples were enjoying their lunch, when a group of people walked in.  Each of them got a separate table.  Kate had just asked Liz if she could come to Couture that evening, she wanted to run an idea by her, so Liz said she’d be there.  They finished and ordered dessert.

Their dessert had just arrived, and that’s when it happened.  Gunfire erupted in the restaurant.  Jason and Sonny got Liz and Kate behind the bar, then went to help the other patrons.  

When it was all over, the group who’d walked in were dead. Several other patrons had minor injuries.  Sonny ordered the bartender to call 911.  Just as Sonny finished, he heard Kate yelling for them from behind the bar.

When they got to them, they found that Kate had been grazed.  Then they saw Liz.  She had been hit 4 times, and was losing blood. At seeing that, Jason just froze.

Paramedics arrived along with Mac and Taggart.  While Mac and Taggart went to ask Sonny and Jason what happened, the medics loaded Kate and sent her to GH.  They also quickly loaded Liz, as she was losing blood really fast.  They left and radioed ahead that they would need Liz’s blood type ready.

“What happened”, Mac asked?

“We were having a birthday lunch for Liz, when these people walked in”.  “At first we didn’t think anything of it, as it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary”.  “It’s a restaurant”, Sonny said.

“Then, just as we started our dessert, they started shooting”, Sonny told them.

“Are they enemies that came after you, hitting Liz and Kate by mistake”, Taggart asked?

“No, not as far as we know”.  “After Sorel, we have been getting a heads up whenever someone new comes to town”, Sonny said.

Mac knew that Sonny had been trying to keep the drugs, guns and violence out of Port Charles.  He also knew from rumors that some within the “five families”; didn’t approve of Sonny’s stance on the issues.

“We’ll let you know what we find out”, Mac told Sonny.  “I know that you and Jason want to get to Liz and Kate, so I won’t keep you”.

Meanwhile at GH:

Bobbie had been working the ER when they got the call about Liz and Kate.  When she heard that they would need Liz’s blood type, she went to look to see if they had any.  She knew that Liz was AB-.  If they didn’t have any she would have to put out a call for donors asap.

When she got to the lab, she asked if they had enough AB- blood on hand.  She was told no; that they were all out.  So she went and called Monica, and told her.

“What are we going to do”, Bobbie asked Monica?

“We will ask all of her family to donate, and then go from there”, Monica said.


Back at the No Name:

“Taggart, let’s get to work, I want to know who is responsible for this”, Mac said.

With that, Sonny and Jason rushed to the ER, to check on Kate and Elizabeth.  Sonny wouldn’t admit it, but he really loved Kate, and he knew that Jason loved Elizabeth with everything he had.

One of Sonny’s guards flagged down Mac and Taggart.

“Commissioner; that white van over there, has been there for over 4 hours, and if it had been someone who was inside the restaurant, they would have come out by now”, the guard stated.

So Mac called the station and requested that it be hauled in as evidence.  Hopefully with the vehicle, they would get a lead.  But what had happened wasn’t sitting well with him.

If Sonny or Jason had been the targets, why would the shooters walk into a crowded restaurant and just start shooting?  It just didn’t make sense.


When Kate arrived at the ER, she was taken into a cubicle and examined.  They said that she only needed stitches.  So a nurse did the stitches.  And she was asking about Elizabeth.

Elizabeth arrived 5 minutes later, and she was in bad shape.  She had lost a lot of blood, and would need a transfusion during surgery.  She was rushed up to surgery immediately.

As Sonny and Jason walked in, Bobbie was waiting for them.  She wasn’t looking forward to informing Jason about Liz.

“Sonny, Kate is in cubicle 3, getting stitches”.  “She’ll be okay”, Bobbie said.

“What about Elizabeth”, Sonny and Jason asked just as Monica and Alan came in?

“It’s bad son”, Alan said.  “First of all she was shot 4 times”.  “She going to needs blood transfusions”.  “We are going to test all of her friends and family, we can start with you and Sonny”, Alan said to his son.

“I am assuming that Kate will want to donate as well”, Monica said to Sonny.

“I know that she’ll want to, she and Liz are close”, Sonny said.

So Monica sent someone in to set Kate up to donate.  Then she and Alan took Sonny and Jason to donate.  As the rest of Liz’s family and friends heard, they rushed to GH to help where they could.

When they got back to the surgical waiting room, all of Liz’s family and friends were there.  Each of the adults was taking their turn to donate.

Audrey and Steven walked up to Sonny and Jason as they arrived.

“Sonny, thank you for what you did”, Audrey said knowing her granddaughter could be dead right now if not for Sonny and Jason.

“She got hurt Audrey, how was that protecting her”, Sonny asked feeling like he’d failed Elizabeth.

“Sonny, she’s strong”.  “She’ll survive this too”, Steven said.  “Don’t blame yourself”.  “Mac is trying to find out what happened”.  

Sometime later, Jason pulled Sonny aside.  “I want to buy a house for Liz and I”, Jason told him.

“Well, I am buying a place called Greystone Manor”.  “And I know that there is a piece of property next to it with a house”, Sonny told his friend.

“I know that place”, Kate said as she approached the two.  “When I first moved here, I’d looked into it, but I felt it was too big for just one person”.

“Jason, why don’t you call Diane, and have her see if it’s for sale”, Sonny told him.

So Jason called Diane.  He asked her to look into it, and if it was for sale; to purchase it on his behalf.

An hour later, Jason received a call from Diane saying that he now owned Madison Estate.  She also asked him to let Sonny know that he now officially owned Greystone Manor.  And with that, Jason and Sonny sent Max, to make sure both properties were secure and to do what he felt needed to be done.

Chapter 2

When Max got to the property, he asked to be shown around.  As he was being shown the two houses, he was told that there was a tunnel between the two properties.  At that point Max instantly knew what to do.  He immediately went about getting one fence installed around both properties.  And then he had two driveways installed.  Then he had two separate driveways installed to each home.  The guards would be able to direct any visitors to the proper house.  

He then called Sonny and Jason, explaining what he’d decided, and they loved his idea.  They knew they’d be able to protect their loved ones.  

Sonny and Kate had been unable to go and see the house, as they had been told that their blood types matched to Elizabeth, and that they were asked to donate.

Elizabeth’s Room @ GH:  
           Afternoon—(day of shooting)

Elizabeth had finally been brought to the room that had been arranged for her.  Since being brought into the ER, she’d had guards present at all times.  Jason hadn’t wanted to take any chances with “his heart”.  

About two hours later, Liz was awake and taking 10 minute visits with people.   Everyone wanted to see her.

Kate had gone and gotten Michael, Morgan and Joss, so that they could see Liz.  Sonny knew that they would need to see her before they would believe that she would be okay.  They loved Liz.  Once Michael, Morgan and Joss saw that she was okay, Kate took them back out to the waiting room.

Steven, Olivia, Dante and Audrey were next.  Steven told her that he loved her, and to get better, that she had people pulling for her.  Audrey hugged her granddaughter and told her she loved her.  Dante made her laugh.  Olivia helped her get a drink.  The four then went to let the other visit.

Over the course of the next hour, everyone who loved Elizabeth went in to see her; each with their own messages. Those people included:  Mike Corbin, Diane Miller, the Mac Scorpio Family, Taggart, The Drake Family, The Scanlon Family, The Collins Family, The Jacks Family, Nik and Emily, The Quartermaines, Bobbie and Roy, And Robert and Anna.  

The Baldwins; as well as Ned, sent flowers.  Everyone hoped that Liz knew that she was loved.  


One hour later:

Bobbie, Chloe and Olivia had taken the children back to the brownstone.  The adults felt that it would be better if the kids were distracted for now.  As they were leaving, they ran into Max, who asked where his boss was.  He was informed that he was on the fourth floor. And that Elizabeth was awake.

Just as Max arrived on the 4th floor, Monica and Alan walked into the waiting area and told everyone that there was news.

Waiting Room:

The reason that we need to talk to all of you is that something has come to our attention.  And it will affect everyone in this room, as well as Elizabeth, Alan said.

“What is it Alan”, Audrey asked?

“When Liz arrived down in the ER, we didn’t have any of her blood type on hand”.  “So we had to ask all of you, as well as others in the community to donate”.  “As you know Sonny, you and Kate matched”.   “But what you don’t know is that it was a perfect match, and that is very rare”, Monica said.

“But that’s not all, the lab tech said that he saw familial links between Elizabeth and you and Kate”, Alan said.

“How is that possible, and what does it mean”, Audrey asked?

“Grams, familial links mean related to right Alan, Steven asked?

“Yes, it does”; Alan said.

“How that be, Sonny and Kate aren’t related to Liz”, Audrey said.

“Audrey, do you know if by chance Elizabeth was adopted”, Monica asked her friend?

“No, not that I know of”, Audrey answered.

“Oh my god”, Steven said.  “It all suddenly makes sense”.

“What are you talking about Steven”, Audrey demanded?

“When Liz was attacked in the park, I had called dad”.  “He’d called me back, acting strange”.  “I asked him what was wrong, he started to tell me something but mom stopped him”.  “Then she hung up on me”, Steven said.

“What did he say”, Audrey asked starting to wonder about the secrets her stepson was possibly hiding?

His exact words were:   Elizabeth was a…………..

“Those indignant, insufferable ingrates”, Audrey said.  So that’s why they abandoned her, because she wasn’t theirs, so why worry about her.  Just dump her on someone else.  They never told Steve or myself that they’d adopted.

“I am going to suggest Sonny, that you and Kate as well as Elizabeth get DNA tests done, just so that you know for sure”, Alan said.

“Oh, Sonny; is it really possible that Elizabeth is our daughter, and she’s been here the entire time”, Kate asked?

“We’ll see about getting the tests done as soon as Liz is awake again to give consent”, Sonny and Kate said together.

While Alan had been talking to Sonny and Kate, Steven had been thinking back to his childhood.  Elizabeth was five years younger than Sarah.  And none of the puzzle pieces fit.

“Oh my gosh”, Steven said; loud enough to get the entire room’s attention.

“What Steven”, Audrey asked?

“I think I have just solved the Elizabeth puzzle”, he said.

“Explain”, the room asked?

“Okay, you all know that I’m 10 years older than Elizabeth”.  “Well I was 5 years old when I went to live with mom and dad”.  “3 months later, Sarah was born”, Steven explained.

“Well three and half years later, mom found out that she was expecting”.  “But she lost the baby at five months”.  “I overheard the doctor telling them that mom might not be able to have any more children”, he said.  “I didn’t think anything of it at the time”.  “Then mom starting have problems; bouts of depression and such”.  “Then one night 5 months before they brought Liz home, I overheard them arguing”, Steven said.

“What were they arguing about”, Audrey asked?

“Well dad had told her that they could adopt, and that’s when mom blew a gasket”, he said.  “Mom told him that she would never raise someone else’s brat”.  “Then dad asked her about me”, Steven stated.  “She said that I was different, because I was dad’s biological child”.  “I’m now beginning to think that it is entirely possible that mom walked into that hospital in Bensonhurst, flashed her medical credentials, and walked back out with Lizzie”.

“How did your father explain Elizabeth to everyone”, Audrey asked?

“Well, mom had been gone for awhile, dad said that she was covering for a fellow doctor out of state”.  “Dad said that she’d been expecting when she left; and that Lizzie was a miracle child”.  “I didn’t really believe it because Lizzie looks nothing like mom or dad, and mom had been having major mental problems before she left”.  “I know that she never treated me like she treats Sarah”.  “If she and Sarah didn’t have everyone’s attention she would get mad”.  “And I am beginning to think that she started to have a mental breakdown after the miscarriage and subsequent diagnosis”.  “She never treated Elizabeth right to begin with, but I think it got worse after everyone fell in love with Lizzie”.  “And who wouldn’t fall in love with my beautiful baby sister”.  “She and Sarah really started to hate Lizzie after that”, Steven said.  

“Because, she and Sarah no longer had everyone’s attention.  “And Sarah learned that from Diana as well”, Audrey said.

“Sonny, after hearing all of this, as well as seeing some of you and Kate in my Lizzie”; I feel that she is your daughter”.  “But I do agree with you, we’ll ask her to take the test”, Audrey said.


An hour later, as they were waiting for Liz to wake, they saw Mac and Taggart step off the elevator and come towards them.

“We have news”, Mac said as the approached the group.

“Sonny, you and Jason weren’t the target”.  “You either Miss Howard”, Taggart told them.

“Then who was”, Jason asked?

“It was Liz”, Mac said.  “And it wasn’t connected to either of you; that we can find”, he told Sonny and Jason.

“That doesn’t make any sense Mac”, Jason said.  “Who would want Liz dead”?

“We will find out Jason”, Mac said.  “We’re still combing through evidence”.  “We’ll keep you all informed”.  

“Well we have some news as well”, Sonny said.

“What kind of news”, Taggart asked?

“Well, Sonny and Kate just found out that Elizabeth is possibly their daughter”, Jason said.

“How is that possible”, Mac asked?

So, Sonny and Kate told their story.  Then Steven filled them in on what he knew.

“Well, unfortunately; the statute of limitations has already expired then”, Mac said.

“I wish for Liz’s sake as well as yours and Kate’s that it wasn’t”.  “You all deserve to see justice done”, Mac said.

“Monica, please let us know when she’s up for questions”, Mac said then he and Taggart left.

Chapter 3

(The day after the shooting)

PCPD Crime Lab:

“How’s it going Walker”, Mac asked as he walked in?

“We’re working on it; it’s a time consuming and slow process though”.  “We have tons to sift through”, Walker stated.

“The fingerprints came back to a Franklin Tuggles, Celine Tanner and Tyler Deagan”.  “All three have files as thick as a phone book”, Walker told Mac.

“Do any of them have any connection to Elizabeth Webber”, Mac asked?

“No, absolutely none”, Walker said.

“Well, keep on it”, Mac said as he left.

Mac just couldn’t figure it out.  Who would want to hurt Elizabeth Webber, practically the entire town loved her; his own children included.

He wasn’t about to let this become a cold case.  Elizabeth deserved to know who had tried to hurt her.

Elizabeth’s Room @GH:

Jason and Audrey were both in her room when Liz woke later that night.


“We’re both here dear”, Audrey said as she took her granddaughter’s hand.

“What happened”, Liz asked?

“What do you remember”, Jason asked her?

“I remember being at the No Name with you, Sonny, and Kate.  We were having lunch”.  “Then someone started shooting”, Liz said.  “Do they know who it was”, Liz asked?

Jason knew that he couldn’t lie to her, as she would notice the up in security.  

“What is it”, Liz asked as she looked at both Jason and her Grams questionably?

“Mac gave some us info”, Jason said.  “It wasn’t Sonny and I that they were after”.

“Was Kate the target”, Liz asked?  “If so, why would anyone want to hurt Kate”?  Liz didn’t want to lose her friend.

“Kate wasn’t the one sweetheart”, Jason told her.

“Oh god, I was the target wasn’t I”; Liz asked not understanding who would want to hurt her?

“Liz, it wasn’t the mob, as far as Sonny, Mac or I can tell”.  “This was a person or persons unknown”, Jason said clearly rattled.

“Is there anyone who might hold a grudge against you for some unknown reason”, Jason asked cringing even at the thought of that.

“No, why would anyone want me dead, I’m not someone special”; Liz said looking at her hands.

“Elizabeth dear, you are very special”.  “And not just to Jason and myself”.  “This entire town loves you very much”, Audrey told her granddaughter.

“We have some things to tell you”, Audrey said.

begin flashback:

“Mother, why are you calling us, you made yourself clear years ago when you took Elizabeth away from us”, Jeff demanded of his step mother?

“Jeffery Webber, don’t you dare use that tone with me”, Audrey said.

“I have some questions to ask, and you had better tell me the truth, or so help me, I will ruin you”; Audrey said to Jeff.

“Elizabeth is not your daughter is she”?

Jeff knew that his step mother really could ruin him, so he told her the truth; “No she isn’t”.

“She isn’t Diana’s either is she”?

“No, she’s not”.

“She wasn’t adopted either, was she”?


“So, Steven has a theory”.  “Diana stole Elizabeth from a hospital in Bensonhurst, NY didn’t she”?  “And you covered for her”?

“Yes and yes”.

“Goodbye mother, and don’t call us again”.  “You have all the answers you will get from me”.  

End Flashback

After having that very tense conversation with Jeff, Audrey was furious at him and Diana.  And they had gotten away with it criminally anyway.  

Preliminary tests were pointing to Elizabeth being Sonny and Kate’s daughter.  The only unknown was how Liz would take the news.

“Just tell me grams, I can take it”, Liz said.

“Elizabeth, a little while ago I got off the phone with Jeff”; they hadn’t called him her father in years.

“What I asked him, confirmed some suspicions that your brother had”, Audrey said.

“What suspicions Grams”, Elizabeth demanded?

“You’re not their daughter”, Audrey said.

“How is that possible”, Liz asked?

“Diana stole you out of the hospital in Bensonhurst NY”.  “And we think that we know who your real parents are”, Audrey said.

“Who are they, and have they been looking for me”, Liz asked through tears?

“Yes, they have been looking for you”, Jason said.  “And they wanted you very much”.

“Who are they”, Liz asked again?

As Elizabeth asked that question, Jason opened the door and asked the 3 people outside if they’d come in.  Jason just hoped that when she found out whom her parents were, that she wouldn’t be too shocked.

As it was, Sonny had been carrying around a lot of hurt, anger and guilt.  Especially after remembering that Liz had been attacked in the park years earlier, he hadn’t been able to protect her then.

Elizabeth was still confused as Jason came back to stand next to her as Sonny, Kate and Steven entered the room.  Liz could tell that Kate had been crying.

“Grams, what are …………..” Liz started to say before it finally hit her like a Mack truck.  And she just didn’t know what to say.

“I know that this is quite a shock Lizzie”, Steven said, “but we’ll explain”.  “First off, know that we all love you very much, and that’s not going to change”, Steven said as he hugged her.

As Sonny and Kate recounted what had happened, Liz felt ill; but once Steven started on what he knew, Liz needed to hurl.

“I believe you, all three of you”, Liz told the group.  “I want to take a DNA test, I want to know”.  “What about us”, Liz asked Steven?  She was scared that now that it was all out that she would lose him.

“As far as I’m concerned Lizzie, you’ll always be my sister”.  “That’s not going to change”, Steven stated.

“The same goes for me dear”, Audrey said.  “You’ll always be my granddaughter”.


“Mac”, Walker said?

“We’re not getting anything from the emails”.  “Whoever hired these guys had tech help”.  “The email bounced all over the world and back again”.

“Okay, get me whatever evidence you can”.  “The victim deserves to have justice served”, Mac said as Taggart walked into the office.

After Walker left Mac said: “I am still trying to comprehend the news about Elizabeth being Sonny and Kate’s daughter”.

“I know, but it would explain Jeff and Diana abandoning her at Steve and Audrey’s”.  “The only thing I don’t get is how Jeff could let what happened, happen”?

“And Diana Webber can’t even be tried for what she did”.  “Because the statutes expired a long time ago”, Mac said.

“So now because of that; Sonny, Kate and Liz will never have closure about this”, Taggart said.  “Even they didn’t deserve to have to have their child taken from them”.

GH Cafeteria:

Alexis, Roy, Robert and Anna were sitting at a table still pondering the news of Elizabeth quite possibly being Sonny’s daughter.  None of the four could believe the news that everyone had been told.

“I still can’t believe that Liz is Sonny’s daughter”, Roy said.

“And that she’s been here the whole time”, Alexis stated.

“I can only imagine the pain Sonny and Kate went through, not knowing where their daughter was”, Anna said.

“And what about Elizabeth as well”, Robert said.

“All that she went through and to find out that Jeff and Diana aren’t even her real parents”.  “I would love to get a hold of their arses and teach them a thing or two”, Robert declared.

“I just hope that she’ll be able to deal with it”, Alexis said.

Elizabeth’s Hospital Room:

“Elizabeth, I know it isn’t going to be easy for us to get past it”, Sonny said; “but I hope that we can”.

“Sonny, I loved you before I knew that you were my father; you too Kate, this just makes it better”, Liz said smiling.

“Oh boy”, Liz said excitedly.  “I have 3 new brothers and a baby sister”, she said.   “WOW”!

“Do they know”, Liz asked?

“No, not yet”.  “We thought that we would wait until we get the test results, unless you want me to tell them”, Sonny asked?

“Can I think about it”, Liz asked?

“Yes, we’ll wait to tell them until you’re okay with it”, Kate said.

“Mom, I am sorry for what the Webbers did to you and dad”.  “I am so angry with them”.  “And I never want to see any of them again, aside from Grams and Steven”, Liz vocalized.

Sonny and Kate started to tear up when they heard they’re daughter call them mom and dad.

“It’s not your fault baby, you were an innocent victim in this”, Kate said.

“I had better call your grandpa, he’s going to be thrilled”, Sonny said as he dialed Mike’s number.

“I kind of tired, Liz said through droopy eyes; I think I’ll sleep for a while, please nobody leave”; Liz asked as she fell asleep.

“We’ll all be here when you wake up sweetheart”, Jason said not intending to leave Elizabeth’s side.

4th Floor Waiting Room:

As everyone waited for updates about Liz were sitting in the waiting area, they couldn’t help but talk amongst themselves about the bombshells that had been dropped on all of them.

“Did any of you know that Sonny had a daughter, other than Joss that is”, Patrick asked they’re little group?

“I did”, Robin said.  “But I had no idea that Elizabeth was that child”.  “And to know now, I can’t begin to imagine what Sonny, Kate, Jason, Liz, Steven and Audrey are going through right at this moment”.

“It can’t be easy, finding out that the people you’ve known as your parents all these years, are really strangers; and that they stole you from your parents”, Karen said.  “I feel for Elizabeth”.

“And then to know that Diana and Jeff will never face criminal charges for what they did”, Frank stated.

Outside Liz’s Room:

Sonny was out in the hall waiting for his father.  He was glad that they’d put all the anger and animosity behind them.  They had a good relationship now, completely thanks to his newly found daughter.

Chapter 4

GH Cafeteria:

“Should we be worried about Elizabeth’s mental state once she’s told everything”, Jax asked Kevin?

“No”, Kevin said.  “I think that she’s better equipped now, then she would have been a few years ago”.

“It also will help, as she already has good relationships with Sonny and Kate”, Lucy said.

“I know Steven and Audrey very well, this won’t change how they feel about Elizabeth”, Jax said.

“It certainly changes a lot of dynamics”, Lucy said.   “I never understood her relationship with Sonny at first, but maybe her heart was leading her home”.

“And now to think that she has 4 more siblings to love”, Jax said with a smile.

4th Floor Waiting Room:

“We will all need to be extra supportive of our Elizabeth”, Lila said.  “She’ll need us all to get through this”.

“Our girl is tough, grandmother”, Emily said.  “And she does have all of us, and she knows that”.

“And it makes sense as to why the Webbers didn’t return when Audrey and Steve went for custody, or when we were attacked”, Nik said.

“I feel for Lizzie”, AJ said.  “All these years she’s wondered why her parents would abandon her”.  “And now to find out that they’re not even her real parents”.

“I was adopted, and what the Webbers did; give adoption a very bad name”, McKenzie said.

“They have safeguards in place now, but back then it happened quite often”, Anna said.  “And quite a few got away with it, because it wasn’t reported”.

“London to a brick, Sonny and Jason make Jeff and Diana pay”, Robert said.  “Jason loves our girl, and Sonny is her father”.  “They’ll pay for hurting our girl”.

GH Cafeteria:  

“Who would want Elizabeth dead”, Alexis quietly asked Roy?

“I’m unsure Alexis, but I can guarantee that Sonny and Jason will find out”, Roy said.  “And she’ll need more guards now”.

“Well, I know Jason won’t let it go”, Alexis said.  “He loves Elizabeth, and they’re planning on getting married”.

Outside Elizabeth’s Room:

“How is she”, Mike asked his son?

“She’ll be here for a while, but they say she’ll make a full recovery”, Sonny said.  “That isn’t the reason that I asked you to come over dad”, Sonny said.

“We got some news while waiting for Liz to come out of surgery”.  “Dad, she’s my daughter”, Sonny said.

“What…………   how”, Mike asked stunned?

“Well it will be confirmed with DNA tests, but everything fits.  She’s our daughter”, Sonny said.

“I’m happy for you and Kate; I know how not knowing where she was affected both of you”, Mike said.

“Has Elizabeth been told”, Mike asked?

“Yeah, we told her a little while ago, and then I called you”.  “Would you like to see your granddaughter”, Sonny asked?

“Yes, I would”, Mike answered.

“Elizabeth, Sonny asked as he opened the door to her room, would you be up for a visit from your grandfather”, he asked?

“Yes, I would like to see him”, Liz said.  She had finally accepted that what her grams, Steven Kate and Sonny had told her was true.  And it made sense.

It has started to sink in a little before her dad had come back into the room that: she had two parents who loved her, 3 new brothers who would protect her and love her and a new baby sister.  

As Mike eased into the room, he heard; hi grandpa.  And Mike was suddenly and happily at a loss as what to say.

After a few awkward moments Elizabeth said, “it is okay if I call you that isn’t it”?

“It’s more than okay”, Mike said with a grin.

“Dad, I’ve made up my mind”.  “Can you go and tell Michael, Morgan and Dante about me”, Elizabeth asked?  “I want my family”.

“Yes, sweetheart, I will go and tell Michael and Morgan first”.  “Then I will go to the station and tell Dante”.  “He went back to the station while you were still in surgery”.  “He is going to be floored by the news”, Sonny said.

“Dad, can you tell them that I love them”, Liz asked?

“Yes, I will honey”.  “Now don’t visit to long”.  “You just got out of surgery and you need your rest”, Sonny said and then went to inform his children about they’re sister.

Sonny knew that Dante would become overly protective of his younger sister.  Sonny knew that Dante had taken the news of his baby sister’s kidnapping very hard.  Sonny also knew that once Dante had become a cop that he’d continued to look for his sister.  All of his children were that way, loyal to each other to a fault.


All the kids had just finished eating lunch when Sonny walked in.  When the kids saw him, they immediately started asking questions about Liz.

“She will be fine guys”, Sonny told the kids.  “She’ll be in the hospital for a while, but she’s going to be fine”.

“Bobbie, I’m going to take Michael and Morgan out back”.  “I need to talk to them for a couple of minutes”, Sonny told her.

Once out in the backyard, Sonny said:

“Michael, Morgan; I have something important to tell you”, Sonny said.

“What is it dad”, Michael asked?

“Remember when I told you about your older sister”, Sonny asked?

“You mean our sister that was taken as a baby”, Morgan asked; wise for his age?

“Yes”, Sonny said.

“We found her”, Sonny said; waiting for the questions that he knew would come.

“Who is she and where”, Michael asked?

“You two have already met her”, their father told them.

“It’s Elizabeth”, he said.

“How is that possible dad”, Michael asked?

“Well, it’s kind of complicated, but later this week I’ll sit down with you and explain it okay”, Sonny asked?

“Okay dad”, both boys said.

“I have a message from Liz for the both of you”, Sonny said.  “She said to tell you that she loves you very much”.

“Now, I need to go and tell Dante, you guys be good for Grandma Bobbie”, he said and went to tell his oldest son.


Dante had been sitting at his desk going over paperwork on a case when his father walked in.

“What’s going on dad”, Dante asked; knowing that his dad didn’t like to come into the PD?

“I have some news about your sister”, Sonny said.

“What’s wrong with Joss”, Dante asked not getting the reference?

“This is not about Joss Dante”.  “This is about your other sister”, Sonny told his son.

“What dad”, Dante asked stunned?

“We found her, and she here in Port Charles”.  “You may want to sit down for this”, Sonny stated.

“Your sister is in fact Elizabeth Webber”, Sonny said.

Dante looked at his dad, ready to tell him that what he’d just said was not funny at all; but the look on Sonny’s face was a serious one.  He hadn’t been joking.

“Y-Y-Y- You found her”, Dante asked as the news finally sunk in?

“Yes we have, and she wanted me to tell you that she loves you”, Sonny said.

“How”, Dante asked?

“We’ll all sit down once Liz is out of the hospital and explain it to all of you kids okay”, Sonny asked?

“Are you going to be okay”, Sonny asked his son?

“Yeah, I’ll be okay”, Dante said.  “Tell Liz that I’ll be by to see her soon; and that I love her too”.

“I’m going to head back to the hospital”.  “I’ll give Liz your message”, Sonny said and then headed out.

Mac’s Office:

“Boss, I need to talk to you about something”, Dante said.

“What is it Dante”, Mac asked as he motioned him into the office?

“I wanted to let you know that if you were to assign me to the Webber shooting; that I would have to decline”, Dante told Mac.

“Why”, Taggart asked as he was talking with Mac when Dante arrived?

“Because, it would be a conflict of interest seeing as I‘m Sonny’s son and I just found out that Elizabeth is my sister; so needless to say, it would hurt the case if I was a part of the investigation”, Dante stated matter-of-factly.

I understand Dante, Mac said.  I wouldn’t put you or this department in that position.

Undisclosed Location:

“What do you mean she survived”?

“I mean that she’s alive, and under guard at the hospital”.  

“She was supposed to be dead; I won’t get what I want unless she’s dead”!

“Can’t you carry out a simple task of killing someone”?  “I HIRED A BUNCH OF IDIOTS”!  “You go back and do what I hired you to do and do it NOW”, and the line went dead.  “The only sure way to get what I want; is to make sure that Elizabeth Webber is dead and buried”.


Port Charles, NY

Next day (2 days after the shooting):

“Why did Steve and I not see this Gail, and how could Jeff be capable of this”, Audrey asked her friend over the phone?

“I don’t know Audrey”, Gail said.

“Do you want Lee and I to fly out”, Gail asked?

“No, I think we’re okay, I am just trying to understand why Steve’s son would let her do this, and then cover for her and defend her actions”, Audrey said.

“Sonny and Kate had their child taken and kept from them for 19 years”.  “And they’ll never get justice for that”.  “Neither will Elizabeth”, Audrey stated angrily.

“You may want to suggest to them about talking to an attorney about possibly filing a civil suit”, Lee suggested as he had come into the room and had heard Gail’s end of the conversation.

“Would that even be possible Lee, given the years that have gone by since”, Audrey asked?

“Audrey, if you know where Jeff and Diana are; and it is what Sonny, Kate, and Liz wants to do; then yes, it is possible”.  He and Gail had been on speaker.

“They might not win, but Liz would be able to face them in open court”.  “And that might be intimidating enough”, Lee said.

“Thanks Lee, Gail”, Audrey said.  “I’m going to let you go, I want to get back to Liz”.

“Tell her that we love her”, Gail said then Lee and Gail ended the call.

Outside Elizabeth’s Room:

As Audrey arrived on the 4th floor, she noticed Sonny and Kate standing outside of Liz’s room.

“Good morning you two”, Audrey said as she approached.

“Good morning to you too Audrey”, the couple said.

“How is our girl this morning”, Audrey asked?

“Jason said that she had a good night, he was with her all night”.  “He had Milo bring her some breakfast from Kelly’s”.  “As we all know that she doesn’t like hospital food”, Kate said.

“I was wondering if I might speak to the two of you for a few minutes, if I may”; Audrey asked?

“Of course”, Sonny said.

“I’m not sure what your plans are but, I feel that for Elizabeth’s sake; that if you’re going to get all the answers, you might want to try and file a civil suit against Jeff and Diana”.  “The only reason I would suggest it is that the 3 of you deserve some sort of closure”, Audrey said.  “I will support you however I can”.

Webber Residence:

“Steven, how are you doing with all of this”, Olivia asked her husband?

“I’m livid about the fact that my father helped Diana by lying for her”.  “And because it happened 19 years ago, Diana will never face charges”, Steven said.

“How about the fact that Elizabeth is Sonny’s daughter”, she asked?

“I have nothing against Sonny; the man”.  “And about him and Lizzie, I know that he loves her and will protect her”, Steven stated.

“And we both know that they’ll both treat Elizabeth like a princess”, Olivia said.  “Not to mention my Aunt Alex and grandfather will spoil her rotten”.

“How’s Dante dealing”, Steven asked?

“He’s doing okay”, Olivia said.  “I think that once he can see her, and talk to her, then he’ll better be able to accept all of it”.

“What about you”, Steven asked?

“I am happy for Kate, she was very despondent after Melly, (that’s the nickname that we gave Melanie) was taken”.  “And no one had any answers, and my uncle didn’t really help, by doing what he did”, Olivia said.

“I know that she and Sonny, nor my aunt or grandfather gave up looking for her”, Olivia said.  “I also know that Dante didn’t either”.

Corbin Residence:

Mike had come home last night, and had taken out his old photo albums; looking through them, he thought to himself:

Elizabeth looks so much like her grandmother Adele, how could anyone not know, he thought.   The Webbers had better hope they don’t have a run-in with me.  How they treated my grandbaby is reprehensible and appalling.

Miller/Gambetti Residence:

“Max, how is our boss doing with the news”, Diane asked?

“He’s doing better than I thought he would”, Max stated.  “We all knew about their little girl, but we all came to accept like they did, that they’d never know what had happened to her”.

“But now that they know that Elizabeth is their little girl, and what the Webbers did; aside from Steve, Steven and Audrey did to her, it isn’t going to be easy to get past”, Diane said.

Scorpio/Davis Residence:

“Dad, how is Elizabeth”, Maxie and Georgie asked?

They were all sitting at the table having breakfast.  Mac and Alexis hadn’t told the girls that Liz was Sonny’s daughter yet.  Mac thought that they would leave up to Elizabeth, if she wanted them to know all of it.

“She’s doing okay”, Mac said.  “She’ll be in the hospital for a while, but she’s going to be okay”.

“I’ll take you to see her later today okay”, Alexis said.  She wanted to talk to Elizabeth as well.

Scorpio/Drake Residence:

“Patrick, is Liz really going to be alright”, Robin asked her husband?

“Yeah, we got all the bullets out, and there wasn’t any major damage”.  “She should be able to go home in a week”, Patrick said.

“I’m happy for Sonny”.  “I know how not knowing where his little girl was torn him up inside”, Robin said.

“And then when Carly tried to take the kids, he nearly lost it, now I understand better”, Robin stated.

Scanlon Residence:

“How was Liz last night Karen”, Frank asked.  He knew that Karen had checked on her last night before coming home?

“When I stopped in she was okay, she’s upset about what the Webbers’ did”.  “She told me that if they were to ever show up, they’d better not come to see her”, Karen said.

“It’s too bad that the Webbers can’t be prosecuted”, Frank said.

“I don’t think that’s going to stop Sonny or Jason”, Karen said.

“I’m going to take the kids and go see her later”, Karen said.

“Well, tell her that I send my love”, Frank said and then headed off to work.

Collins Residence:

“Dad, can we go see Elizabeth”, Serena asked?

“Yes, we’ll go and see her this afternoon”, Kevin told his stepdaughter.

“Mom, are you coming too”, she asked Lucy?

“Yes, I will”, Lucy said.  “We’ll take her some flowers”.  Lucy had always liked Elizabeth.  Ever since she had started helping with the Nurse’s Ball.  Elizabeth had a lot of talent.

Chechnya, Russia:

Jeff Webber was afraid.  He knew who Elizabeth was seeing and who she was friends with.  Despite his wife’s hatred of their daughter; he’d had someone who kept him up to date on her life.  After the conversation with his stepmother, he didn’t have any illusions about his or his wife’s safety.  He knew that he was as guilty as Diana was.  He’d lied for her as well as covering up what she’d done.  And now it may very well cost him his life.  He wouldn’t be able to talk himself out of this one.  Not only had he aided and abetted a kidnapper; they’d then raised the kidnapped child.

But they had not loved her like they should have.  Instead they had neglected her, they had abandoned her.  Jeff knew as he looked across the room at his wife, it was only a matter of time.  And he would not run.



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