chapter 20 - epilogue

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chapter 20 - epilogue

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Chapter 20


Sonny figured he’d better tell Jason about Max, before he heard it from someone else.

“Jason”, its Sonny.

“What do you need Sonny”, Jason asked?

“I felt that you needed to know about something that Agent Cullen told me”, Sonny said.

“Jason, they arrested Max, Carly conned him into killing Elizabeth and her family”. “He was arrested at the airport trying to board a plane to Seattle”, Sonny said not knowing what Jason would do.

“I’ll deal with him Sonny”, Jason said and then hung up. Max will pay for this. He’d let his crush on Carly go to his brain, Jason decided he wouldn’t live long.


The Webber family had finally officially crossed into Washington State. They pulled into Spokane at 8 pm. So after a good night’s sleep they took the boys to Wonderland Family Fun Centre. And they all had lots of fun.

Steven had finally told Liz about Lulu’s pleading guilty; as well as the fact that Lulu had been attacked after being at Bedford Hills. He then told her about how the authorities believed that Helena was responsible for the attack. But Liz didn’t believe that for a second. She knew Jason was responsible, but she didn’t say anything. She knew it was his way of protecting their family.

The next day they took the boys to Surf N Slide Water-park as well as some other sites in Moses Lake, WA. Cam had finally told her that even though Jason would have to earn his trust again, that he still loved his dad.

3 days later----

They finally pulled up in front of their new home in Seattle. They slept on the floor that first night. It took them a week to get everything unpacked and where Liz and the boys wanted. A week later; Jeff, Steven and Audrey returned to Port Charles.

That night as Liz was finishing a load of laundry, she received a visitor.

“Mom”, Kenzie said.

“Kenzie are you really here”, Liz asked stunned?

“Yes, I’m really here”. “I know that you still miss me”. “I also know that you carry around a lot of guilt about what happened to me, but mom it wasn’t your fault”. “I’m okay”. “I have a lot of people up there who love me: Great Grandpa Steve, Great Grandma Lila, your friend Zander and many more”, Kenzie told her mom.

“Mom, I’ll always love you”, Kenzie told her.

“I’ll always love you too”, Liz told her daughter.

“Mom, I have some things that I need to tell you”. “First, before you left PC, I came to see Cam”, Kenzie said.

“You talked to Cam”, Liz asked?

“Yes, we had a very nice chat”, Kenzie said. “I also went to see dad”, Kenzie said; hoping her mom wouldn’t be mad. “The first time was part of Great Grandma Lila’s plan”, Kenzie said.

“What plan was that”, Liz asked with a smirk?

“Gram decided that dad needed to see some things, so I helped”. “I can’t tell you any more than that”, Kenzie said.

“I saw him again a few days ago”, Kenzie said.

“How was he”, Liz asked?

“He’s okay”, Kenzie said. “But he has sold everything to Sonny”. “He’s also made peace with his family”.

“He did, what is he planning”; Liz asked out loud?

“Mom, he’s going to come back to you”. “Will you allow him to”, Kenzie asked?

“Yes, I’ll let come back, although it going to take some time”. “And it’ll be harder for Cam”. “Your dad’s going to have to earn Cam’s trust again; as well as Jake and Aiden’s”, Liz said.

“Mom, I have to go, but remember that I love you all”, Kenzie said; then she was gone.

Liz realized that she now could let go of all the guilt she’d been carrying around about what happened to her daughter. So Jason had finally chosen them, and would be coming home.

Port Charles:

Audrey, Jeff and Steven had just arrived back in Port Charles; each returning to their own homes.

Audrey had just walked in the front door when Kenzie appeared to her.

“Grams”, Kenzie said.

“Who are you”, Audrey asked?

“It’s me, McKenzie”, Kenzie said.

“Oh, my first great grandchild”, Audrey said eyes tearing up.

“Grams, I just came to let you know that mom and my brothers are going to be just fine”, Kenzie to her. Then she was gone. And with that Audrey knew that Jason was returning to his family, where he belonged.

Kenzie then went to see her grandpa Jeff and Uncle Steven, telling them the same message. Jeff hadn’t been worried to begin with. He knew that somehow, Jason would choose his family. Steven did too.


Agent Cullen had arrived to fill Sonny in on how all of this would work.

“How is this going to work Cullen”, Sonny asked?

“Well, this is how this is going to work”. “You will give us any and all info pertaining to drugs coming in or out”. “We are putting measures in place so that the families won’t find out that the info came from you”. “But we are going to ask that some of our guards go undercover within your organization, so that we can monitor your safety”, Cullen said.

“And so that you know, you can back out at any time”, Cullen said. “We understand the risks involved with this, you have small children”.

Chapter 21

Port Charles Courthouse:

Carly’s trial had started. It was not going well for the woman. The evidence against her was huge, including the evidence about the hit she’d paid for while in jail.

Witnesses for the prosecution were:

Lt. Joey Grant, Agent Sam Cullen; as well as people who knew how much Carly hated Elizabeth; and by association Jake Morgan. Max also testified against her as part of his deal. He had hoped he’d be safer in prison.

The prosecution had just rested its case. Now it was the defense’s turn.

It took Carly’s attorney 3 days to present their side; unfortunately the damage was already done. He wasn’t able to refute any of the prosecution’s evidence or present enough reasonable doubt to get his client off. His client thought that because she was married to the great Sonny Corinthos, that she could get always with anything and everything. When the defense rested, he knew his client would undoubtedly go to prison.

It took the jury only 6 hours to come back with its verdict. Carly had been found guilty on all counts. Four days later Carly found out what her sentence would be:

Conspiracy to Commit Murder—5 yrs
Murder for Hire— 8 yrs
Murder for Hire—8 yrs

All sentences to be served consecutively.

Two days later Carly was taken to Bedford Hills. Then Lila sent Lily and Tony to do their part.

Jason’s punishment for Carly was that he made sure that Sonny got full and sole custody of their three children after he filed for divorce. Sonny had filed days after Carly had been arrested. And since she was broke, she couldn’t fight him. She had lost her children.

3 Days after Carly was sent to Bedford Hills:

Max had pled guilty, figuring that he would be out in 5 years. The judge sentenced him to 6 years and he would serve all six. He was also not allowed any contact with Carly. His own family had turned on him when they found out what he’d tried to do.

Hardy house:

“Jason, it’s good to see you”, Audrey said as she let him in.

“I came to apologize to you Mrs. Hardy”. “I know that I’m not who you would have chosen for your grand-daughter”. “I wanted to say sorry for yelling at you that day at Luke’s”. “I know now that everyone was trying to help, and I thank you for that”. “I also wanted you to know that I am going to go to my family, I just hope that Liz will have me”, Jason said.

“You don’t have to worry about that Jason, my grand-daughter will love you until the day she dies, and she will take you back”, Audrey told him.

After leaving Audrey’s, Jason went to see Jeff and Steven. He needed to apologize to them as well. He also wanted to ask Jeff for his daughter’s hand. He had the ring and everything.

He went to see Steven first.

“Steven, I wanted to say sorry”. “I know that you all were trying to help that day, I guess at the time I just didn’t want to see it”. “I hope that you will accept my apology”, Jason said.

“Yes, I accept Jason”. “Just be good to my sister”. “I know that you love her”. “Just know that if you hurt her, you will answer to me”, Steven said.

Lastly he went to see Jeff.

“Mr. Webber, I wanted to tell you that I am sorry that I got mad at everyone that day at Luke’s”. “I guess that I had let everyone dictate my life for so long that I felt I had the right to dictate your daughters”. “I plan on fixing that when I get to Seattle”.

“You don’t need to apologize to me; I know how much you love my daughter”. “I have also seen the fact that Carly believes that she knows what’s best for you”, Jeff stated.

“Mr. Webber, there is another reason why I am here”, Jason said. “I would like to ask your permission to marry your daughter”, Jason asked?

“Yes, I give you permission, although I know she would say yes even if I didn’t give my permission”. “Just let me know when so that I can walk my little girl down the aisle”, Jeff asked.

Chapter 22


Lila was now about to put the last act of her plan into action. She had just sent Jagger and Zander to do their part to punish Sarah. She also knew what Jason had planned for the blonde little witch.

She was glad that her grandson was going to be with his family again. She was also proud of him for making peace with the family. She knew that Alan and Monica were happy about it. She also knew that Edward may bluster, but he was thrilled to have Jason back in the family.

She watched as Jason said his goodbyes to all the people who had helped him with his family. Then he got in his truck and stared out for Seattle.


7 days later:

Jason had finally pulled up in front of Liz’s house. He was a little afraid of how she would greet him, but he wouldn’t give up.

His plans for Sarah would be carried out now. He’d called his contact in PC after he pulled into the Seattle city limits. She would get hers. He’d also had made arrangements to have Max taken care of. He would die in prison. And he would know who and why. He had made sure that all threats to his family would no longer be threats.

“Jason, come in”, Liz said.

“I wasn’t sure you would want me here”, he said afraid that she would tell him to leave.

“I have already forgiven you, but Cam is going to be a harder sell”, Liz said.

“Where is he”, Jason asked.

“He’s upstairs in his room”, she told him.

Alright I will go up and talk to him, Jason said then went upstairs to find his oldest son.

Once upstairs, Jason found Cam’s room and knocked.

“Come in”, Cam said.

“Cam, I know that I have to earn your trust, but I will do that for as long as it takes”. “I am sorry that I didn’t put you guys first”. “I guess I just got a little lost along the way”. “Can you forgive me”, Jason asked?

“I can try dad, just give me some time”. “Kenzie said that you found out that Carly really wasn’t your friend”. “Why did she want to hurt mom and Jake”, Cam asked?

Jason had not known that Cam knew about what Carly and Lulu had tried, but he knew that his son was old enough to understand it.

“Cam, Carly was jealous of the love that I have for your mom and you boys”. “She has always had abandonment issues, and she just never got over them”. “She always thought that everyone would leave her and she’d be all alone”. “But I am not going to let her control my life or yours”, Jason explained.

As Jason went back downstairs with Cam to see his brothers and mother, Jason thought to himself about the last few months. He had been prepared to do battle to get his family back. And he was willing to fight to get Cam back as well, he now believed that Kenzie had been instrumental in helping Cam with the anger he had been carrying around.

He hoped that she would continue to watch out for the family, but he needn’t have worried. She would be watching.

Later that night in front of the 3 boys, Jason asked Liz to marry him. Of course she said yes. And they started to settle into a normal life, and Jason moved in.

Chapter 23

3 months later:

Jason and Liz; hoping that Audrey would come to live with them, had bought a large house that had an apartment over the garage. Jason and Liz were married in their back yard with all their friends and family present. Audrey had finally retired, and made the decision to move to Seattle to be near Elizabeth. It was a happy occasion for all.

They had heard that Sarah had committed suicide, but in truth, Jason had ordered her killed. It just had been made to look like suicide. Sarah had gotten hers. He had hired some men to take her to the old abandoned Harrington place, torture her. Then, he had them wait until all her injuries had healed, then to kill her and make it look like suicide, after telling her that her treatment of Elizabeth was the reason that she was going to be killed. He’d had someone add all her injuries as past ones in her medical file. His man had let him know that the authorities had bought it. Even Jeff, Steven and Audrey had bought it.

They’d also heard that Carly had lost it, and had started a prison fight. He had been kept informed about her, as he was worried that she would escape and come after his family. She had tried a couple of times, but her escape attempts had failed. She had been killed during said fight. They didn’t have to worry about her anymore. Jason had done all of this unbeknownst to Sonny, and he felt better that Sonny was none the wiser. His kids didn’t need to live with that.

He’d gotten a call a few days ago, Max had died in prison. His father had told him that the authorities said his cellmate had gone off the deep end and had killed him in a rage. But in reality Jason had arranged for the cellmate to do the deed. His family had been compensated. So Max was no longer a problem either. Jason had been surprised before leaving Port Charles, that Maximus hadn’t demanded that Max be protected while in prison. Jason had been prepared to tell him no, but he was never asked.

The Morgan family was happy as well as safe; Jason no longer had to be worried about his family’s safety. He knew that they’d have guards, but that wasn’t a hardship. He would keep them safe and sound.

Jason was also glad that things were working out for Sonny. His deal with the feds was still on-going. There had been a little scare with Morgan’s school. Someone who was not on the approved list, had tried to pick him up from school. The feds, who were undercover had intervened.

They later found out that it was a random woman who had lost her son and had been trolling for a child to take. The woman, was admitted to the hospital for treatment.


Lila looked down and was proud of what she’d accomplished. The man upstairs had let her infractions slide, as he felt they had been for a good cause. He had always liked young Elizabeth Webber.


8 years later:

During the last 8 years, a lot had changed for the Morgans, their family and friends.

John Zachara had gotten out of the mob. He and Georgie had married; then moved to Seattle with their 3 girls. Jason hired John. They started a company called JJE&G Coffee. They sold coffee as well as had several coffeehouses in and around the Seattle area.

Alexis and Shawn had gotten tired of life in Port Charles. So when Alexis was offered a job with the DA’s office in Seattle, She and Shawn decided that it was a great offer. So they relocated to Seattle.

Alan and Monica both retired and along with Edward, make frequent visits to see Jason, Liz and the kids. Edward has never mentioned ELQ.

Nik and Emily had heard from Lucky; and decided that it was best to move away from Port Charles, and start over. Lucky had tried to get his brother to help him get his wife out of trouble, but Nik had refused.

Lucky had blamed his brother and anyone else that he could for his sister’s current state. He had even gone so far as to claim that Helena wouldn’t go after Lulu.

Steven left Port Charles and took the Chief of Staff position at St. Peter’s Hospital in Olympia, WA. He met a lovely woman named Stephanie, and they later got married and are expecting their first child.

Diane chose to go to work for Jason and his team in Seattle. She had found out about what Max had done and felt he had gotten off easy.

Spinelli moved to Seattle and went to work for Jason. He’s since met someone and they very are happy.

Jason and Liz welcomed 2 little girls to their family:

Lila Nicole Morgan and Lilly Grace Morgan.

They had frequent visits from all their family and friends.

Sonny had finally held up his end of the bargain with the Feds. After he had fulfilled his end of things, he had decided to get out. After getting out he moved to his island, and to raise Morgan and Joss.

And they were finally happy.


Ares was enjoying his new prisoners. Carly, Sarah and Max had gotten what they deserved. And because of all their bad deeds, they had been sent to the awful place. And part of their punishment was that they had to watch as Liz and Jason, as well as their family were finally able to be happy.

Ares was also looking forward to the day when Lulu succumbed to death, as he would get her as well. She would live out eternity with her co-conspirators.


Lila, Nick, Kenzie and those who had helped were glad that all of it had worked out in the end. Lila had to admit, that at the beginning, she had been a little skeptical that it would work, but it did. And she was happy for her grandson, and knew that Kenzie could now rest easy. Her family was intact.



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