chapter 16 - 19

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chapter 16 - 19

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Chapter 16

Chicago, ILL:

They had taken the boys to the John G Shedd Aquarium.  They all had lots of fun.  There were other sites to see too.  Liz now felt that the boys were doing better.  Cam had even told his mom that if Jason came back, that he would be able to forgive him, but that it might take longer for Cam to trust him again.

Port Charles, NY:

After leaving the police station 3 days ago, Jason had started planning.  Carly, Lulu and Sarah would be punished.  All three would know that he was responsible.


Carly was sitting in her cell going over the events of the past few days.  Since Sonny and Jason had refused to help, she had been given a lawyer provided by the court.  He had advised her to plead guilty, but she had refused.  So now she would have to face a trial.

How had her life fallen apart so fast?  It was all Elizabeth Webber’s fault.  Why couldn’t Liz have died when she drank that poison for Lucky and Nik years ago?


Today was Lulu’s day in court.  She had decided the night before, that she would plead.  She was afraid.  Jason had really scared her.  She figured that she would be safer in prison.  Her lawyer was right.  She would take her punishment and start over.

“Mr. Preston, how does your client plead”, the judge asked?

“Your honor, she pleads guilty”, Lulu’s attorney stated.  “She also waves her right to trial”.

“Alright since that’s the case, I will start sentencing”.  “On count one: Conspiracy to commit murder; I sentence you to 5 years”.  “On count two: murder for hire; I sentence you to 5 years”.  “These sentences will be served consecutively”.  “After that your will have 5 years of probation”.  “I really hope that after you serve your time that you will show some remorse for those you tried to hurt”, the judge said.

Sarah’s Apartment:

She had heard that both Lulu and Carly had been arrested.  She’d also found out that Liz had taken the boys and moved out of state.  She had been surprised when no one came to arrest her.  Both Lulu and Carly had kept their mouths shut about her involvement.  She was free to have Jason.

But unbeknownst to Sarah, Jason was planning her demise.  Sarah would be punished for her part in what almost happened.


“Sonny, I want you to buy me out”, Jason said.   “Are you sure that is what you want”, Sonny asked him?

“Yes, I am going to go to Seattle and get Liz and the kids back”, Jason said.

“Okay, I’ll buy you out, but I want to give you a piece of advice”.  “Wait until after Lulu and Carly are sent to Bedford Hills”.  “I also know that you have plans for Sarah”.  “So I would say wait until after that, then go and get your family back”.  “Sarah is going to be a threat until then”.  “Especially once she realizes that you are not going to be with her”, Sonny said.

“You’re right; I do have plans for Sarah”.  “I also think you’re right about waiting”.  “Carly may still try something”.  “Sonny, I need you to know that Carly and Lulu will be punished by me as well, they went after my family”, Jason said.

“I know Jason, and I don’t blame you”.   “Carly really crossed the line this time”.   “So what are your plans for after I buy you out and you get your family back”, Sonny asked?

“I think that I may ask grandfather if I can run something in Seattle”, Jason said.

“So you’re really let the Qs back in”, Sonny asked?

“Yes, I am”.  “I have been running from them for too long, and I have realized that grandmother was right”.   “Yes, I left and took the Morgan name, but I am still a Quartermaine; and I always will be, Jason said”.

Chapter 17


Carly knew that she was running out of time.  She had one last thing she could try, she’d get rid of Liz and her brats if it was the last thing she did.  With that in mind Carly asked to make a phone call.  When the guard left her, she called someone who would do whatever she wanted.

“I need you to eliminate Liz Webber and her children”, Carly said to person on the other end of the line.  “I want them gone before I face the judge”.  

“It will be taken care of”, her caller said and then she hung up.  “That’ll teach Liz to try to take Jason away from me”, Carly said and was led back to her cell.

Carly had no idea that the feds were monitoring any and every call that she made or received; as well as all her visitors.  So as soon they heard what she’d said, they were in contact with Liz.

Agent Cullen informed her to stay put and they would be sending agents to her.  And they assured her that nothing would happen to her or her children.

The charges were really adding up against Carly.   Now all they could do was wait, and hope that they got the guy she’d hired before it was too late.

After leaving Greystone, Jason headed to ELQ to talk to Edward.  He needed to make peace with the Qs; they were his family after all.  And they supported Liz and the boys.  

ELQ Headquarters:

“Sir, Jason Morgan is here to see you”, Edward’s secretary said.

“Please send him in”, Edward told her.

“Jason, what can I help you with my dear boy”, Edward asked really trying not to call him a deviant.

“I was wondering if there might be something in Seattle that you could let me run after I get Liz and the boys back”.  “I plan on staying out there with them”, Jason said.

“What about Sonny and the mob”, Edward asked?

“I am getting out, well as out as I can get”.  “Sonny is going to buy me out”.  “And I am going to go and arrange to let the others know that I will not be getting back in”, Jason told his grandfather.

“Give me a few days and I see what I have for you”, Edward told Jason.

Later that day:

Michael had been staying out of what had been happening with his family, as he and his brother didn’t understand all of it.  They knew that Jake was their uncle Jason’s.  He had a feeling that the reason Uncle Jason wasn’t with Liz and the boys was because of his mom.  His mom just didn’t know how to stay out of other people’s lives.  She thought that she had to run everyone, and control who was in their lives.  She was now finding out that she would not be able to do that anymore.

He also knew that he, Morgan, Kristina and Molly had also been a part of keeping Jason from his family.  Morgan was all for Liz and the boys.  He was one of their cheerleaders.  Kristina and Molly were as well.

He had watched his siblings and Molly the last several weeks; and could see that they all were missing Liz and the boys.  Kristina and Molly were friends with them.  Morgan was best friends with Cam.  

He had just come to the realization that Morgan and the girls had rubbed off on him.  He was no longer seeing things through skewed glasses, unlike his mother.  He, Morgan, Kristina and Molly were going to go and apologize to Jason and hope that they could help him with his family.

Michael, being 10 years older than his siblings; knew more about the fact that they were as much to blame for keeping his uncle away from his family as his parents were.

Jason’s Penthouse:

Jason had just sat down to tweak his plans when there was a knock at the door.  When he went to answer it he saw Michael and the others.  He hoped that they didn’t need his help.

“Uncle Jason”, Michael said.  “Can we talk to you”?

“Okay, you guys aren’t in any trouble are you”, Jason asked?

“No, we came to apologize for some things”, Michael said.

“What do you guys have to be sorry about”, Jason asked them?

“Because we took up all of the extra time you had”.  “And you could have spent that with your family”.  “Mom took you away from your family and the four of us inadvertently helper her”.  “And for that we’re all sorry”, Michael said.

“Jason, I didn’t know until a few days ago, that by spending time with you; that I was hurting Cam, who is my best friend”, Kristina said wise for her years.

“How can we help you get back with your family Uncle Jason”, Michael asked?

“Don’t worry about that guys, I am working on that as we speak”, Jason said.

“But if there is anything that you would like me to take to them, let me know and I’ll come get it before I leave”, Jason said.

So the four kids left, thinking that they would make some cards and such; to send with Jason. They all wanted to apologize to Liz too.

Milwaukee, WI:

The Webber family had been enjoying themselves on this trip. Spending time as a family.  Jeff had gotten time to really get to know his grandchildren, but also was able to get to know his daughter again.

He knew that his daughter was still in love with Jason.  He hoped that for her sake that Jason would come back to her.  Liz needed, Jason needed her.  Jeff wasn’t blind he could see it; they were the other half of each other’s heart.

They had gotten into Milwaukee last night.  They planned to take the boys to Discovery World today.  Tomorrow would be the East Troy Electric Railroad, and the day after that would be Laser Tag @ Kids In Motion.  Steven would get creamed.

Steven’s Hotel Room:

Steven had just gotten off the phone.  He’d received a courtesy call from Mac.  

Mac wanted to let them know that Lulu had been arrested.  Carly had been as well.  Mac told him that Luke and Nik had refused to help Lulu.  He also told Steven that Sonny and Jason were refusing to help Carly.  Steven had been surprised at that news.

Mac asked Steven to let Liz know that she wouldn’t need to come back for Lulu’s trial.  That Lulu had pled guilty.

Steven knew Liz had been dreading the prospect of having to face Lulu.  She had loved the girl.  Steven just hoped that Jason would come back to his sister.  She always put on a smile for those around her, but she wasn’t truly happy without Jason.

Chapter 18

3 Days Later----

Jason’s Penthouse:

Jason had just finished eating lunch when Kenzie appeared.   “Dad, please don’t run”, Kenzie said.  “I’m not afraid kiddo”, Jason said with a small smile.

“You’ve been trying to watch out for all of us haven’t you”, Jason asked?  He knew that she had her mothers’ gift of wanting everyone safe and happy.

“Yes, only because I love you all so much”.  “I wish I had survived”.  “Then you and mom would have been together sooner”.  “I wouldn’t have let Carly do all the mean things she’s done to mom over the years”, Kenize said.  Not realizing that her dad didn’t know about all the things Carly had done.

“What do you mean all the things Carly has done to your mom”, Jason asked?

“She was always yelling at mom whenever she saw her”.  “Saying that she wasn’t good enough for her “Best Friend”.  “She said hurtful things about Cam, Jake and Aiden too”.  “Saying that Cam was an illegitimate brat, that Jake really wasn’t yours; and that Aiden was just some random man’s baby”.  “She also said that mom was an unfit mother”.  “She made mom cry, and I’ll always hate her”.

Jason hadn’t had any idea that Carly had been attacking Liz whenever she got the chance.  Carly would pay for that.  All 3 of his boys were precious gifts.  Anyone who loved them could see that.   As far as Jason was concerned, Carly was the unfit mother.   And that gave Jason an idea.

“Dad, I need you to know something”.  “Yes, mom has been though a lot over the years, but you need to stop blaming yourself”.  “It wasn’t entirely your fault”.  “Things happen, but you have to remember that life isn’t safe”, she said to her dad.  “You didn’t have to step in and claim me, but you did”.  “I’ll always love you for that”, Kenzie said.

“My claiming you wasn’t hard; I loved your mom even back then”.  “I would’ve done it even if I hadn’t loved her”, Jason said.  “I’m planning on getting them back”, he told her.

“We know”, Kenzie said.  “We’ve been watching”.

“Great Grandma Lila is plotting”, Kenzie said.  “She has all of heaven in an uproar over it”.  “Nick thinks that she’ll be in big trouble when it’s over”.  

“I’ll bet, my grandmother can be devious”, Jason said with a laugh.

“Kenzie, have you been to see your brothers”, Jason asked?

“I have, I talked to Cam”.  “He is doing better”.  “I looked in on Jake and Aiden, they’re healthy”, Kenzie told him.

“Have you talked to your mom”, Jason asked her?  “You’re never far from her thoughts you know”.

“Not yet, I’m waiting until they’re settled in Seattle”.  “I don’t want to scare her half to death”, Kenzie said.  “I have to go dad, but always remember that I love you, all of you, she said”, then she was gone.


Sonny had spent the last several days making it possible for Jason to “get out”.  They had met with the five families, and the families agreed to let him out, with the stipulation that he could not get back in.  If he did, all bets would be off.

So now Sonny was buying Jason out.  He’d bought him out of the “business” two days before.  And just now he’d finished buying him out of the coffeehouse.  He would miss Jason, but Jason deserved to be happy.  And he was happiest when he was with Liz and their boys.


Lila knew that Lulu had been sentenced, and was now serving her time.  She knew that her grandson had a plan for Lulu, and what he had planned would work with what she was planning just fine.  Lulu would indeed be punished for what she’d tried to do.

Bedford Hills Women’s Correctional Intuition:

Lulu had just begun to serve her sentence.  It was her sixth day there.  She had told herself that she wasn’t going to make waves, just serve her sentence.

Suddenly someone slipped into her cell.  The next thing Lulu knew she’d been stuck with something.  And she was told that it was from Jason for what she’d tried to do to his family.

A minute later she couldn’t move.  Then she was told that the drug had paralyzed her, that it was permanent.  She would be aware of everything that happened around her, but wouldn’t be able to participate.

After watching what had just happened to Lulu, Lila sent a message to Stavros and Logan.  They were to start their part of the plan.  Lilia had changed her plan slightly after she’d learned what her grandson had planned for Lulu.  Stavros and Logan had been ordered to scare her just a little; she felt that what Jason had to her was a more fitting punishment.

Chapter 19

The next stops that the Webber family made were in

Minneapolis, MN:

They went to the Minnesota Zoo, The Mall of America, and the Children’s Theater Co.   The boys loved the Zoo and the Theater.  Liz and Audrey had fun at the Mall of America.  

Bismarck, ND:

They went to the Gateway to Science Center and Raging Rivers Water-park.  They all had fun at the water-park.  Cam had a blast at the Science Center.


They decided to make detour when they reached Miles City.  They drove up to Great Falls and took the boys to Giant Springs Park and the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center.  After that they headed to Missoula and stayed the night.

Coeur D’ Alene, ID:

In Coeur D’ Alene, they went to Figpickles Toy Emporium, where Liz purchased each of the boys a toy.

Port Charles:

The evidence was really piling up against Carly.  Her trial would be starting in a week or so.  There was so much evidence that Cullen was very confident that they would get a conviction.  

They had even gotten a break when they caught the hit man the Carly had hired via a phone call from the jail.  They had gotten to him before he could even leave the state.   They had been shocked when they’d arrested Max Giambetti.  But when they’d done some digging, they’d found that Carly had him hood-winked.  He would do whatever Carly wanted.  And they had offered him a deal in exchange for his testimony against Carly.

And since their case was air-tight, Cullen decided to go and see Sonny about the deal that the feds wanted to offer him.  So agent Cullen headed to Greystone.


“Sonny, Agent Cullen is here to see you”, Marco told his boss.

“Send him in Marco”, Sonny told him.

“What can I do for you Agent Cullen”, Sonny asked?

“First off, you need to know that one of your guards, a Max Giambetti, was arrested late last night”.  “Your ex-wife called him and order him to take out Elizabeth Webber and her family”.  “He was arrested trying to get on a plane bound for Seattle”, Cullen said.

“Oh God, I guess I know now, that she really had him wrapped around her finger”.  “He always had a crush on her, and when -ever she was around he would act like a love sick puppy”.   “Don’t worry Agent Cullen; I will not be helping either of them.  Max made his bed he can lie it, it serves him right for falling for her swill”, Sonny Said.

“What else can I help you with”, Sonny asked?

“Mr. Corinthos, the US government would like to make a deal with you”, Cullen Said.

“What kind of deal”, Sonny asked curiously?

“Would you be willing to help us take down drug traffickers”, Cullen asked?

“We know that you try not to bring in drugs, so what do you say”, Sam asked again?

Cullen had been right about how he and Jason not allowing drugs to come into Port Charles; he had seen first-hand what happened when drugs came into the equation.

“Okay, you have a deal, but how do we deal with the 5 families”, Sonny asked?

Cullen had heard about the 5 families, and had been told by his superiors that they just wouldn’t tell the 5 families anything.  “We are not going to tell them anything”.  “We will protect your family”, Sam told Sonny.

Q Mansion:

Since the evening that Jason found out about Liz, he’d been reconnecting with the Qs.  He had finally started to call Alan and Monica mom and dad; for which they couldn’t have been more thrilled about.

Things with Edward were at times tense, but he knew that Liz loved the Qs.  And his grandmother would be proud.  She hadn’t come to him again, but he knew that she was watching.  She also knew that part of whatever she’d been planning had happened.

He’d gotten word that his punishment for Lulu had been carried out.  Yesterday he’d been informed that aside from his punishment, Lulu was completely catatonic.  He believed that his grandmother had accomplished that particular event.  He’d gotten word that Carly’s trial would be starting soon.  After she was sentenced, she’d be out of his life.  He had a few surprises planned for his so called best friend.  He’d already arranged for the judge to be paid, as well as guaranteeing a very harsh sentence.  

He’d made any funds not connected to Sonny disappear.  So she would have no means of helping herself once inside.  So she was nearly broke.  Jason had sold his penthouse back to Sonny.  All of what he owned was packed up and waiting to go with him to Seattle when he left.  He was now staying with the Qs.


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