Chapter 8 - 11

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Chapter 8 - 11

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Chapter 8

A/N: This chapter takes place while all the stuff with Jason is taking place.

Happenings Elsewhere in Port Charles on this day:

Liz now owned the house in Seattle. When they had arrived home, she had asked her dad if he would watch the boys while she ran some errands. She went and picked up some packing boxes. She knew she would need to tell her father what was going to happen, she was going to make him promise not to tell.

So when she returned home, she sent the boys upstairs to play, and then asked Jeff to sit down. “Dad, I have something important that I need to tell you”, she said.

“Whatever it is, you can tell me, I won’t love you any less”; Jeff told his daughter.

“The reason that I took the boys and went to Seattle wasn’t just to see Kyle”. “I went to talk to him about a job that he had offered me some time ago, I had told him no then”. “But while we were out there this time, I said yes”. “I took the job, and we will be moving to Seattle as soon as school gets out the end of May”. “Please don’t be mad, I am doing this for my children”. “I can’t stand by and watch as my children are in pain, because they see Jason all over town with Sonny’s kids”, Liz said sadly.

“I’m not mad Elizabeth”. “I know that you are doing what you have to do”. “I am very proud of you; I know I don’t say it often enough, but I am”. “I will help you and the boys however I can”, Jeff said to his little girl.

“I need you to make me a promise dad”, Liz asked of her father.

“I need you to promise not to say anything to anyone about us moving, at least not until I give you permission”. “I just need this time to pack up everything without everyone with an agenda, showing up here badgering me to stay”. “There aren’t any more reasons for us to stay”, Liz stated flatly.

I promise, Jeff told her. “But I will help you and the boys pack up the house”.

Her plan was to take the next two months to get things done both here in PC as well as in Seattle. She was going to plan on how to decorate the new house, buying what she could then ship it to Seattle. And for the sake of her children, she would not be informing Jason of the move. If he heard from other people, that was fine. He had made his choice, so she had to make hers.


Across Town @ Club 101:

“Mr. Putin, have you decided to take the job, or do I need to find someone else”, Carly asked him.

“Yes, I will take the job, but it will be on my timetable not yours”, he said flatly.

“I don’t care about that, just get it done”, she said and left Club 101.


Lulu’s Apartment:

Lulu had just gotten home from work, and she needed to check her email. She wanted to know if she had heard from the man she’d hired to get rid of Elizabeth. He’d taken the job but had not stated anything else, and she wanted to know when it would be done, so she could get Lucky to come home. She wanted all things right with her world, and right now they weren’t.

But Lulu had no clue that she was the one that would be getting the surprise as she had hired a cop to kill her ex-sister in law. As they say, good things come to those that wait.


Hardy Home:

“Jeff, I am worried for Elizabeth and the boys”. “What happened at Luke’s was hard on them”, Audrey said to her son.

“Mom, you don’t need to worry about Liz or the boys”. “You know that Liz will do what’s right for her family”, Jeff said to his mom. “But she does need our support, very much so”.


Diane’s place of Residence:

“Do you really think that all of this will turn out okay”, Max asked Diane skeptically. Knowing that Carly would never allow it.

“I do, Max”. “I think that Jason will realize that if he truly loves his family, he needs to be with them”. “Not across town, drinking himself into a stupor”, Diane stated.



Sonny was sitting in the study, thinking to himself that Jason needed to get his act together. He was going to lose everything that mattered to him. He wanted to help Jason, but Jason would not let anyone help him, he was going to go down a road he wouldn’t be able to come back from. Sonny feared that he would do something stupid. He also knew that his wife was up to something. When Carly was plotting, she got very secretive about everything and she was being secretive. He just hoped he could stop it before someone got hurt.

But he also knew that if she got arrested, he was not going to bail her out. He and Jason had been doing it for years, and after hearing all that Cameron had said to everyone that day at Luke’s; he was done cleaning up her messes. And he wouldn’t let Jason do it either.


Quartermaine Mansion:

Dinner had been quiet this night as all were deep in thought about how to help Liz and the boys. Even though Edward was all bluster, even he didn’t know how to fix this. He wished that his grandson would get his head out of his A***. He would lose it all otherwise. Monica and Alan were not only worried about Elizabeth and the boys but also for their son. He had sacrificed so much over the years for other people; that somehow he got lost along the way. All they could do was hope that he would find his way back.

Nik and Emily were worried about the same things, but for different reasons. Emily feared that Liz would take the kids and leave town. Nik feared that Jason’s enemies wouldn’t care that he was not with his family. They would still be considered targets.


Butler Residence:

Alexis and Shawn had just put Kristina and Molly to bed, and then they had returned to the living room.

“Shawn, honey”? “I think I know why Liz went to Seattle”; Alexis said to Shawn.

“Why do you think she went”, Shawn questioned?

“Okay, let me explain some of the back story and then I’ll tell you”; she said.

“Elizabeth grew up in Colorado, where she lived until she came here to live with Audrey”. “I got to know her not long after that, because of Nik”. “One night she and I had been talking about our respective childhoods, and she had mentioned a friend by the name of Kyle Shepherd”. “Who is now a doctor practicing at Seattle Grace Hospital in Seattle, Washington”.
“So now for why I think she went to Seattle”. “A few years ago, Kyle had sent her a large manila envelope; contain a job offer at Seattle Grace”. “She turned it down of course, citing that she needed to stay in PC for Audrey”. “She told me that she had a feeling that Kyle would never take the offer off the table”, Alexis stated.

“I think that she went to see Kyle, to take the offer”. “Think about it Shawn”. “Every time Cam sees Jason, he’s with Sonny’s kids or with Kristina and Molly”. “Cam’s heart gets broken again every time he sees Jason”. “I think she took the job”, so Cam, Jake, and Aiden wouldn’t have to see Jason all the time”. “And I hate to say it, but I think it would be better for them not being here”. “They would all have a fresh start in Seattle”. “I don’t want Liz to move, she and I have gotten to be such good friends, but I plan to support if that what she decides to do”, Alexis said.

“I will support any decision she makes, remember I have been where she is, as a child”. “It was hard to watch my father walk away and choose his job over us”, Shawn said.


General Hospital:

As Steven was doing his rounds; he had a lot of time to think. He now realized that the reason that she and the boys had gone to Seattle. It was not for a friendly visit, it was so that she could take the job that Kyle had offered a couple of years ago. And he couldn’t blame her. He would support her of course, and visit her often.



“What are we going to do about stone-cold”, Spinelli asked of the motley group gathered?

“I don’t know geek boy”, Luke said to Spinelli endearingly. “All we can hope for is that he figures it out and soon”.

“I am more worried about the boys; those boys have been through so much”. “They don’t need this”. “Lucky abandoned them, and now Jason”. “How much more can those 3 little boys take before they break”, Georgie asked worriedly?

Author’s Note:

The next few chapters will center on all citizens in Port Charles from now until the Big Move, which will be two months away. Conversations will be from every point of view.

Chapter 9

While at work every day, Liz did her job; but on her break she would work on her lists. She was using them to keep track of what needed to be done at both houses. She was planning on letting Steven have her house. He would be starting a family eventually. If he didn’t want the house, she would then sell it. She made a list of things to get for each of the boys’ rooms. The new house was a four bedroom, so each of the boys would have their own room. Here in Port Charles, Cam and Jake were sharing a room.

After making the lists for each of the boys, she then started to cross off the items each child already had. After that it was easy to get the rest purchased and sent to Seattle, where Kyle would take it to the new house. Aiden was the one that would need a lot of things to be purchased for him, as he would soon be a year old; she wanted to purchase a toddler bed for him.

She had decided on the flight back, that she would not use any of the money that Jason was continually depositing into an account in her name. As far as she was concerned, it was hush money. She planned to have the bank put all of it into a cashier’s check and she would leave it with Sonny for him.


Two months prior to the Big Move—

Sonny’s POV:

Sonny was sitting in the study contemplating all that was going on around town.

He was concerned about Liz and the boys. He had gone by to see her, and there had been boxes everywhere. He’d asked her about it, and she had stated that she was doing some redecorating. But she refused his offer of having some men come to help. She wouldn’t speak about the trip to Seattle. The boys would, talking about where they had gone, new friends they’d made but that was as far as it had gone.

Sonny knew that Jeff had information about what was going on, but Jeff wouldn’t say.

He was also concerned for Jason. Jason wouldn’t talk to him; he would go out, get drop dead drunk; then pick a fight with the biggest, most bad a** men in the room. Then end up with cuts and bruises.

Sonny had given a standing order to all the guards: “Follow Jason, but don’t get in his way; and make sure he gets home alive and in one piece”. Knowing that was all he could do.

He was worried about Camas well. Cam used to visit Kristina often; sometimes everyday, with them doing things together. But Kristina had only seen Cam once since they had gotten back. He knew that Cam was hurting.

Sonny had begun to realize that he had not expected and demanded Jason to be at his beck and call, he and Elizabeth would be married and Cam would’ve had what he needed most, a father who cared. And now because of his constant insistence of loyalty from Jason; he had made Jason do exactly what Mike had done to him and his mother. Which was to abandon them, like they were nothing.

Sonny had been sitting there for quite some time when he finally realized what Cam had been doing by pulling away from Kristina. Cam always saw Jason with Michael, Morgan and Kristina. And every time he did, it hurt. And by Cam pulling away, he wouldn’t have to see Jason with Sonny’s kids. Cam was protecting himself.


Alexis’s POV:

She was beyond angry at Jason. He had in essence abandoned his family. He may have taken the Morgan name, but he was still a Quartermaine. Quartermaines don’t abandon family. She had learned that from Lila.

She didn’t understand how he could ignore his children, choosing Sonny’s over his own. And she knew that he hadn’t been to place flowers on Kenzie’s grave since after Jake had been kidnapped by Maureen. And as she had been sitting in her office earlier, she had finally come to understand why Cam was distancing himself from Kristina. It hurt him to see Kristina now, because Jason had chosen Sonny’s children; over Cam, Jake and Aiden.

Alexis had finally been able to get Kristina as well as Molly to understand that Cam wasn’t trying to hurt them; he just didn’t want to be hurt himself.


Diane’s POV:

Liz had finally informed her of what would be taking place in 2 months. She asked that Diane draw up change of ownership papers for Steven and her to sign.

She also asked of Diane, that a visitation agreement be drawn up, so that if Jason ever decided that he wanted to see the boys, it would all be legal.


Luke’s POV:

He knew darn well that something was going on. Liz wasn’t acting like herself. It was as if she was a pod-person from planet Oz.

She claimed that she was redecorating, but Luke didn’t buy it. If that was the case, why was every room packed or being packed into boxes?

He was more than a little mad at Jason. He felt that Jason was throwing away his family, and there wasn’t a d*** thing he could do to stop it.

He just hoped that if Liz needed help, she would come to him. He had a feeling she wouldn’t, because of what Lucky had put her and the boys through; but he could still hope, and be there if she did.

Chapter 10

1 ½ months to the Big Move:

Alan’s POV:

Alan knew there was something going on with Liz. She had come to see him, saying that she had something important that would need to be discussed in the coming weeks. But hadn't alluded to exactly what that was.

Even Epiphany had noticed a change in Liz. She seemed happier and went around with a skip in her step. She hadn’t done that prior to the trip to Seattle. And it wasn’t about Jason, that he was certain of. Because Jason was avoiding them like they had the plague.


Jeff’s POV:

Jeff was very proud of his daughter. Liz had made a major decision regarding her future. She took a huge leap of faith that everything would work out. He was one of the few people, who knew that she was taking the boys and leaving town for good. Jeff had a feeling that the others suspected that something was up, but didn’t know what.

He knew that Liz had informed Diane, as Liz needed legal matters dealt with. But other than himself and Diane, no one else knew. Liz wasn’t planning on telling anyone else until right before she and the boys left town.


Georgie’s POV:

Georgie was happy that something had happened to change Liz’s mood. The last couple of years had been pretty rough on her and the boys, no thanks to Jason.

She wanted to go and beat him to a bloody pulp. But she wouldn’t be there for Liz and the boys if she was in jail. So she couldn’t risk that. Georgie was positive that Liz had made the trip to Seattle, to take the job that Liz had mentioned to her two years before.

And though she would miss Liz, if it was true, she would support her through it all. She could always go visit them in Seattle. It wasn’t like Liz was leaving the planet.


Monica’s POV:

Monica knew that Alan was worried. He hadn’t come right out and said it, but she knew he was afraid that Liz would take the boys, leaving town; telling her, Alan and Edward as well, that they wouldn’t be allowed to see the boys because of Jason.

Liz had a good head on her shoulders; she would still let them see the boys.

Alan had mentioned Liz’s visit to her, and that he was not quite sure what was going on. Alan had said that Liz hadn’t told him what it was she was going to need to discuss, but Monica had a hunch. Her hunch was that Liz had gone to Seattle to look for a job. Liz was trying to protect the boys from the pain of seeing Jason that Monica knew for certain.


1 month until the Big Move—

John’s POV:

John was beginning to wonder if maybe Carly, Lulu, and Sarah had gotten a hold of Jason a few years before, brain-washing him to their point of view; which was to abandon his family.

Then, somehow found out about the pow-wow at Luke’s two months ago and did it again. Because that was the only reason John could come up with to explain Jason’s behavior. But John had no idea of how to fix it.


Audrey’s POV:

Audrey had been spending as much time as she could muster, with her grand-daughter and great grandsons.

She already knew what was going on. She didn’t need for her grand-daughter to tell her, she knew Elizabeth better than most people thought she did. She had found out about Kyle’s offer from a friend who worked at Seattle Grace. She was not about to stand in Elizabeth’s way. Although she did want to go and kick Jason’s a**, for his recent behavior; toward Liz and the boys.


Spinelli’s POV:

Spinelli, who had not been back to the penthouse since the meeting at Luke’s, was beginning to think that the Jason of recent years was an alien. Carly had replaced the real Jason with this imposter. But how did they get the real Jason back? That was the million dollar question.

He had been keeping an eye on the Valkyrie, as he knew she was up to no good. She hadn’t been publicly open about it, not like previous times when she outwardly hated a person. She was planning something, and it would be big. He also had a funny feeling that Lulu, as well as Sarah; each had a plan to hurt the little dude and his family. Proving it would not be easy, but Spinelli was going to prove it. He would protect Cam and his family, Spinelli felt it was his duty.


Emily’s POV:

If she could she thought, she would have her brother committed. He was certifiably crazy. That had to be it. That was why he was acting like a clueless Neanderthal.

She had gone over to talk some sense into Jason, but all that had been accomplished was him proving that he was no doubt absolutely crazy. And she was worried about his constant drinking. It wasn’t helping matters either.

3 weeks prior to the Big Move—

Steven’s POV:

Steven had finally gotten out of Liz, what was going on. He’d known that this is what she would do. She had been backed into a corner by Jason’s inability to choose his family.

She was like a mama bear, she would protect her young; even from their father. She had done so with Lucky, who had been slightly unstable at best. He had told Liz that he would help her pack, and if she wanted, he would drive out to the coast with her; helping her get the house settled.


Shawn’s POV:

Two days ago, he had seen Jason; finally getting the chance to let him know that he was a coward. Jason wanted to have the love of his life, as well as the family; but not the responsibility that came with it. He wanted others to do it.

Shawn’s father had been the same way, leaving all the responsibility to others, instead of taking care of his family himself.


Edward’s POV:

When Edward found out about Jake, and by association, Cam and Aiden; he thought he would get his grandson back.

Not to control, or to run ELQ, but because he truly loved his grandson. Yes, he would’ve loved for Jason to run ELQ, but Jason didn’t want to; and Edward had accepted that. Edward just wanted Jason to have what he and Lila had been given, a family to love.


Nik’s POV:

Jason didn’t realize that a lot of people would give the world to have what he’d been granted: a family.

Nik had even gone and told him just that. All it had gotten him was a liquor bottle thrown in his direction. If Elizabeth left, taking the children, Jason would have no one to blame but himself. Jason was being selfish, Nik thought to himself.


2 weeks prior to the Big Move—

D. C. Police Department --- Lt Grant’s POV:

Lt Grant was sitting in his boss’s office, waiting for this meeting to start. He wanted to know when he would get the green light to go ahead with the sting and arrest all involved in the Spencer case.

His boss had been stalling for some reason and he wanted to know why. He was going to be pissed if they took the case away from him.

What really got him about the case was how Miss Spencer was expecting not to be caught or prosecuted, mind you on a very serious charge; murder for hire. He wasn’t sure how much time she would get, but she would serve time.

And they were also going to get the point man. He just hoped that the man would roll over on his boss. Grant wanted to take them all down.


Agent Sam Cullen/ aka Mr. Putin's POV:

Sam was sitting in the office of the Deputy Director of the FBI, waiting to be brought up to speed on why they hadn’t arrested Mrs. Corinthos.

Sam had his suspicions that it had to do with all the ways this sting could possibly go wrong. They didn’t want to piss off Mr. Corinthos, as they would need him to agree to the deal.

A deal that Sam finally understood the ramifications of. This case was a heck of a lot bigger than they first had predicted. The higher ups were willing to make a deal with the devil to bring one of the biggest gun running operations on the east coast to an end. As well as using Corinthos to possibly bring down some of the biggest drug runners.


1 hour later-- Lt. Grant’s POV:

“Grant”, said his boss. “We need to go to the conference room on the third floor, for a meeting”.

“Boss, just tell me if I have a green light so that I can get back to work”; Grant said getting mad at the stalling taking place.

“I can’t tell you that yet Grant”, his boss told him.

“Let’s go to this meeting, then I’ll know more”.

“Fine, let’s go”; Grant said.

Cullen’s POV:

“Sam, I know that you want to close this case very badly; we want that too”.

“But some new info has come to our attention, and we need to address that”.

“We need to get to the meeting on the 3rd floor”.

Third Floor Conference Room---

From POV of both Lt. Grant and Sam Cullen:

“Everyone please sit, and I’ll explain why we’re all here”; said the FBI director.

“Are you taking the case away from me”, Lt Grant asked angrily?

“No, Lt. Grant, you are not having your case taken over by the FBI”, the director said.

“Are the feds off the Corinthos case”, Sam asked just as angry?

“No, Sam”. “The feds still have the case:, the director stated.

“The reason we are all here is that we have just had some new info come in concerning both of your cases”, the director stated looking at both men.

“What new info”, both Grant and Cullen asked at the same time?

“That one of the suspects in your case Lt. Grant, is related to the suspect in your case Cullen”; the director calmly said.

“How are they related”, Cullen asked the director?

“They’re cousins”, the director informed the room.

“That is why these cases have been delayed”. “The powers that be have made the decision that these cases will be combined, which I know makes no sense to you Lt. Grant”. “The arrests will be done jointly”. “Don’t worry, you will get equal credit for the case”.

“The FBI and the DCPD will work together to close both cases, use whatever resources you both have to close this case”. “I am now giving a green light to both of you, so go get ‘em boys”, the director said.

So, Sam and Joey left to plan out the sting detail by detail.

Chapter 11

Elizabeth finally knew it was time to tell Alan and Monica that, she and the boys were leaving. So she went to see Alan.


@ GH a few hours later:

“What can I do for you Elizabeth” Alan asked when she walked into his office?

“I am here to have that discussion I mentioned to you a while back”, Liz stated.

How could Alan forget, she’d come in that day with a purpose in every step; just like today. Alan had a feeling about what she wanted to discuss.

“Alan, can you page Monica”? “She needs to hear this as well”, Liz said.

So Alan paged his wife and had her come to his office. A few minutes later, Monica walked into his office and sat down.

“Alan, Monica”; Liz said.

“I wanted to let you know that I’ve taken a job that was offered to me, the job is in Seattle”. “The boys and I will be leaving in two weeks”.

“You, Monica and Edward can come and visit as much as you like”, Liz said hoping they would not be angry with her for what she was doing.

“Are you going because of Jason”, Alan asked?

“I made the decision to protect my children, especially Cam”. “Every time he sees Jason, his heart gets broken”. “I can’t put him through that any longer, Liz stated almost in tears”. “And Jake is starting to ask why his daddy doesn’t love him anymore”. “So I’m doing this so that maybe all three of my children can start to heal”.

“We understand completely Liz, you do what you need to do for your children”. “We’ll come and visit as much as possible”, Monica said.

“I plan on telling the others, not including Carly, Lulu, Sarah or Jason”. “I called everyone this morning and asked them to all meet me at Luke’s at 7 pm”, Liz told them. “Come, Grams may need you”, Liz asked of them both.

6:50pm @ Luke’s:

Everyone had gathered at Luke’s. They were all talking out what Liz might want to speak to all of them about. The only ones who knew weren’t talking. Even Edward was rather quiet.

The only ones not present at this gathering were Carly, Lulu, Sarah, Jason, and Cam. Liz had already told the boys. She wasn’t going to put Cam through another meeting, which could turn heated.

Jason wasn’t called to come because as far as Liz knew, he had made his decision. She wouldn’t beg. She still loved him, and if he came to her, she would be willing to try again. But there would be a heck of a lot of groveling on his part. And he would have to earn the boys’ trust back. Liz knew that wouldn’t be easy for him.

Carly, Lulu, and Sarah weren’t present; because Liz couldn’t trust them as far as she could throw them; for very obvious reasons.

She had a feeling Carly was up to something, and that Lulu and Sarah had gotten in on the act. She just had to hope that when they put whatever it was into action, that she and the boys would already be gone.

7 pm @ Luke’s:

“Everyone, I’ve called you here because I have an announcement to make”; Liz said to the motley group. “First of all, I would like to say thank you to all of you; I really appreciate all that you have done to help Cam”. “And thank you for the support you have shown to the four of us”, Liz said.

“My announcement is this: I was offered a job in Seattle, and I took the offer”. “The boys and I will be leaving in two weeks”. “You’re all more than welcome to come and visit as much as you like”, Liz told them.

They were all quiet for a few minutes, then Audrey, who took the lead as spokesman for the group said; “Elizabeth dear, none of us will stand in your way”.

Liz then thanks them all, and left to return to her children.


“Nick, Miss Lila; we are running out of time”. “Mom and the boys are leaving for Seattle in two weeks”. “I know that she won’t change her mind”, Kenzie said frantically.

“Kenzie, I will not admit defeat just yet”. “I may have a few tricks left up my sleeve, I won’t give up”; Lila told Kenzie and Nick.

And Nick knew without a doubt, that Lila wouldn’t give up. That’s one of the things he liked about the classy lady.


So Lila thought about what could still be done. She knew Kenzie was right, Liz wouldn’t change her mind. So Lila would just have to come up with another part to her plan. Lila figured her last shot was to go to Jason, one last time; to plead her case. She hadn’t told Nick or Kenzie about the hope she’d seen in Jason’s eyes when he’d asked if he could change his future.

So, Lila told Nick and Kenzie she was going to see Jason and asked them to come up with some ideas on how to help Cam.


Jason’s Penthouse:

Jason was sitting on the sofa thinking about his life. Would any of the scenarios his grandmother had shown him, really come true? He was beginning to wonder.

Just then Lila appeared.

“Jason, I’m not here to scare you”; Lila told him.

“I know grandmother, I really do”; Jason stated. “I’m just really trying to understand everything that you and your helpers showed me”. “I would like to tell you that I’m sure they won’t happen, but I can’t”; Jason said feeling truly scared.

“Jason, all I can say is if you truly want to change what could happen; then you need to figure out how best to do that”. “But going after the enemies you saw, may not change it; as what happens could be from someone completely different”, Lila said. “But don’t wait too long before you do whatever you decide to do”, Lila said and then vanished.

As Lila was returning to Heaven, she knew that Jason would do the right thing. She just had to hope that he wouldn’t be too late.


Meanwhile in another part of Heaven:

Nick and Kenzie had been coming up with ways to help Cam start to forgive Jason, as well as start to trust him again.

“So, what have you two come up with”; Lila asked when she‘d returned?

“I think that I need to go and see Cam”, Kenzie said.

“Maybe knowing that I’ve been watching and that I don’t feel that everything is completely dad’s fault might help”, Kenzie said feeling hopeful.

“Okay, here’s what we’re going to do”; Lila said determinedly. “Nick, you and I are going to visit a few key people while Kenzie; you go and see Cam”. “We’ll meet back here when we’re done”; Lila said as she and Nick floated away.

Nick stopped Lila when they were out of sight, as well as out of ear-shot and asked: “just who are we going to see Miss Lila”? Lila looked at him with a deviously devilish grin and said; “we are going to recruit help for punishing Carly, Sarah, and Lulu”. “I have a plan, that entails them getting what has been coming to them; it’s just going to happen sooner than expected”. “I have been planning to punish them for a long, long time for how they have treated people, especially Elizabeth”; Lila told him.

Who are we going to see first? Nick asked.

“We are going to see Zander”. “He knew Sarah, and never liked how she treated Liz”, Lila said.


From various locales beyond the Pearly Gates:

Zander was doing his daily chore of garbage detail when he saw Miss Lila and another angel approach.

“Miss Lila, it’s so good to see you. “Thank you for putting in a good word for me”, Zander said.

“Zander dear, I don’t blame you for what happened”. “You had been influenced by outside forces”, Lila said smiling. “We’re here to ask for your help with my plan to punish Sarah”. “Would you like to help”? Lila asked him.

He thought about it, then asked: “Would Liz be hurt”?

“No, she is taking the boys to Seattle”. “And Sarah is plotting with Carly and Lulu”. “But Liz will be gone before we put my plan into action, so are you in”; Lila asked?

“Yes, I’m in”. “What do you need me to do, and what kind of trouble are you going to get into for what you’re planning”; Zander asked ready to help punish Sarah: but not at Lila’s expense?

“I will let you know when I’m ready and don’t worry about the trouble I’ll be in”; Lila said then she and Nick went to see the next person on her list.

Heaven PD:

Lila walked up to the desk and asked to see Detective Jagger Cates. She knew she would now be in big trouble when this was over, but it would be worth it.

As they were being led to the detective’s office Nick said, “You do know that you are in even bigger trouble than you were before”?

“Yes, Nick”. “I know that he would overlook our going to Jason, as well as our helping Cam”. “He won’t overlook what I am planning”. “I will take my punishment when this is over”, Lila said calmly.

Detective Cates’ Office:

“What can I help you with Miss Lila”, Jagger asked?

“Are you willing to help punish Sarah Webber”, Lila asked?

“What’s she done now, Jagger asked”? He knew that the woman could never stay out trouble.

“She’s in on two plots involving Elizabeth Webber”. “One is to get rid of her son, Jake”. “The other plot involves killing Liz”, Lila stated.

“You mean to tell me that Sarah would have her own sister killed”? “Liz is one of the major people that Steve Hardy talks about all the time”, he said. “I’m in Miss Lila”, Jagger said without hesitation. “What do you need me to do”?

“I’ll let you know when I’m ready”, Lila stated; then she and Nick floated away.


Front Entrance to Hell:

Lila floated right up to the gate and asked the gatekeeper to speak to Ares.

A little while later Ares comes to the gate.

“What are you doing here Mrs. Q”? “Your name is not on my prisoner list”, he stated.

“I’m here to ask for permission to see three of your inmates: Stavros Cassadine, Logan Hayes, and Tony Jones”. “Will I be permitted to speak to them, Lila asked”?

Ares thought about that question long and hard. He knew that Mrs. Q was going to be in BIG TROUBLE for whatever she was up to.

She would be their guest, so he said; “of course you can speak to them”. “So you want to speak to them all at once”?

“No, Ares”. “I want to speak to them separately”, Lila said.

So Lila spoke to each man, explaining punishing Carly and Lulu. When asked if they wanted in, they all said yes. So Lila told them that she would be in contact with their assignments when the time came.

For their final visitor, they would be going to the Heavenly Daycare. Its director was Lily Corinthos. She would be the final nail in Carly’s coffin, so to speak. So, Lila went to speak to Lily about helping. Lila knew that even though Lily had never met Jason, whenever Lily would come to her cloud for a visit; they would always watch Jason’s antics.

After Lila finished explaining to Lily what she had in mind, Lily told Lila that she would help. They left Lily and the children and went to see how Kenzie had faired with Cam.


Cam’s Room:

“Cam”, Kenzie said. “I’m not here to scare you”. “I came to talk to you”, she said.

“Y..Y..Y.. You’re an angel”, Cam exclaimed. He was quite shocked to see an angel in his room.

“Yes, I’m an angel, but not just any angel”. “My name is McKenzie, but most of the others call Kenzie”; she explained.

“I know who you are now, mom told me about you; you’re our older sister”, he said.

“Yes, I am”. “And that’s why I’m here”. “I wanted you to know that you have angels watching over you and your brothers”. “You have Great Grandpa Steve, Great Grandma Lila, my friend Nick, and a friend of mom’s; whose name is Zander, and me”. “We all love you and watch out for you”. “Cam, I wanted you to know a few things, so you might understand dad a little better”. “Did you know that dad really wasn’t my dad, but he took responsibility for me, to protect me and mom”. “We now know more about what, we believe took place to make dad avoid you three boys and mom”, Kenzie said.

“What”, Cam asked?

“We think that Carly had him brain-washed, almost like Lucky Spencer was”. “But we think that she did it to make sure that he wouldn’t leave her”, Kenzie told Cam. “We wanted you to know that there are others working towards you getting our family back, so please don’t give up”; Kenzie pleaded.

“Even if it happens Kenzie, I don’t know if I’ll be able to trust him”, Cam said sadly. “I really do still love him, but I just don’t know if I can”.

“I know Cam, but are you willing to try, if he does choose and you boys”; Kenzie asked.

“I’m willing to try, and that’s all I can give you”, Cam said.

Kenzie stayed awhile longer just talking with Cam, then she told him she loved them all; and then she disappeared.


Back Inside the Pearly Gates:

As Kenzie arrived at Lila’s cloud, she was certain; more now than before, that all would be put as it should be.

A While Later:

“So how’d it go”, Nick asked Kenzie as she got back?

“It went better than I had hoped”, Kenzie stated.

“How so”, Lila inquired?

“Cam told me he is willing to try trusting dad again”, Kenzie said.


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